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  1. That and what guard baby would want to deal with the metric shit ton of AD bullshit that comes with a demo team. The vast majority of fighter pilots want nothing to do with that bullshit, doubly so for a guard dude. I know several great dudes who have done T Birds or specific jet demo teams - this isn’t shitting on them personally, It was right for them, and that’s awesome. However, they are very much in the minority for wanting to do it.
  2. Agreed, not worth the potential fuck up. I just hate giving the govt a dime for free…I’m the guy who is happy to owe a few thousand in taxes. A tax refund means I failed.
  3. Anyone know if a temporary change to your exemptions and/or W4 will reduce bonus taxes? My idea is adjust those for the month of the bonus payout, then adjust them back to standard afterwards - goal is not give the govt an interest free loan. If this isn’t going to work, any other ideas?
  4. Is there even a guard baby out there that would want to do that? I’d be a bit surprised if there was.
  5. A ton. But the root cause is the average voter is emotional and retarded. We’d see solid leadership if people actually gave a fuck about demanding and voting for that. Instead people vote based on tribal affiliation, what Taylor Swift says, and their opinions based on daily consumption of complete bullshit with zero individual thought or questioning applied. I wouldn’t be surprised by anything - go further left, swing hard right to the same magnitude of problems on the other end of the spectrum, etc.
  6. @Stoker great points and good historical refresher. Perhaps we’re just in a cycle that currently is somewhat like the red scare…emotionally biased to hate others that we suspect to not be carbon copies of ourselves. @nsplayr Yes, but the old “well it could be worse” argument is not a very good one. Never has been…despite the fact I say it to my kids!
  7. Eh, it was a bit tongue in cheek, but there is plenty of political persecution going on in our country. Not saying it’s of comparison to many terrible examples throughout world history, but it is pretty damn bad relative to our own post-revolutionary war history.
  8. @tac airlifter Directly from the Red Cross…
  9. Sigh...dude it's not new. That has been policy for over 3 years now. I'm not making a comment on said policy, just that it's not a new thing, and portraying it as new is invalid. So if this is what your posts are about as you just said, then this entire discussion is flawed because it's based on a false premise. For the third time, we probably agree on just about everything COVID-related, but you're clearly seeing red and grasping for anything that supports your opinion, critical thought and individual research be damned. I likely agree with your overall opinion of all things COVID-related, but there's plenty of valid data to support said opinion; this straw man is not one of them.
  10. Hate to say it man, but you are completely wrong - you absolutely can give blood immediately after getting a vaccine, including Covid vaccines and boosters from multiple companies. It’s very clearly stated on the website. And what was the point of your illegals comment? Seems like a red herring - I don’t see how that aspect is related at all to the specific discussion on giving blood IRT vaccine status. These guidelines were published as early as Feb 21 (3 years ago). So no, they are not “new.” Again, I’m with you on everything that’s fucked with COVID responses, but making arguments based on extreme grasping at straws is not helpful and only serves to reduce credibility of the overarching message. Another example was the recent outcry by some conservatives about the CPS taking a kid from their home in MT. It initially blew up in conservative circles - and it was a 100% good and right thing for CPS to do in that specific circumstance. Those conservatives who bought and propagated that story in the early days only hurt the credibility of the valid argument against the govt strong arming parental control/rights over their children. The overarching message is valid and good, but the reaction to that MT case weakened the overall argument. The left is not the only group of people susceptible to falling for bullshit, half truths, and extreme exaggerations.
  11. You and I probably align almost 100% on the Covid debacle. But, the twitter post implies the Red Cross rule is another smoking gun regarding Covid info cover up. The reality is they just say you have to simply wait 2 weeks to donate blood if you got a live virus vaccine. This does not include the 3x companies that probably 99% of America got. There are lots of smoking guns out there and tons of data that shows how fucked up/wrong/ineffective the vaccines and other COVID responses were/are, and demo the extreme amount of gaslighting conducted by the govt, the medical community, and big Pharm (and championed by the shithead progressive left). I have no trust in our govt, big Pharm, and medical community gets almost none - case by case basis I’ll trust any of them. But like it or not, this specific Red Cross thing is absolutely a nothing burger. Every time somebody goes after something like this, it provides a, “ha, gotcha!” moment for the left, and they use it to delegitimize the overarching message (which is a valid message). It’s not a good plan to fight mouth breathers with mouth breathing.
  12. Another friendly reminder: Never trust anything you see on SM, MSM, blog site, etc. Go independently verify the claims or implications on at least a couple other sources before accepting and/or spreading said claims and implications. If more Americans did this, we’d be so much better off.
  13. We’ve already checked the persecution and imprisonment containers, just have death in prison left to go.
  14. That’s the staff in a nutshell, and probably has been that way since the 70s. Sad.
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