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  1. The progressive city mayor who is trying to ensure the 'legit' businesses that fund him make the sales and not the other guys.
  2. https://www.thecity.nyc/2024/06/03/video-nypd-cannabis-raid-adams-hochul/ The regulatory inspection process was outlined in the 2021 state law legalizing cannabis use. A section of that law enshrines the right of individuals to refuse a regulatory inspection, though subjects them to a civil fine if they do so. Once a regulatory inspection is refused, then the Office of Cannabis Management (OCM) or its board must request a court order, the law says. Last May, Governor Kathy Hochul expanded the state’s enforcement powers from the 2021 law, empowering OCM and the Department of Taxation and Finance to enter unlicensed cannabis establishments, seize products and get a court order to padlock shops shut. But over the last year, the legislation did little to curb the number of illegal stores. The state agencies did not have the resources to inspect a significant number of unlicensed stores as they continued to proliferate around the city. And when products were seized from unlicensed cannabis shops, the stores often reopened the next day. In April, Hochul expanded the state’s enforcement powers again, this time authorizing local jurisdictions to conduct regulatory inspections, adding more manpower behind the state agencies. It also made it easier to padlock stores after one inspection, rather than seeking a court order. Empowered by the legislation, Adams last month formed a task force of NYPD officers, the Sheriff’s Office and the Department of Consumer and Worker Protection as part of his enforcement effort, called Operation Padlock to Protect. As of May 29, the task force has completed 329 inspections, padlocked 224 stores and issued 231 cease and desist orders, the mayor’s office said. The move comes as the number of unlicensed shops in New York City has exploded since legalization. Officials estimate there are 2,800 unlicensed shops in the city. By comparison, there are 58 legal shops within the five boroughs.
  3. Why are we shooting down Blackhawks still?
  4. uhhello

    Gun Talk

    So you agree the no knock 'search' warrant was improper but that the dead guys reaction to said actions were also improper? He should have assumed these were Feds coming to search his house? I'm not following.
  5. uhhello

    Gun Talk

    I'm definitely not debating his guilt on whether he was doing what the ATF said he was doing but.... They purposely waited until he was home to execute a search warrant. Not an arrest warrant. They no knocked and kicked in the guys door at 0600. They knew what was going to happen. You awaken to someone kicking in your front door at 0600, what is your response?
  6. uhhello

    Gun Talk

    https://www.kark.com/crime/bryan-malinowski-the-little-rock-airport-executive-shot-by-atf-agents-dies-from-injuries/ https://www.kark.com/crime/released-search-warrant-affidavit-shows-details-of-atf-case-against-little-rock-airport-executive-bryan-malinowski/
  7. I thought my sarcasm was evident. Apparently not 🙂
  8. Yeah, from my limited knowlege on the courts, those instructions can't seem legit.
  9. Russia/Ukraine war pushing the boundaries on modern warfare yet again. Tanks are apparently being targeted. https://www.cnn.com/2024/05/29/europe/ukraine-war-us-tanks-intl/index.html
  10. I can't believe they found him. Those boats don't stop on a dime.
  11. Interesting dynamics indeed. Russia would gain immensely with a cease fire at current lines. They can rebuild, re-fit, and retrain current forces. They would obviously be subject to guerilla style attacks but no conventional force on force battles. Ukraine would more than likely be able to do the same but to what levels. External funding would probably greatly decrease but would still be getting a bunch of help. I don't see Ukraine just laying down arms and calling it a day though. We wouldn't if it was our land that was taken.
  12. You're not arguing anything of substance though. You're just going back and forth on who said what in every post.....Checking the thread only to see a wall of text from both of you going over the same stuff gets a big annoying. Create your own thread so we don't have to read it 🙂 Or don't.
  13. You guys really need your own thread
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