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  1. B-52s at Barksdale. The Buff has taken quite a few T-1 trained dudes in the last few years.
  2. Bunch of Buff types with fucked up backs. Same parachute setup as the T-38, and longer duration sorties. I had to get an X-ray for something else recently, and the radiologist noted I had "multi-level spinal degeneration"....yaaaay!
  3. Soooo.....am I the only one who wakes up every day hoping to find some patriotic Russian has put a 9mm sized hole between Putin's eyeballs? No....ok, carry on
  4. Welp, guess I'll just keep being overdue, so.....GFY
  5. What are the chances DM gets -35s long term? Since, you know, the -35 is replacing the Hawg 😑
  6. There is ZERO WAY the implementation of this is not completely fucked up like a football bat.
  7. I keep seeing this thing getting kicked around. Where, though, did it actually come from?
  8. I don’t read that as I can’t have a colored morale shirt in my flight suit. I read that as the Mx or LRS troop can have a Friday shirt in their OCPs with a big logo on the back.
  9. Then you get idiots like MTG who are actively advocating for shit like that and it really makes you wonder, doesn't it?
  10. Strictly speaking, 8AF owns Minot. 91MW is a tenant unit.
  11. I do seriously think Putin invading Ukraine, porking it away massively, and doing more for NATO unity than any western leader in the last 20 years… …staved off China invading Taiwan. If I was a Chinese general, circa right after our Afghan debacle, I would’ve been screaming that there was no better time than right freakin’ now to cross the Straight in force. The US just took a massive black eye, had very little national unity, and was sapped militarily. Conditions were ripe for national “reunion”. Then Putin goes full retard, invades and galvanizes world opinion against him, gets a tremendous economic bitch slap, and makes himself a pariah on the world stage. I don’t think anyone expected the unified response we saw, and I think that made China sit up and recalculate whether invasion was worth it or not.
  12. “We’re not telling you you have to get one…but we’ll know if you don’t and hold it against your accordingly” Also effective 1 Jan 23…fuck literally everybody in the YGs coming up for boards soon
  13. I would subjectively say life in the bomber force is busier than when GWOT was a thing. Everybody wants a BTF, and the old "I'm going to Guam for six months every eighteen months" is long a thing of the past. I always said Buff life was great for stability because in the course of a normal ops tour, you could pretty much pin down exactly you were gonna be gone over your three-four year tour. Now we're on the road a whole lot more than we used to be, much more often and with much less predictability. Like Brabus said, holding the line against the next war.
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