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  1. Like to add another shout out for Jon and Trident. Just closed on our post-AF retirement house. Process was super smooth, got a good rate, and closed inside of 50 days with no issues. Would highly recommend Jon and Trident for any mortgages.
  2. There’s that. He also provides a viewpoint on why the counter snipers may not have seen the shooter until after he fired; it wasn’t the tier they were assigned/focused on.
  3. Caveat: I know nothing about protection details and haven’t checked the authenticity of this author. That said, I found the below an interesting analysis of what might have gone wrong on Trump’s security detail.
  4. It literally started happening within hours of the attempt. Bunch of people on the left think that it was some false flag operation to boost Trump's polling numbers or to unite the right. Bunch of people on the right think it was ordered directly by Biden himself. I think I've also read various places that it was (in no particular order) the work of global elitists, Jews, Satanic pedophiles, the CIA, the Deep State, disgruntled Republicans, China, the legacy media, the DNC, or possibly Jason Borne.
  5. Agreed, that's some sackless shit.
  6. AfSOC has already been doing this for the last couple months thanks to CAT 5.
  7. Let's be honest, we've all been there after a frustrating day trying to fill out grade sheets in ePex or vouchers on DTS. In all seriousness, good on the officers in this situation.
  8. On first glance wreckage didn’t look like anything assigned to the 58 SOW. Glad the guy got out.
  9. There’s still leaders in the AF that do right by their people and who give a shit about getting the mission done. Never worked for/with Mini but glad to see a guy who had such a positive impact on his formation go out with style.
  10. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=pfbid0vSCTJai9Y22nEUV8SUZPu6UVFXePCdmCZxUy26YUSKF4j3WyuoR21CpzWd33W8Crl&id=100069357273217
  11. Conley nominated to be the next AFSOC/CC. Pave Low mafia still flexing it’s muscles. In all seriousness great news for the command.
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