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  1. Nobody is waking up anytime soon and claiming that you're a man.
  2. What is your background? Are you in UPT? What communities has your spouse supported? What kind challenge do you want from the unit (sts)? Flying type challenges or leadership (office work) challenges? If you want stick and rudder fun, you should ask for a fast mover or perhaps piss off your parents and go helicopters?
  3. Calm down Janice. He's going to get destroyed at somepoint in real life. He might as well get a taste for free.
  4. When I was a boom line flier, we didn't come to work unless we were flying. The squadron was a ghost town. Being a prior Mx dude, in the beginning, I would show up at work when I wasn't flying until my Chief boom ripped me a new one for being in the squadron. He told me my job is to fly. I'm not sure why this practice stopped. I did my job in an aircraft not at an office. Towards the end of my AF career, they put me in the OSS. I didn't come to work unless I was flying lol. The trick is to be really bad at office work or simply don't do it if it's bullshit. Mass deleting emails was also fun. Them: "Did you get the email I sent you?", me: "Nope" I was actually taking flights from people who were "too busy" with office work. Lol Fucking weird. In my time, it went from flying being my primary job to office work. Caution: You will most likely not get promoted beyond O-4 (perhaps even O-3) following my path of deleting emails.
  5. When we first invaded Iraq, they were definitely lobbing things into the air. The first few weeks of OIF provided a nice display of airbursts. I did see AAA tracking an aircraft below us. I can see it clearly to this day. I was a boom in the KC-10. Another one of our crews was followed by airburst. The boom was one of my friends. He seemed pretty shook up talking about it. One of my receivers was shot down on April 7, 2003 near Tikrit. I'm not claiming the tankers were strafing and taking out targets but I wouldn’t say tankers seeing AAA is nonsense. The problem is most of the guys who flew in the invasion are out. It's probably been a few years since a tanker crew felt threatened.
  6. The AMC Curtis Lemay. I agree with CH, the Chinese would need to strike soon (next few years) to have a chance. I hope they don't but hope doesn't stop bullets. I'm glad to see someone putting the "killing" spirit into AMC. If China decides it's time to dance, a lot of people (good guys too) will eat it. I think it will benefit our airmen to see leadership transition (sts) from the GWOT mentality to a traditional war fighter mindset. Seeing tankers explode in flight is a far cry from burning circles over bad guys with complete air superiority. The AMC airmen who've never seen airburst and AAA will have better chance, (knowing that AMC assets will be targeted) if they train to fight against it.
  7. Deadbeat dads are horrible. They are shunned in moral societies as they should be. Abortion however, in some parts of the country, is celebrated. They are both fucked up. I assume nobody on here likes deadbeats, my comparison between abortion and deadbeats is to highlight the inconsistencies in how people in our society view these topics. Once again, one is celebrated and the other not so much.
  8. Special Ops uses knives ...lol
  9. Lol I ran out of votes but this was too funny!
  10. Sir, just one question. Who's going to get the ATIS?
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