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  1. I see things haven't changed much in Russia/USSR since WW2 . Typically volunteers for vaccines in that AO are Shatrafniki's assigned to a Shtrafbat.
  2. Here's another site that tracks each states daily/cumulative Covid hospitalizations and the State's hospital bed capacity. Key words 'cumulative hospitalizations': New York currently leads the pack in cumulative hospitalizations - 'New York cumulative Covid hospitalizations = 89,995 (note: Texas might also be in the running for top dog but they, for some reason, don't report cumulative totals). 'COVID-19 hospitalizations by state: Nov. 24' 'Texas has the most COVID-19 patients hospitalized in the U.S., according to the COVID Tracking Project. 'The Atlantic's COVID tracking project compiles data directly from the websites of local or state public health authorities. When data is missing from the websites, it supplements available numbers with information from official news conferences. Data was last updated Nov. 21, Nov. 22 or Nov. 23, depending on the state.' https://www.beckershospitalreview.com/public-health/number-of-covid-19-hospitalizations-state-by-state-july-15.html
  3. Dang - she only lasted ‘About Half A Scaramucci’:
  4. Here's the official investigation/report (long - 246 pages/lots redacted). Chapter 4 'Command Climate and Formal Complaints' covers most of this stuff (pages 56 - 80). Also, pages 71 - 80 covers this incident in detail - Nicknames (like Pornstache, etc), Call Sign Policy, Lt Al-Shamrani and other complaints, the complaint process, the apology that wasn't enough for Lt Al-Shamrani - '2nd Lt Al-Shamrani said, “I want his hea…I want something to happen to him!', etc. https://www.secnav.navy.mil/foia/readingroom/HotTopics/Pensacola Investigation/Command Investigation - NAS Pensacola Shooting Report and Endorsements (Redacted for Release).pdf
  5. "Navy Investigation of Pensacola Shooting Points to ‘Toxic’ Command Climate as Factor" Short version: How to avoid triggering a Jihadist - Instructors shouldn't give them nicknames like 'Pornstache' or refer to them as 'the a--hole' or tell them they 'Stink/send them home to take a shower' or tell them they don't respect women, etc, etc. Red Flag, if your an instructor don't do this - 'an instructor from TW-6 was present while Alshamrani applied to purchase a firearm in July 2019. While his action was legal, Alshamrani violated Navy regulations and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia policy for students training in the U.S. by purchasing the weapon, "transporting it onto NAS Pensacola and storing it in his [public-private venture] residence," the report states.' The instructor was unaware that Alshamrani's application violated the service's rules, according to the report. https://www.military.com/daily-news/2020/11/20/navy-investigation-of-pensacola-shooting-points-toxic-command-climate-factor.html
  6. Another angle to help understand the impact of COVID when it comes to death rates is to look at the potential adjustment to the 2020 US life expectancy due to COVID-19. These life expectancy downward adjustments may be heavily localized - "see NYC as an example". Here's some data on this subject: - "Using data reported by the New York City Health Department through May 14, 2020, we estimated that the excess deaths to date due to COVID-19 caused a drop in life expectancy of 5 years (95% CI: 4.8 – 5.2 years)." - "Reductions in 2020 US life expectancy due to COVID-19 and the disproportionate impact on the Black and Latino populations": (Source - NIH/long/complicated/etc). "https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC7523145/
  7. RIP. I believe Air Force One was fixing to land in Pensacola about the time this crash happened? "The crash happened Friday at 5 p.m." "The two killed in Friday night's crash are the Navy's first aviation-related fatalities in more than a year. The Naval Safety Center announced Tuesday that the Navy and Marine Corps recorded no aviation-related deaths in fiscal 2020, which ended Sept. 30."
  8. Shielded Mild Det Cord (SMDC)/Flexible Confined Det Cord (FCDC) functioning:
  9. My recommendation for the next debate moderator = Nurse Ratched:
  10. The latest: "Air Force moves to cancel contracts for training on white privilege" "The Air Force is taking the first steps toward canceling any contracts for diversity and unconscious bias training that include segments on white privilege and other controversial subjects, as called for by the White House." Etc, etc, etc. https://www.airforcetimes.com/news/your-air-force/2020/09/22/air-force-moves-to-cancel-contracts-for-training-on-white-privilege/
  11. "Trump Says Troops Won’t Have to Pay Back Deferred Payroll Taxes -- If He Wins": "President Donald Trump pledged that service members and Defense Department civilians won't have to pay back the extra money that will be in their paychecks through the end of the year under the payroll tax deferral plan -- if he wins re-election in November." "In a Twitter post Thursday night, Trump wrote, "When we win I, as your President, will totally forgive ALL deferred payroll taxes with money from the General Fund." https://www.military.com/daily-news/2020/09/11/trump-says-troops-wont-have-pay-back-deferred-payroll-taxes-if-he-wins.html
  12. IMHO, Soleimani should've been targeted/killed long before the current POTUS ever took office. Also, I place most of the blame for these endless wars squarely on "Congress". When and under what authorization did we get stuck "Again" in the middle of this Iraqi/Syrian - Sunni/Shia/Kurd/Tribal/etc/etc endless Civil War? - When (Round 3/4?) = Operation Inherent Resolve (start date - 2014/end date - TBD). - Authorization - 2002 AUMF (Authorization for Use of Military Force Against Iraq).
  13. Here's a list of "NEW" wars/conflicts the US has been involved in since the mid 1970's. President Ford was the last President to not get the US involved in a new war/conflict. POTUS Scorecard for getting the US involved in "NEW" wars/conflicts (I only covered the new war/conflict start dates not the war/conflict end dates). The timeframe covered is from President Ford to President Trump; - President Ford = He got the US involved in "Zero" New Wars/Conflicts during his term in office. President Carter = He got the US involved in "Two" New Wars/Conflicts (One Minor League Conflict and One Doozy with lots of blowback) during his term in office. - President Reagan = He got the US involved in "Seven" New Wars/Conflicts during his term in office. - President HW Bush = He got the US involved in "Five" New Wars/Conflicts during his term in office. - President Clinton = He got the US involved in "Three" New Wars/Conflicts during his term in office. - President GW Bush = He got the US involved in "Five" New Wars/Conflicts during his term in office. - President Obama = He got the US involved in "Seven" New Wars/Conflicts during his term in office. - President Trump = So far he has gotten the US involved in "Zero" New Wars/Conflicts during his term in office.
  14. Here's a snapshot on how Michigan is tabulating the states total monthly deaths by select medical/health related causes. This chart also includes all COVID classified deaths since March 2020. I'm not sure how the other 49 states collect and publish this type data but for simple minded folks like me it's easy to see that COVID is probably the main reason there's been a spike in the Michigan death count since March 2020. "Number of Deaths by Select Causes of Death by Month, Michigan Occurences": https://www.mdch.state.mi.us/osr/Provisional/MontlyDxCounts.asp Year of Death Month of Death Number of Deaths Total Cancer Heart Disease COPD Stroke Pneumonia & Flu Septicemia COVID-19 2019 January 8,490 798 2,274 486 443 176 107 – 2019 February 7,712 665 2,064 452 386 144 93 – 2019 March 8,582 777 2,230 522 479 197 88 – 2019 April 7,987 719 1,984 510 422 203 117 – 2019 May 8,164 795 2,090 486 422 140 78 – 2019 June 7,711 729 1,971 468 374 116 90 – 2019 July 7,994 836 2,002 456 413 109 93 – 2019 August 7,811 797 1,948 431 403 89 93 – 2019 September 7,734 770 1,884 444 406 109 87 – 2019 October 8,292 862 2,112 472 446 100 86 – 2019 November 8,395 729 2,196 462 424 122 106 – 2019 December 8,777 861 2,394 512 474 136 96 – 2020 January 8,932 857 2,224 607 512 181 116 – 2020 February 8,227 708 2,148 497 478 229 111 – 2020 March 9,635 807 2,386 578 495 300 126 461 2020 April 13,031 753 2,535 544 505 254 125 3,197 2020 May 9,284 750 2,024 404 473 132 87 1,152 2020 June 8,163 773 1,883 381 429 90 89 249 2020 July 8,221 757 1,876 410 400 70 110 132 2020 August 2,472 86 243 62 67 9 11 42
  15. This seems like a move from the original Tuskegee Airmen recruitment playbook: IMHO, the folks that came up with this idea need to attend this new USAF Microaggressions Course; https://www.military.com/daily-news/2020/08/26/conversation-about-race-air-force-warns-troops-avoid-microaggressions.html
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