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  1. Nice pics of a slightly used Tu-22, too bad it's missiles didn't cook off and level the whole area.
  2. Preliminary Lessons in Conventional Warfighting from Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine: February–July 2022 | Royal United Services Institute (rusi.org) Good read.
  3. It’s Jabber now, same guy from what I can tell, super sleepy, and constantly irritated you’re interrupting his Kuwaiti soaps.
  4. I'm glad I stayed in. Almost punched at 14 years when I got a staff gig I really despised (extremely poor leadership at the beginning). Decided punching for one bad assignment was a little reactionary and ended up staying. I truly think I would've regretted it had I punched but since that's a hypothetical no way to truly know. At the end of the day serving my country is still a really big part of my reason for being. I love the flying and camaraderie. Hit 20 next May and will probably stay another 2-3 years beyond that if I'm still positively contributing. Different strokes.
  5. The club manager probably threw in a couple free steak dinner early bird specials since I’d venture the whole event wrapped up before 6pm.
  6. Damn that’s terrible, thoughts out for the families.
  7. Pretty incredible to watch the impact/rise in importance unmanned systems are playing in all facets of war.
  8. https://apple.news/A_SeedtW4TzCjObobu51bbw That South Park episode might not have been so far-fetched.
  9. ETIC was called parts plus 12, they’re not sure if they have the part, still, parts plus 12.
  10. On a positive note that’s one less Su-34 for the Ukrainians to worry about!
  11. One guy had a pre-existing foot issue that resulted in him not being able to complete some ruck marches. Don’t know about the other guy. From what I was told (wasn’t personally in the rooms) Slife made it pretty clear that he wasn’t a fan of assessment/selection in general, prefers ACI as a concept. Slife had several problems with the 6th as an organization; this was just one of them.
  12. Don’t know. The video certainly looks that way. Have seen some other speculation on Twitter that the damage pattern didn’t look like a VBIED and looked more like placed large charges. Either way happy to see it.
  13. Nice birthday present for Mr. Putin.
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