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  1. I may be incorrect but I believe these pilots are Civil Service employees, not contractors. How it works is a squadron converts a military IP slot to civilian. It is advertised on USAjobs, interview, and selection.
  2. I did 6 years on two different assignments in “white jets”. Bad deal? Not for me. I got a shitload of flying and instructing, and became a WAY better pilot as a result.
  3. That's a lot of overkill, potentially. Why that over the CJ-3+, or even the Citation M2?
  4. FIFY. Your bonus options are probably better than they are for the 11R types.
  6. You cheap-ass bastage! If it weren't for the fact I know you're a Nav/CSO, I'd swear you are an airline pilot.
  7. Your mom had better rock tastes than you give her credit for. Manson sucks!
  8. At least the 11R retention rate will be fantabulous. But The Air Staff apparently knew that already.
  9. Most of us aren't "triggered", booze. Just disappointed and disgusted... and a bit saddened too... with much of this sort of thing. If you find it powerful and cool and relevant, so be it. I guess you're "triggered" in a happy way.
  10. Glad Nike wasn’t involved... not that I’ll ever buy another Nike-branded product again. How long before someone gets whacked by someone stealing those shoes?
  11. I'm sure the USAF paid extra for that "feature".
  12. There are certainly instances of this... there always will be. But by and large, I didn’t see it during my T-38 FAIP days. Most pilots that got cut in -38s were for single-ship things. We had one in my class and he ended up being an F-4 WSO. It’s been a long time but the ones I remember were mainly T-38 Contact washouts. But it didn’t happen much: we lost 21 people in my UPT class and only the one guy was in the T-38. I do recall one in another Flight that was washed out on his Nav check. I kid you not. Late in the Formation phase, we got notified if we were going to the F
  13. I cannot log in on my laptop. I’m getting a message saying the forum log in page is no longer secure. I’ve tried on both Chrome and Safari. Ideas?
  14. A U-2 bud just started a couple of months ago. I’ll ask him about it.
  15. As someone who ran the hiring of a volunteer-only USAF flying unit, I would like to recommend to you that questions that are this important to the success of your application be asked directly to the officers that are the Gatekeepers. I can think of a few additional things you should do... but just start there for now.
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