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  3. It wasn't OK when CNN did it. It wasn't ok when PV did it. Can we agree to that? Now can we go back to tyranny discussion?
  4. Funny you should mention that...My stock guy claims that he sees inflation and a bit of a pull back...I see deflation and a full blown recession.........employers near where the Afghans are camped out should be banging down the CO's door to get at these potential employees..they are gonna need 'em...As to being jumped by camera dudes.. If you anticipate such a thing..carry a small can of red spray paint and coat the lens..
  5. Are you applying to only fighter units? It seems a bit peculiar that you have only had one interview with those credentials. I applied for three months, got two interviews, and was just selected after my second. All with scores lower than yours and considerably less hours with only a PPL. I would say that if you aren’t already, apply anywhere and everywhere if you really want this. For myself, I looked at it as a “beggars can’t be choosers” situation. Also, I think you need to take another look at your cover letter/resume/LOR’s. I would be happy to review and give advice if you are interested!
  6. You kinda sound like a close carbon copy of me, starting to wonder the same stuff. I think if an interview comes off wrong or you are misunderstood you can dig yourself a hole, or at least I may have. I think AD might be my ticket if there is going to be one soon. I guess at some reasonable point you gotta wake up and say "it just didn't happen". I guess it's like pro sports, everyone wants to get to the top but not everyone does. Shut that out tho and try anyways, when you die you will judge yourself on how hard you pushed in life. From a mental point: I do recommend making sure you enjoy and are proud of your other achievements tho, which is a mistake I made. I had the mentality that if I didn't ever fly a fighter I sucked at life. Not true, plenty of hall of famers who never get a championship ring. I start my CFI gig in two weeks, couldn't be more excited. But for sure fight for it till you die (age out).
  7. Dude. I’ll just say it. From the guard and reserve units I’ve talked to, the number one thing that people usually look at is how well you fit into the unit. Active duty would have picked you up already if what you say about your back ground is true. But the units in the guard and reserve really want to match with you because they are stuck with you and fam for long term. And the wrong guy makes waves for years. If you aren’t getting picked up then you might just not be a fit. If it’s important for you to serve as a pilot, then I would keep trying and apply to active duty when you reach the breaking point that the AD won’t let you in because of age any longer or you no longer can go. If fighters is what you want, there is a good chance with your back ground that you will compete well for an active duty fighter slot. I agree with the other comments. It’s possible your app didn’t do a good job of displaying who you are. However if you got an interview the in person overcomes the poorly put togetherapp.
  8. Yeah dude.. it's called the paparazzi and it's the absolute dumpster basement of the journalism world. So maybe it should give you pause if you're trying to do serious political reporting and behaving like the paparazzi.
  9. Thanks for the reply. I supposed I shouldn't say rural. But many ANG units are located 45 minutes to an hour outside of major metro areas. The commute isn't ideal but it is doable!
  10. Funny that you said Guard units are in rural areas. I can't think of a single unit (especially with airplanes) I'd call "rural." I guess we just have different definitions. My point is that, hospital or not, there's going to be an OB/GYN clinic in whatever town you find yourself. Anyway, good luck man. Nursing is one of the nation's most transportable fields.
  11. Sounds like a combination of cover letter/rushing/personality meshing. Cover letter: might want to adjust to what gets the attention of the specific unit Rushing: most important thing you can do Personality: your vibe has to mesh with them Sent from my iPhone using Baseops Network mobile app
  12. There's also a distinction between not bad and good. It sounds like you're a great candidate but your presentation is lacking and only in the "not bad" column. Have you considered BogiDope's resume prep? They're pretty good at showing you how to really sell yourself Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
  13. And usually the actors/ athletes/ musicians do what she did...keep walking and don't engage.
  14. Happens to movie/sports/rock stars all the time and no one ever bats an eyelash. In fact, the tabloids make people money off of this behavior.
  15. Women's Health NP. She obviously wouldn't mind a civilian practice; however, many of these guard units are rural and don't have a hospital nearby. Plus the convenience of working in the same area, cuts down on drive time, etc.
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  17. Yes. Actually finding an opening is a different story. USAJobs shows mostly VA and Indian Affairs openings. Does she not want to do civilian practice? What specialty?
  18. Ladies and Gents: They say insanity is "doing the same thing over again and expecting different results". There is a limit between insanity and determination here. I've applied to multiple units the past 2 year always ending in rejection. Had 1 interview at a fighter squadron last year. PCSM/AFOQT Pilot high 90s. Near 1000 hours flight time and CFI. Engineer undergrad and graduate degree with high GPA. Good job. Athletics in college and now. Age 30. Well- rounded. I ask for advice on my application post rejection and either it is no response or it is "we don't see anything wrong, but it was just really competitive this year". This isn't really constructive evidence to build from, and I am afraid that I am just putting out applications with no frame to improve on. It is even more daunting that I don't even make the cuts to do a squadron visit. I don't like to quit, I will not quit. But there is a point for putting in more effort to get no results. Has anyone else been in the same boat? Ideas? Thanks
  19. It is not surprising in the least that we deluded ourselves regarding the ANA's capabilities. The modern US military is driven by shoe clerks with slide shows and the most important thing in the world is that the slides are green. Generals' and Colonels' next promotions depend on slides being green, not honesty or lethality. We are just as delusional about our own capabilities, if not more so.
  20. Ahh yes. Definitely no ambush. Because that's how normal people conduct interviews.. by sneaking up on someone walking with headphones on their own personal time. Yeah.. come to think of it that's where most tv interviews I see take place.. on quiet neighborhood sidewalks... As super interesting as it is to debate public/personal boundaries with you, turns out there's a difference between the limits of what is legal, and what is professionally acceptable. I'm not all that surprised you think this is okay because, again, it's a person you don't like being subjected to indecent behavior. Reference my above comment about partisan hackery. And the fact you think she's running away because "tHe pEoPle" are catching on and not because a crew of strange dudes with cameras are accosting her in her private life, is the icing on the stupid cake.
  21. Wrong. We haven't all agreed to this. People still understand what standard of behavior is unacceptable. They just selectively apply that standard. A week ago republicans had a massive problem with protesters following Kyrsten Sinema into a bathroom. At least that was at work. Now it's magically okay to invade someone's private life, and not only that! When she runs away after being rightfully startled by a camera crew of random dudes confronting her on a neighborhood street, it's supposed to be some kind of damning admission of guilt. This is actually turning out to be a pretty good litmus test. If you expect equal treatment of people and hold everyone to a baseline standard of decency, there's a good chance you're a person who holds principles in higher regard than political affiliation. If you selectively apply those standards and relish when they're violated against people you don't like, there's a good chance you're a partisan hack.
  22. I don’t disagree—unfortunately we’re at a point where if a person doesn’t agree with someone else then said person is a fascist, racist, communist, anti-science, libtard, bigot, blah blah blah. And when you label someone one of these, all forms of decency towards each other goes out the window. This is what people resort to when they can’t just argue with their ideas. Don’t worry…we’re soon going to learn that economics doesn’t care about name calling.
  23. The journalist was more professional than anything I’ve seen from Fox/CNN/other MSM in decades. The sidewalk is public property and the journalist can legally be there and film and ask questions. There was no ambush. Stop lying. She could’ve engaged in the questioning, or merely stayed silent and went about her day, or she could’ve walked back to her house. She fled in terror because she knows the People are catching on.
  24. Probably more to do with the fact that over 2 decades, we've slowly agreed as a country that this type of behavior is acceptable.
  25. I'm applying to several Guard units in hopes of flying. My wife is about 1.5 years from graduating as a Nurse Practitioner. Some of the Guard units I'm applying to are not close to major hospitals. Do Mil hospitals employee civilians (specifically Nurse Practitioners)? I've used to search feature for this topic, but I couldn't come up with anything.
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