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  1. Nothing. I just wanted use the Farmer Joe reference lol.
  2. We haven't put a human body past the moon. If space is as big as they say it is, there is more than likely intelligence outside of Earth. Farmer joe definitely wasn’t flying his Cessna in the middle of the Pacific going over .88.
  3. They need to issue these to future retirees during TAPS.
  4. We had something join behind us on the #3 engine in the KC-10 in the middle of the Pacific ocean around 2004 timeframe. No shit. It was night time. I went to look over the right wing and saw a group of lights that resembled an island at night, but instead of being 30,000 feet below us, it was tucked in tight on the right wing. Fucking scary shit. Apparently, it was flying in front of the jet before I was woken up by another crewmember. Fucking strange. I was a boom at the time. I wasn't hungover. That stuff is out there.
  5. He was trying to make that first high speed taxiway and then remembered he wasn’t landing at LAX. Lol. In all seriousness, glad it’s ok. That 123 just needed a walk in the grass. For old times sake.
  6. We need to build a tent city and bus (boat, airdrop, ropes lol) all of the zombies to it. Maybe on an island, like Alcatraz. What is the point of living if that is your life? Shitting, pissing and drugs fuck that shit.
  7. Coming from a human who created a burner account to argue with Fourfans lol. Nerd.
  8. 1 to 2 max. Sometimes, I get crazy and try for a 3rd but Im a good responsible human. Lol. I always thought that was a funny question to ask me. They and I both know that I was telling a little white lie. I mean, I probably was still drunk sometimes while answering the questionnaire at the flight doc's office.
  9. https://beachgrit.com/2023/06/tourists-to-hawaii-continue-driving-rental-cars-into-water-whilst-blindly-following-gps-prompting-surf-great-kelly-slater-to-have-so-many-questions/
  10. If you’re mature enough to pour yourself a bowl of Golden Grahams, then you’re more than capable of making life altering choices. Come on man.
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