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  1. I said it before, men really are better at everything, including being a woman.
  2. We'd have a lot fewer commander removals if we had the French disposition towards cheating
  3. If you need the lounge access, its pretty hard to beat amex. The new chase lounges are supposed to be very competitive, but there are fewer of them. I just couldn't justify $700 when I don't have weekly opportunities to use the lounge. We recently just switched over to the 2% Wells Fargo credit card. All of the hotel and airlines are going through another devaluation process for their points and miles, so we're just going to take the cash back for now. And Costco. 3% back on restaurants and travel, and 4% back on gas is pretty excellent. Everything else will go on the Wells Fargo card
  4. Not very familiar with antifa are you? Extremes are extreme on both sides. Try not to be so partisan and for once *think* about the other side. Why would so many people be "wish casting" a civil war? If you really think tens or millions of people are so vastly inferior to you and your side, you are a narcissist and a fool.
  5. Missing the point. When lots of people want to do it but only a few can, you start operating on the tails of normal distribution curves, which will result in huge disparities despite small statistical differences. I know the idea of a popular job is foreign to a nav, but use your imagination. 😝
  6. That's because statistics work oddly at the extremes. The aggression gap between men and women is only tilted 60/40, yet violent criminals are overwhelming men. Same with the Olympics. All men aren't stronger/faster/better than all women, yet 100% of physical sports would be won by men at the Olympic level of not for the gender split. Think of pilot like the Olympics of jobs.
  7. False. Research in the Nordic countries has shown that as a society gets more gender equal, the disparity in job selection increases. Women and men are different biologically, with different interests. People vs Things, for example. High risk, plus being away from home, plus things-vs-people, and it's not surprising women don't seek the job like men do. Now there's no biological reason for black underrepresentation, but until our society is ready to tackle the cultural and socioeconomic problems of the poor, which is disproportionally black in the US, we aren't getting anywhere. Just look at San Francisco which is moving closer to dooming black people forever, if this insane reparations scheme comes to pass. Progressives never want to address the root cause. They want the immediate fix, and it doesn't exist.
  8. It's not nonexistent, because that word has a meaning. The Atlas example makes it existent. You can argue it's small, but you didn't. And considering how few crashes there are now, a single 767 is a very statistically relevant change. You don't like that because you believe the opposite, that diversity helps, but you have zero examples of it helping and the Atlas crash is a major example of it hurting. The increase in safety is obviously attributable to technological advances and human factors training. It borders on absurd to think that a procedural job like flying a plane is benefiting from whatever unique background a pilot would have from being a racial minority.
  9. This is bullshit. You asked for some evidence, got it, now you're moving the goalposts.
  10. My fear is that the Roth promise will not be honored. Millionaires will not find much sympathy when we finally have to address the national debt.
  11. Really? You're an educated adult and you have a hard time believing that verbal de-escalation is a real thing? I got it, the left sucks and has completely mischaracterized the entire event. Totally agree. But being intentionally stupid just doesn't seem like a logical solution to this problem. It's quite clear that a lot of people in this thread have never been afraid for their physical safety.
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