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  1. You must be talking about Skar! He's great! No plans as of today to go to CBM. If we take our recruiting stuff out on a roadshow, I'll post it here. But don't hesitate to fly out to Beale and spend a day with us.
  2. Congrats to BigRed on his initial Solo in the U-2 on Wednesday. 🥃 He will be known as "Solo 1095". Not bad for an old Navy guy.
  3. Revisiting the AF Mortuary Affairs emblem debacle of a few years ago... It appears they didn't go with the draft that had the F-16 silhouettes replacing the Flankers. They simply got rid of all airplanes on the emblem.
  4. The plot thickens... Maybe the company could occasionally listen to the union inputs on safety. Having a stellar safety record for many years doesn't happen without cost and effort. https://www.forbes.com/sites/tedreed/2023/01/19/first-officer-on-american-jfk-runway-incursion-flight-had-added-task-at-departure-source-says/?sh=5f15e6cd67ac
  5. https://www.foxbusiness.com/lifestyle/american-airlines-pilots-reckless-cockpit-procedure-changes-safety
  6. That's a point of contention I am watching at UAL. Every day the company delays getting a contract is another day of tons of $$$ they received because they are stonewalling. The retro-pay must be addressed. Since UAL pilots get 16% toward their retirement, every day the company delays a pay increase means they don't pay the higher rate on 16%. Will that be addressed too? I'm sure there are similarities at DAL. I am guessing DAL's progress will mean a very speedy result for UAL.
  7. You're right. And I don't know why you think I'm butt-hurt by it. I simply pointed out that... based on my experiences in both worlds... he hadn't seen it from both sides and wasn't in a position to make a valid observation. No emotion here. I don't know Brabus but have enjoyed reading his posts for many years. If your questions, Hindsight, are aimed at me, I'm sorry but I'm not willing to discuss the specifics of this event or my opinions on it. p.s. "notch/autochaff"? Know your audience. I'm a U-2 guy. In a defensive scenario, we put our fingers in our ears so the explosion of the missile impact doesn't give us hearing loss... which could affect our future airline employment.
  8. My opinion is that it is vastly different than mil ops. Keep in mind that a large percentage (and I'd guess the majority) of the warbird pilots are not ex-military pilots. I'm not up to writing a detailed post on the specifics, however.
  9. Apples and oranges. How do you claim "far greater risks" when you have no experience doing the warbird thing so that you can compare the two? You can't, so don't. Generically, there IS a pre-briefed decon plan with contracts. Generically, the Boss acts as an air traffic controller when he needs to and let's the parade progress as briefed.
  10. I flew with a captain about a month ago that said he had a similar experience. Seems there have been quite an uptick in unusual sightings.
  11. Oh? This is Liz Hurley when she was 50 years old... you Nordic-loving racist.
  12. Prozac, that post is the best we've had in a long time. Maybe... with the NOTAM system imploding... maybe the US govt will give itself a bailout?? Frankly though, it's the NOTAM system internally revolting against its woke name change. But seriously, who actually reads all the NOTAMS? Just look at them until your eyes glaze over while you daydream of something else for 6.9 seconds. Maybe book publishers should take a hint from the NOTAM system and print all books in ALL CAPS.
  13. BTW congrats to Qasem Soleimani. This marks three years since he quit smoking.
  14. Oh, but there is a way to provide direct feedback. I won't post it here, but simply look on The Global for: - Kendall, Frank, SECAF - Miller, Caroline M, Lt Gen. - and maybe your MAJCOM A1. A "feedback form" isn't needed. Simply provide your well-developed, professional thoughts on the matter.
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