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  2. Brother, I get it. I'm not rooting for Russia and Putin. They're absolutely shitty. But I never was in danger of living under a Russian totalitarian state. What I am concerned about is truth, deception, righteousness, and minimizing the loss of life. I love my country and I truly appreciate the service of everyone who wants to defend it. But what enemies are we sworn to defend it against? It is uncomfortable to consider that my side, the good guys, could possibly be involved in making poor decisions that result in a worse end state. But I also can't turn a blind eye to the fact our current leadership has fucked up nearly every issue it's faced with. This current leadership engages in relentless propaganda and deceit surrounding the pandemic, the economy, our justice system, democracy, AFGHANISTAN?. I don't want to believe that we or our allies would risk escalating conflict and plunging millions of european citizens into insecurity and a dramatically reduced standard of living for an unpopular agenda, but the trends indicate otherwise. I simply don't know... but the probability certainly isn't zero.
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  4. Ha, you’d be suspect of most senior leaders at AMC. Can hardly make GO unless you do a touch and go on every fat girl aircraft.
  5. Maybe eco-terrorists got their hands on a SSGN?
  6. Fantastic video from Grass Valley Tanker Base this season, features two (maybe 3) AF vets..
  7. https://www.verywellmind.com/denial-as-a-defense-mechanism-5114461 😆
  8. Man, the pax MMA arena is rough. I like “boxes” no doubt. Definitely a funny cascade of events. Sadly, I wouldn’t be surprised by any means.
  9. If I would "try" to find justification for the General, I would look into AFI 1-1 ( AFI that is ignored by everyone all the time) https://static.e-publishing.af.mil/production/1/af_cc/publication/afi1-1/afi1-1.pdf But morally, it's a douche move.
  10. Just like I'm immediately suspect of a guy whose been in 2+ Guard squadron, I'd be suspect of someone with that many airframes in their career. Maybe he was transitioned...
  11. On the day prior to the Nordstream2 attack and opening of the Baltic Pipe line, a large protest was formed by German citizens to pressure the German government to reopen Nordstream 2. There were several reports that members of the German government were considering caving to citizen demands to lower energy costs and strike a deal with Russia and reopen it. That would have been undesireable. https://news.yahoo.com/germans-call-nord-stream-2-050655816.html?fr=sychp_catchall Video: https://twitter.com/dohelu/status/1575118767176155139?s=20&t=EVGK_oNrRPwInUud01r_Eg
  12. Also, on that same day the Polish and Danes celebrated the opening of the new pipline, Poland's representative to the European Parliament tweeted "Thank You, USA" with a picture of the ruptured Russian pipeline. But Russia did it to themselves. LOL https://twitter.com/radeksikorski/status/1574800653724966915?s=20&t=EVGK_oNrRPwInUud01r_Eg
  13. Timing is everything. Does it get any clearer? Polish and Danish Prime Ministers held a public ceremony to open the Baltic Pipe line on the same day Nordstream 2 was destroyed. From the article: "Leaders from Poland, Norway and Denmark have attended a ceremony to mark the opening of the new Baltic Pipe, a key stage in the drive to wean Poland and Europe off Russian gas. The pipeline will transport natural gas from the Norwegian shelf via Denmark and through the Baltic Sea to Poland. It is the centrepiece of a Polish strategy to diversify away from Russia that began years before Moscow’s February invasion of Ukraine triggered a global energy crisis. The flows from Norway along with supplies via liquefied gas terminals are central to Poland's plan. The country was cut off from Russian gas supplies in April, allegedly for refusing to pay in roubles. "The era of Russian domination in the field of gas is coming to an end, the era that was marked by blackmail, threats and extortion," Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said at the inauguration at Budno in western Poland. Norwegian Energy Minister Terje Aasland said it was "an important step on the important road to Europe's independence from Russian energy". "We must do everything we can to eliminate energy as an instrument of Russian power," added Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen. "Together we will defeat Putin." https://www.euronews.com/2022/09/27/baltic-pipe-norway-poland-gas-pipeline-opens-in-key-move-to-cut-dependency-on-russia
  14. I'd argue you can tell he's a dumbass just by his decision to transition to the B-2 from the A-10. Are you kidding me, from having a blast flying low and shooting shit to flying at altitude with 30 degree bank angles.
  15. And all the hotels were booked on arrival...Wait, are we talking about every single narrowbody sequence of July 2022?
  16. Last check was $117.00, we bought groceries.
  17. And that reroute was a DH in the middle seat of the last row in a 73, only to canx the flight they DH’d to.
  18. Yesterday
  19. According to google, the 8th AF/CC is a two star at Barksdale. Maybe?
  20. What's really funny is that when the current administration pushes hard for green energy and limits exploration it means people with currently producing wells get more. Generally speaking.
  21. Questions yes, pre-entry drug tests, no.
  22. I am a Captain that's been in the flying world for a minute and fighting for a crossflow, and I can give you the scoop. A very typical post-UPT career will be 2 ops assignments, with an FTU assignment. For instance a typical AMC career will probably look like UPT -> Ops -> UPT/FTU instructor -> Ops/Staff -> Delta/United/FedEx So outside of going and instructing UPT, opportunities do exist, but they're rare and you usually have to fight for them. Set yourself up for success by being a good dude in your community, a good pilot with a solid record, and try to upgrade as quick as you can. Let your commander know your intentions, and hopefully you're in a community that has healthy manning so the functional doesn't deny your ass every time you try and get a release, which is my struggle. I'm in AMC, so I can mostly speak to that side of the house. The Phoenix Reach program has been going on for awhile now, and it's fairly competitive. You usually go from airlift/tanker and vice versa. There's mechanical crossflow opportunities right now that we're seeing to beef up the KC-46 manning, usually from overmanned or soon-to-be-divested aircraft. I can't speak to the fighter community, but I think they're doing the same for the legacy aircraft and flowing dudes/dudettes into the F-35. To speak to the mechanical crossflow, we're getting a bunch of KC-10 and AWACs dudes coming through our FTU since those airframes are drawing down and preparing for retirement, and those guys aren't going through a special board or anything. I have heard of dudes/dudettes going to AFSOC from AMC, I just don't know what the process is for that. Also a few years and some change ago, there was a board that took a handful of MAF guys that flew T-38s and put them through IFF. I think that was a one time thing. Going from heavy to fighter, at least on active duty, seems pretty impossible. If you have IP time, you can get some special white jets outside of UPT such as the C-37, and C-40. They have good locations like Hawaii, Germany, and Scott. You also have the rarer boarded opportunities such as the B-2, U-2, or 89th Airlift (Air Force One and friends). I personally do not know anyone who has been selected for any of those out of AMC. I'm sure they exist I just don't know them. Finally, there are some opportunities where they call you. I know some guys that have gotten the call to the special program, but none that have been selected or decided to drop.
  23. The liberals simply don't care. The country is being run by a demented shell of a man, I pray he doesn't hit the nuke button reaching for his Life Alert. As long as they got rid of the Orange Man. Truly criminal that his wife and staff are allowing this to continue.
  24. I bet the majority of dudes stay in the same airframe, except for maybe a stint at UPT. That should be the expectation. Switching of course happens, but don’t expect it/plan on it.
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