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  1. Back to regularly scheduled sport bitching... Does Trump Multiple Indictments change the race? Guessing it will harden his base and given he admitted to not declassifying some things, he is in legal peril. A charge under the Espionage Act seems like a stretch and how do you make that argument when DOJ gave Hillary a pass when she purposely took TS/SCI SAR/SAP off a classified server and transferred them to an open system. I wonder if the DOJ will given Biden the same Espionage Act charge for taking large amounts of classified and storing them in multiple locations including his SCIF-Garage. Maybe we get lucky and neither one of these clowns can run.
  2. I never said Nashville is a shithole, I almost moved there and I happen to love the town. What I said was your previous statement that Nashville is better than it has ever been is incorrect...For the past few years (mysteriously aligned with the defund the police movement), violent crimes and murder are increasing in Nashville and most other large U.S. cities.
  3. Nashville.gov Nashville, TN Is Among the Most Dangerous US Metro Areas https://www.wkrn.com/news/local-news/nashville/violent-crime-rates-nashville-2022-report/ It is not apples to oranges. You have repeatedly stated all the big cities are run by democrats, that data (adjusted for population), clearly shows the rate of crime, especially violent crime is far higher when you live in an area controlled by democrats. Interestingly the 2022 election results by county directly correlates to that data set. Ummm the graphs I posted are indeed population adjusted, Perhaps you didn't actually read them? 🤷‍♂️ You used data adjusted to 100K, the graphs I posted are more granular (FBI data sets), and are down to 1K. Bottomline - you assert Nashville has never been better, that simply is not true, especially the past four years. Your data set stops in 2021, the data I highlighted continues in to 2023. From your data and mine, yes some crime is down, but violent crime (the crap that matters to me), is way up, particularly over the past four years. Violent crime and murder are up 29%, I would invite you to focus on the bottom lines of the link YOU posted...notice the red? Walk the data out to current day. Violent crime, especially since the last election when the dems went soft on crime, is unsurprisingly way up. A very telling quote from the story WKRN did "This year was the third year there had been over 100 homicides reported in Davidson County by Dec. 24. It was an 82.8% increase compared to just 10 years ago when there were only 58 homicides reported." We both know Nashville is fast growing city, but the growth rate over the last ten years is 20.9% while the murder rate is up 82.8%. Doesn't sound better than ever to me... The FBI stats as of January stop at 2021 (no idea why it takes them so long), but as of 2020 Nashville was #41 in FBI ranking of most dangerous cities in the United States. Given violent crime is accelerating thanks to the radical Dem policy of "Defund the Police", it will be interesting to see how Nashville relates to other cities.
  4. As you know I have spent a LOT of time in Nashville and what you are saying is simply not true unless you are ignoring crime. Aside from lunatics detonating bomb laden RVs in the center of town you also have some other statistics that are counter to your assertion. In particular, violent crime is up year over year and increasing with homicide setting new records. Over the last decade homicide in Nashville is up a staggering 78%...hardly the utopian liberal hemp fest you are suggesting. Oh and according to current reports, after a 27% increase in 2019 and 2020, the 2023 homicide rate is up another 8.7% as compared to the same time in 2022...congrats! Adjusted for population and as compared to the rest of Tennessee and the nation, some sad numbers emerge. The violent crime rate in Nashville is almost double the rate of the rest of Tennessee and nearly triple the national average. The property crime and other crimes categories follow the same trend.
  5. As you know there is a HUGE difference between acceptance/equal treatment of LGTBQ and the progressive movement that is being forced down our throats, I would hope @nsplayr would agree. Compare and contrast how the issue is being handled by the progressive media in Florida and California. Last year Florida passed a law that the progressive movement absolutely hated because it thwarts their agenda...they hate it so much they changed the name and have repeatedly called it the "don't say gay law" even the the word "gay" is no where in the verbiage. That law simply states schools will not have “instruction” or “discussion” of sexual orientation and gender identity from kindergarten through third grade. If you see something wrong with that...god help you. The progressives are of course upset and screen it impacts their free speech as if their right to proselytize gender change to kids 5-8 years old is more important than parental rights. In California schools have allowed institutions like Planned Parenthood and organizations that promote gender change to promote this ideology without the knowledge or permission of parents. In these sessions they tell 5-8 year olds they can get puberty blockers without their parents finding out. Truly sick humans. I supposed these same groups would enable a six year old who wants to be a pirate and schedule his eye removal and peg leg surgery. This ideology is celebrated in California schools and parents who push back find themselves under surveillance by the FBI as possible domestic terrorists. It is very interesting that over 80% of kids who seek gender conversion end up changing their mind...80%. I will support your right to be what you want and love who you want all day, but stop promoting this to pre-adolencents and stop cutting parents out of the process.
  6. I'll disagree with you here as a justification for these events. LGTBQ/Pride month will not change the heart of a biased person. And, more often than not in the military it turns into a forced event that ends up with a negative connotation. Perhaps I have scar tissue but reflecting back on 26 years of these types of forced events I can't think of a single one that made me walk away with an "ah ha" moment. 18X...hardly, you are mixing and matching numerous studies and when you peel them back they are full of bias and flawed logic...It is a sad fact that the vast majority of pedophiles are heterosexual white men...many have kids of their own. When you actually read these studies they provide no scientific evidence of anything you are claiming. Most of them use opinion and conjecture, usually published on religious sites or religious advocacy group sites with a preface saving homosexuality is a deviant behavior. As a Christian I am always shocked the religious groups which as a foundation teach love and tolerance are so concerned and butthurt about what other people do in the privacy of their own home. This right here. Flashing back to high school there was a guy that was obviously gay but the environment of the period I grew up in was far less accepting than today. Looking back on it now he was extremely bitter and no one really wanted to hang out with him, not because we knew he was gay but because he was always so angry. I was in AP English and was placed in a small group of four students with him to work several projects. In that small group he let his guard down and was a completely different person. By that time (10th grade), he had read and re-read all the classics, with ease he could pull the threads of those books to the ancient philosophers and the bible. He had an incredible mind, truly the guy was brilliant but he hid it under this facade of anger that must have been his defense mechanism. I didn't interact with him much after that class, we rode the same bus and on several occasions I tried to be social and say hello but he was back in his shell and mostly ignored me. At my 20 year reunion I learned he committed suicide (RIP Gary), and I couldn't help but think how difficult high school was for him and just how cruel other kids can be. As a heterosexual I am attracted to women, I can't comprehend being attracted to another man...but that doesn't make homosexuality wrong. I have worked and flown with numerous gay people...guess what...so have ALL you...and they were all most likely great Americans serving their country. Over the course of my career I also saw four egregious cases of pedophilia...and ALL were straight white men who were chasing young girls...one of them his own daughter. Like the forced celebration events, nothing we say here is going to change Bfargin's heart...so be it, we are free country and you are entitled to your opinion, but all that hate is going to eat you up and life is way to short to hate someone else just because of who they love.
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