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  1. Almost exactly what the above article mentions...
  2. Just means the red states are turning purple in my holiday inn express education.
  3. It was touch and go for a bit. I annotated my medical records appropriately.
  4. Valid. Most legit pads are weight rated so I can see how a hospital with a grass pad says "sure come on in" to the osprey after being accustomed to a average 3-5k pound standard helo. I've been under an osprey while getting hoisted up and its insane.
  5. Any hospital in the world that didn't plan on having a CV land on it 🙂
  6. NYC even went as far to remove any form of contact/interaction with the chest when attempting to subdue. Sam Harris podcast goes into detail how they removed the last few barriers between subduing someone and using taser/lethal force. NYC is fucked.
  7. Sam Harris had a great podcast with Rener Gracie who brought up some great ways forward in regards to police training
  8. Zero Zero Zero is outstanding on Prime
  9. OSW/OIF/OEF/OND/OOD/OIR/OFP. Gonna need a big hat 🙂
  10. Much much lower as in 2 in most mx squadrons and probably a couple more in the msn support side.
  11. Please enlighten me on the point of of someone attributing a quote to someone who didn't say it. I thought it was pretty simple.
  12. No idea but a 2 second google search before you attribute quotes to folks is pretty simple. Not pro harris in any way.
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