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  1. The DOJ will come in and conduct a "pattern of practices" investigation on the sheriff's department, much like what happened in Breonna Taylor's shooting.
  2. You might’ve chosen the logical path of not showing unlawful command influence, but that doesn’t mean every commander has that common sense. When I was the court martialed the Wing King was caught trying to talk to members of the panel during a recess. After the recess the judge barred the Wing King from the court room after he was deposed by the defense attorneys. A lot of commanders of all levels are great examples of Dunning-Kruger Effect when it comes to legal matters. Some of them fuck around and find out.
  3. OSI doesn’t have jurisdiction over state/local law enforcement. Just like state/local law enforcement don’t investigate crimes on a AFB since they don’t have jurisdiction.
  4. Hopefully, he thrown into Gen Pop in a Florida prison where his life expectancy as a former cop is very slim.
  5. Friend of mine is an AC-130 IP. He posted this picture with Fortson with this caption. “Your true friends will correct the narratives in rooms you’re not present in. He was a good kid that served HONORABLY.”
  6. Friend of mine is a 320 CA for Spirit. His wife is a FA for DAL and he applied to DAL recently for more stability (e.g., lack of merger talk like Spirit) and longevity. He didn’t get hired and was told he would’ve probably never have upgraded to CA since DAL has hired so many pilots recently. They also didn’t hire another senior CA at Spirit who applied with him. After he was walked out he was told “Hey man, I can’t give you any feedback, but you're welcome to apply again in 90 days. However, the dynamic around here is rapidly changing and I’m not sure what it’s going to even look like by then.” Maybe they saved him by not hiring him?
  7. I just signed up for CCW Safe's Protector Plan with civil liability of up to $1M and bond coverage of up to $1.5M. Thank you!
  8. My USCCA is expiring this month. Why are you switching?
  9. This is what happens when parents didn’t discipline their iPad kids, now they’re college students. Speaking of one retard.
  10. SNCOs were always fucked by doing jobs WOs in other branches do (excluding aviation) for less pay.
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