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  1. I was vacationing in Australia last week and the taxi driver from the airport asked if the “the black monkey Americans were causing all the crimes in the U.S.?”
  2. Rat is a director of sales at Boeing. If that guy can find a decent post-military job, anyone can.
  3. The VA found this comment not to be service connected.
  4. Since the French built it, his bailout kit included a white flag to waive. He was easily identifiable.
  5. “It’s almost 50/50.” What kind of math are you doing lol https://elections.denverpost.com/results/county-break-down/all/?Douglas/08035
  6. Thankfully, I live in DougCo and I’m a Wyoming Native. A lot of the younger progressives that move here from their shitty Midwest town quickly find out they can’t afford to live here and move back and take their votes with them.
  7. This dude is acting like he’s non-profit CEO with access to Denver’s tax revenue to spend instead of a mayor. Dems here are viciously throwing out propaganda to repeal the Colorado Tax Payer Bill of Rights (TABOR) that sets tax revenue caps for the state (any excess must be refunded to the tax payers) and any tax rate changes must be voted on by CO citizens (Dems get around that by calling it a “fee,” not a “tax). They’re trying to repeal it since they don’t want voters to have a say on them spending tax revenue. Johnston is also whining that surrounding Denver Metro cities aren’t willing to tank their operating budget to support migrants. Denver does own/operate DEN and Red Rocks, so when this idiot starts furloughing people, expect significant delays and cancellations.
  8. The idiot progressive cuck that’s Denver’s Mayor is cutting services to citizens, and looking at future furloughs and layoffs of city workers, to help fund the migrants. https://www.denver7.com/news/front-range/denver/denver-mayor-announces-reduction-in-dmv-and-parks-rec-after-failure-of-bipartisan-congress-immigration-bill
  9. You mean like the KC-30 that dropped a boom in the ocean?
  10. He is, he's also a great football coach.
  11. At the end of the day, attorneys give out educated guesses via arguments, but that doesn't mean they're right and they're going to win their argument. However, they're educated in the matter of opinion, they're the subject matter experts in the law. I've always wondered if an influx of attorneys invaded this forum and told you guys how to fly airplanes and see what responses they'd receive. I'm sure it'd be along the lines of "One of us has pilot wings and one of us doesn't, how about Carpe STFU?" However, I do agree with you. I live in the most conservative county in Colorado. It's clean, nice, and it's 20 miles away from the shit hole known as Denver that has been ruined by progressive "democratic socialists" who are currently trying to pass legislation to ban landlords from evicting a tenant for cause, even after their lease has expired as long as they're still paying their rent. The standard response I hear when migrants or homeless break into a business, or someone's personal property is damaged, from the progressive idiots is "That's why you have insurance, just file a claim." Those idiots assumed that insurance companies were just going to take all those claims/losses and that they weren't businesses with budgets and weren't going to recoup those losses via premium increases or dropping some customers. The border problem is not only Biden's fault, but Trump's, Obama's, and all the applicable Congresses to go along with their terms. They had chances to enact strong immigration laws but turned a blind eye to it until it went to what it is now. The migrant crisis is going to cost Biden votes in the next election because even moderate Dems are upset they're seeing services cut, kids sent to online learning while school house migrants for storms, and other impacts on their lives.
  12. Since you're quibbing about it, let's clarify: 1. Alien - Terminology in Title 8 of U.S. Code to describe a person who is not a citizen or national of the United States. "Alien" is the term in statute; see noncitizen, foreign national. 2. Immigrant - Any person lawfully in the United States who is not a U.S. citizen, U.S. national, or person admitted under a nonimmigrant category as defined by the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) section 101(a)(15). 3. Nonimmigrant - Any person in the United States not a U.S. citizen or U.S. national who is admitted on a temporary basis to the United States for a specific purpose under a nonimmigrant category as defined by the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) section 101(a)(15). 4. Migrant - A person who leaves his/her country of origin to seek temporary or permanent residence in another country. https://www.dhs.gov/ohss/about-data/glossary Just because some college kid wrote a peer-reviewed research article on a topic you somehow interpret that as me agreeing and/or supporting everything he wrote about?
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