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  2. About 30 min into top gun I thought it was going to end up overhyped but damn, the end was awesome. Great flying scenes throughout. My wife, 9yr old daughter and 12yr old son all really liked it. Def see it in theater preferably a imax or Dolby.
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  4. They asked me what drove me to pursue a masters, I said because I had to for promotion. They then asked if I still would have done it had that not been a promotion requirement and I said “not a chance.” Their faces were priceless. But I think they appreciated the honesty and not some BS line about “bettering” myself.
  5. 117th has sent out interview invites. Middle of last week I think. Sent from my iPad using Baseops Network mobile app
  6. Yeah man, I get that 100%! And I did apply to the 158th as well! And man, I HATE that I missed the meet and great, but no shock it was uber competitive. I was actually the unlucky recipient of multiple flight delays, and the only other flights that could get me to Savannah would have gotten me there after the event was over. It was tough, but the Captain I spoke with about it was super, super cool. I've always heard that C-130 guys are an awesome group, and he certainly proved that. Best of luck to you brother--hoping we can all get some good news soon!
  7. I hope the mug has this photo inscribed on it. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. No A-code time required for an ATP. SIC on an airplane that requires 2 pilots counts in the FAA’s eyes. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. With some prep you’ll have wonderful airline interview stories …
  10. Yeah, some people just have to "do something" I guess. We had a crew get a Q3/1 on a deployment once. We all asked "what the fuck is that," and it was explained that they were grounded and immediately put back on flying status in the same stroke of the pen so that they could continue flying in the war. Wasn't that egregious of a mistake either, if I remember correctly.
  11. Rigorous conditioning of the liver preparing for UPT obviously
  12. We had a SQ CC in BUFF land give out like 19 in his tenure. It was unbelievable to watch.
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  14. It was pretty rare in B-1 land. I was an evaluator for six years and never gave a Q-3, and in a year at OGV only saw a single Q-3 come through the office.
  15. I put a failed t-6 midphase check and a failed PPL check from when I was 19. I received exactly zero questions about it at the interview. They did ask why my grades in college tanked after I got my pilot slot
  16. The joint warfare concentration checks the IDE/ACSC/JPME Phase 1 boxes I believe. It is my understanding you can do the ACSC top off if you already have a masters. I can say with 99% certainty it is not required to do the top off after completing the Joint Warfare concentration of OLMP, which is what I’m in now.
  17. Out of curiosity, are you the guy that got U-28’s and went on a Facebook tirade about how shitty that community is?
  18. It looks like you claim that by the Fed increasing reserves through asset purchases that household (or firm) demand for goods and services increases, which implies that by the Fed converting an asset on a banks ledger to reserves, somehow a household (or firm) has a larger balance to spend on goods and services. I think you are confusing commodity money (the money multiplier, and loanable funds) with an actually monetary economy with bank money. In other words, it sounds like you think that a bank receives deposits from the Fed, and that bank then goes out and multiplies up those deposits, and because the Fed 'injected' so many deposits, there will be so much more money in the system for people to spend. Is that what you are saying?
  19. The first twenty minutes or so of the video talks about Russia and Ukraine, but really Peter’s whole presentation is really about the end of globalization and the declining birth rates (China being the most egregious example, their population will shrink by half after 2050), the changing energy and wheat market, as well as numerous other topics. I probably should have picked a better title as Russia only occupies a small portion of the briefing There were numerous officers in the zoom audience so I wonder if this was some sort of DOD sponsored event. The video is over two hours long and I’m still digesting all the implications presented in Peter’s presentation.
  20. (1) money is debt. I can't stress this point enough. It has nothing to do with good or bad. Debt is required for ANY economic activity to exist. Full stop. The rate of money creation, which means the rate of borrowing, must increase over time given positive population growth and a desire to hold increasing financial savings. This is the basic mechanic of our system. (2) economic systems are not products of natural laws. There is no set of physical laws from which economic systems derive, there are many forms of human organization that anthropologists have researched covering the past 5000 years. I would love to go into more detail on just this topic alone, as there is a vast literature anthropologists have assembled which address this topic in granular detail. Often its rooted in peoples' minds as "hunter gatherer -> agriculture -> cities -> ...", a form of linear progression from savage forager to gentleman owner of private property. This is false. There are many examples of historical societies which oscillated between foraging/hunting and agriculture, or flat hierarchies + no private ownership and systems of private property with complex hierarchies--and they rotated between these forms of organization seasonally. (3) there is no limit to money creation. Banks can always create money if they choose to. The government does not require a private citizen to take on a loan in order for a private bank to create deposits and then earn those deposits or tax them onto the Fed's balance sheet. The Fed is a bank, a gov bank, which can create, literally, an infinite amount of money. Here's Kashkari at the Fed on how much money the gov has access to: (4) Money is created by a contract and it always returns to its source. A loan repaid means that deposits returned to the issuer and the contract was closed, the monetary circuit closed. If a contract is defaulted upon, those deposits entries live on in a bank ledger somewhere for someone else to use to close their loan to a bank--but banks don't earn their profits in terms of bank deposits. This is a very unintuitive idea (of course banks earn bank deposits! that's what I pay them!) and its false. A bank's liabilities are bank deposits, written on their own ledger. When you pay the bank, it deletes those bank deposits. Bank's can't save in terms of their own deposits. They earn profit by destroying liabilities that they created while increasing the contracts they own (assets). The bank is locked in a race to destroy liabilities faster than its assets disappear, which gives them time to create liabilities for themselves on their own balance sheet to buy goods and services. Does that make sense?
  21. I would say f it (the promotion) Focus on flying, they aren’t kicking out passed over pilots anytime soon. Get the upgrade and continue crushing checkrides. Get all that A code time you can for your ATP mins. Do what you got to do to make yourself competitive for the airlines. Depending on the timing you might need to take a regional gig for a year or two. Start networking now for guard/reserve gigs. If you have trouble getting a flying gig you can easily get a non flying job or a staff gig that gets ya that tricare. My buddy got a staff gig, only goes in a couple times a year, only does it for the tricare. If staying on AD is more your gig take the bonus when you are eligible.
  22. Aren’t shenanigans good, unless prefixed by “evil?” Those are evil shenanigans.
  23. Yes, but instead of a conundrum, it is Shenanigans. I prefer shenanigans, it reminds me of drinking.
  24. Yeah I'm starting to get anxious since the 77th is out of my home state. Did you apply for the 158th AS out of Georgia? I attended their meet and greet and it looks super competitive, over 60 applicants showed up and I saw close to the 100 applicants on the email list. Their timeline is to pick 8-10 for interviews in the next few weeks and interview will take place in August.
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