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  1. Similar experience with TUI as Kwings had with AMU. That was many years ago, but I doubt much has changed. At the time at least, it was fully covered by TA. Totally useless degree, but I could turn in a paper that I wrote in 15 min and still get an A. Perfect container checker.
  2. Seems like PWC mins was a great question. Fighters do it and I certainly apply my own in the GA world. At some point you have a job to do (especially in combat), and if you need 500’ PWC mins, so be it…we’ll put someone else in the line or cancel, depending on the situation. It sounds like this AC has more going on than just his personal opinion of weather mins.
  3. Leadership traits can span many groups/organizations, but it’s ignorant to think there is a one-size-fits-all leadership know-how that can effectively lead any organization. Yeah MSG guy, you did supervisor/lead 100 airmen…now stand up front and lead this MPC and tomorrow’s 80v30 mission vs. a peer level threat. I’ll wait…
  4. I did hear a rumor that this batch of 2.5 will be the last going to fighters (because the length of training is the same as normal UPT, doesn’t really buy much), but they may continue this type of program for crew-bound aircraft. My question there is how do they know who’s going where outside of the ARC guys. I say leverage the technology and teaching technique improvements, but do not cut the overall syllabus/length of training short. Just update how you train them (and no, I don’t mean cut a shitload of flying for sims)
  5. Smoke and mirrors. They are essentially just executing phase 3, but with wings. I don’t understand how this changes anything, except maybe gets them a form 8 earlier so the MAF bound guys can be softened up to Q3s and re-quals earlier in their career.
  6. I agree. I think Desantis, Crenshaw, etc. can do that, but with the added benefit of not pissing off the middle. Trump’s problem is he alienates a lot of voters who aren’t fairly conservative, but may actually vote GOP if they see a candidate who’s not raging away on Twitter. I think emotional voting is stupid as shit, but I acknowledge there are a lot of people out there who just can’t stand Trump’s personality/approach towards others and will summarily vote for anyone but him. It’d be disingenuous to say he didn’t play his part in creating the “never trumpers.” By the way, I voted for him twice…but also strive to be as balanced, informed, and unemotional as possible. That means I have to acknowledge the other groups/sides, even if I don’t agree with them.
  7. True, my “hard right” was directed at these old people in the GOP who won’t listen for one sec to somebody who doesn't believe exactly like them (very conservative). Local example: those people are losing their shit that a gay guy is running as a republican. Never mind he has great policy stances and is conservative-minded, but he’s gay, so we not only shouldn’t support him, we should actively oppose him. They literally would rather die on their religious sword and see this guy lose, at the cost of some batshit crazy leftist winning. Not that they want that outcome, but they’re incapable of seeing the forest through the trees. That’s the part of the GOP that needs to “retire;” let the rest of us conservatives who don’t care who you fuck interact with the public.
  8. So the mil can make a non-FDA approved vax mandatory? This’ll go smoothly…
  9. Latest straw poll has trump getting 70% of the nomination votes…WTF people, you’re going to fuck us over with another horrendous Dem WH team! On the local level, my wife and I have realized the GOP is primarily old, angry people clinging to Trump. They can’t let go, and they can’t have a conversation with anybody who is not hard right. They’re as bad as the left in that regard. We’re conservative, but we’re a lot closer to the middle than these people…time for the younger generations to stage a coup of the GOP itself and get this shit back on track, starting at the local level. The problem is if we don’t, we’re in the middle with everyone else who hates both sides, but begrudgingly chooses one side at the polls because we despise the other side’s policies more. This choosing the lesser of two evils bullshit has to stop.
  10. A couple years ago a friend made the argument to just rent 4 place and own the fun shit you can’t rent. While it’s a kick in the junk in the immediate short term when you rent (“can’t believe I’m paying this much to fly to…”), you’re saving SO much money in the long term on not owning a certified 4 place(and you theoretically own something that’s a hell of a lot more fun to fly than a typical 4 place piston). Doesn’t work for everyone, and there are possible downsides (such as your local FBO only has shitty 172s), but it’s not a bad idea.
  11. Have to agree with Pooter…between him and Biden/Kamala, I’d hands down vote for Trump, but that doesn’t make him a good choice for the GOP to run in 24. I really hope someone like Desantis, Haley, Crenshaw, etc. are given the nod. Let Trump provide funds and rally his base to support GOP candidates, but for the love of God don’t run him in 24.
  12. I feel like lots of people would go experimental if there were more 4 place options. Am I crazy?
  13. I know many guys who did it on the way out the AD door (and into the ARC/airlines). I was still afraid and didn’t…but probably an unfounded fear from what I’ve seen. I know a couple dudes who are 90% and have no issues with the FAA. I think all the guys I know still flying mil are in the 30-70% range.
  14. interesting devils advocate. So what about the thought that what a person earns through his labor is his, whether that be $1000 or $1B? Each person should be free to spend that money however they see fit, and if that’s inheritance, then so be it. Now, you can argue the recipient of said inheritance didn’t earn it, but why is that anyone’s business besides within the family? Is it fair for me to buy my son a bike while the neighbor kid had to mow lawns all summer to buy his own? Maybe not in a vacuum and the truest sense of the word, but in the real world, I get to decide as the parent what my son must work for and what I provide directly to him without labor required. That’s liberty. To address equality of opportunity…I think the difference is one person may have a steeper climb, but they can achieve the same mountain top. Nobody is limited by anything other than their own perseverance and capabilities. Everyone absolutely may have different/more or less barriers to achieving a similar goal (e.g. family wealth), but the poor person in this analogy can still go to Harvard like the rich Nantucket kid with a family connection…the poor kid just has a greater challenge to get there (but the opportunity is squarely in existence).
  15. You don’t accrue annual leave when on mil leave. I had the same thought regarding LH, but no dice a few years ago. My understanding is what you described was a thing at some point.
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