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  2. Not only did the reporter get the wrong aircraft, they got the wrong country. Must be former AF/PA.
  3. In high school I lamented my lack of ability/weight in the cannonball contest against my classmates. Now, they sound the Tsunami Alarm in the shallow end. I'll show them at the reunion.😁
  4. The one time a poop suit doesn't suck is during an unexpected frigid night swimming session.
  5. Coast guard for the win. Especially for helos. They have some nice toys.
  6. Seventh crewmember recovered... https://www.airforcetimes.com/news/your-air-force/2023/12/10/divers-recover-seventh-crew-member-killed-in-osprey-crash-in-japan/
  7. Indeed. If nothing else, the west is getting a re-introduction into the Russian (or even Eastern) way of war where body counts don't matter to the leaders so long as strategic objectives are met, or even appear to be met. Make no mistake, Ukraine is not western in its thinking. I'm not a Ukraine studies guy, but my gut says they'll keep fighting with or without western support. We have to take the world as it is, not as we want it to be. What's happening there is tragic and sad, but it can be leveraged for a strategic outcome that is better for Ukraine, and all western nations.
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  9. @BashiChuni not being pejorative, but your optic is somewhat tainted having been raised in what we want to be the American way of war. Declare an objective, go take it quickly, packup and go home. Thanks to support from the west and ever more efficient weapons have both exposed the faulty Russian war machine and equalized Ukraine on the battlefield. Sadly the fight in Ukraine has settled into a battle of attrition that in years past would have favored Russia giving their willingness to endlessly throw their youth into the meat grinder. Yes Ukraine wants to counter attack and regain their territory, but as long Russia continues to try and conquer Ukraine, then Ukraine has accidentally settled into the strategic position the German Commander Falkenhayn had at Verdun where the purpose was not to out maneuver or gain strategic position, but to bleed the "French white." Ukraine is paying a horrific price, a cost that is purposely not being told, but as long as Ukraine has the support of the west, they will survive, Russia is alone and the impact is long and will be far reaching. The impact of years of internal social issues and this conflict has reduced their young working male population, an issue that will manifest in several years and further accelerate the decline Russia as a world power. Russia's Navy has been hurt, Russian's Air Force has been seriously degraded and Russia's army is in tatters. Putin's expansion has been stopped and his dream of rebuilding the FSU is dead. We need to keep it buried.
  10. No one. That's who's winning. It's war. No one wins in war. Counter question: What do you think would happen afterwards if Russia were allowed to go unchecked by western support? US and NATO stops supporting Ukraine, as you think should happen, and Russia dominates and takes the entire of Ukraine. Then what? You think he'll stop?
  11. No judgement, we all have to make hard decisions that we didn’t expect to face. Personally I recommend you revaluate the reason you’re seeking to leave your current unit. If it’s because you regret not going T-38s and want another shot, you’re making a mistake (you will burn the shit out of bridges while also not getting into a fighter squadron). If it’s for other life/work reasons, then I recommend you look for an alternate unit that flies the same/similar aircraft. Talk to your current sq/cc about whatever issues are going on, and continue to produce for the unit until the day you leave for whatever is next.
  12. Yes. I was the one who made the decision at the time to change tracks. There’s a lot more to the decision. Lot of it was personal life/dealing with my wife/birth of our first child situations going on at the time. I'm sure the chances are pretty low, but I still want to do it, if it happens. If not then at least I gave it my all.
  13. So they responded by just saying that they don’t have a specific rated board, and it’s case by case basis. They are most likely only hiring current and qualified fighter pilots.
  14. Define winning. For the gains and losses attached, the Russians have gained the following: Absolutely destroyed any semblance of their supposedly modern military Bolstered a severely fractured NATO Decimated their already critical working age population At a minimum, put their economic growth on pause due to sanctions So what did Russia gain? This has to end eventually for political reasons. We can't support a stalemate indefinitely but I doubt the UKR's will stop fighting and I'm sure they'll continue to receive some type of support from the West, just not to the current levels.
  15. Thankfully, sounds like pilot was rescued via SAR. Glad to hear of a successful water rescue after a spate of bad news. 🍻
  16. Epic, that lard ass knows his landing is going to hurt, but he's like "screw it, full speed ahead".
  17. This has been a bad take for two straight years man. That being said, the Democrats refusal to come to the table on the border in order to also fund Ukraine effort is frankly sick and proves they don’t give two actual shits about Ukraine or America. Their only focus is funneling more and more people across the border in order to try and force as much demographic change as possible. The “border funding” they claim was in the failed bill is mostly to streamline the asylum process, which will only ensure more masses flood the border. It’s not like the Republicans were looking for an either/or and wanting to completely cut funding to Ukraine. I personally think what’s happening in Ukraine is still in our national interest (and I realize some disagree with that), but the border is an absolute embarrassment and MUST be addressed. The democrats refusal to even remotely pay attention to the border and then try and play the sympathy card about Ukraine just proves that they are corrupt, inept, and don’t give a shit about doing anything that’s right for the country. If the Ukraine funding dries up, they only have themselves to blame.
  18. the time to use soft power was long past. expanding nato was a HUGE strategic mistake. putin didn't just wake up and decide to invade ukraine. we were fucking around in russia's backdoor for decades and guess what...we found out
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  20. Booya! Proud of my former community. Very well deserved recognition that's long-overdue.
  21. Apparently you can't see through the rhetoric. Being globally aware and engaging the power we (USA) still have is simply responsible for our own well being, forget the rest of the world. We have options now that we won't have later. You can choose to stick your head in the sand now, but that only leaves tomorrow you two options: A: Try to become globally aware and engaged later with options, power, and leverage you might not have any more. B: Learn Chinese. That's not an opinion. That's fact proven by history time and time again.
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