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  1. Huggy I’m surprised you didn’t know...he’s one of us now!
  2. Nope. And nope for Navy/Marine at Vance. You’re best bet is to grow a mustache, become fluent in Italian, and start smoking heavily...then go to Sheppard.
  3. Thank me later: https://youtu.be/dQw4w9WgXcQ
  4. If you’re a T-1 stud: 69% chance of a C-17 then rest is 1-2 AFSOC, couple wide body ISR, rest tankers. If you’re a T-38 stud with a pulse (even if it’s faint) probably a Viper but 33.3% repeating chance of a 5th gen; the other 1-3 studs will get a bomber. If you’re at Laughlin, 87% chance you get FAIPd. Better yet, if you’re at Vance or Columbus...you could FAIP to XL!
  5. Late to the party, but I vote to keep her long distance at least through track select and see how she handles it. If she can’t hang, it probably wasn’t going to work anyway.
  6. My googling has been limited, but why get the vaccine if you’ve already had the virus? CDC has no clue how long the vaccine will remain effective and has no clue how long the antibodies from COVID exposure will be retained by the body. Is it just to be extra “safe”?
  7. Clearly this a polarizing issue and there’s only one way to truly solve this. SUPER DRINK OFF!
  8. I heard that’s how you catch bass. Or was it bass?
  9. “You’ve got to think of your own health, which is really very important, but you got to think about your societal obligation, including people close to you personally as well as other members of families of other individuals,” Fauci said. You’re coming in broken and stupid, say again.
  10. Still somewhat unbelievable that there was no mention of 11R in the PSDM. I’m not an 11R so I have no clue as to what their life is really like or how their manning is perceived by those in the trenches...but to not even offer a bonus is a pretty bold move. Whether by design or through some sheer dumb publishing/copy +paste error it sends a very clear message. “Do you want ants?”
  11. Don’t have a picture handy, but for real this time: Tier 1 Initial 11F/B/S/M, CSAR FW & HC-130s 5-7 years: $25k/yr with $100k up front option 8-12 years: $35k/yr with $200k up front option Tier 2 Initial CSAR RW 5-7 years: $15k/yr 8-12 years: $25k/yr Tier 3 Initial 11U/18X 5-7 years: $25k/yr 8-12 years: $35k/yr
  12. $100k/yr (tax free) with 1 year min signing time for maintenance officers, finance specialists and CE. $69k/yr for WSOs w/ 20 year minimum signing time taxed at 50%. For any 11-X AFSCs, no bonus because the retention is fixed.
  13. C7 Grand Sport...best car we’ve owned and by far the most insane that I’ve been on the track with. It was hard to trust the car the first two laps but fook me it was eye-watering every lap after. Tried for the ZL1 1LE but the car seats wouldn’t fit. 😑
  14. If you haven’t heard these LiveATC recordings before...they are usually truncated and the transcripts aren’t real time. Not saying that’s true of this one, but helps when trying to build the mental framework for timing and sequence of events.
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