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  1. I am saddened that the perp wasn’t taken alive and brought to a black site where the families of the deceased could enact their own form of justice.
  2. Am I the only one who thinks we need to just totally fuck up Iran and be done with their bullshit for a while? I’m not encouraging a protracted and decades long conflict…but I would love to see these anti-American rug makers silenced for a while and rendered incapable of inflicting further harm to us. I know of at least one nation who’d be willing to aid in the delivery of a quick and lethal response.
  3. “Once people transition and become their true selves, there’s not a mental block,” she said. “With that they become exceptional. They soar above everyone else. They become absolute rock stars. They become an even better, stronger, faster, more intellectual performer than they previously were.” This dude is out here thinking that cutting off your dick or attempting to grow one makes you a super saiyan or something. I’ve heard that smoking PCP (and HGH/TRT) also makes you stronger and faster…when do we normalize that for our military members?
  4. Good data pull, helps give perspective to the increase in media coverage. To me, it’s analogous to the coverage that shark attacks get…one person gets chomped and all of the sudden it’s like Jaws is at every sand bar of every beach in USA.
  5. DoD acting like an abusive husband. “I know I hurt you, but I promise I won’t do it again…I’ve changed!”
  6. I think so. Upon graduation you’re authorized to mix and match boot colors when rehacking long gun qual.
  7. Just the other day I was telling someone about your student that tried to do a NH recovery by rolling out and attempting to Immelmann at the top of the block.
  8. This guy survived 57mm straight to the rectum…other dude is probably fine. https://www.militarytimes.com/off-duty/military-culture/2021/12/09/shell-shocked-bomb-squad-called-after-man-lodges-wwii-anti-tank-round-in-rectum/
  9. I don't buy the Starlink argument at all. I should have also included that during the unexplainable light show I witnessed that night/early morning, I saw what can only be described as celestial BFM/ACM. While I never trust publicly available information about sensitive programs, the DoD only claims that three of those were built. I saw way more than 3 lights maneuvering/translating simultaneously. Weird stuff...the explanation exists, I just don't have it.
  10. I had a similar experience just before Thanksgiving. I was flying eastbound out of Japan heading back to the states. For approximately 2 hours I observed a repeating pattern of 4 unidentified lights in an off-axis clockwise wheel. The further east we flew, the more distant and faint the lights became. The lights appeared to be quite dim when they were at the 'top' of their wheel, but were most bright at the 3-7 o'clock portion of the wheel. I was exhausted and initially thought I was seeing things (as did the guy in the right seat), until he saw them too! I'm not a space guy, so it was quite the feeling to see something that I could not explain.
  11. “The Department's COVID-19 vaccination efforts will leave a lasting legacy…” I bet it will, and I’m sure we have not yet seen the ramifications of such efforts.
  12. No way in hell I’m giving the USAF my OnlyFans subscriber content for free.
  13. Totally agree! Nothing says non-combatant evacuation operations like AGR-20s coming off the rails of the AC-17 Globe-Swatter before swooping in to pick up a bunch of TCNs. I kid, but I have to poke fun at our institutional overuse of the word kinetic.
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