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  1. You gonna plan those shots, too? Because if you’ve ever done any JASSM planning for a contested environment you should know how much of a bullshit statement that is.
  2. If any of the young Bufflings have questions, PM me. Current IWSO at Minot.
  3. And right now maintaining military and defense spending isn’t high on their priority list.
  4. I love how the AF thought the Rona had put the airlines down for 3-5 years and short changed the bonus....only for most airlines to rebound in a year and open up hiring again. Bold strategy, Cotton...
  5. Yeah....they’re called political officers
  6. https://www.military.com/daily-news/2021/04/08/maintenance-squadron-commander-removed-dyess-air-force-base.html AMXS commander fired at Dyess. Wonder what the story is here? She’d already commanded the AMXS at Minot before this.
  7. Looks like I’d have a sim the first Monday of every month...or maybe I need a SOF buddy tour...
  8. Does anybody else feel like, at least in the AF, this is a solution in search of a problem?
  9. You mean, we should’ve bought more than 183?? Naw....
  10. I suppose I’m being delusional in hoping the DoD COVID policy reacts quickly to the new CDC guidelines. Everybody in my shop volunteered and has gotten the vaccine. Why am I still required to wear this damn mask?
  11. I think I would’ve invited the person issuing such a statement to politely indulge in self-fornication
  12. All this talk about reviving the companion trainer in a light GA platform sounds like a damn good reason to bring back aero clubs...and then budget a chunk of hours each year for a co/wingman to go burn there.
  13. How do you expect to look professional when you’re getting your sweat on if you can’t keep your shirt tucked in????
  14. Neither supporting him or poopooing him, but to be fair, your three articles are from early 2020 when nobody knew anything about COVID and what it was or how it was going to spread. Now, has he been right? Dunno...the “we may be wearing masks into 2022” thing has me pissed off though. North Dakota’s total infections and daily positive rates have dropped and stayed low even a month or more after the state mask mandate wasn’t renewed, and we were a hotspot over the fall.
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