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  1. Hey woke people. You know who else blamed their society's problems on a specific demographic of people? Fcking Hitler.
  2. Jesus thanks you for buying me another G-6. Lol
  3. Yeah. Too many people have bought into this narrative of whitey is the reason why my life sucks. Who will they blame after they can't blame the white man? It's like people get a choice to be born a certain color. I must have been stupid when I chose to be "born this way". I'll probably be labeled something bad for stealing that slogan. Cultural appropriation and horrible things like that. Does this mean I'm no longer capable of being racist in the state of CA because hispanic's have taken over as the majority here? Tell Gavin he's gotta go because he's white too. So is Pelosi and the fking president. If you vote for them, you're racist. Where are all of the "leaders" who support this garbage? I know you lurk in shadows reading this forum. Please explain this nonsense to me. Please tell me how we will make things better by using one group of people as a scapegoat. Read some history, that doesn't work out too well for all involved. You have the anonymity of the internet to keep you safe from this mean racist white guy. Explain to me your reasoning.
  4. Yeah. I remember not trusting that CDI either (always trust your instruments) in the Huey. I never wanted to have to fly a legit ILS with that thing. Something about the vibrations magically knocking me back on course. I also felt like I could have been using that thing to drop bombs on Hitler.
  5. Not a herk guy but I peed in one in flight so that's gotta count for something. Did you H model guys have CDI's?
  6. Fourfans nailed it (sts)! Not a religious "man" (is that hate speech?) by any means but I respect your religious beliefs as I do with all things people hold dearly to them. I too got that deliciously filling series of Anthrax shots and others. I remember small pox vaccines in Feb 2003. There were bandaids (and jellyfish) all over the place lol. The horror. In the military you may be asked to do things that make you lose sleep at night. Think about that and the shot may be less of a sin.
  7. I recommend going to SE Asia or Eastern Europe and meeting a few nice ladies for starters. You will get an itch to scratch. Was that snarky enough? There are other piloting jobs outside of the military but they may ask you to take the shot as well. If you hold off a few years the shot will more than likely be less politicized and you could try to join again. The military makes people get shots. Even useless ones. They made me go 20 years without hitting the crack pipe. Some people can't make it that long with those silly rules. Cough, cough, Hunter B. USN. Political enough? Welcome to the internet. Lol
  8. I've already given all of my assets and savings ($47.36) to support the victims. But only white victims. How does that sound? Racist? Yes, because it is. Now change the color to anything but white. Is that racist? Not according to our dear "leaders".
  9. Huggy is the type to get shit done. I just laugh and ridicule. Good job 👏 sir!
  10. Those Vipers had to lie to get hangar space. - "Sir, I can assure you that we're all F-22's": says the F-16 - "Well come on in boys": exclaims the Hangar
  11. They'll put up a wall (beef up border security) when they realize that 99.9 percent of those "crop pickers" are Roman Catholic and have no concept of being "woke". I say let the madness continue.
  12. I hope he launches a nuke. Let's just get the next big war over with already. We've got pronouns to police and this guy's shenanigans are stealing the spotlight.
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