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  1. Ding ding. And we have a winner
  2. Exactly. Been to Portland/Seattle/SFO/LA/Denver lately?
  3. I highly recommend Bullshit Jobs: A Theory by David Graeber. Really ties into the AF quite well
  4. and can I have that about 115 degrees, no make that 120 degrees
  5. Beetlejuice back at it!!!! Love it
  6. How 'bout that $5 gas too!!! I'm ridin' with Biden!!
  7. While we're on the subject.....
  8. No, I'm sure it actually was...
  9. Interesting. Buddy of mine recently purchased a home outskirts of Ktown because it was financially beneficial vs renting for a few years. The only drawback was something about capital gains tax (ridiculous amount) upon the sale of the property etc?
  10. That's because division is backed up processing all of the "other" awards for our S1 and MPF warriors!!
  11. slc

    Gun Talk

    Anyone have a line on cheap bulk 9mm plinking ammo (1000+) rounds? I've seen prices "recently"? drop to around .32 /p. Hoping for better though
  12. and CONUS military bases? are we still doing that? Currently deployed and "out of the loop"
  13. Ahh...missing the point. Young kids are naive and will follow their parents idiotic "advice"
  14. Oh brother....a simple statement meant to rile up the crowd subsequently spun by the media....nothing to see here (same old playbook either right or left leaning)
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