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    • So, there I was in the chow hall in the desert.  One of my LMs made comment that we should get arm bands like the SFs dudes had, because it would be cool.  We kind of knock his plan, but he goes and does it anyway.  A few weeks later when we meet for lunch prior to our mission, he's sporting a nice desert tan "LM" arm band like the SFs and he's feeling quite proud.  I get a tap an the shoulder and it's Mr Wing King, and he pulls my aside and rips me a new one.  He thinks load is making fun of it, I say no, he thought it was cool and wanted to play.  I get the ass chew that he has a hard time motivating his SF group and the arm band was something unique for them and he thinks we're mocking it.  I understood the point.  CCs try to find ways to rally the troops.  Some jobs are shitty and peeps in them are based on an ASVAB.  I told Load that he was the shit and to know that if it took a fancy armband to be motivated, he was in the wrong job.  Point?  Kids these days love tags.
    • 1. Learn to see through haze. 2. Don't participate in naming ceremonies. 3. Don't dance with the Sq/CC, even if she's kinda hot and going through a divorce. 4. When Lake Amistad is low, barb wire sticks out of the water 5. Don Greasalinos #2 can kill you. 6. Judge Ford (or his descendants) will ticket you for 1 mph over on the way to San Anton. 7. Watch out for tarantulas.
    • Yup, just like Europe they skip countries where benefits / jobs are scarce I’m all for states / countries / cities / individuals voluntarily funding asylum seekers if they want with said asylum seekers given geographically restricted temporary visas with states / counties / cities not interested in that being able to bar / arrest / remove said asylum seekers if they leave the confines of their visa but we would have to still have federalism in practice to have that and we’ve been foolishly centralizing political power since the 30’s Just as we have LOAC but we still apply violence to achieve national security objectives we should apply force to prevent / remove illegal aliens but not have some mercy on some people truly in need of asylum I’m for coming up with a plan as this problem of people fleeing poverty / dysfunction is only likely to get worse and it’s NOT our sole responsibility amongst the wealthy and developed nations to absorb millions upon millions of people, we can take some but not nearly as many as the Left / Globalists imply we should We either figure out how to get to something sustainable and realistic or as the situation gets worse we will get someone who will take matters further than we want Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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