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  1. Small point of order, there have been ZERO reported deaths from MonkeyPox. Not that I want anyone in my family to deal with the symptoms and scars but a small bit of perspective. I've been turned away from donating blood several times, not sure if it was the Anthrax booster, the burn pits or the European raves... Yeah except for that whole giving when they purposely gave 5,000 U.S. soldiers over 250 different chemicals including PCP, LSD, mescaline and BZ with the expressed purpose of testing for delirium. Oh and that time they lied about the Gulf of Tonkin. Wait there were WMD in Iraq. And eavesdropping on Americans through bulk collection. You are correct, simple shenanigans. Give me a call when you get closer young Jedi Nope, not one bit.
  2. All too many threads have become politically charged (guilty myself), so let's have at least one thread to lighten things up.
  3. Any of our flight docs care to provide an update of where the process stands today 2022? 14 year old son diagnosed age 8 with mild ADD, no hyperactivity, just focus. Prescribed 10MG Adderall XR. No side effects, has been straight A's, 4.24 GPA, all Honors/AP classes, National Honor society etc ever since. He wants to got to college then UPT (god help me), so trying to get a better understanding of what the current regs require for time off meds, waiver requirement and such. Thanks
  4. DHS pauses disinformation board amid free speech questions
  5. Congrats! Not the way I would phrase it, instead try. I will be working hard to be the best pilot possible, let the rest take care of itself. Tell your "MAF guy" to go back to chewing his cud. Command is years away, if it took you this long to get to UPT go for want to fly, your passion, not the possibility of command some day. Things have a way of working out, there is no set formula. Absolute non-sense to say you can't be a CAF SQ/CC unless you are a patch. Your odds for WIC may be reduced by your timeline, but anything is possible. I've been to WIC, I was an instructor at WIC, I was a commander at WIC...I've sat on the selection boards for WIC. There are ALWAYS exceptions. The overarching desire is to pick WUGs as Captains so they have time for payback and to grow, but I personally selected two majors because they were the right dudes. You are so far ahead of yourself you are about to fall over. You are already planning retirement and you haven't finished UPT. Honestly, some of your suppositions sound like careerism and entitlement "Even if that means retiring as a light colonel." I know some great American aviator who purposely retired as Lt Col's...and I would fly into combat with all of them. Rank is great but there other things like your reputation, career fulfillment and looking yourself in the mirror. Maybe I am wrong about your intentions but I would take a quieter approach in a squadron spend a lot more time listening. Life is short, if you want to chase fighters, go for it with all you have. If you want to go to WIC, work as hard as you can and let your squadron patch know. If you want to be a commander, work HARD, be the best you can and don't tell people, show them through your performance and effort.
  6. Amen, Lets get back to how the Russians suck. In this case deliberately hurting themselves to get off the battlefield.
  7. Long-standing precedent that non-citizens still benefit from certain Constitutional protections, freedom of the press being one of them.
  8. Agreed MAGA....or does that make me Ultra MAGA?
  9. Turkey plays for Turkey as we saw with the F-35 S400 debacle. That being said Turkey has some valid concerns if you look at it from their point of view. His first point that it might increase risk is somewhat invalid given that NATO has already offered a security pledge stating they will protect F Inland and Sweden should Russia attack them. However his second point about support of terrorists has some validity if you look at it through he Turkish lens. Whatever you belief about the Kurds, Turkey has been fighting them for a long time and has classified them as terrorists. Sweden and other Scandinavian countries have expressed overt support for the Kurds and welcomed them into their country. In the end I think Erdogan will relent and vote in favor, but he will likely try to extract a quid pro quo in exchange.
  10. I don't think you are soapboxing, I think Danger41 summed it butter than I could. Steve as a journalist operating under the freedom of the Constitution and the 1st amendment, told the story, bravo. I am assuming you are not saying Steve can't report what he finds as a journalist. I agree that folks with classified knowledge have no business discussing things with the press or anyone not read in period dot. When I say Doc's story deserved to be told, perhaps I should caveat, I mean to his family. There is probably some middle ground but DoD never seems to find it. The family deserved some details and instead of "your loved one died in a crash, sorry", I would have handled it like this - "Unfortunately Doc passed away in the crash of a classified aircraft. It happened when he attempted to land but there was an issue with said classified aircraft and Doc was forced to initiate a very dangerous go around that ultimately saved the life of his backseater. Doc attempted to eject but his seat failed and he perished."
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