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  1. Holding the right person accountable will require enough votes in November 2024. That said in all fairness I blame his predecessor for setting the wheels in motion. The real tragedy is the espousal of women's rights by certain political entities here when so many women were left hanging quite possibly literally by their leadership.
  2. I have a mix of relatives across the spectrum (age and ideology) in Florida with warm weather and no state income tax as the biggest motivator. I honestly can't argue their point.
  3. What's really funny is that when the current administration pushes hard for green energy and limits exploration it means people with currently producing wells get more. Generally speaking.
  4. And they better not miss. When the Stauffenberg plot missed Hitler he could have arguably been diagnosed with a whole range of psychological issues with over the top paranoia at the top of the list. Imagining that mindset with nukes is scary to say the least.
  5. Flights out of Russia sell out after Putin orders partial call-up | Reuters Getting while the getting is good
  6. THIS right here. Managing real live people and their personal issues vs equipment. Granted both have their challenges. Had this conversation many times over the years and how painful it is on a good day. I've never seen a jet get a DUI. Imagine what it's like in other services that are more manpower intensive.
  7. Taliban jabs Pakistan over US drones: ‘don’t use your airspace against us’ (msn.com) I have my guesses, but I'll keep them to myself. The best part is this has the Taliban guessing too. I nominate "The Ministry for the Propagation of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice" as my next target. Just aim for the no girls allowed sign on the front door.
  8. Finnish PM Sanna Marin under fire after party video surfaces | Fox News That's a politician I could certainly get behind.
  9. That's kind of how I viewed Trump. No one really knew what to expect.
  10. Top Pakistan Taliban leader killed in Afghanistan roadside attack (msn.com) Maybe "something" fell off a Reaper landing at the side of the road. "Now that would be shear artistry"
  11. If you want a good read on the risk and how to mitigate it talk to any AG Flying company out there. Out in East Arkansas a company many years ago used to give a "check ride" that consisted of watching someone do high speed ground runs up and down the strip (to see how they handled the aircraft on the runway) with some take offs and landings thrown in. Most of the AG strips were asphalt parallel to grass. Take off heavily loaded from the asphalt and land on the grass. Grass was more forgiving on landings and WAY better mitigating tire wear given the number of take offs and landing inherent in that business.
  12. Here's my shocked face. 😲
  13. I hope this raises the collective paranoia of all those animals. Always wondering if the guy standing next to them is gonna drop the proverbial dime. Plenty of people were and continue to be brutalized after the Taliban took over and carry a trusty Roshan phone. Some media reports say it was the RX9 "Flying Ginsu".
  14. Love a good turret throwing contest
  15. I always wonder what would have happened if we bagged Bin Laden in Tora Bora early in the game and if we would have gotten so far down the rabbit hole.
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