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    • Disgruntled, I have no idea if you're accurate.   All I know is my QOL at UAL is great.  My goal is "time off" and "schedule", not "money" or "premium pay".  I will never be the guy that get's $100,000 in a month.  All I want to do is fly to Hawaii and back.   When I retire at 28 years with the company, I'll likely not be able to hold wide body captain.  And I'm good with that. I was hired at the end of the wave.  I jumpseated with a 51 year old 777 Captain last month, and when I ran "the calculator", I discovered he will retire as the #3 pilot at UAL.  Timing is everything, I suppose.   I can't speak to the SWA schedule or QOL.  My buds there love it.     When you turn 65 years old, let us know how it turns out for you.   🥃
    • My guess is he is referring to a U-2 cockpit environment.   My understanding is those dork-suits were one-time use, throw them away.  Despite the sarcasm of my post (yes, I now you're shocked), realize that I will go speak to the pressure suit specialists at Beale, and try to reply here with a factual answer.  Don't hold your breath.  I'm a part-timer.  
    • Believe what you want on the other points, but this is not true. DJIA close 3 Nov 2020 (election day): 27,480 DJIA close 20 Jan 2021 (inauguration day): 31,188 DJIA close 26 Jan 2022 (today): 34,168   S&P 500 close 3 Nov 2020: 3,369 S&P 500 close 20 Jan 2021: 3,851 S&P 500 close 26 Jan 2022: 4,349 Stocks have indeed taken a dip off all-time highs in the last 3 weeks but...🤷‍♂️
    • Bunch of quacks? The first couple of minutes  https://futurenews.news/watch?id=61f08a740388fd1a8a6afca9&fbclid=IwAR3PrZmkM_UazWmDENUDLhUTAHwqiSkjPv3vly8ZBpulyLJFZLVWH5kqDN4 Longer version. I haven't watched the whole thing, 5.5 hours. https://rumble.com/vt62y6-covid-19-a-second-opinion.html  
    • Don't Look Up was fine.  You're just falling into the traps of critics.  They're bandwaggoning the hate and I don't know why.  In the tone of Jen Lawrence, What the Fuck Is Wrong With You????  I loved the lampooning of billionaires.  I loved byline of the gaslighting politics.  They didn't preach to you, they just tried to reveal the absurdity of politicians and gazillionaires.  Don't skip it.  You will thank someone, especially when you think, "we can't be this stupid, can we?" 
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