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  1. And your point is? That doesn’t change that our electric grid and most other infrastructure are just as vulnerable. In 2003 a software bug at one control room took out electricity for most of the northeast US and Canada.
  2. You can’t compare the US federal gov’t to US states, but you can compare the US gov’t to two nearly homogeneous countries with pretty different governmental structures/limitations than the US. Right.
  3. Until they hack the grid. All of our infrastructure is shockingly vulnerable.
  4. There are contract civilians teaching in the IFF squadron, but not the contracted out UPT referenced above. The IFF guys are previous fighter IPs and function in the IFF squadron like a normal IP, just with beards and/or long hair.
  5. AD is enough pain in the ass in my neck of the woods to not even make dodging qweep just to fly worth my time, which is why I’m taking my talents to the part-time force.
  6. And that’s exactly why I’m going to stomach a third of the pay for a while: the ability for my duty to be just flying. It’s not the most exciting flying in the world, but there aren’t any ADO qweepdoms. But that’s what will work for me. YMMV.
  7. Similar boat, and I essentially decided I disliked AD so much I built myself a bubble that I’m going to work with while at the regionals. Probably going to be some lean times, but I’m going to make it work.
  8. I don’t care if they fly a LOC or LPV, but radio navaids in the NAS are a dying breed, and 6-9 times out of 10 you get an RNAV SID/STAR you can’t comply with or find a field you want to go to that isn’t compatible. “Unable, vectors to final” sure, but complying with RNAV stuff would be nice.
  9. As much as John McCain did in his time, he was a loud voice against a lot of military compensation. “we didn’t need this kind of money to be patriotic back in my day” is what I took away from his position and lobbying on all those items.
  10. It’s not for lack of trying; maybe the BUFFs need a new plan of attack (other than R), but USAFE was not game for it the last few times they were in the UK.
  11. Allegedly the airframes are at the end if their service life, so maintaining that fraction of the per flight hour cost would require acquiring a new airframe.
  12. Let alone making a case to Congress to increase the maximum amount that was set in the, what, 1990s?
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