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  1. Everyone's circumstances are different. I'm past 20 years and plan on continuing to stay till 22 (with an exception for possible continued AFSOC 3rd floor dicknannagans). Serving my country is still a big reason for me getting out of bed every morning. I genuinely like what I do, what I fly, and the people I serve with. I have no complaints about pay (I think O-5 pay is pretty good compared to what I grew up with and my wife has a 6 figure job). Money isn't a primary motivator for me. There's always shitty parts to any job and I get the military is not an easy life. That said, the AF has afforded me opportunities and experiences I don't believe I would've gotten on the civilian side. The Guard/Reserve never appealed to me. I feel like I contribute where I'm at and I have good bosses at the Sq level. Honestly overall I'm happy with my lot and don't see any reason to pursue different pastures at this time. One guy's perspective.
  2. 3rd time that thing’s been blown up in its history.
  3. Didn't always used to be this way. For most of my career in AFSOC I've had good to excellent leadership up through the Wing level at the locations I was stationed. Like a lot of things, it's a sine wave. I will say the last 3-4 years I feel like things have been on a downward track. Several great O-6s and generals have gotten out instead of continuing to deal with the thrash like Pooter alluded to. The previous AFSOC/CC's habit of placing STS guys in flying leadership billets at the Grp and Wing hasn't helped. DEI focus in one specific case really hasn't helped. Everyone in the HQ is cowed by the current CC and he's been off the chain in his first 6 months in command/no one is willing to tell him when he has no clothes on, reference the "returning to standards MFR" involving open ranks inspections, sq PT 3-4 times a week, and vastly increased urinalysis. Rough times ahead.
  4. By my count there’d be 6 Sq/CCs and DOs out of a job.
  5. I believe he’s taking the Wing at Al Dafra but not entirely sure.
  6. Describing the draft UEI critical/significant deficiencies as a train wreck would be like describing gang rape as a mild social deviation; it’s really really bad. Totally agree it was a leadership failure at multiple levels. The issues and problems were so pervasive across all the Groups in the Wing that canning just the Ops Grp/CC is like putting a bandaid on an arterial bleed. And it was specifically said it wasn’t UEI related though I guess you could describe the issues in the Ops Grp as not UEI related, just uncovered during the inspection. Either way this place is fucked up like a football bat and I fear we’re in for a rough 6 months.
  7. I have no doubt that the current Wg/CCs position and timing played into whatever the reasoning was. However, direct from the Wg/CC’s mouth “this was not character or UEI related.” When a sitting Sq/CC asked what he should tell his formation the reasoning was Wg/CC’s quote was “look in the mirror and fix your culture.” Whole thing seems odd to me but totally within CAT 5’s MO.
  8. I’m sure that had something (probably a big something) to do with it but the timing is odd. Wg/CC CoC is next week. Inspection final report hasn’t come out yet (I expect heads to roll then). Answers given as to why not but no real answer as to why. Kinda odd all around. Edit to add, Grp CoC was supposed to be in 6 weeks so he was right at the end of his tour.
  9. There wasn’t a specific real reason given. “Not character or UEI related” was the direct quote. ”Culture” was mentioned, honestly not sure specifically what was meant by that.
  10. 27 SOG/CC was just relieved of command a couple hours ago.
  11. Busy night over Kyiv, hope the AD batteries came through unscathed.
  12. Should be o/a 18 May, guys at my base got advised of the results last Friday.
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