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  1. As someone who was similarly disqualified from an AF FC1 but who has held an FAA Class 1 since 2016, no, nobody in the AF cares. It makes no sense, it is frustrating as hell, but IMO the AF is looking for every reason to tell you no, whereas the FAA seems to only care if you meet the standard or not. My buddy was also permanently DQ’d by Wright Patt for a condition that they contradicted themselves on in the paperwork (no joke, they said it is not a rapid onset condition but we’re worried about sudden loss of eyesight), while a civilian ophthalmologist said he would absolutely not suffer a sudden loss of sight and should be qualified. Welcome to dealing with AF medical… I’m honestly a bit jaded, if that’s not obvious, but it’s the Air Force’s loss. They created this mess and keep turning away otherwise highly qualified people who would gladly give them another decade of service on the cockpit. I’m going to take my talents (and my FAA Class 1) and fly for somebody else. If I were in your shoes, I’d look at doing the same. The regionals are throwing six figure bonuses at people…the regionals! It’s a pilot’s market out there right now. Go find your opportunity!
  2. Don’t mind me, just checking in to see if this three way circle jerk of an argument is still going on….oh, it is? Ok, continue 🍿🍿🍿
  3. “Mentor”….is that what they call it…
  4. On Instagram (often surprisingly good RUMINT) the word is it was a newly CMR LT
  5. You know why you’re not even worth arguing with? It’s because you cannot argue logically without resorting to an ad hominem toddler fit. Somehow you made one hell of a leap from vaccines to geopolitics when I didn’t even mention Afghanistan or the US government. Ok, boldface applies… TROLL-FEED CUTOFF
  6. Notice how you’re the only one responding to your own thread?
  7. I think it’s just certain categories but I could be wrong.
  8. Hey PA, you misspelled “Delta Airlines”.
  9. That's what SrA Slapnut suggested, but I've been unpacked and in a house for a month. Took three weeks of leave between outprocess and inprocess. Not a viable solution.
  10. So I just did a PPM and I loaded my own stuff into a Penske truck. Like a dumby, I did not get weight tickets. Somehow blew past that part in that "do it yourself" counseling stuff, also thinking what the hell does it matter since they charge you a flat rate for the truck. Shack on me for not following the checklist... Now, the bitchy civilian in my TMO office is being about as helpful as a pile of dog turds. I cannot be the first person to have forgotten these....what's the workaround? I have done the constructed cost thing, but she's making it sound like there's zero way to get paid, and since I got the advance, I might be paying some of it back. How do I get out of this mess?
  11. So in Danger’s situation...weather is above mins. Low, but above mins...go fly the damn airplane. If the dude isn’t comfortable shooting an approach to mins, there’s something amiss with him, IMHO.
  12. I dunno about y’all…but I am so damn sick of hearing “Delta variant”, “second wave” etc…get the goddamn shot so we can stop living in this damn bizzaro world
  13. Two of the absolute worst commanders I’ve had were pilots. Two of the very best were navs. The radiator shield does not automatically qualify one to be a good commander.
  14. Kicking the safety team out is a massive red flag. If I’m the wing chief of safety and I hear that, the answer is “Uh, no”
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