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  1. I thought there was an A-10 that gunned a raptor in an exercise that had the silhouette, but I feel like putting it on the side of the A-10 was part of the joke. Could be unrelated.
  2. https://tinyurl.com/29u5ntox
  3. Was on a UAL jumpseat yesterday, and the CA said I could go as long as I wasn’t going to call the FAA on them. Now it all makes sense.
  4. A 777 crossing a runway they weren’t cleared for, causing another aircraft to reject, and then still continuing to Europe YOLO leaving no voice recording despite knowing they made the mistake. Edit: saw your follow on recognizing this. But it honestly probably was the single event driver.
  5. Actually this is incredibly true. One C-17 lands at Peter O Knight, and they’re all guilty by association for landing at the wrong airport. Same with B-1 pilots and landing gear up. Can’t trust any of them.
  6. Another important distinction is that while losing Afghanistan, it wasn’t an existential threat so we had the luxury of pretending to avoid civilian casualties more than we actually did. So it’s pretty ridiculous that Biden has the nerve to try to tell Israel how to conduct war after losing two urban wars. The only one that we “won” was bombing every city block to exterminate ISIS. Hamas (and by proxy Iran) are an existential threat to Israel that embed themselves in the local population as shields. They’re honestly doing a great job limiting their impact to civilians. All the numbers are dubious in the news because it relies on what Hamas reports. Definitely trust those guys.
  7. Alaska/Hawaiian should be entertaining as well.
  8. We can’t have two airlines combining and “reducing competition” and “raising prices.” Instead we’ll have the government artificially reduce all commercial flights into the northeast for the summer and then block a useful merger that puts one out of business.
  9. Refreshing to hear someone recognize this with a good plan in place to lead for the future within their organization, rather than stick around past their usefulness just to be in charge.
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