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    • The mission and personal sacrifices associated with the mission arent what's driving people out of the Air Force en masse. If you ask, 90+ percent of flyers will tell you they love their mission and it's what gets them up in the morning. It's the mountain of queep and endless administrivia hoops we jump through on a daily basis that sours people on the Air Force. Its the daily grinding against the densest bureaucracy imaginable.    I worked a civilian engineering job for 5 years prior to Air Force life and it was leaps and bounds more focused on my primary duty than the Air Force is focused on me being a CMR CAF pilot.  So we'll play a quick game of civilian world never-have-I-ever.    Never have I ever in my civilian job: -had a computer that takes 20 minutes to log onto email -been voluntold to attend and organize social functions in my off time -DRMO literally anything -submit my co-workers for 15 categories of awards every quarter with nazi-regime level strictness of the award submissions -use 1/2 and 1/4 spaces in a document to adhere to writing standards -do HR functions onboarding/off boarding/ discipline/punishment -had scheduled PTO cancelled causing me to eat plane ticket and lodging costs -had my company open a credit card in my name, stipulate what I can use it for, threaten me for not using it, and withhold payment based on an archaic voucher system managed by literal retards. -had basic structural issues with our office building go un-fixed for years -been put in charge of entire programs wildly outside my job description -pulled weeds, mowed grass, and plowed snow around my office building -done 69 annual CBTs to maintain "readiness" to name just a very very few.     Most of this stuff just sounds like minor gripes and complaints but the list is endless.  If you have significant private sector experience prior to entering or a spouse you can compare stories with its very very easy to see the insanity of all this crap.  Most dudes won't get that perspective until getting out.  
    • Wait, you’re ok with Trump being indicted and saying “maybe” Hillary should have been indicted?  I’m suggesting that if you go after one of the top politicians from one party and not one from another party, then the appearance for favoritism, corruption, etc is strong.  And I’m sorry, “truly repentant” shouldn’t matter when breaking the law.  Because who gets determine if someone is “truly repentant” and not someone else?
    • https://justthenews.com/politics-policy/all-things-trump/old-case-over-audio-tapes-bill-clintons-sock-drawer-could-impact   This article perfectly sums up why the case against Trump is weak at best.
    • Free persons , not fucking illegals. CA has been stealing how many seats in the House due to this?    But I know, lefts moto -  under any means necessary - you will lie, steal and cheat as long as your "interests" will be satisfied.   @Prozac Suck a dick. 
    • I don’t know. Maybe she should’ve been. Maybe she played the game and cooperated just enough with investigators to avoid prosecution. Maybe she cooperated fully and was truly repentant. Are you suggesting that everyone who breaks the law from here on out should be given a pass because Hillary was let go with a slap on the wrist? 
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