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  1. Damn, what did he do that it was so bad they couldn’t just make it 3 more days!
  2. The left is comprised of brain dead retards, so that commentary shouldn’t be surprising to anyone. Anyone with the smallest amount of rational thought should have abandoned the left long ago. That doesn’t mean they have to join the GOP, but they should rebuke all the left bullshit, including comments along those lines.
  3. The amount of tweets, etc. out there that espouse that opinion goes to show how full retard a lot of the country has gone. Every person who feels that way is an absolute piece of shit and deserves to be deported to Gaza, Kandahar, or Tehran - their choice!
  4. Blues Monday - gayer than a bag of dicks (fact, not opinion - Biff completed a blind study in Van Nuys and determined this to be true), but also Snuffy was too fragile to do his brief in blues and would be more comfortable in ABUs…there’s a chance his DO thought he was such a pussy that he deserved to do it in blues. Maybe.
  5. I hope that fuck gets an anal search from the FBI…but he’s likely a Biden supporter, so probably not. The Dems/elites are so desperate to maintain power they have paved the way for an assassination attempt on their rival. We’ve already been a banana republic in some ways for a while, but now we’re just cooking along checking more boxes. And half of America is still too stupid to see it/admit it.
  6. I have a gut feeling that’s a near 100% accurate replication of said incident.
  7. “Sir…have you been drinking?” ”The Brits!? No, never have hung out with them” “That’s not what I asked sir…” Who hasn’t been there!? Amirite?
  8. brabus

    Gun Talk

    I never shoot indoors, so hoping they’d be good for outdoors. Most of my rifle shooting is suppressed, so biggest factor is pistol and shotgun
  9. Admit it, you stalled right in front of Camp A as the hot 3 letter chick walked out and saw it. Worst timing ever…
  10. brabus

    Gun Talk

    Anyone shoot with the Axil Xcors? Good enough hearing protection?
  11. All staff is fucked - there are not enough people who are smart, critical thinkers, and not pussies, who will go work on staff. The bureaucrat swamp does not take kindly to people with the above qualities.
  12. brabus

    Gun Talk

    Hopefully everyone is currently closing accounts there and moving to a new bank. That bank is out of its damn mind.
  13. brabus

    Gun Talk

    Guess @Rainman moved to Florida, now we know!
  14. Clock-Map-Ground…the good ol’ days! if you find someone under the age of 30 who can even read a map, you’ve found a unicorn! The next steps are intro a compass or plotter, then tell them to jump in a standard transmission vehicle for a beer run (unicorn status likely dissolves in step 2 or 3).
  15. Yeah, the time hack will save us… Irrelevant in modern aircraft (at least the ones I’ve flown). But I am all about maintaining a bit of history/tradition, and therefore will do it for that reason alone.
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