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  1. The slow roll I’m talking about is after PIQ, not UPT. Going UPT direct to any FTU probably makes a big difference, but all of the new co’s showing up at my base have had months with nothing more than their cockpit poster. If that. 6 months between UPT and PIQ…good night…
  2. Splash: Good on you for giving it a shot. Keep your chin up--your UPT performance doesn't define you as a person. From what I've seen in the MAF, the recent UPT grads are just as good or as bad as the older ones. I've flown with copilots from Altus that blew me away with strong GK/procedures/flying, and I've flown with copilots that were, well, copilots. What's more frustrating to me than the UPT syllabus is that kids graduate UPT, sit for a while, go to Altus, PCS to base X, sit some more while waiting for SERE and water survival, then finally touch a plane again after 3, maybe 4 months. That's a long time to sit; young pilots' hand-flying skills are very perishable. I have yet to be shocked by a newly minted pilot's (in)abilities after UPT. Does anyone out in the operational squadrons have similar experiences, or the opposite?
  3. Any chance you could put a screenshot here for those of us that are without FB accounts?
  4. I bet it’s here to stay. Recently heard a story from a close friend about his autopilot doing an uncommanded climb. I wouldn’t be surprised if B45 gets limited to non-critical phases of flight—including AR. Who wants George to pitch up/down when some other jet is on the boom?
  5. I’m PCSing to EGUN soon and bringing my dog. Any of you guys done this recently and can recommend a brand of crate? The airlines are very particular how they ship pups.
  6. This is an important enough conversation that I’ll stop lurking and make my second post ever. Talking to your bros is a good step. Just open up and share, even if it’s just a bit. The chaplains are a great avenue for professional help. 100% confidential. Talk to them about anything. Bottom line: take care of yourself. Find someone you can talk to.
  7. This comment pushed me over the edge to make a profile and comment instead of continuing to lurk and read. I had 135s in my top 10 back in '14 (AFSOC was 1-3), and am now exceedingly pleased with how things turned out. Tanker dudes have a tendency to dump on themselves and are perceived as lazy; the mission isn't glamorous or really that difficult. For example the lack of challenging mission sets is why CFIC feels like the pattern survival program. Still, besides the airlifters that aren't gonna kill anyone anyway, everyone needs tanker gas to execute their missions well. But if you point out the possibility that tankers might be TOO chilled out, a lot of the other guys will call you a nerd. Besides the self-induced laid back community, tankers are just too tapped out. Dudes are going through the revolving door of deployments, Red Flags, Guam, and yes, SOS, with barely anytime at home. How are you supposed to implement M052 or any other training? Does anyone know what proficiency is anymore? The copilots are seeing the mass exodus of the senior IP types, hearing about the dreaded 179+ day deployments, and plotting their own escape. If you're a pilot, proficiency should be your goal and you should be empowered to get there. All the rest of the queep is killing that objective.
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