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  1. Taiwanese U-2 pilot Johnny Shen died last Thursday, age 92 He was a U-2 pilot with The Black Cat Squadron on Taiwan from 1968 to 1973. He was admitted to the CAF Academy in January 1952, then trained in the PT-17 and the T-6. After his graduation in December 1955, he was assigned to the 4th Tactical Fighter Group in Chiayi. He was first sent to Tainan to be trained on the T-33, then returning to Chiayi to fly the F-84 in 1956. Later he converted to the F-100. He left the 35th Sq in 1973 and became the vice military attache in Vietnam. After the loss of Vietnam, he returned to Taiwan to served on several desk jobs. He retired from the CAF as a Colonel in 1977 and joined China Airlines, where he flew the Boeing 707, 727, 767, and 747, and Airbus A-300. He transferred to EVA Airlines in 1992. Then he returned served in Taiwan's Civil Aviation Administration until 1998. After retirement, he emigrated to Canada and lived in Vancouver. These guys flew some really risky missions. Him him...
  2. Shining your ass in public will often cause you to be shown the door. The back door, in this case.
  3. Please tell me those were gun kills, and they didn't use 70 missiles.
  4. As a matter of fact, I visited one of the WB pilots (who is a good friend) from that flight earlier today. Great story on how they did that 2-ship. And funny. Those NASA pilots don't get paid much as compared to commercial pilots... but the job satisfaction sure looks great.
  5. Whoa, whoa... what the fuck, friend?
  6. Here we go... https://www.cnbc.com/2024/04/08/spirit-airlines-will-defer-airbus-orders-furlough-260-pilots.html?__source=iosappshare|com.apple.UIKit.activity.Message Isn't it great that the judge prevented Jet Blue's purchase of Spirit, and allowed Spirit to continue their ultra low fare model?
  7. Well, as everyone probably knows by now, the U-2 is being divested. The entire thing has been a public affairs disaster on how to release the information. Still, there is very little going out, and I'll avoid crossing any lines. Needless to say, the capabilities the U-2 has and that are ready for prime-time are pretty significant. Oh well... someone thinks the money is better spent elsewhere. The last interviewee was hired in January. Could there be an extension in the U-2's future? I think so... for reasons I won't discuss. Unlikely, yes. But you just never know. Hail Dragons...
  8. Interview for a specialty program. E-4, 89th, Thunderbirds, etc...
  9. As long as they made $51M or more, it's all good!
  10. Hot off the press. https://www.reuters.com/world/us/ups-become-united-states-postal-services-primary-air-cargo-provider-2024-04-01/?
  11. It's more than likely an FAA restriction. I say that because new United FOs can't land at certain "special" airfields until they have 75 hours. SFO is one of those (I don't know why). After 30 months of flying the Guppy as an SFO-based FO, I moved to the 757. And guess what? I could not land at my home domicile until I had 75 hours in the 757. I wrote a PDR report to the company saying how ridiculous that was. I actually got a reply from someone way up the food chain in Flt Ops who said he totally agreed... but the FAA were the ones that imposed the rule and would not rescind it.
  12. Hence the reason you learn to use the rudder in the MOA, at 8,000 AGL. The T-38 has quite the roll rate with 3/4 or greater aileron deflection. ... but I don't see anyone telling students not to use the ailerons. I'd wager $2 that the student in your story was one of those told to fly without ever using the rudders.
  13. Totally agree. Yet there are still plenty of T-38 IPs that tell their students to fly with their feet flat on the floor... e.g. don't touch the rudder pedals.
  14. Original post deleted. There's a lot about T-38 TOLD that ACC seems to not understand.
  15. To continue the tangent, and since many of you fly the T-38... T-38A TOLD in ACC is bad, and unsafe. I fought with them to change abort speeds and finally ACC gave up and said "do whatever your Wing wants". A further deep dive shows just how wrong the abort assumptions are.
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