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  1. What really blows my mind is someone is such a slug they can’t pass an embarrassingly low-bar PT test, and are so weak-minded (because its just mental at this low of a bar) they would rather bribe than workout a little bit. Fuck ‘em, send them packing as an example to the rest, and leave everyone else alone.
  2. Sounds awesome, I’d love to fly that…but for less than 9 hrs!
  3. Talk to your reserve sq/cc back home about options; anything on here is conjecture and may or may not be applicable to your situation today.
  4. B5 currently, soon to be followed by Donkey Punch Pox. Heard that one will be a real pain in the ass!
  5. According to DAL’s chief health officer (impressive med background), the new strain is weaker than the traditional flu. So yeah, everyone move on with life and stop buying into the bullshit.
  6. Our country is where it is because Mandy votes.
  7. Unbelievable. I have reserved all judgement and opinions until now. Well, now that video evidence is out - fucking pussies. Of all places, I wouldn’t have expected LEOs in Texas to be so dickless (not applying this Texas-wide).
  8. Does it really matter? Neither of them are the actual decision makers, so really it’ll just be a symbolic gesture to kick him out. It also won’t hurt the optics helping the GOP - Kamala is just as much a train wreck in public as Biden, and that’s the curveball they never saw coming when they hatched this plan to get a woman in the WH.
  9. Meanwhile, the parts store wasn’t open for MX to get critical parts, multiple families gained another week of not having their HHGs, and an estimated 6900 pages of forms were misplaced in the uniform prep “party” hubris (but the customer won’t know until they eventually call and are told they have to start over, mi scusi!) Fucking shoes
  10. Lots of people like them in progressive states; never underestimate how many dumbasses live in this country.
  11. If step 1 is completely fuck our independent energy and cripple the average American, then what is step 2 to enable step 3 where everyone drives EVs, there’s green mass transit available for everyone, power grids support these without major issue, etc. All for advancing energy tech and making it better, but these people are out of their fucking minds on the how part. I don’t care what party you affiliate with, the current approach should boil your blood.
  12. I don’t disagree with your overall points, but I do not agree with you broad-brushing an entire generation as an excuse for underperforming millennials. For every asshole baby boomer there’s multiple who have done good things for those younger than them. Assholes fucking over our country/people come in all age groups and each generation will include shitbags who continue to fuck over others; such actions are not trademarked by any generation - past, present, or future. So what about that? Well, again, you can find a way to overcome that shit, or you can cry in the corner sucking your thumb.
  13. Wait a minute, so now we’re talking about politicians, foreign actors and big finance fucking people over - yeah dude, completely agree. That’s a whole different ball of wax than just broad brush blaming a generation for the woes of the younger generation.
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