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  1. I'll arrive in the A-37 Sunday afternoon. It departs Thursday morning early.
  2. I like the patch. Around the aircraft, there are often a number of people from MX. Woth the patch,. I'm able to easily tell who is from which specialty. And it sure beats the small badge that many specialties are given. I still cannot tell the difference between any of them.
  3. Can you copy and paste the article? I don't have a subscription.
  4. Actually, the other pilot, Mark Peterson, flew the display. He's a lm excellent display pilot and also flies the P-51 and Alpha Jet displays. And yes, it's a hoot to fly. Sounds like a T-38, not a Tweet.
  5. Unfortunately no, I'm heading back to Sacramento in a couple hours. A-37 should fly around 1055. Yesterday, he flew after the T-33.
  6. I will pick WB FO over NB FO every time.
  7. The A-37 arrives today. I'll arrive late Friday and leave Sunday afternoon. Mark is doing the display flying and is really good at it. We asked Hill to have the plane parked in the public area, and not sequestered off in the Hot Pits. Our goal is for people to see this rare plane up close. I'll be near the jet most of the day. Come by and say hi.
  8. Nice retro hour!! You might actually remember when the phone number to CBPO at most bases was x2276.
  9. They want my knowledge and experience? Then make the compensation enough that I will be enticed FUPM.
  10. Are you and I in the same Air Force?
  11. Still many to be hired. But be realistic. Here's an interesting stat: A U-2 Brother was hired at UAL 3 years ago. He is 5,250 junior to me. And was hired over 21 years after I was. The pilot 5,250 junior to him? Hired about 30 months after him. There is a HUGE wave in front of you at UAL if you decide to work here. I was hired in a similar climate (I'll probably be 23+ years before I can hold WB cappy). It is what it is, however it doesn't mean you cannot have a successful career. But be realistic.
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