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  1. She fought to defend our country and then died attacking it. What a mess.
  2. <sigh> Pawnman, why is the surgeon wearing the mask (Let’s say I’m getting a knee replacement)? Because he’s afraid of getting sick from my knee? No. The surgeon is wearing the mask to protect me, the patient. This aligns with the messaging throughout this thing that wearing a mask is about protecting others. My comment above was about how useful a surgical mask is in protecting the wearer. What the Google machine tells me (via fda.gov) is that an average surgical mask “may help block large-particle droplets, splashes, sprays, or splatter.“ And that’s my
  3. I think the opposite is occurring, at least right now. Sick people are staying home. Have you seen someone running a fever, or clearly congested, or with a persistent cough at the work place or casually shopping at Costco? My experience has been that anyone who coughs, even once, even into their mask, gets a hairy eyeball. I think very few legitimately sick people are out and about. What we have is sick people at home without masks, getting their family members, or roommates (or nursing home cohabitants/caregivers) sick, and healthy people out of their homes wearing masks, essentially
  4. For healthy people? That’s the key distinction. I think we’ve forever turned a page culturally, where we’ve realized it’s smart for SICK people to wear a mask. What most people want to know is when can HEALTHY people, with no symptoms, no cough, no sneezing, no runny nose, etc. stop wearing a mask? It will be a long long time. Which business will be the first? I wonder what the research from large companies is showing, as far as potential customers gained vs customers lost if they drop mask requirements. Moot point for now, I suppose, since we are no where even close.
  5. And there you have it ladies and gentlemen. Right on cue. Even when you tell them how predictable and off topic their responses are, they simply can’t help themselves. -Computer modeling has flaws, therefore we can just ignore all the other sources of evidence. “The TACAN is malfunctioning.....<shrug’s shoulder’s> .....I guess there’s just no way we can determine our position on this sortie.” -China -AGW is unprovable -You're a troll -It’s a Religion -Stop freaking out and live your life -Socialism -Scientific data/evidence (ha, just kidd
  6. —You cannot be Group 1, 2, and 3. They are mutually exclusive by definition. That aside, here’s my response to your points: —It’s the same finality and confidence that’s applied to dozens of scientific discoveries. Ones that you accept without question. The fact that there are tectonic plates, that the earth orbits the sun, and that the earth is round. It is true that the scientific method is open to new discovery and therefore cannot ever claim absolute certainty. But there are things we know.... things like the aforementioned that we accept as scientific fact because they are demo
  7. The evidence is available to everyone. I'm not going to summarize climate change for you. And for two specific reasons: First, I don't know what group you're in. Group 1, you want me to demonstrate that the earth is warming? No thanks. Group 2, you want me to provide evidence that global warming is anthropogenic? Again, ....read. There are countless books, peer-reviewed scientific journals, articles, videos, periodicals, etc. that are available to everyone. It's 2020. Google it. Type "Climate Change" in to Amazon and order a few books. Start with this one: https://www.amazon.
  8. There are generally three types of climate deniers: Group 1) "climate change is not happening." Group 2) "Ok, climate change is happening, but it's not anthropogenic." Group 3) "climate change is happening, and Ok, is anthropogenic, but...the effects will be minimal , and certainly not worth changing our way of life." --Due to the overwhelming amount of evidence from multiple independent fields of study, Group 1 has thankfully shrunk and most in Group 1 have migrated to Group 2. If someone is still Group 1 at this point, there's nothing you can do for them. It's like c
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