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  2. True story. Mid 80s in T-6 was normal 10 years ago.
  3. Looks like we’re not totally done out there.
  4. Being vaccinated is no obstacle to having and spreading COVID. All of our recent positive cases are fully vaccinated. The whole thing is a charade.
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  6. The "old" supt syllabus (as in prior to upt next) had ~80-90 T-6 hours regardless of track irrc. So it sounds like no real change there. Or am I misremembering?
  7. https://newdeaths.com/2021/07/25/death-dale-snodgrass-obituary-pilot-dale-snort-snodgrass-killed-in-plane-crash/?fbclid=IwAR0KQY0iH3T4X5G0BKgx21cOj5oMjb7UFkvPeC23KxKn9-PES22GWvECXUs
  8. threw a mask in my bag for work....totally expect a 'everyone will wear diapers' response to this...
  9. The long awaited Masters of the Air is finally in production now. Sucks it will be on Apple TV+ and not HBO. Which means you won't be able to buy the DVD or digital rights, as the only way to watch it is via Apple TV+ subscription. See Tom Hanks Greyhound film. ☹️ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Masters_of_the_Air
  10. And that's how you end up with everyone wearing a mask, because the anti-vaxx people are too selfish and dishonest to follow the guidance without enforcement. I'm looking forward to mandatory vaccination for the military. Then we can put a stop to these asinine policies.
  11. The HQ I work in put out guidance about two months ago: "vaccinated = no mask. not vaccinated = mask." Since they legally cannot ask, it is on the honor system. I had a good laugh the first day this policy was effective, 90% of the people there were not wearing masks....to include the most anti-vac conspiracy tout'n folks I've ever met. Fast forward to this past week when the chief of staff puts out an email that says "while we cannot ask if you have had the vaccine, we do know what the vaccinated rates of the staff are. We have noticed a large discrepancy between the vaccinated rate and those not wearing masks inside the building." Oh no shit? Didn't see that coming.....
  12. Not at Randolph with the current studs.
  13. Hey, trust the science…or something.
  14. My personal take on it is that it’s time to move past the vaccine/not vaccine, mask/no mask discussion… The vaccine is free and widely available, get it if you want, don’t if you don’t. Wear a mask if you want, don’t if you don’t. Don’t come crying to me when you get COVID, and I won’t come crying to you when I can’t have kids in 3 years. Make your personal choice and let’s get back to business. Hopefully this policy stays local to us so no one else has to deal with this painful step backwards
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  16. Trust them to wear a mask why? What does trash have to do with it? And why just unvaccinated? I see this as more of a “we need more mustaches in the the local area” move instead of a covid move.
  17. Too bad we can't trust the unvaccinated people to wear a mask without screaming "HIPAA" at everyone who asks.
  18. Just 15 more days to flatten the curve... right??
  19. While I'm not really bought into the culture war debates, I did find it ironic that your post is literally virtue signaling lol. Anyway see you all there, should be there with my airline!
  20. Are you eligible for Tricare Reserve Select as an ART? Also, can someone pass the quick rundown on how the retirement works?
  21. KSZL back to 100 percent masks on base regardless of vaccination status on Monday…🙄
  22. I'm all for the path of least resistance as that's what I'd do too. But holy shit, what a fucked up requirement to have in place, especially when everyone knows about these "box checking" masters. I haven't heard of the Guard requiring it yet, and if they did, I'd expect them to start paying for it.
  23. Anyone hear anything from the 21-06 AFRC board? Im guessing results will be out this week, but thought id see if I was just out of the loop!
  24. Similar experience with TUI as Kwings had with AMU. That was many years ago, but I doubt much has changed. At the time at least, it was fully covered by TA. Totally useless degree, but I could turn in a paper that I wrote in 15 min and still get an A. Perfect container checker.
  25. Actually flying in this year for the first time. Been following Mike Patey's videos and it looks like the timing is right for Scrappy to be there. Hopefully get to see that. So impressive what that man does.
  26. So this guy wrote a paper about an idea I had but expressed it about 369% than I could: https://www.armyupress.army.mil/Journals/Military-Review/English-Edition-Archives/September-October-2020/Mills-Deterring-Dragon/ Had this same idea too, if everything you're doing is not working, try doing the opposite like Costanza did for a while and it worked out (sorta) So instead of them instigating provocation after provocation and thus driving the direction of changing the facts on the ground to their favor, we take the initiative and return the favor driving it to at least maintain the status quo Obviously the risk is there but not as high as letting the situation deteriorate further to their favor where we will not be able to meaningfully respond if they decide to take swift decisive action and initiate aggression against Taiwan and preemptive military strikes to keep the US out of theater or capable of using our in theater forces for likely for a month or more. Thoughts?
  27. Most of the online schools have been using the ACE guide for a few years. I haven't looked lately, but I don't remember seeing UPT on there. Theres a few B courses, and SOS used to count but last I knew it didn't anymore.
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