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  1. Great... and funny... video. Don't discount his knowledge based on his humor: he's got his facts right. The more I read up on the A-37, the more amazing it is that this tiny killer hasn't gotten more respect in the Vietnam history books. Here's a pic of the only one flying in North America. There may be a 2nd returning to flight status in 2024. It's MIL thrust is the same as a T-38 in MAX.
  2. My name is Huggy, and I support this message.
  3. Nice try, GearHog... but that's the wrong squadron. Do your homework. Details matter.
  4. To find the enemy, you must think like the enemy.
  5. Do you pay for your nomex flightsuit? I don't. And I figure there are some boots that are good.. and free. But buy away, Mr Rich Guy! Your Green Slips will pay for whatever you want.
  6. PIT instructor techniques... At their finest.
  7. Well, that'll just about cover the flybys. Looks like Kwast is doing well. https://spacenews.com/kwast-joins-skycorp/ Me and a bud rolled through Laughlin when he was the OG, to give U-2 recruiting briefings. We stopped by his office to kiss the ring, and he had O-6 rank on... but only Senior Pilot wings. I think he was 6 years below the zone to O-6. Impressive guy.
  8. Because my squadron RA pushed back when I asked for a specific boot to be ordered. It wasn't on the Safe To Fly (STF) list. It was never a problem in the past. Now it is. So... I am asking because there are about 20 pairs of boots on the list, and I really don't know the difference in comfort between the ones on the STF list, and the ones I wanted to buy. Instead of dropping $475 for a pair of Dehner boots that a former Thunderbird friend said was what they wore on the team, I figure I'd ask some other professional military pilots what they thought, and if something worked well, I'd try them... for free. Does that answer your question?
  9. The USAF Safe to Fly boot list has a handful of "authorized" boots. For those of y'all who actually wear any of them, which ones do you like? Which ones do you not like?
  10. I'm wondering when Boeing's next delay will be announced. As of a year ago, plane didn't have an internal ladder, and the side of it wasn't stressed to hang a ladder on it.
  11. I would guess you've been around long enough to have an idea.
  12. Newly released view of the inside of the cockpit of the advanced companion trainer for the B-21.
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