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  1. True story. Mid 80s in T-6 was normal 10 years ago.
  2. When I canceled a sortie, I fully expected to have to explain the decision with actual facts in addition to my general intuition of the situation…sounds reasonable to me.
  3. UPT 2.5 is after UPT Next in the iteration of bad ideas from AETC timeline, I think.
  4. Since you’re so laissez faire, what do you consider first amendment overreach?
  5. You’re really not making the connection.
  6. So your voice in the town square getting silenced at government order isn’t restriction of speech, got it.
  7. You know how much we roast other countries for doing the same thing, right?
  8. “Hey private company, censor this speech for us.” Sounds like the government is indeed 1000% restricting free speech.
  9. Just finished a VA Refi with Jon and his team, and it was a smooth process. Definitely recommend.
  10. It is, although the labor organizations themselves in many cases precipitated their own downfalls because they lost sight of their objectives. And things like the NRLB are a political mess.
  11. If only people with poor working conditions at steel mills a hundred years ago had figured out how to collectively bargain in our terribly unjust society where workers have no rights.
  12. Allow myself to quote…myself, but now waiting for the plot of Tom Clancy’s Locked on to play out as the Taliban expands its ops. The Jack Ryan Jr series predicted Crimea, why not Pakistan (and then probs Taiwan)? http:// https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Locked_On_(novel)
  13. They have to move past him to make 2024 viable.
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