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  1. Hugo, even if Tucker brings it up... it's either true or it's not. If it's true... and even if the cadets ignore it... it is a very concerning shift of the AF Culture for many people.
  2. Exhibit 3: https://www.foxnews.com/politics/air-force-brass-say-little-woke-initiatives-backlash
  3. Exhibit 2: https://www.foxnews.com/politics/air-force-academy-promotes-fellowship-bans-cisgender-men-this-program-isnt-for-you
  4. What's wrong with the Air Force? Exhibit 1: https://www.foxnews.com/politics/air-force-academy-diversity-training-tells-cadets-to-use-words-that-include-all-genders-drop-mom-and-dad
  5. Haha...OK, OK... I should have STFU about something like HUDs that I know nothing about. I consider myself reprimanded!
  6. And that's an honorable and loving thing to do I salute you My comment about "moving the kids" certainly doesn't apply to your situation And I know of many other situations it doesn't apply to In my case, the last move we made was because my dad had MS and couldn't deal with the cold where we were lived. My comment was not designed to be insensitive. It was food for thought for those weighing their kids' resiliency in a move versus dealing with a career of airline commuting and the inevitable toll it will take on your time away from those very kids
  7. I don't know the guy but maybe you do. I've said some really stupid shit over the years... stuff that if I was an O-6 or above, I'd get fired for because someone would take offense. While it was a poor statement for a leader to make, I'm not willing to cancel a potentially strong leader because of one stupid thing that they said, without thinking it through.
  8. Thanks for the speedy replies! Cragspider: "make sure it has the cut out in it like the west does" I don't know what that means. As for HUD's in airliners... I have no clue. I've never flown with a HUD. The 787 is the only airliner I could potentially fly that has one.
  9. Archer, I believe that you only need 750 hours since you're Mil trained. Not 1500. If you and the family love the idea of where you will go for the next year or two, and the possibility of going to SAAS... and then staff and/or back to a leadership role at EDW or Pax, then you should think long and hard about staying on active duty. If you go airlines, one of the Big 6 will grab you very quickly. In any case, you need to do your homework. And talk to your buds. You don't live in a vacuum. You should know this by now: R-ATP Requirements (Military Experience): Be 21 years of age Must be either; A honorably discharged military pilot Or, provide a record showing the pilot is still currently serving in the military Or, a foreign airline transport pilot license with instrument privileges Received a rating qualifying them as a military pilot Have logged 750 hours of flight time Commuting: As someone who went to 4 high schools in 4 years, I don't have much understanding when someone says "but little Billy will be distraught if he has to change schools during 7th grade!". If little Billy drives the fight, then so be it. Enjoy your commute for the next 30 years.
  10. Question was asked and I'm looking for your expertise... For someone who is 5' 5" and flying the C-130J, they are curious if there's a good seat cushion on the market that is recommended by y'all. Apparently, the J-model HUD isn't adjustable (brilliant, Lockheed) and it wasn't installed for someone with a shorter seating height. Do any of you Herc Drivers have any suggestions? Thanks.
  11. If you are considering the airlines, and this is a serious question, then you need to lean on your squadron mates for some education / mentoring. Commuting is not an insignificant decision... and you need a lot more info than can be offered on this thread.
  12. I'm with SocialD on this. I show up with everything ready, so they don't have to ask. It's a professional courtesy. They are required to check them, and we know it. If the Cappy doesn't care, fine with me. I'm not a Captain... and probably never will be... but if someone is going to sit in the cockpit jumpseat behind me, you can be sure I'll check every one of their required credentials.
  13. Or a merger where your position on the new seniority isn't what you would expect.
  14. Without "job security', your other goals are unreliable. As a pilot who has been furloughed twice, I put job security first.
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