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  1. Slowest vref since I flew the T-6, not a factor.
  2. More recently it’s two parts: the would you rather amputate baby legs or kill a bus full of nuns section, and the fly blocks through canyons.
  3. Use Adblock on phone also. Haven’t seen any ads.
  4. It wasn’t even on a real TV station, though, right? Just CBS Sports Network, which maybe a third of the country gets at best?
  5. APA did make the announcement today that the company is not implementing the healthcare cut that I was against, so their shenanigans are slightly less today than normal. However, my angst with the general apathy and ineptitude usually shown by APA still stands. Not the right culture or representation structure for airline union representation.
  6. The fact that you don’t understand or don’t care that a cut in benefits just happened highlights that you shouldn’t be involved in any union activities. Turn in your card and go join management, you’re well on track.
  7. Non sequitur and deflecting from the fact that your individualistic apathy about this change is one of the inherent problems within APA, all the way up. “Doesn’t affect me, isn’t likely to affect me so why care.” Except the collective bargaining agent is about protecting…the collective. Some of whom will be greatly affected. That’s where APA is not an effective bargaining agent and should be thrown to the side of the road.
  8. There shouldn’t be so many offices to confirm in the senate then. Smaller government, boom problem solved.
  9. Yeah, it’s a significant risk for anyone requiring those surgeries or an incredible increase in cost, i.e. a pay cut. APA loves to sit there and say how the company can’t do any better or they said “no” instead of fighting for better or figuring out how to improve things for the members. Case in point, two APA cheerleaders apologizing for the company making a unilateral benefits cut as acceptable. Get ed, we deserve better. ALPA.
  10. The company just took tens of thousands of dollars from anyone who needs these surgeries. It’s the same apathetic defeatist response I got from my rep, and and this is indeed the prevailing sentiment of APA that you’re espousing. Getting beaten by the company and saying “well it could be worse” is the type of Stockholm syndrome I didn’t see at ALPA, to include a having an actual strategic plan for negotiating. Not impressed with the combination of Mark Meyers/whimsical board of 20 equal Bobs that are at odds with the day to day President. It’s a recipe for this disservice to the members.
  11. Is BCBS administering the plans, or are they not? Because if they’re not anymore to determine what is in and out of network, that’s a pretty serious change. If APA is not going to have the foresight to anticipate these backhanded efforts, they could at least have the balls to fight them.
  12. It’s not half the story. The association capitulated that not using the roulette of lowest bidder Surgery Plus was still out of network and could cost member tens of thousands for using a reputable doctor that would otherwise be in-network under the BCBS administered plans. So APA gave up and called the loss a win. A-L-P-A.
  13. So… provide means to migrate, make press releases to please not migrate…profit?
  14. No, but you still have to go out and win the games. And by golly they survived a snowball barrage.
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