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  1. I wasn’t spun up, just pointing out you were wrong when you said non-citizens can’t vote. VT specifically has had non-citizens voting all over the state for some time. This one article is just one example of that.
  2. https://www.usnews.com/news/best-states/vermont/articles/2023-01-23/vermont-supreme-court-rules-in-favor-of-noncitizen-voting Been happening for a while, here’s an example.
  3. @ClearedHot Facts are so inconvenient for the left
  4. I’m not saying we’re alone in the universe, but I will say nothing that has happened, and been publicly outed/discussed, is inexplicable or as crazy as the associated hypotheses. But, there is gain to be had by letting people’s imagination run wild.
  5. I only have a screen shot, but will post the actual source when I can get it.
  6. It’s at FSS and CCs for each wing. $50k for 3-6 years (11X full time orders, excludes RPA). It’s massively better than the AD bonus, as expected.
  7. I know 4. Maybe fighters got hit harder than others?
  8. Imagine signing a 12 yr bonus…I’d rather drag my balls through 69 miles of broken glass covered in hot sauce.
  9. One time I went full honest with the new flight doc because at that point life was more important than flying. She said, “holy shit…don’t ever tell anyone other than me.” I said, “copy. But just saying, that’s a perfectly normal Wed night on a TDY!”
  10. They were a solid group of dudes when I worked with them. Too bad to see the doors close.
  11. To clarify, that includes as young as 5. Apparently 5 yr olds are mature enough to decide hormone altering drugs are OK to take without their parents knowing…because teacher knows better and said you should…yeah, nothing totally fucked up here going on.
  12. To be fair he said qualified and a good person, he didn’t say she was hands down the best of the entire field but he’d still pass. However, your statement does aptly describe an alarming amount of voters in this country (on both sides). It’s very disheartening to say the least.
  13. The Army well surpasses the AF in queep and bullshit reindeer games. Wouldn’t have believed it until I spent enough time with them. The AF is a shit show, it it’s less of a shit show compared to the Army. So we’re not the worst, yay?
  14. There’s plenty of corruption at the bottom in many places. Nobody should assume their local level isn’t as scummy as the top, do your due diligence. I also think state and federal is heavily skewed towards corrupt shitbags, the good ones with altruistic desires are an extreme minority.
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