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  2. I think so. Upon graduation you’re authorized to mix and match boot colors when rehacking long gun qual.
  3. You're accusing me of being empathetic and even sympathetic to Russians? Why? I 100% believe that a Russian made missile shot down that aircraft. But since you brought up propaganda, this is about an incident that occurred almost 10 years ago. This investigation team, with Ukraine as one of the investigators, just now release a report headlining Putin as having approved a deal that transferred missiles to pro Russian Ukrainians during a Ukrainian civil war. They fucked up and shot down a passenger jet. I don't remember there ever being any doubt this was the case. But to trot out this "investigative" report at the same time the Ukrainians and all other countries with members on this "International Team of Investigators" are advocating for increased arms sales to Ukraine and escalating conflict with the headline "Putin Responsible"... that isn't propaganda? To anyone with a keen eye for the obvious, this is being dusted off as a reason to escalate.
  4. I’m with you. I’ve heard the same shit a million times from people, and bullshit is easy to smell. I’d much rather someone tell me what you said, if they have no real connection to the place. It’s not like people don’t move for their employment in every other sector of society, especially our AD brethren, so I don’t view it as a negative. That’s just me though. A lot of people are going to swear you gotta be from the state or have a 3rd cousin who lives there or something. Certainly if you’re from there it’s going to be easier for you to stay, and we are looking for long term commitment in the ANG. However, we’ve had a lot of luck with out of state folks too. It’s not too difficult to tell, in an interview, who is going to stick around for the long haul.
  5. My concern is that we're going to do it anyways, and the price will not scale linearly with time. I'd love to see us move the massive manufacturing we put in Asia over the past 30 years into South and Central America. How on earth we thought it was a better idea to enrich economies on the other side of the planet, instead of the people who surround us, is one of the many mysteries of Washington DC. But we have to do it in a way that accepts they will eventually take over the manufacturing and associated businesses as their own, skills e succeed in developing them. Countries can't progress as vassal states.
  6. I agree. But I noticed MTG caused JB to walk back his statement on SS a couple of levels.
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  8. Same. I don’t get the ambivalence towards fixing problems in our own house and neighborhood vs some sort of St George in retirement syndrome where we go looking for very difficult if not impossible missions 7,000 miles from home. USA, Canada plus 2 regional neighbors with reasonable goals (secure major port, gov buildings in capital, distribute aid, etc…) should be feasible for phase 1. Phase 2 long term development plan Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. When the SOTU turns into a clown show, circus, whatever…then we shouldn’t be surprised when those in attendance act less than professional. This has been a long time coming and the SOTU has become a joke, and has been for quite a while. All it is now is an opportunity for the President and his party to tell you how great they’ve been doing, how bad the other side is, and their pie in the sky dream list to appease their base. The joke is on all of you who tuned in or are focusing on the show.
  10. See there is a difference between “Viewing this from the Russian perspective” Vs “Being empathetic and even sympathetic to the Russian perspective (read propaganda).” If you believe there is any way Russia isn’t responsible for MH17 you either don’t have current access to a vault and the widely available materials on SIPR discussing it, or you’re just a loon buying their BS story about the Uke’s doing despite all the evidence to the contrary (both open source and not). Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. I think he may now be gearhog over in the pipeline thread. It appears they both have selected their hills to die on. Sent from my iPhone using Baseops Network mobile app
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  13. Ok. To any conscientious listener, it is blatantly obvious what they're saying here. I think they were actually winking at one another during this Senate hearing. Victoria Nuland: "I was gratified to have a chance to go through some of those specific measures in the classified session yesterday, but going beyond that in this open session, I think doesn't... um... help us get from here to there but we every everything is on the table I would say if if that is helpful." Senator Ron Johnson: "One thing that i believe...certainly the Senate Foreign Relations Committee is pretty unified on it... (may not be unanimous) was our support for sanctions against Nordstrom 2 pipeline. And that I think we were all, many of us, were very disappointed that those sanctions were not fully implemented and the construction continued. I can't think of a more powerful way to punish Russian aggression than by rolling back what progress has been made and if, at all possible, uh... prevent the Nordstream 2 from ever being completed. Is that something that is being discussed with allies? Is that something that's being contemplated?" Victoria Nuland: "Absolutely. And as, if as you recall from the July US/German statement, that was very much…uh…in that statement that if that any moves Russian aggression against Ukraine… uh… would have a direct impact on the pipeline and that is our expectation and the conversation that we're having so again direct impact is one thing… Senator Ron Johnson: "But i'm… i'm literally talking about rolling back the the pipeline, you know, you can loosely define that but i mean taking action that will prevent it from ever becoming operational." Victoria Nuland: "I think if President Putin moves on Ukraine our expectation is that the pipeline will be suspended." Senator Ron Johnson: "Well, I certainly hope that the Senate Foreign Relations Committee would take up legislation to go beyond just suspending it but ending it permanently, but anyway, thank you Undersecretary Nuland."
  14. Which makes me wonder, do the SEALs of the sky have their own special BUDS class?
  15. My thoughts are my own but clearly shared by others. Maybe they’re reasonable! Russia is a known malign actor in Europe, they recently started an aggressive war against their neighbor, and the country is run by an asshole dictator who has wantonly murdered civilians and ordered his forces to commit a variety of war crimes. In the absence of evidence that someone else did it, I’m inclined to believe it was them. I’m all ears for actual, real evidence to the contrary, feel free to post some!
  16. Your tactic here is to generalize everything I may say as a conspiracy and dismiss it all. Stay on topic. We're talking about a single incident. Re-read this thread from the beginning and see if the evidence presented is in alignment. I still don't understand how you can say "in the absence of evidence... Russia did it." Wouldn't the reasonable thing to say be "In the absence of evidence... I don't know."? You're copying and pasting what ClearedHot said as using it as your own, phraseology and all. Awkward. How can you not be sure? Isn't it evident that when you answer blowing up the pipeline is bad, you cannot amoralize and rationalize the act after the culprit is revealed?
  17. No. I do have a life sometimes despite my posting history 😅 Yea sure, intentionally destroying things is bad. Hell, war is a policy failure at its core because you’re destroying rather than building and killing rather than flourishing. Not sure what you’re looking to have me say here or why my opinion matters that much to you. 🤷‍♂️
  18. I’m just heavily anti-conspiracy as a person. Saying everything is a conspiracy is like saying the stock market is about to crash it it’s about to rain. I mean, technically you’re right sometimes, but not enough to be believed all the time. Yes, the Russian government is controlled by assholes. Yes, they are at war in Europe after invading Ukraine. Simplest explanation is they did it. Not to totally rule out anything else, but in the absence of exculpatory evidence, that’s what I think happened. Hanging your hat on one guy who has peddled false conspiracies before, sourcing an anonymous “senior official” without anything else concrete is…not what I think anyone should do.
  19. Just curious if you think DeSantis and the GOP FL state legislature passing Constitutional/permitless carry is “fascism”? This Dem Congressman thinks it is btw… https://www.foxnews.com/politics/democratic-rep-maxwell-frost-says-florida-proposed-permitless-gun-carry-law-fascism.amp
  20. At least Brits value being witty and gifted with oratory (that’s max performing an STS) instead of whatever MTG, Lauren Boebert and the like are going for. I’m not even talking about policy, it’s just annoying behavior. And all these MP’s at least dressed like they belong and not like they’re trying to track down 101 Dalmatians to make a new coat like that moron.
  21. It takes a minute to Google all those answers. 🙄
  22. How are those outlandish? You don't think Pakistan and Saudi benefited from playing both sides against the middle? I haven't spent any time on this, but at first glance, I'm not outright dismissing it just because it doesn't jive with the narrative you and I've been fed for 22 years. You do realize we spent hundreds of billions hunting Bin Ladin. Maybe people like money. You could fill encyclopedias with the shit the US has been doing under the radar. I posted the other day regarding Wesley Clark inadvertently revealing we had plans to escalate conflicts in Syria. We sent ships full of arms from Libya to Syria after Libya unexpectedly erupted in chaos and fell. https://www.businessinsider.com/obama-admin-admits-to-covertly-sending-heavy-weapons-to-syrian-rebels-2012-12 Knights of Malta? Never heard of them, but the F cares if they were? They're an aid organization from I can tell. https://www.orderofmalta.int/ I hoped you of all would realize I am only goading people into committing to a position knowing full well what the eventual outcome will be. Nearly all of the elements to this story were posted here by people here on this forum long before the story was published. The Baltic Exercise, Victoria Nuland, Biden's Anti-Nordstream Speeches, etc. 75% of the pieces were already there, Hersch just finished the puzzle.
  23. FWIW this is pretty much exactly what I did. Wish I could say I actually had the forethought to plan it that way. It you can pull it off it works great.
  24. Seriously? You are hanging your hat on Seymour Hersh? Really? I am kind of without words. He may be famous for uncovering the 1968 My Lai massacre and the mid-2000s Abu Ghraib but he has more conspiracy theories than the flat earth society. Among his claims: 1. "Bin Laden was a “prisoner” of the Pakistani intelligence service in his Abbottabad compound since 2006; the United States learned of Bin Laden’s whereabouts through a former Pakistani intelligence officer; Saudi Arabia was “financing Bin Laden’s upkeep”; and Pakistan’s military helped Washington plan the raid." 2. "Top leaders of the Pentagon deliberately subverted American policy toward Syria, sabotaging US efforts to aid Syrian rebels and even sending US intelligence to Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad." And my personal favorite: 3. In January 2011 he spoke at Georgetown University’s branch campus in Qatar, where he gave a bizarre and rambling address alleging that top military and special forces leaders are "all members of, or at least supporters of, Knights of Malta.… many of them are members of Opus Dei."
  25. You really have to think this through. Do you think you're the first one to every wonder why journalists would keep their sources anonymous? Reporter's Privilege and Confidential Sources have been long established practice and you and I should be thankful. Would we ever get revelations into crime and corruption if every whistleblower feared retribution for speaking out?
  26. It’s not an argument, it’s a possibility. If the writer is so anti-MSM why is he using anonymous sources with no corroborating evidence? You know, the exact reason no one trusts the MSM. Being against liars and propagandists doesn’t automatically make you a beacon of truth. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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