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    • After "working" the show last year and getting almost no time in Box 102, it was great to go as a spectator and just enjoy.   Friday and Saturday saw spectacular weather and great flying.   U-2 pilot Popeye Thomson raced in the Bi-plane class and finished third in the Gold category.  The final bi-plane race was cancelled due to winds on Sunday.  Too bad as he wanted to race more.   U-2 pilot Nova Beaubien's plane was out this year getting the engine rebuilt, but he was asked to fly the pace plane... pretty cool! Didn't see Hacker, but I'm guessing he was working hard like he usually does, and probably got some great photos.   TBirds show looked to have a few new things, and overall I enjoyed it.  Glad to see them make needed changes to make it look better and keep jets in front of the crowd more.   STOL drag racing has become a big deal, and it was incorporated in to Reno this year.  Unfortunately, Draco crashed departing Reno today and was destroyed.  Mike Patey's ok thankfully.  The Crash itself is about the 6:18 point in the video.  Some very good lessons in "decision making" on Mike's very humble recollection of how he ended up in this situation.    
    • Bacevich fought in combat in Vietnam. He retired as an infantry Colonel. His son was killed in Afghanistan. Colonel Bacevich teaches history at Boston College, is devoutly Catholic and a conservative. He's wrote several well-reasoned books that do a pretty good job explaining the dangers of continued American misconduct abroad. You're the only one I see bringing up politics and Trump here.  
    • Executive summary.
    • Say, Europe, Japan, et al, we, the US are net exporters of oil/energy now.  Other than the principal of freedom of navigation, the Straits are not nearly as important to us now as they are to you. We'll put a few Patriot batteries in Saudi Arabia, y'all got the rest.  If it's important to you, you'll step up.  We can be fine "leading from behind" on this one. The economic squeeze we are applying to the Mullahs and all the apparatus that relies on them for their cheap gas, pensions, etc, is working just fine. Sure beats us sending gazillions of dollars to Tehran via clandestine cargo planes any day.
    • FWIW Andrew Bacevich is a self-described conservative with a view of US foreign policy that is deeply skeptical that military power is an all-purpose salve that it's often used as. This has put him at odds at times with the current President as well as both of his predecessors. He's also a retired Army Colonel who served in Vietnam who earned a PhD from Princeton and lost a son to combat in Iraq. All this to say: read him for yourself and figure out if you agree or disagree with his thoughts. I don't count myself in the camp that agrees with him reflexively, but I respect his thinking enough to at least read his writing on occasion. My recommendation is to start here, published in 2008.
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