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    • I was volunteered non-voluntarily to be a T-38 FAIP at Columbus in the magnolia state back the late 80s.  I don't remember the students, I don't remember the class, I don't remember the year but I do remember the week or at least 3 days of it.  On Wednesday, I had an engine fire. I am with a student and we are the good wingman doing a rejoin when lead says, "2, you are trailing smoke." How I missed the big glowing fire light, I do not know but we execute the boldface and the fire light takes its time to go out.  Single engine home and all is right with the world. Thursday appeared with crappy weather and I launch on a contact ride with a student.  In the weather, the right generator fails and the left does not pick up the right side. So it's a no-flap ASR to weather mins to get home. I don't get paid enough for this job. TGIF! Friday finds me on another formation ride headed out to the high sectors and at FL330, there's a thump nose, the cockpit fills with fog, and I'm pressure breathing with a cockpit pressurization failure. Sumanabache. Copious quantities of alcohol was consumed at the bar Friday night as my students were trying to tell me as nicely as they could that they didn't want to fly with me anymore. 
    • “Transferred missiles to pro Russian….” F me dude. Really you think an SA-11/17 is something a group of rebel separatists not only have but have the training and wherewithal to be using effectively? Have you ever sat in one? This isn’t something a bunch of pissed off former compulsory conscripts just YouTube directions for or play some warthunder and figure out. ADA is a job normally reserved to involving a team of at least a couple contract soldiers. Just some rando dude that with no help or anything…. Popped one missile with enough Pk to accidentally bring down a 777. Is this like when we pretend those dudes in kit with no patches we can easily identify are just “disgruntled separatists” and not what they clearly were to the adults in the room as they seized key terrain and nodes during the Crimea invasion? Again… you claim you aren’t sympathetic to giving the Russians the benefit of the doubt while you repeatedly dredge shit up on the Uke’s in this thread and others like some kind of foreboding warning to all of us. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
    • That is an extremely niche reference and I know the exact incident you’re referring to. Actually happened twice to different guys. One is a complete goofball and the other is a literal rocket scientist that is also a goofball.
    • https://archive.is/BsHj1
    • Saw that plane here last summer in KBOI during fire season. Glad the crew is alright.
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