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  1. You choose to play the game, and that's fine. I choose not to. *Except there are many situations that I'm not allowed to choose, and neither are my children, and that's the problem. The other problem is that games have an ending. But this one goes on and on and on. This is why I cringe when people use the term "Game Changer:" --"The vaccine is going to be a game changer." --"Once it's approved for kids, well, hallelujah, that'll be a game changer." --"Merck/Pfizer's covid pill is a total game changer." ......I know it's just an expression, but it's pretty obnoxious given that the game NEVER ACTUALLY CHANGES. "I was told 5 game changers ago that the game would change?" "Silence, covidiot,....cinch your mask tight and await your next jab. There's a new variant, and it's really scary." Ohh, and the portion of the population that "feels more comfortable going about their daily lives" can feel comfortable with their vaccine and their mask. I'm fine with that. But it's not on me to engage in acts of theater to help them with their mental disorder.
  2. Pawnman, your level of reading comprehension is truly embarrassing. "Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and remove all doubt."
  3. One that doesn't require you to wear a face mask to protect you from the virus that you just got 3 inoculations against? I mean, really think about that. They're telling people with 3 shots over 7 months to wear a mask and social distance. That's insane. They're saying the vaccines are great and provide amazing protection, but also that vaccinated people have to keep following the emergency public health protocols that were being stressed before a vaccine was avaliable. How could a reasonable person not see the disconnect there? I know we've become inured and desensitized to mask wearing, but imagine telling your 2019 self that there's a pandemic on the way, and you'll soon be told to take 3 vaccinations and still mandated to wear a face mask. Hearing that, your 2019 self would assume that the vaccination had extremely low efficacy and/or the pathogen must be like the ones portrayed in the movies Outbreak or Contagion, where the premise was that exposure to the virus was a death sentence (involving pustulating sores, convulsions, foaming at the mouth, and death within 48 hours). But neither of those is true of Covid. The vaccines are highly efficacious and Covid is highly survivable. Any reasonably intelligent person in 2019, shown the data we have now, and told about that messaging disconnect, would be thoroughly confused about the ongoing farce. As others have said, get as many shots as you want. Tripple mask, ...and don't forget the face shield. Celebrate the holidays with family via Zoom chat. Go nuts. After all, the hardest part of 14 days to flatten the curve is the first 2 years. My family and I will pass, thanks.
  4. Pawnman simply cannot comprehend false equivalencies. This is not the flu shot. Or the small pox shot. Or any other shot that we've taken as part of the standard DoD regimen. Know how I know? Because I don't take THREE flu shots within 7 months. Putting the MRNA technology, the testing trials, the FDA approval, etc. etc. aside, the number of shots alone puts this in a different category. And if you think it will end with 3, you're on crack. They're already rushing to create another shot that's tweaked for Omicron. And why not..... there's already a line of tripple-vax'd, double-masked basement dwelling covidian freaks clawing to be first in line to roll up their sleeve yet again. Pfizer and Moderna are thrilled, and on and on it goes. I got the original two shots. But now it's clear that the efficacy wanes incredibly fast. 3 shots in 7 months, and more already on the horizon? No thanks. Not the same as other vaccines, and I'm not lining up every 6 months for a disease that the statistics clearly demonstrate is not a substantial risk to me. Likewise, I'm not going to have my kids jumping through these hoops. "OK boys, get back in the truck.... we're headed to CVS for the 3rd time this year..... there's a new variant." GMAFB. The "risks of driving" analogy is another false equivalency. Pawnman, yes, my kids wear seat belts. That's not the same as wearing a mask 8 hours a day at school or taking jabs every 6 months indefinitely. It's hilarious to watch you argue which is riskier, the disease or the shot? Because the risk to kids is absolutely infentesimal, for BOTH. Look at the data for hospitalizations and deaths in the 0-17 age group (Just the raw numbers.....without critical details on BMI/comorbidities, or Vax status.) The risk is statistically zero. Now imagine if the data included health conditions and relative risk to an average healthy kid. And then imagine the data also somehow captured all the asymptomatic, undetected, or unreported cases. Calculating covid risk to kids is an exercise in multiplying by zero. It's stupid. You've been had.
  5. I agree, but I think the real tragedy is that, for the overwhelming majority of people, it's a perceived, not actual, dichotomy. The media want us to believe it has to be one or the other: Everyone who's outraged by Jan 6th are totally supportive of BLM riots. And everyone outraged by BLM riots are Trump cultists that are a-okay with Jan 6th. It's bull$hit. It's designed to make people pissed off and/or afraid, since those are the two emotions most easily exploited for viewership/ratings. In my experience, there's a LOT of common ground when regular people actually talk to each other. Much, much less so when they watch mainstream media and build corresponding echo chambers out of their phone. **The same faulty dualistic thinking applies to the candidates themselves. We're led to believe that if you support Trump, you must despise Biden. And vis versa. Totally false. You said you consider Biden a bumbling embarrassment. Totally agree. ...But I also think Trump was a bumbling embarrassment. Imagine if we had two decent, competent humans running. Hard for most Americans to picture at this point, but yes, it is also possible to genuinely like both candidates.
  6. Great post. I think the part we can't reconcile is that I see the comparison to the George Floyd riots as a false equivalency. It's just not the same. **Which is NOT to say it didn't matter or it was not a big deal. Criminal acts should be condemned. But not all criminal acts are the same. A murderer gets different treatment than a shoplifter. The Jan 6th disgrace came from the top. It was inspired by the POTUS. And it was such a bad lie, which is to say it was an obvious lie. In the lead up to 2016, Trump thought he was going to lose.... so the election was 'rigged.' Then he won and all the claims of fraud and rigging vanished. Weird. Then in the lead-up to 2020 he recycled the same nonsense. Except this time he DID lose and he felt he had to double down on it. Those idiots in the Capitol would absolutely not have been there if Trump had any dignity whatsoever and simply conceded. The looting and rioting in the name of George Floyd... and the Kavenaugh accusations..... no question... ridiculous. An outrage. But it didn't originate from the President of the United States. (How could it, since Trump was President at the time.) And those rioters didn't invade the Capitol, with Congress in session. Again, this is probably where we agree to disagree. That's fine. Riots are terrible and inexcusable, but the original question was about how Biden voters feel about their decision. "Still not Hillary" was a common response to point-out's of Trump's constant idiocy. But people on the hard right can't now understand the same sentiment from Biden voters? People often finish criticizing Biden by ending with the snarky: "but at least there's no mean tweets" zinger. It's so stupid. Try criticizing Biden and ending with: "but at least there's no gallows outside the Capitol and kevlar-wearing idiots on the senate floor rifling through senators desks while calling for the Vice President's execution." A little bit harder to make the sarcasm work in that example, isn't it? What I think we can agree on is that they're not mutually exclusive. You don't HAVE to support the Floyd riots and condemn Jan 6th. Or vis versa. You can condemn both. And I can see Bode's post that just popped up as I'm writing this: "What about.... what about..." Yes, terrible. We agree, Bode. Celebrities shouldn't call for the President's death and people shouldn't attack/ invade police precincts. We should be able to criticize Bush and Obama and Trump and Biden. Across party lines. For the things they've messed up that are objectively bad. And we should be able to praise/appreciate their successes. But, unfortunately, uncompromising tribalism rules the day. And voters must cast their votes according to their conscience, interests, and priorities.
  7. I think it's a train wreck. No doubt. Horrible. I'm hoping Biden is a one-term president and we get much higher caliber humans to choose from. BUT.... do I regret voting for him? Nope. Because at least I don't have to fumble to quickly change the radio station when my kids are in the car and they start talking about how the President of the United States casually cheats on his third wife to bang porn stars and then pays them hush money. For all his faults, Biden doesn't recreationally rawdog porn stars. That's nice. That does a lot for me. And because at least no lunatics have stormed the U.S. Capitol and called for the murder of the VP and/or speaker of the house. That's a win. I really like not seeing members of congress evacuated and morons with zip ties trapsing around the senate floor. That was the last straw for me, and I don't understand how it couldn't be for other people. I understood a lot of the mental gymnastics that people did to justify Trump's many shortcomings because, in general, they liked his policies, or more often, disliked Democrat policies. But Jan 6th was unforgivable-- a national disgrace, and such a low moment in US history that I'm still glad I voted for the current administration, despite all it's faults. I just wish we had better choices to start with.
  8. Stunning. I for one have literally never read a pawnman post without thinking to myself: "holy $hit, this guy is such a douche."
  9. As usual, what should have been a straight forward memo leaves most readers with several questions. Namely and most obviously is regarding boosters. My understanding is that 3rd shots are still under EUA. ….not the actual shot itself, which is the same as original, but the regimen of getting a 3rd after 8 months. Many folks got their shots in Jan/Feb/Mar. Is the military going to consider us “unvaccinated” come Sep/Oct/Nov? (I for one will refuse a booster for as long as it’s my choice. I played along and got the initial two, but I’m not going to keep playing this game and being a pin cushion when I personally have no fear of Rona and still have to wear a mask regardless. Fool me once….)
  10. The videos are truly unbelievable. It is literally crazier than the airport scene from World War Z. Even the zombies never held on to the eff'ing plane for takeoff! https://youtu.be/uwF1yKhOOW0
  11. To clarify, people like pawnman aren’t actually bothered by unvaccinated people not wearing masks because it’s unsafe or putting their health at risk. They’re bothered by the act of disobedience. They are “following the rules,” and others aren’t. ...And the others are oftentimes “getting away with it.” And that pisses them off. It is the EXACT same nonsense we’ve all seen with reflective belts downrange. Idiotic mandates to wear them in places/conditions that make no sense (day time, etc.) — and people wearing them simply so they don’t get ‘Chief'd.’ It is not about safety/health. It’s about compliance. And the ones that are most outraged, most vocal, and most willing to elevate the issue are the same ones that are reflective belt nazis: the tools/douches that don’t have anything better to do, or the careerists that are eager to demonstrate their obedience. This is exactly why pawnman framed it the way he did. He didn’t pose it as someone who lied about their vaccination status and infected someone.... causing illness, long-term health complications or perhaps even death. No, ...it was about ‘showing red on IMR’ and ‘Violating SECDEF orders.’
  12. She fought to defend our country and then died attacking it. What a mess.
  13. <sigh> Pawnman, why is the surgeon wearing the mask (Let’s say I’m getting a knee replacement)? Because he’s afraid of getting sick from my knee? No. The surgeon is wearing the mask to protect me, the patient. This aligns with the messaging throughout this thing that wearing a mask is about protecting others. My comment above was about how useful a surgical mask is in protecting the wearer. What the Google machine tells me (via fda.gov) is that an average surgical mask “may help block large-particle droplets, splashes, sprays, or splatter.“ And that’s my point. In public, especially with social distancing in effect, do you guys frequently encounter “large-particle droplets, splashes, sprays, or splatter?” Seriously ask yourself. Is that a thing? Are people coughing or sneezing on or near you? I don’t know. I’m just saying that’s not my experience. Yelling, singing, or whistling are also probably good examples, but again, I personally don’t see that in a typical grocery store run. I see a handful of healthy people with no cough or sneeze, adhering to distancing, and yet wearing masks. Do some woodworking with a surgical mask on. Cutting, or especially sanding. You’ll be coughing on saw dust inside of 10 minutes. It does not block fine particles at all. And that’s literal pieces of wood. I found (I think) the article that Slackline references above. It suggest that cloth masks block “some viral particles” and “can reduce the inoculum of the virus which enters the mask,” resulting in a milder or even asymptomatic infection. So you get sick, but not as sick. Fair enough. It’s a short article and there’s no data cited. To me, it is conditions and behavior based. If we are now asserting that a mask can protect the wearer because it blocks “some viral particles,” it seems to me that the emphasis should be on wearing them in the places where there is a real chance of someone else’s spit hitting your face. i.e. while watching a movie on the couch with someone, not while walking down an aisle at Costco.
  14. I think the opposite is occurring, at least right now. Sick people are staying home. Have you seen someone running a fever, or clearly congested, or with a persistent cough at the work place or casually shopping at Costco? My experience has been that anyone who coughs, even once, even into their mask, gets a hairy eyeball. I think very few legitimately sick people are out and about. What we have is sick people at home without masks, getting their family members, or roommates (or nursing home cohabitants/caregivers) sick, and healthy people out of their homes wearing masks, essentially for no reason. We have it all backwards. And to your last comment, about protecting yourself via mask, are you (correctly) wearing an N95 or better? Because the surgical mask or the homemade cotton mask is doing nothing to protect you.
  15. For healthy people? That’s the key distinction. I think we’ve forever turned a page culturally, where we’ve realized it’s smart for SICK people to wear a mask. What most people want to know is when can HEALTHY people, with no symptoms, no cough, no sneezing, no runny nose, etc. stop wearing a mask? It will be a long long time. Which business will be the first? I wonder what the research from large companies is showing, as far as potential customers gained vs customers lost if they drop mask requirements. Moot point for now, I suppose, since we are no where even close.
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