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  1. About two minutes into the video...this is the dude leading the free world.
  2. Nah it still looks fresh, at least that's what your mom says.
  3. All you SNAPs complaining about beards...The instant I got that green ID card I let my soul patch thrive. Neck tattoos scheduled for next week.
  4. Attack dog....wonder if Trump will soften a bit and let JD go after them. JD will RIP the cackling hoe in a debate.
  5. Amen brother...it is foolish to think Putin stops with Ukraine. Look at what he has been doing with Georgia.
  6. The sniper on the left is supposed to be the spotter, it really looks like he flinched...almost as if a shot was taken at him.
  7. Wounded Russian soldiers – some on crutches – used in ‘meat wave’ attacks
  8. MSNBC was pulled form the air today for fear they would say something that would impact the entire network, a person familiar with the decision said it was made in part over fear that one of the show's many guests over a four-hour broadcast "might make an inappropriate comment on live television that could be used to assail the program and network as a whole."
  9. Everyone else is trying to turn down the heat but this TwatWaffle who thinks Trump is a threat to Democracy is still out there pitching his tripe.
  10. I am not pitching a conspiracy theory but holy crap there were some serious failures here. 1. How do you have an unguarded rooftop 130 yards from the stage? 2. With all the technology we have I am SHOCKED they didn't have a UAS (or ten), up over the venue. 3. From the Video interview with the BBC above, it looks like the local police on the ground were alerted to the shooter's presence but they were unable to alert the folks closer to Trump. 4. The actions on stage. Trump dove to the ground, I've since heard the banners and such are armored to provide an immediate safe spot. Several agents heroically cover him but it took forever to get him off that stage once they stood up. I am assuming part of it was Trump stopping to raise his fist, but that team should not have given him the option. Watch the group going down the stairs, one agent is even holding his hand over Trumps head to shield him from other shots...incredible heroes, but this never shout have happened.
  11. A couple of millimeters from death.
  12. I just called him (616) 956-7600 "So what, I have an opinion!" By the way, he owns the company, be sure to leave a Google review.
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