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  1. Any chance the A-10 community is interested in hiring a slightly overweight guy in his 50s, with a receding hairline and bad breath? My "friend" would be interested.
  2. I had always wanted to try my hand in something where I was organizing/running a group or organization. After a lot of networking, I accepted an offer to run an aviation non-profit (basically, a club of jet owners) as their Executive Director. I could write a small book on the experience, but I resigned after 18 months and went back to the airlines... from which I had been absent for 15 years. Glad I worked in the ED job, otherwise I'd have always wondered if I should have done it. With the experience behind me, I know now that I have a much better quality of life where I am.
  3. https://www.rtag.org/events/annual-2021-rtag-convention
  4. Odd request... When you go into a classified briefing room, there's usually a storage bin into which many people put their cell phones before they enter the room. Most of the ones I've seen are poorly designed. If you have a picture of a wall-mounted unit that is exceptionally well designed, would you send me a link to where you got it, or at least a photo of it with the dimensions of the storage slots.
  5. Oklahoma State? Oh, you're in luck. PM sent.
  6. Jacksonville Center is where the rumor about the vax is coming from. A majority of controllers called in sick Friday in protest of the Biden mandate.
  7. ^^ Pretty much what this guy said ^^. Very hard to argue with him.
  8. So true. And thank you for stating it.
  9. It's been said already, but the AF and the FAA are apples and oranges. There are pilots in the airlines with one eye. I haven't seen that in the military. AF buddy of mine was grounded for multiple sclerosis. But, he is asymptomatic... got his FAA Class I... and is flying for a major airline. He's doing fine.
  10. di1630, Do you also lose Disability pay for the days you're working for the military?
  11. It's been about 6 years since Miley Gate. What ever happened to the three guys that were wrongly accused?
  12. I remember that too. He was at his buddy's WIC graduation, from Kadena... IIRC.
  13. Haha! I separated at the 15 year point of my AD career. Came back to the U-2 two years later and on AD. A few years later, I retired from AD while flying the U-2. Returned to AD again to fly the U-2. We have another pilot here that did the same thing as me, albeit a few years after I did it. The U-2 is The Land of Misfit Toys. We are an odd lot.
  14. Reason #6 why Big Blue doesn't always win. Because Big Blue is made of up of a myriad of sub-organizations that don't communicate with each other. Excellent work, SkiBum.
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