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  1. After two years of all this, I think many people are indeed at the point of being "skeptical of literally everything." Also, when it comes to Covid, yesterday's "conspiracy theory" has more than once become today's "accepted fact."
  2. It appears I spoke too soon. I'm on unpaid leave as of Monday, 10 Jan due to not taking the jab. If after three weeks (28 Jan) I still haven't taken the jab, I'll be considered "voluntarily resigned." Not sure how that last bit is legal. Need to do some research there. Also, the Federal Contractor Mandate is still being litigated. If it gets struck down in the courts, not sure how my situation changes. I had Covid a week ago. Wasn't too bad. The HR manager who delivered the news on the phone was sniffling, so I assume she may have Covid too (and I assume she is vaccinated given her position). I still don't know what all of this is about, but it sure as hell isn't public health.
  3. An anecdote: I have not taken the jab. My company (Big Fortune 100 behemoth) is subject to the Federal Contractor Mandate. They have been spamming my inbox for weeks, warning that I need to submit my proof of vaccination, or else I'll "be subject to discipline, up to and including termination." The deadline was Tuesday. It's now Thursday. I'm still here. I have had no word from HR or management one way or the other.
  4. Blue

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    Don't Look Up is the latest Adam McKay flick (Anchorman, The Big Short, Vice). Had a limited run in theaters, and now being pushed hard on Netflix. Clocked in at 2:18, which was way too long. Could have been trimmed to 90-100 minutes and been a better movie. It was OK, something entertaining to watch while in a post Xmas-feast coma, but that's about it. It's being billed as this kind of sharp, biting satire; poking fun at modern politics, social media, etc. But they take every point they're trying to make, and just beat you over the head with it. It gets tiresome quick.
  5. For some, their principles are more important than taking the King's schilling. To each his own.
  6. Heady questions of Liberty and Fascism aside, I'm simply amazed at the number of people who've been previously screwed by the federal government in one way or another, yet keep coming back for more. My social circle includes folks ranging in age from early-30s to mid-40s. Some are mentally or physically broken from time in Iraq and Afghanistan. Others have incredible amounts of student debt. Many have huge mortgages. Granted no one put a gun to these people's heads and forced them to join the military, or take out student loans, or to buy houses. But in each case, the federal government was at-the-wheel in one way or another, and the end result was the individual getting screwed. Whether it was prolonging our military misadventures in Iraq and Afghanistan, or federal backing of student loans and mortgages. Now, Uncle Sam comes along and mandates that everyone needs to get vaxxed (and boosted). And so many people line up to blindly comply. I'm just standing back, amazed and appalled watching it all unfold. Not saying that the federal government is some cartoon-level evil monolith, or that everyone should declare themselves a Sovereign Citizen and go join their local anti-government militia. However, you gotta ask: How many times are people going to take it in their shorts before they stop and say, "Wait a minute, maybe there is a possibility my elected leadership don't have my best interests at heart? Maybe I should look at their motivations with a level of skepticism and a critical eye?" The old shop-worn adage comes to mind: "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me."
  7. Heard varying reports that they had a bunch of bots as followers, and were posting wild speculation. The owner of the account is now pushing his substack account. I'm not much of a Twitter user, so I dunno what to think. Some of the latest (disturbing) coverage: The Daily Beast: ‘I Told Him I Was Only 15’: Epstein Victim Weeps As She Recounts Orgies With Other Girls CNN: Accuser testifies Ghislaine Maxwell told her she 'had a great body for Epstein and his friends.' She was 14. @arg, your meme up above is accurate. Had to go searching on CNN to find that link. The only thing currently on the CNN.com front page about the trial is some nebulous "opinion" piece, about half-way down. Of course, the top stories are mostly Trump and Covid. Edit to add: Apparently Twitter has reinstated the Maxwell Trial Tracker.
  8. According to that article, it was two dozen from basic training, and another 17 from tech school. Meanwhile, we're long past the initial Nov 1 deadline. It's hard not to think that there is an element of bluffing on the part of the DoD.
  9. For all of the noise made about the DoD mandates, has a single servicemember been let go yet?
  10. My understanding is that Federal courts don't allow cameras, while some State courts do. Hence, we got cameras in the Wisconsin court that Rittenhouse was tried in, but not the Federal court that Maxwell is being tried in.
  11. I mean, you gotta admire his commitment to playing Whatabout-ism Tennis all day long. I kind of assumed he was getting paid by the post or something.
  12. I wouldn't get hung up on the "consulting" title. In the civilian world, it often is just another term for an analyst or other basic minion. Reading the rest of her resume though, it seems clear she was identified as a "shiny penny" in the Democratic party early on, and pushed accordingly. She ran for Congress twice and lost each time (2018 and 2020). That's not cheap, and I have to assume she was getting financial support from the DNC. I assume the Undersecretary gig was her consolation prize.
  13. CNN and the like seem to make a lot of noise about a Trump connection to Epstein. However, Trump appears a grand total of only once in Epstein's flight logs, on a 1997 flight from Palm Beach to Newark in Epstein's Gulfstream. Compare that to Bill Clinton, who appeared in Epstien's flight logs 26 times between Feb 2002 and Nov 2003.
  14. Figured the Ghislaine Maxwell trial might merit it's own thread. Pulled the below from the Woke thread. Interesting article. While it sounds like Maureen Comey is very capable and has a distinguished career thus far, it's hard not to suspect nepotism had an effect on her career. Guess it's not surprising; nepotism seems to be a phenomenon throughout the DoD, why wouldn't it be so at the DoJ. Just another contributing factor to the swamp, as pointed out above. On a related note, the article mentions Maurene Comey as one of three lead prosecutors handling the case, along with Assistant US Attorneys Alex Rossmiller and Alison Gainfort Moe. AUSA Alex Rossmiller appears to be the real deal. Started at the Defense Intelligence Agency as an intelligence analyst in 2004. Volunteered for a six-month deployment to Iraq. Came back to a tour as a Strategic Issues Expert in the Office of Iraq Analysis at the Pentagon. Wrote a book in 2008 titled Still Broken: A Recruit's Inside Account of Intelligence Failures, from Baghdad to the Pentagon, described as "a blistering account of the ideology and incompetence that cripple our efforts to confront our enemies and fight our wars." Will be interesting to see how the Ghislaine Maxwell trial plays out.
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