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  2. If implemented, will the students start out in the TH-1H or another training aircraft?
  3. The point was both people on life support and embryos in the womb require life support. One is accepted by all as a person even though they are supported in life not of their own body. The other isn’t universally accepted as a person. I’m not comparing an embryo to all human life. The embryo is capable of thought, sensory experience and the other multitude of other functions an attributes. But maybe just not for 9 months. The person on life support might have that very same experience or it might even take longer. That’s my point. Both potentially have the same attributes, abilities, function
  4. True. Bad example. Argument still holds for someone on life support, in a coma, non responsive, etc.
  5. We don’t do HELOCs or home equity loans. We do cash out refi’s. Lots of different rules on those depending on type of loan and residency. VA’s are best but only can do on a current primary residence. Can go up to 90% loan to value but the VA funding fee is steep at 3.6%. Best combo is VA disability to exempt people from the funding fee and a VA cash out. Conventional primary’s are capped at 80% and 2nd home/investment at 75%. Interest rates are also higher on conventionals then higher on conventional 2nds and investments. VAs are always the lowest rates. It can be hard to ge
  6. People without brain activity don’t recover.
  7. Until they hack the grid. All of our infrastructure is shockingly vulnerable.
  8. I guess an electric car would be handy in the eastern states right about now.
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  10. No. Not even close. How do you figure a fully developed human being sustained by life support is the same as a fifty celled organism that is incapable of thought, sensory experience, or any multitude of functions or attributes that most of us would consider defining for human beings?
  11. Both subjective stories. While I feel for them, and wish them well, I’m speaking of objectively. Just pure definitions of the words murder and kill. It has nothing to do with religion but if you want to go there, religion makes a distinction between murder and killing. And I don’t know which religion the man you spoke of belonged to. Christianity does not teach that.
  12. Not sure what you are talking about with a decision between two people. I was simply asking if a person required life support for oh say 9 months and had no brain waves, etc but recovered was that person no longer a person for some, all, or none of that 9 months.
  13. The sun shines, the tweets are positive, and the press must now clear quoting Biden Administration officials before actually quoting them. And they seem to be ok with that. Further, there are no more "kids in cages." Instead, this band of professionals have brought us "free range kids" who are found randomly scattered on arid border lands.
  14. Jon, I know this is a VA loan discussion but I'm considering using the equity in my Beaufort 2nd home that you helped refinance 2 years ago to open up my VA loan to purchase my home in CA, to purchase another property in California as an investment opportunity. Do you guys deal in HELOC, home equity, or cash-out refinance loans? The property is roughly worth about $410,000 and I owe about $131,000 and am looking to get about $250,000 for the new purchase. Is this something that is even possible?
  15. Don't just post good shit like that and not include a link! https://www.ksat.com/news/local/2021/02/25/san-antonio-based-pilot-selected-to-join-air-force-thunderbirds/ Congrats, Wang Chung!
  16. AMF will prob be T-1 sim and ITD (VR Sim)
  17. They are GS-2181-13s, so civil service yea.
  18. SG waiver approved. Took 2 months exactly like @Terminator5 Timeline Update: selected: Aug 2020 @ Guard fighter unit MEPS: Feb 2021 MEPS 2.0 (liked it so much I went twice): Mar 2021 SG Waiver Approval: May 2021 Cond. Enlistment: Soon, date still TBD FC1: was told 1-2 months from today but date still TBD TFOT: ? UPT: ?
  19. A Pal of mine from HS 's old man was a bombardier in the 8th AF...He never got over it...for that matter my old man drank himself out of Guadalcanal...figured he would never get to Heaven..There's that pesky religion for ya...Another guy I know well came a mm of trigger away from shooting the wrong guy...still gets a wake up call time to time...
  20. You assume there are enough resources for both patients, when that may not be the case, and a choice has to be made as to who gets treated and who does not. Some hospitals may keep them on as long as they are getting paid, or until that equipment is needed for someone with a better chance of living unassisted. This is the whole point of triage, and how money (in how our healthcare system is funded) can buy you options. Maybe there's another hospital that can take a transfer, but if not, how do you choose who gets the necessary equipment? First come, first serve? The one who can pay for th
  21. Murder and killing are different words for a reason. When you murder someone you are killing them but just because you kill someone doesn’t make it murder.
  22. And what if in all the cases above the person has a chance or does recover but needs that aide to live?
  23. Which matches the definition of an embryo as well I believe. Thanks for your response.
  24. TX ANG dude just got picked up for the Thunderbirds.
  25. Me too. Another thing funny to me is he many people I’ve worked with who are staunchly anti-abortion but don’t even shrug when they drop a bomb or strafe “bad guys” Because the bad guy doesn’t subjectively share their religious views...never mind his wife and 3 kids were just orphaned and he was just in the wrong place/wrong time. Sent from my iPhone using Baseops Network mobile app
  26. Is it murder to pull the plug on someone who is solely surviving based on life support equipment? Does that answer change if there are different levels of brain activity? Does it matter who pulls the plug? Or their reason for doing so? What if the life support equipment keeping a brain dead patient alive is needed to keep a patient who is responsive alive? Remember, hospital resources are finite. (Though if you're rich enough, you can buy your own equipment and staff). And yes this question is relevant, because a trade is being made between patients, and sometimes at the extreme of one o
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