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  1. If you're not running an adblock extension on your browser you are severely missing out.
  2. Icognito window on google chrome
  3. Can't go to Walgreens or CVS with your ID card? I did with TRS. You can here at least.
  4. Trick is to tell them you are final outing in a couple days despite what the checklist says. Shit starts flying off that list with ease.
  5. Retirement outprocessing is mind blowingly simple. I probably spent about 1/2 a day emailing/geting signatures and was done. Medical takes the most lead time.
  6. The chess board placement was key.
  7. No issues with signals canceling themselves out?
  8. Airstrikes on who? The people who are providing the first layer of security for the only foothold you have left to get thousands of people out of the country? I'm guessing that number you're looking for is going to be zero.
  9. You're mistaking incompetency for conspiracy
  10. Watching DOS brief right now. Reporter just asked if there was COVID testing at the airport before letting people in or on planes.....How fucking out of touch can you be with reality there on the ground.
  11. As more info comes out from those on the ground there, the entire situation was completely out of hand and if any of these folks running around had ill intentions, there wasn't anything to stop them. I would imagine the debrief when it comes out will be astounding. We could have easily lost many many airframes and people.
  12. No crew member has been Q3'd nor is there plans to Q3 them.
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