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  2. It is released. People at my base are signing as of 6 June. Go beat up metaphorically on your FSS for answers. They let our guys backdate to 6 June.
  3. I disagree. I think most of us have had the experience in life that most things we do, good or bad, along with their consequences, are proportional. Maybe you haven’t? Do really bad things, expect really bad consequences. Do less bad things, expect less severe repercussions. Stumble onto an active runway with out clearance? Bad. Expect a long conversation with the FAA and some extra sim time. Willfully disregard ATC, enter an active runway & do donuts while taking selfies, then tell tower to go fuck themselves? That’s willful disregard and will get you arrested and grounded for life. That kind of activity will rightly make people question whether you should be anywhere near an airport or aircraft. So many of Trump’s actions have been absolutely full of willful disregard for the rule of law and are objectively worse than the others’ in this case. No, this does not appear unfair at all to me.
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  5. Well played, but that dude is definitely conservative! Liberal TikToker goes viral after complaining the only masculine men she can find are conservative | Daily Mail Online
  6. You’re only helping to further my point—it’s very selective when saying “no one is above the law”. Either what you did is an alleged crime, or it’s not. Sure Trump is a jerk, but that should not determine whether or not he is tried for a crime and someone else (ie Hillary Clinton) isn’t. You’re not saying it’s ok, but yet you’re giving reasons why you think it’s ok for one person to charged and not another.
  7. Not defending mishandling classified but in the others’ cases, they at least went through the motions of cooperating with investigators. In Pence and Biden’s cases there is a plausible explanation that the mishandling was accidental; the documents were swept up with unclassified docs when moving out of their respective offices. Again, not saying it’s ok, but there is a significant difference in that Trump was literally waiving classified documents in people’s faces and refusing to cooperate when investigators tell him to return said material. If he had been cooperative and made a statement to the effect of “we made a mistake. We are cooperating with investigators and will return all classified material in a timely manner” I’d agree with you. But he didn’t. When you see police lights in your rear view mirror, if you promptly pull over and speak to the officer politely, you at least have a chance of being let off with a warning. If you floor it, give the cop the bird, and tell him where he can shove it when he finally catches you, guess what? You’re gonna get that ticket & a whole lot more.
  8. There is no race for the GOP nomination save for Trump’s serious legal peril. Either he wipes the floor with everyone else (already polling > 50% among primary voters), or he DNF’s the race and now it’s actually a competition between DeSantis, Haley, Scott, Pence, et. al. If there was maybe one serious challenger or two and some of the usual cranks, ok, normal race probably, Trump isn’t truly an incumbent although he kind of is as far as the GOP base is concerned. But to have MANY serious challengers get in the race, your own former VP, large state sitting governor, former governor and ambassador, sitting senator, plus former governor Christie just got in and so did the sitting governor of ND Burgum, to me that indicates they all think there’s a fairly high chance Trump will be unable to be the nominee regardless of his level of support, and therefore it’s worthwhile to give it a shot.
  9. You JUST said you were voting for Biden. He IS fit?
  10. Still (official) crickets on the ANG bonus, anyone else receive any official traffic?
  11. No one above the law (definitely applies to you if your last name is Trump)…doesn’t apply if your last name is Clinton or Biden. I seriously can’t fathom how leftists (even those on here) can honestly say they’re ok with this happening to Trump and not Clinton, Pence, Biden, etc. I mean, I get the fact that they hate Trump, but conservatives hated Clinton and never did anything like this when there was plenty of evidence to do so. I can’t stand Trump personally, and though I agreed with many (not all) of his policies, I don’t want to see him be the nominee next year…and truth be told, it would probably just be best for the country if he died peacefully in his sleep tonight. But what’s happening right now can’t be seen as a good thing.
  12. Might want to look into enrolling in some continuing education:
  13. On flight simulator? In your mom’s basement? 😂
  14. Everyone's circumstances are different. I'm past 20 years and plan on continuing to stay till 22 (with an exception for possible continued AFSOC 3rd floor dicknannagans). Serving my country is still a big reason for me getting out of bed every morning. I genuinely like what I do, what I fly, and the people I serve with. I have no complaints about pay (I think O-5 pay is pretty good compared to what I grew up with and my wife has a 6 figure job). Money isn't a primary motivator for me. There's always shitty parts to any job and I get the military is not an easy life. That said, the AF has afforded me opportunities and experiences I don't believe I would've gotten on the civilian side. The Guard/Reserve never appealed to me. I feel like I contribute where I'm at and I have good bosses at the Sq level. Honestly overall I'm happy with my lot and don't see any reason to pursue different pastures at this time. One guy's perspective.
  15. With this latest whistleblower, I estimate that there have been 69 million allegations and speculations from people "in the know" about the existence of aliens and alien craft. Yet not one single, solitary shred of proof in a time where our highest leadership stores top secret documents in closets, garages, and home offices. That's some amazing infosec.
  16. You just threatened to shoot people you disagree with, then offered to meet up with someone you disagree with. Get some help, bud.
  17. Back to regularly scheduled sport bitching... Does Trump Multiple Indictments change the race? Guessing it will harden his base and given he admitted to not declassifying some things, he is in legal peril. A charge under the Espionage Act seems like a stretch and how do you make that argument when DOJ gave Hillary a pass when she purposely took TS/SCI SAR/SAP off a classified server and transferred them to an open system. I wonder if the DOJ will given Biden the same Espionage Act charge for taking large amounts of classified and storing them in multiple locations including his SCIF-Garage. Maybe we get lucky and neither one of these clowns can run.
  18. 100%. I think we are saying the same thing in different ways. I also didn’t realize how much being a fulltimer was consuming me until I left…and my wife and kids told me how much happier I was when I got back from trips. That was eye opening for me as well. I’m happy to talk to Active Duty folks about the Guard. I’m happy to talk to Full timers about the airlines. My QOL definitely improved when I went AD->ANG and even more so when I went ART->Airlines. I just do my best to stay objective and not make them feel like their decision is “wrong” if it doesn’t agree with how I personally have done it. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  19. I can’t second this enough. I’m a dsg captain and commercial GC. The bs I have to deal with daily in my civilian gig is leaps and bounds worse than what I hear my AGR/Tech friends complain about. I know the grass is always greener, but I’m jumping on an AGR/Tech gig first chance I can.
  20. Have you pitched this to the PR team at DOD? This is exponentially better recruitment fodder than that "Be All You Can Be" bullshit they used to run. And they can sprinkle in some of your 'start shootin' stuff too for added pop.
  21. I see this sentiment on BaseOps frequently. This won't win any popularity contests around here, but it's very naive and unjustifiably self-aggrandizing. Guys that did 12-20yrs active duty and then go Guard, to the airlines, or slot in as mid level management somewhere and see their QOL improve don't have much perspective on it. They are not starting over on the civilian side in a way that is comparable to their military career arc. Yes, the military makes some unique demands. Yes, a winged officer has to sacrifice more time to their craft than someone working front desk at a hotel or serving at a restaurant. But those aren't valid comparisons. Compare a winged Capt to a young professional looking to advance in their field, and neither is walking easy street. There are plenty of professionals missing their kids activities to work late, putting out fires on the weekend, and facing divorces because they live on the road and never see their families. Are some skating by on minimal effort. Yes. And we all knew a few squadron-mates that fit that description as well. If you're in a position to be dodging RPGs, scooping your buddies intestines back into his body cavity, and worrying about when roadside bomb roulette is going to catch up with you, then yeah, you've experienced something most can't fathom. But that applies to almost nobody on this board. As far as simple demand on your life, I think you'd be surprised. I was. I started at the bottom of a completely novel field of work after getting out, and I'd easily rate my top 5 most stressful and time consuming weeks all on the civilian side. Not looking for validation or recognition. Only to say that any view I had of myself as engaged in some Sisyphean struggle when I was active duty, when compared to my civilian peer group, was way off. If you go from Sq/CC to legacy copilot, then yeah. But they aren't the same thing.
  22. The mean moderators are suppressing my free speech but if anyone protests something I don’t agree with they should be shot! - just one instance of hypocrisy in your many delusional takes. You must be a nightmare of a person to have in a Sq
  23. I did a 2 year BAO stint in Sofia and loved it. I also kept flying but had to drop a few quals to maintain currency. Also met my wife there, luckily she’s an American. I always recommend the tour to folks. Sent from my iPhone using Baseops Network mobile app
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