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  1. Bring back the no-notice as an actual test of readiness. Don't fire people or end careers for honest mistakes. Use the the results to provide resources to fix gaps.
  2. I had COVID a while back and was laid up for a few days doing nothing but watching TV. Knowing that we have threads on what music to listen to after a few drinks and flying videos I thought I would share another way to pass the time that should be educational for all you SNAPs out there. Us old dudes didn't have the internet so we got our military SCI FI fix from a multitude of TV shows, thanks to YouTube many of them are available free for your viewing pleasure. A few of my favorites follow: UFO - You gotta watch this one, the story lines will crack you up, a moon base, submarine-launched rocket-powered fighter jets, and the girls all wear skin tight outfits. Voyage to the bottom of the Sea - Another sub-launched flying vehicle, this time a flying saucer. Space 1999 - Everyone wants a moon base! Batman the TV series - Pow - Boom - KaBlam! available free on Amazon Prime. I know there are others...what a blast to my childhood!
  3. Latest RUMIT on Cat-5 is this all started after a shouting match with SOCOM/CC who told him to resign or be fired...Next AFSOC/CC should be a calming influence.
  4. Consequences = Free health care, free phones, free housing, free pre-paid debt cards, the ability to beat police in NYC and be released with no bail. I recently came back from a business trip overseas, I have been Global Entry for many years and I still got hassled on my return. For my next trip I am going to fly to Mexico and walk across the border, I will get home faster and get some free Shiz when I swim across the river.
  5. Ukraine reportedly tagged another Russian A50 AEW aircraft. https://www.itemfix.com/v?t=en5f0
  6. Indeed, P-Diddy is squared away...for a non-pilot.
  7. It will NOT be Dag, it WILL be a surprise and a good one. Almost anything is better than the giant tub of goo.
  8. Crap pilot, went to ENJPT - came out with a KC-135 (nothing against my tanker bros). Mentioning his name in the U-28 community will cause a mass outbreak of PTSD. He was deemed by leadership, "too years many BPZ to fail" - like Cat-5. While DO his squadron had extreme morale and execution issues, they crashed an plane at Hurlburt. He was home, his SQ/CC was deployed...they fired the SQ/CC, eventually gave him command of the RTU and promoted him AGAIN BPZ.
  9. I know for a fact he is blackballed from "some" Industry...numerous folks have stepped in to make that happen. Sadly he will consult or one of the big that doesn't care will hire him.
  10. Ironic that it took and an Army GO to end this clown. Hearing USAFA is NOT a done deal. Also heard next AFSOC/CC will be a bit of a surprise...someone jumping the line.
  11. Iran at it again. Iran declares Antarctica its property in direct challenge to Biden, global treaty
  12. "We" are not the only ones running risk calculus. ‘Who said we don’t attack Iran’, Israel will not allow Iran to become a nuclear state" - Netanyahu Jan 19, 2024.
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