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  1. No, I'm not. However, he's a retard without a law degree and displays Dunning-Kruger a decent amount on this forum. Felons usually have a hard time getting security clearances, can't vote depending on the state, own guns depending on the state (all of which I have and do).
  2. Due to the tie the sport is now known as "foccer."
  3. https://coloradosun.com/2022/11/08/alcohol-delivery-wine-grocery-stores-prop-125/ I guess it was wine.
  4. Which is wild since it generates a lot of revenue for the states it’s legal in. Colorado also passed to lower the state income tax rate.
  5. I’m in Parker. I voted for it too since, to me, it made sense since they already sold beer in grocery stores.
  6. Colorado showed up and said eating shrooms is cool, but not selling liquor in grocery stores.
  7. It is in the GOP’s best interest that the DNC keeps funneling money to Abrams to run. She’s far too dangerous as a non-candidate to them getting people who don’t normally vote to vote. Watch was she does with the upcoming runoff on 12/6. Iowa re-elected a dinosaur in Grassley. There is no reason why anyone in their 70s+ should be in in the Executive or Legislative Branch.
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