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  1. That sounds like the perfect mission profile a newly-minted Lt (with no mutual support) who just went through a gutted UPT syllabus…what could go wrong?
  2. Tinfoil hat: do we think it’s a coincidence that the recent fleet issues crop up immediately after the injunction update?
  3. I was looking at mil comp and didn’t see 767 type rating for KC-46. Do you get one during IQT?
  4. People like this are allowed to vote…
  5. But but but but but…the airlines don’t do it this way, the FAA says we can’t, and I need someone to tell me how to properly report lasing accidents while I fly around lights on in Meg!
  6. Sign me up. Just because we’ve gainfully employed folks in the right seat on large aircraft, doesn’t mean they are necessary for safe and effective operation. God forbid the PF actually manipulates an FMS, or makes his own radio call. Bring on the downvotes.
  7. Soooo…where can I get some of these? Google Translate says the flavor is “Chinese Gas Pedal”.
  8. Speaking of homosexuality and world views: https://www.unilad.co.uk/news/gay-football-fans-death-sex-qatar-world-cup-20220621.amp.html Anybody that has spent time in the ME is laughing at the public messaging hypocrisy…not surprising though. Someone should send them our diversity training, and a recent copy of the Tongue and Quill for pronoun etiquette in electronic mail.
  9. As queepy as it sounds, I had to complete an aviation instructor CBT from the ADLS portal before my first IPUG. It mirrored a lot of the FAA instructor handbook and had some good stuff in it. Surprise, surprise…coach/athlete is more effective than continually shitting on your future wingman/co-pilot.
  10. Why does the 24 year old Spirit F/O get to use the known crew member access point, yet DoD pilots entrusted with weapons of war have to battle airport security checkpoints? I’ve gone through four separate concourses in one day, each of which required me to remove my laptop/belt/shoes while some neckbeard harasses the mom of an infant about “excessive” amounts of breast milk in the diaper bag. Thanks Bin Laden.
  11. Standby


    She isn’t cheap to fill up, but can’t beat almost 1100 ft/lb of torque and the long legs for road tripping.
  12. Standby


    Those $ figures mentioned were only for your Tesla? Or your other vehicles as well?
  13. No BS, that needs to be reported.
  14. We’re on the same page, and your assumptions are correct.
  15. CH: I’m not trying to soapbox, but you know full well that there are heroic Americans who died in great service to our nation. The greater society will likely never know what/where/why it happened anytime soon. I don’t see Doc’s story being any different. By all accounts, a true patriot. Does that mean his story should be told at the possible expense of national security? I have no clue if his wife was partly read-in or given a closed door debrief about the accident. If she wasn’t…absolutely foul. That is something I think the family is owed. Anything more, particularly to the rest of the world…not so much.
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