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  1. Probably stay in Omaha, which means a commute to probably MSP or DEN
  2. Probably doesn’t apply to most on this forum, but as a humble navigator CFIing my ass off and eighteen months from ATP mins…. …..best regional in your collective opinions? Looking mostly at SkyWest and Endeavor at this point.
  3. Ah, yes, the consumption memorandum! Some traditions are still alive. New Buff crew dogs are still being spoofed on their generations with this!
  4. I’m guess I’m just a knuckle dragger, but can someone break down why this is a good thing? Feels like change for changes sake.
  5. I’d like to think after bungling it spectacularly last year, they’ll course correct back to something more like the FY19 bonus….but that implies intelligence and caring on the AF’s part.
  6. Offutt only went down about $25....not that military families are getting into bidding wars here during PCS season and having to offer tens of thousands over asking price though...
  7. I tried phone patching my then-fiance, now wife, coming home from Guam. The MARS guy was super helpful, but when he got her on the phone, he didn't use, ya know, plain English and say "Hi ma'am, I'm Bob with the USAF MARS radio network. I have a phone call to connect you with"...he said "This is (whatever his MARS radio callsign)"...the Mrs was thoroughly confused, told him he had the wrong number and hung up on him. It was only later when she was on the bus with the other ladies waiting to pick us up from the flight line that she realized it was me trying to call her. We had a good laugh about it, at least!
  8. In my mind, this issue really boils down to where the country is right now. I don't think we've ever been as divided and bitter as we are right now, and it's for multiple reasons. Party politics is one reason...twenty years of war is another. Even if the president decided to commit to military action, going force on force with Russia or China is a far different animal than counter insurgency ops along the Euphrates. I just do not think the American people have any appetite for seeing young Americans coming home in body bags, likely by the tens of thousands, fighting for a country that most people probably can't find a map and that I would argue, does not come across as beneficial to us.
  9. Typical…it was too good to be true, so they had to fuck with it…
  10. So what do y’all think the odds are that A) those 90K Russians on the Ukrainian border are there to invade and if they do, that B) we’ll do anything about it? I’m not sure we will. Putin has picked his timing perfectly to coincide with the fallout of our Afghan withdrawal IMHO.
  11. Four years almost to the day since Paul Barbour’s crash…what the hell is with November… 🥃
  12. Remember when you weren’t a dickhead? Oh wait…. Cheers 🇺🇸
  13. I think the answer to most of your questions is a resounding no. I don’t think the timing of the Chinese really ramping up their actions is a coincidence, juxtaposed with our very botched last days in Afghanistan. Similarly, they can read CNN and Fox News and see our current president is not really leading with any consensus. The American public IMO has exactly zero tolerance for any conflict right, especially a force on force conflict the size and scale of which we have not experienced since, I would argue, WWII. If I were a Chinese general, I’d be screaming at the top of my lungs that if force is the chosen COA to reunify Taiwan, there is no better time than now.
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