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  1. brabus

    Regret leaving

    Communicate - navigate - aviate…duh.
  2. I would think 13, and if they said 11, I’d tell them to GFY and find another unit.
  3. I’d do it - you absolutely cannot do a lot of things in the civ world that you will experience in the mil world (amount this difference is depends on what you fly). The camaraderie and life experiences in and out of the cockpit are irreplaceable by the civ world for the most part. You’ve got ~40 years left to fly the airlines, why not have some awesome experiences and serve something greater than yourself for a handful of that time? If max money, minimizing moving, and minimizing effort required at work are important to you, then don’t do it.
  4. brabus

    Gun Talk

    Why not both! M2 should grab that one and then find a 300BLK.
  5. My completely uninformed guess is the guy had thousands of hours if he’s flying aircraft like that. I have over 2k hours flying fighters, and only last year I damn near hit someone - misprioritizing a fast rejoin over a safe “it’s not going to happen within these tight time constraints” decision and just not doing it. I’ve done thousands of rejoins, tons of experience…task misprioritization and pressure to “get it done” is a real thing at all levels of flying experience.
  6. brabus

    Regret leaving

    Been there! Honestly I don’t find airline flying boring, I find it different. Different isn’t a bad thing.
  7. brabus

    Gun Talk

    About 9 months ago they told me in person only for the discount. Policy must have changed.
  8. And it will only get worse until enough people tell them to GFY in every form of verbal and physical means. A lot of conservatives are pushing for better quality GOP candidates who are more in tune with “the masses;” that’s certainly a real challenge that must be faced cranium on. But holy shit, supporting directly or indirectly the insanity, including widespread censorship and other general fuckery, that the Dems are pushing is throwing gas on a 5 alarm fire.
  9. brabus

    Gun Talk

    Tree - there are good mag extensions for the 43 that you don’t even notice aren’t OEM. But also, there is no such thing as a bad reason to get another gun! And the 43X is already cut for a RDS, which is nice.
  10. Seriously? Sounds like they fixed the problem, but holy shit I can’t believe the total lack of SA on ver 1 of email if true.
  11. No way that $50 email is legit, and if it actually was, then whoever running this board at Boise is a giant douche. I highly doubt that’s the case.
  12. FullSizeRender.MOV
  13. brabus

    Gun Talk

    43X - perfect balance of size, capacity, and quality. I like bigger cartridges too, but I also like having a pistol that I’m comfortable carrying (IWB) all 4 seasons in any situation (t-shirt/shorts is no problem). I can keep it on my hip all day - driving, sitting, whatever. Whatever you choose, if it’s not comfortable AND works for you to put rounds ONLY where you want them, then it’s a bad carry gun (for you). Quality wise, I have several Glocks with thousands of rounds through them - excellent pistols that I trust my and my family’s lives against humans and dangerous wildlife. I’ll probably never carry any other company’s pistol (not to say there aren’t many great companies out there).
  14. Flew to OAK the other day, probably 80% of pax were masked (a strong contrast from literally every flight I’ve flown since the mandate ended). But it’s San Fran, so I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. I bet all of them would rather fly with the con than with an unvaxxed person.
  15. brabus

    Gun Talk

    Been dragging my feet for years on aftermarket triggers. Finally installed a Giessele SSA in one of my ARs - phenomenal difference from the mil spec trigger (from Aero Precision, so not a slouch of a company). Do it, it’s quite possibly the best upgrade you can do on an AR.
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