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  1. I know this belongs in the C-130 thread, but as an aside what form factor fits more than 8% of the Army’s stuff that isn’t a C-17?
  2. Best the 60s had to offer. Hey, when you’re moving from a 1950s plane to a 1960s one, it looks like an improvement.
  3. That’s because you are a web bot that only copies and pastes spam about “economics” and can’t think critically about geopolitics and the narrative gain Russia potentially gets and the US potentially loses from this.
  4. He’s likely not thinking in the same manner you would be. Things Putin would look for: justification for intensifying hostilities, painting NATO as an existential threat, and rallying his country against a common enemy to gain support. Look through that lens, and the russian line being attacked make way more sense as something beneficial to him.
  5. Yeah, and if this is true, there’s only a singular two star at Barksdale right now so the inquiring minds are probably smart enough to figure it out. I mean, it honestly wouldn’t surprise me if he did.
  6. Dillon Vakoff -a former 1C for the 96th BS at Barksdale- was something that was right in the AF, and a good person that the Red Devils enjoyed on their team. https://kdvr.com/news/local/officer-vakoff-heart-of-gold-always-smiling/
  7. Actually scheduled them on that tail then waited until they were at the gate so they could see it, then rescheduled them to another aircraft/city pair and extended them into an off day.
  8. It depends, timing is everything, keep your cranium on a swivel for opportunities, let your commander know what you want. The end.
  9. The Russians using their grey forces to do this sounds like a bad exercise road to war script. Can we loan them some screen writers? If we’re going to end up doing this, I at least want a better plot from the Russians.
  10. He attained that status well before this incident.
  11. I imagine there’s a frazzled A4 and A5 in certain theaters trying to figure that out.
  12. No major airline management wants to incur additional labor costs. Better vote in those strike authorizations to drive the point.
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