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  1. What Helodude said…I’ve ran into several helo guys who are either in the regionals or came to mainline from the regionals. Anecdotally from a few of those guys, it doesn’t take you that long at a regional until you get called for the majors. That said, this applies to relatively current day, and it does not guarantee the same thing in 10-15 years (assuming we’re talking about guys who have yet to start UPT).
  2. @Negatory I think people (like us two for example) actually agree on a lot of things, and we don’t agree on some things, and that’s OK/does not make one person a fill-in-the blank-name-calling. Positive discussion, collaboration, learning, growth, etc. can still occur if we (the “royal we”) simply acknowledge the italicized part. How do we help people release their death grip on identity/tribal politics and realize/live the italicized point above? One would think it’s simple, but it definitely is not. I don’t know how to move stalemates forward in my local community when people are so entrenched in their camp/completely unwilling to even hear the words above, let alone acknowledge their utility. It’s frustrating and continues the divide of “us vs them.”
  3. @Negatory Sincerely, glad to see you make it to these conclusions. Now help spread the facts to those who are holding on too tight to the words of fill-in-the-blank figurehead/company with questionable motives.
  4. One example of many: just recently a story in Canada went on a on about this “perfectly healthy 14 yr old” who died from COVID and how refusal to get the vaccine was the primary CF. Except enter stage left when his parents come out and say he was terminally ill with cancer, and it was at the point they were expecting/ready for him to pass; the death was of zero surprise to them. The autopsy revealed he happened to have COVID at the time, which played no significant factor in the death. Once again, the MSM makes up a story hardly rooted in truth while purposely suppressing critical info/perspective that would otherwise sink their emotional sale. So many people in the world have lost/never had critical thinking skills. At this point, every single thing you see on the news/social media should immediately be met with “probably complete bullshit/wildly leaving out countering facts” until you can validate with multiple sources (ideally non-profit/non-political ones).
  5. And how many of those patients with regret sucking on a ventilator have multiple comorbidities and are generally unhealthy? The data says 95%. I bet they do have regret, as the vaccine would have been a less risky choice for them. Additionally, let’s not dismiss all the people who have regrets of getting the vaccine…it’s a large number, certainly anecdotally no less than heartstrings-pulling news stories like this one.
  6. True statement. My subsequent kids did not add ADSC as I added each of them after they were born. You can change distribution percentage as many times as you want without incurring ADSC.
  7. This was 4 years ago, but had a recently complete SQ/CC in same situation - AF said GFY and made him stay AD another 2-3 years to complete the ADSC. He was retirement-eligible and willing to forfeit the transfer. Not what you want to hear, and shouldn’t make you not try, but also this may help manage expectations.
  8. They all seem about equal on fuckery, so might as well get the single dose and be done with it, if you’re going to do it.
  9. Oh look, Pawnman’s here…
  10. Despite the misdirection of SWA this weekend, there are thousands of pilots who are old enough with enough money to say “fuck your mandate!” and leave. A lot of airline guys in the 55-65 category who don’t trust anything and will never get the vacx…or so it seems at least. I don’t think it’s out of the realm of possibility that major airlines could be faced with epic shortages, or have to push back on the mandate. Maybe it doesn’t come to fruition, but it’d be naive to think it’s not a reasonable possibility at this point. A friend at General Dynamics said the company is struggling with this as they have thousands of employees in the south who in general are not getting the vax, and they also know firing all of those employees will crush the company. Biden has really put a hell of a lot of Americans and American companies in a terrible spot. Let’s go Brandon!
  11. They literally do, though I’m not speaking for the entire US, but in my state, they’re everywhere. Maybe not where you are, and I’ll take your word for it. Though I’m also guessing we’re not the only state in the union with employers other than min wage fast food looking for workers. Hyperbole and false. Hard work can get you very far in this country. I’m not saying shitty circumstances don’t exist or people can’t have bad timing/a run of bad luck. This is victim mentality at its finest and serves no positive purpose.
  12. If the lineman walk out as winter sets in, whoa boy! I almost wish it to happen, as they’d be fighting the unjust bullshit this admin is pushing down our throats, and it’d be entertaining to watch all the douchebags lose their minds without electrical power…hmm, guess being a smug, condescending asshole doesn’t keep you warm in winter, who knew!
  13. Not that I disagree with your literal statement, but I do disagree that such a situation is unavoidable for adults (at least it is far more unavoidable than the Dems like to make it seem). A couple local examples: 1. I have several friends who own their businesses (builder, excavation, roofing); they have vacancies paying $25/hr (and if we’re honest, there’s a lot of “under the table” paying going on). They also pay a lot more than that to many of their employees who have been with them for a while/acquired new skills while on the job. It’s hard for them to find people, let alone keep them. 2. Local area power companies (the 2 I have personal connection two) are begging for lineman. They are offering to pay $25-30k for the training/certs, and within 4 years that person is making 6 figures. Blew my mind, but it’s true. What do I see scattered all over street corners the past 6-9 mo? Abled-body men under 40 begging for money (while also getting Covid handouts I bet). They’re not disheveled, sitting in wheel chairs, etc. Many of them look like they probably work out at a local gym daily and are pretty healthy. I’ve heard every excuse in the book about these people, but when it comes down to it, they can swing a fucking hammer, they’re just too lazy to do it…they want easy money they don’t have to put effort towards. The point: Min wage is a bit of a smoke and mirrors discussion, the RC is not $15/hr (plenty for the HS kid), because we haven’t asked/answered the question why there are so many jobs out there that pay well above Min wage/offer substantially more than “that McDs job,” yet people walk right past them complaining about the “rich folk holding me down!” Barring significant medical problems preventing work, I believe the RC for these situations is our society rewards laziness while breeding ungratefulness and a weak work ethic/sense of personal responsibility.
  14. The motto of our entire acquisitions process
  15. A lot will is my guess. Certainly has been the case in my neck of the woods. And now we’ve got healthy/low-risk members with some real health problems due to the vax…wreck their lives all while potentially leading down the road of med retirement or at least get out ASAP. I wish I was making this up.
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