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  1. I think he was responding to this And this is the best summation of the debate. When you know you're arguing for something uncomfortable, it's easier to just pretend it's not a real consideration. Pro-gun folks (which I am) do this with mass murder all the time. "But knives kill people too!!" Yeah, dingus, but not as easily. The Vegas Shooter, Quest nightclub, Ft Hood, Columbine, Sandy Hook, etc etc... None of those would have had nearly the same fatality rate with a knife. Guns should still be legal. Freedom is paid for in blood, and it's always less that the blood price of ty
  2. Overwhelmingly the people I've met who have adopted have been pro-life. Most have been deeply religious.
  3. Well it's not. Narrow body example. I fly highly inefficient trips. 2-4 hours of flying for 10:30 pay, two days. So to get a full month, I do 8 of those for 84 hours. 16 days of work, 16-32 flight hours, 8 nights away from home. A highly efficient trip might pay 13:00 for a 2-day or 19:00 for a three day. So two of the first and three of the second equals 83 hours. 13 days of work, 78-83 flight hours, 8 nights away from home. A third efficiency option are 8:00 turns (single day, two legs). Fly 11 of those, 88 flight hours for 88 hours of pay, home every
  4. So you have a counter survey of biologists or scientists to cite?
  5. Can't do that without a lot of information about you. As an example, most consider AA to have the worst contract. And even if we had profit sharing like Delta, our profits were far below theirs. But. I'm the type who enjoys loopholes and technicalities, so our contract (and the associated chaotic operations) are fabulous for me. I don't want the maximum income, I want the maximum pay/hours-worked. Depending on if you count deadheads (when you ride with the passengers) as working, in the last twelve months I've made 2.7 hours for every hour I flew
  6. Obviously the definition of life is not the appropriate framing for the conversation, especially within the context of a single celled organism on mars. I'm sure you would also concede that a spider, a mosquito, a cow, and aging family pet, or a mouse would be considered "life." We do not debate these intentional life-endings with nearly the same furor. Ironically, if you were to correlate political ideologies, the people who are against the murder of non-human-animal "life' are equally for the protection of abortion. But that's because the environmental movement is more anti-human
  7. Take the pay cut. Live like many Americans have to for their whole lives, and in a couple years you're golden. It's worth it. You are choosing between doing something that makes you miserable and living a median lifestyle. You may be surprised how easy it is to be very happy making very little. And in a few years, you'll be making a ton.
  8. You literally wrote "religion" In your second sentence. Can an infant be an individual if it is wholly reliant on another person for existence?
  9. They all agree huh? I'm anti-abortion, but to act as though it's a settled topic is pretty obtuse. Using your words, define "person."
  10. Oppression olympics. Both sides seems equally susceptible. Even the term mainstream media is rapidly losing its relevance. I suppose we could use the term "legacy media," which would represent the longest running news sources, which have always been and are still overwhelmingly liberal. The difference is that sometime in the 90s those sources decided it was no longer their responsibility to hide their bias. Fast forward 30 years, and the result is that a number of equally ideological conservative news sites have formed, many of which are dominating the legacy Media at their own gam
  11. There is no intellectual basis for the policies of the progressive left anymore. Even the marxist part of the party is at odds with the critical race theory nonsense. "Reason" implies that there are such things as right answers. Debate is a form of multi-party reasoning, so if you're entire ideology is based on falsehoods, debate is a threat. The only logical thing the left does these days is stifle debate. Reminds me of the conservatives when they were nonstop railing against gay marriage. A bunch of small-government warriors demanding the federal government protect th
  12. No, it was the government jumping in front of the parade. If you think the very famous incident you are citing was at the beginning, rather than the end of the process that led to the civil rights of black people being recognized and enforced in America, you are mistaken. Where does government get it's power from? How well does it work when the government does something that the majority opposes? Were all the civil rights advocates voted out of office during the next election cycle? The government could have stepped in 50 years earlier, why didn't it?
  13. Exactly. And when the federal government steps it it's usually well after the tide has shifted. Gay rights, civil rights, the legalization of weed, women voting, prohibition, unprohibition... All driven by the lower levels of society with national politicians jumping in front of the parade at the finish line to pretend like they were leading it the whole time.
  14. Shack. It's absolutely insane that Amazon can hold a nationwide contest for which city can provide it the most tax breaks while any one of us would be laughed out of the room for asking for similar treatment of we started a small business. As long as conservatives keep reflexively defending the globalization of American jobs and the asymmetrical treatment of immensely powerful corporations, millennials and Gen Zers will continue flocking to the bankrupt and dangerous philosophies of Marx/Bernie/progressives.
  15. Net neutrality had zero to do with the threats we are dealing with from tech companies. But then most NN supporters didn't know any more about it than a few reddit memes.
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