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  1. brabus

    Gun Talk

    Didn’t blow my fingers off! No video yet (the wife rolled her eyes at me when I told her to come out back and take a video), but shoots great. Now I feel the need to build another one...AR-10, why wouldn’t I need one? Can’t wait for the suppressor.
  2. Priority - the airline that has a base where you want to live (within ~2 hrs to enable short call...for when you have to do that. Closer the better just for general drive time to work). Secondary - The first major that gives you a job; seniority is damn near everything. If you don’t get your priority airline out the gate, maybe consider jumping if they call you later, to a certain extent...at some point your seniority at the first airline won’t be worth trading. I don’t know what that line is, maybe 6-12 mo? I know a few guys who jumped at the year point and are happy they did it. Either
  3. I had similar concerns, but here’s what I found to be a lot easier than I initially thought: - Make “real” friends with neighbors...they don’t need to be pilots (or mil) to be more than just the guy you say hi to occasionally. I do a lot of things with a few neighbors, none of whom have any connection to the mil/airlines. - Get involved in local clubs/groups who have a common hobby. I’ve met a lot of guys in the local shooting/hunting and GA flying communities...I think my beer drinking and bullshitting hours after I told my wife I’d be home has only increased! - Find a side job
  4. brabus

    Gun Talk

    Next weekend after this trip...here’s to keeping all my fingers!
  5. Option 1: Get out ASAP and go Guard/get a line number - be eternally grateful you made that decision Option 2: Take the bonus, get out in 6-9 years and get a line number - be eternally pissed you made a poor choice in 2021 and tell all the young guys not to make the same mistake you did
  6. brabus

    Gun Talk

    I was just going off the average time from the NFA tracker (mine is in an NFA Trust). Personally it’s been 3 months so far, but I’m expecting it to be another 6 months. Stamp was cashed about one month after F4 filed. Naturally I’ll get my can right in the middle of winter when it’s too damn cold to want to shoot.
  7. brabus

    Gun Talk

    My F4 is a different story. 300+ days...fucking bullshit.
  8. Ah fuck, yeah you have a point there.
  9. brabus

    Gun Talk

    SBR Form 1 took about 3 weeks from submission to approval through eForms. I’m shocked the gov could do anything that quick. All that to say the paperwork was a bit of a PITA to get together, but overall not too bad and totally worth it! Now to shoot this thing and hope it doesn’t blow up in my face (first AR I’ve completely built myself).
  10. And CA, NY, MI...there is good news out there!
  11. Yep, just need a lot more Sandmann outcomes...it’d be nice if CNN was paying out $250M every week, because that’s what they should be doing.
  12. I encourage everyone to start looking for more local sources of news in place of the dipshit MSM. The state and lower level isn’t immune from bias, but between this type of news media and a couple international sources, I find it much easier to get legitimate news with a lot less bullshit, “tactical omissions,” etc. Nobody in the U.S. MSM deserves a dime or even an ounce of trust from you. To arg’s post - I’d say there should be legal consequences if stories are proven to be false. Make defamation suits far easier to win and the payouts huge. Hold companies accountable when things ha
  13. That’s a good argument for your PC letter to SAF/PC - “this is why PC is good for the total force...” is what they want to see. Good luck man - this may all work out greatly in your favor, even though I can understand it feels shitty right now. Airlines are going to start hiring in the near future, so get the ball rolling now!
  14. ISP will be peanuts compared to what those extra years of seniority, 401k, bonus, and massive boost in QOL will be worth. I bet the majority of ARC units will give zero fucks about being passed over; they’ll care if you’re a good dude and pilot. Remember, the ARC is full of dudes who got out of AD because of all the jackassery - they’re not going to side with AD on your non-promotion.
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