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  1. Defense attorneys/ADCs are going to love this one.
  2. "Most people do not listen with the intent to understand; they listen with the intent to reply." - Stephen Covey
  3. You know the “Strat Airlift Mafia” of AMC leadership never gave a shit about the Herk. Maybe it’ll be different under Mini sue to his Herk background, but then again probably not.
  4. Any company's security manager can tell you why the denial is when they look in JPAS. However, many companies will not really be willing to spend money on someone to try to obtain a security clearance after they were previously denied. YMMV
  5. Apparently, leadership doesn’t like publicity of a poor good idea fairy.
  6. https://www.airforcetimes.com/news/your-air-force/2022/07/18/air-force-considers-removing-co-pilot-from-boeing-kc-46-tanker-crews/?mibextid=CqRI5M&fs=e&s=cl
  7. Once the new CBA goes into action in January, hiring will pick up due to the pay increase. There’s a mini FTU at McConnell that teaches PTX/BTX and some internal IAC/IBC. All the MOB’s teach the ground and sim training for PTX/BTX. All the TX flying is still done at Altus. My own opinion is since PIQ/BIQ is up and running, PCO is created, you’ll see the TX’s be reduced significantly and eventually fully moved back to Altus.
  8. https://www.popsci.com/technology/merlin-labs-air-force-cargo-planes/?fbclid=IwAR15vOTYp2Es0VT1pJInXZy-A5ZERV13Y_6lqQeoqjmSsVaFJtQtFWfOsHs
  9. Makes sense since both banks and airlines are some of the first industries to ask for bailouts once the economy starts getting shitty.
  10. As much as I want to trust that random Facebook post that looks like the 22 ARW/CC or AMC/CC exec wrote, I don't. The MAF is more concerned with pilot retention than TTPs. What good are TTPs if you don't have the crew members to execute them? This is nothing more than floating the idea of only needing half of the pilot force to fly the same sorties. If/when we go into a recession next year, and the airlines slow down hiring, expect this "good idea" to go by the wayside because retention is up and the USAF will claim they fixed that problem....until the next hiring flood.
  11. When I was a new boom in the -135 there were Block 30 and Block 40 KC-135s. Block 40's had GATM, CPDLC, and sat phone, Block 30s didn't. I went through initial qual on Block 30s, where you had to leave the data card with the flight plan in the reader all flight, Block 40s would save the flight plan in the FMS, so you could pull them during the flight. My crew had been flying a lot of Block 40s out of Manas in Afghanistan, so we used to pull the data card sometime during the sortie since it was one less classified thing to remember to take once we landed. We were flying in southern Afghanistan and I pulled the data card and heard both pilots up front yell "What the fuck!" I had pulled a the data card on a Block 30 jet, which immediately dumped the flight plan, which then just said "Map Fail" on the MFD's. We tried to get the flight plan back, but didn't happen. We ended up somehow flying back in non-standard formation, which if anyone remembers the controller Dushanbe...he wasn't happy with that, with another -135 back to Manas. Lesson learned.
  12. One of the issues for the -46, both on the boom and pilot side, was the only people in the community came via a TX course. Both PIQ and BIQ courses were finalized last month and Altus is currently teaching brand new pilots out of UPT and booms out of the enlisted pipeline. However, that will take some time to balance out between the four main operating bases (McConnell, Pease, Seymour, McGuire....with Travis, March, and Macdill behind).
  13. This is a unique question to me due to having a lot of experience in the tanker world, -46 world, MAF, and aircrew training world. I'm also currently writing a dissertation for my doctoral program focusing on if automation is atrophying pilot aviating skill. My reaction is not that I don' think overall this is a bad situation to investigate, but that having non-test people do the first dry run of it as an extremely poor idea due to their lack overall lack of experience, especially for such a radical concept. Huggy brought up that while he doesn't think the "mechanics of flying" of a -46 with one pilot is an issue, I'll add on to that. I don't think it's an issue if the single pilot has a lot of experience of flying. I'm sure we can agree that the commercial aviation and military worlds have vastly different definitions of what is considered an highly experienced pilot. In the MAF the highly experienced people are getting out to go to the airlines/cargo. That leaves very lightly to middle experience as the "highly experienced." The unique part of the -46 is that on the pilot side the program seemed to have pulled a lot of the shiny pennies from other MAF aircraft. We can all agree that the usual motivation for the shiny pennies to crossflow isn't to learn how to fly and eventually employ a new aircraft. It's to do staff job/get schools to get promoted. In my experience those PHOENIX products also weren't good pilots to begin with, now they're crossflowing to an aircraft they have to learn and will continue to be mediocre pilot until their PRFs are written and they get school/staff. There's a thread on this forum that brings up good points about the changes at UPT/FTUs and how the quality of product is much less than it was 10-20 years ago. I agree and I don't blame the students, they're only there to learn and are a byproduct of their training. However, those byproducts are now AC/IPs in the -46, whom will probably be the ones tapped for this single pilot ops plan. We could probably also agree that flight training gives you a baseline of how to fly, but actually doing the flying and tactile learning is how you become experienced and good at it. Unfortunately, the MAF likes to shun those who want to be better aviators and rewards those who shirk flying to barely maintain currency. In the -46 there are non-Edwards test units (there's a Test Ops Sq at McGuire for example), but the pilot I knew there just got out and he barely flew enough to only be a copilot in the -46. That's why it should go to Edwards. The test pilot and booms are extremely experienced, some of them helped early on designing the -46 during DT. They would be the SMEs to conduct this testing. I don't know how other MWS's are at Edwards, but the tanker folks came from line squadrons/taught at the FTUs, and have good mix of recency and experience in the MAF. Like I said, I don't think it's a poor concept, but I think really experienced aviations need to DT/OT it first. Having a main operating base send a waiver up to the MAJCOM/CC to have their not as experienced aviators dry run it is a poor decision.
  14. That’s great. There’s also a reason why there are highly experienced test pilots and booms at Edwards who can conduct this type of testing.
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