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  1. This fleet management is gonna be a nightmare. Ops Sup giving a step brief at KBAD circa 2029- “OK, DOOM91, you are an old engine new radar jet. DOOM92, you are new engines new radar jet. Your spare is a legacy old engines old radar jet. I know this is your new radar checkout ride, but if you have to go to the spare, you still need to fly duration. Questions?”
  2. Man, part of me says…just let the dude live out his remaining days in peace. We’ve done without him for three decades.
  3. The fact that you used the specific word malevolence is chilling. Firmly reinforces my already deep seated belief that I will not let an Air Force medical person do anything with regards to my wellbeing beyond what is minimally required, ie PHA and dental, and that only begrudgingly.
  4. Not to bust your bubble, OP, but the only place I’ve heard it called Strike Eagle II is your post. All the official literature calls it the “Eagle II”. That in and of itself is telling as to what Big AF intends to do with this platform, if it even survives. Read this
  5. Not flying, but I’ll be there
  6. It's almost like....people who do stupid bullshit don't like being called out for their stupid bullshit. Oh BTW, if I'm, I dunno, ANY OFFICER in that formation, no fucking way am I letting myself be inspected by some former MTI trying to relive his glory days.
  7. Just shoes doing shoe things…
  8. Woohoo August pin on…Aug 23 that is. 51X here!
  9. That’s bullshit. Sorry to hear that.
  10. I’m very curious if anyone who wrote these requirements actually knows a damn thing about aviation. Anyone meeting these requirements is gonna be eligible for the R-ATP at 1000 hours, coming out of a university 141 program. They’re gonna go right to a regional, do three years with 1000 turbine PIC and then get picked up at a major. At the same time, our erstwhile “CAIPs” will have just now begun actually instructing in the T-6, while their college bro is an FO at Delta or Southwest or FedEx.
  11. Sorry dude. I was lucky…I got picked up
  12. Geez…Cotton’s been AFGSC/CC less than a year
  13. When I was going through B-52 instructor upgrade, we were “testing” a new syllabus which was shorter by a week so the FTU could produce more classes and instructors per FY. What did they cut? The one week of learning theory and instructor skills…
  14. Maybe less than that since they’re targeting 141 programs. Commercial mins are 190 for Pt 141. CFI does not take long after that. So, could easily be sub-300. 50 hrs of instruction given is MAYBE one month’s experience teaching at some place like UND or ERAU.
  15. This right here is one of the serious cultural flaws we have in the AF. Cannot count how many times I’ve been told “we need to write the OPR/PRF/1206 so the personnel/finance/insert noner AFSC can understand”…bullshit. They need to be educated enough about the REAL mission of the service that when a flyer OPR/PRF gets put in front of them they know what they’re looking at and don’t just go “eh, I don’t understand this so I’m going to give it a poor score”. Maybe if our PME spent more time talking about the real mission and less about the cultural fad of the day we wouldn’t have this problem…but I suppose that’s a pipe dream.
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