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  1. Definitely bring the boat, but temper expectations. The lake is close to the historic low (2013) since it’s been dammed, and finding a suitable ramp could be difficult depending on the size of your boat.
  2. It’s probably because they weren’t actually fully vaccinated. The majority of the ship only had 3 shots…you need at least 6-9 for full protection and to guarantee zero transmission.
  3. Serious question: are there any ejection-capable fighter or trainer aircraft in our inventory that recommend a landing with single MLG unsafe? If you don’t have safety access, the AIB gives much of what you may need. I realize there are different seats, but one of the most important parts of this mishap (to me) is the failure of the seat. I think far too many people make go/no-go decisions without consideration for seat failure. I have seen people take too much unnecessary risk with a blind assumption that the seat will get them out of a bad spot if things go too far south.
  4. Are you saying that the CC needs to interview the person receiving NJP prior to delivering it?
  5. Sounds better than any other SkillBridge I’ve heard of. I’d definitely do it! What’s the worst that could happen…you relocate east, totally change your appearance, and never see your family again?
  6. It’s not hypocrisy Aspirin…1899 Advil…1961 Tylenol…1955 Those are the approximate years that each of the medications you listed were developed. Fetal cell testing for developmental purposes didn’t start until late 60s. There is marked difference between developing something with fetal cells, and testing it well after creation for the novelty factor. If someone were to test the effect of aborted fetal cells being placed into a bottle of Aquafina, are we now no longer allowed to consume it based on religious beliefs? Stupid argument man.
  7. I sat the position you sat in. For some reason, I needed to have a come to Jesus moment with a bunch of young ACs and CPs. They didn’t understand that being tired wasn’t a reason to not step. I asked them if the ground force and the helicopter guys that were literally AWAKE for almost 3 days straight, hopped up on an insane amount of dex, and coming back from every flight with LOTS of bullet holes in their aircraft would be OK without the air support they were authorized…and very much needed. Lots of light bulbs came on. Absolutely one of the most disappointing points in my career…listening to some SNAPs complain about getting to do a no-shitter mission with lives literally counting on their pilotage and having to “motivate” them to just get it done.
  8. AMS Robot emails. Typically 3 hiring boards per year. One closed out yesterday. Applications typically due ~1-2mos before in-person interviews which are mandatory attendance if selected to interview. In-person interview is about a 6 day calendar commit but can be shorter depending on your circumstances. Min requirements used to have cut-offs for hours and the like , but the following are still true: AC or above in an MWS, IP in any manned aircraft, no single-seat only, 3 years TOS by a cut-off date, current/passing PT score. I PM’d you a link.
  9. Are what ifs are open? What if, instead of locking down the country and forcing people to PIO their social interactions we just lived normal lives? I think more people would have been sick sooner, but do you think we’d be past it sooner as well? Are we delaying the inevitable and attempting to control an uncontrollable force of nature? Will letting it run its natural course bring a large immediate death toll but then taper significantly? I’m not smart enough to know, but I don’t believe anybody out there is either. All of the predictions have been wrong at this point.
  10. Constitutional carry AND prohibition on vaccine mandates? I wonder how the California transplants are going to handle this one…
  11. They were vaccinating smallpox at least until 2016. Some pog Army flight doc and his minions were running around with a list of people who had a deferment on it (usually newborns, family with eczema, etc) and trying to stick folks. Pointless.
  12. I thought Rosie stayed in after winning. IIRC, his purse was ~$250k from the win in Canada, eh.
  13. C’mon brown. - me after hearing a single dude with a sword caused everybody to SIP and then walk away after.
  14. I’ve received lots of anthrax shots and most people will say they make your arm the most sore of all the usual mobility shots. The J&J was like a factor of 3-5 more “painful”. I got mine before any of the mandates were published and it’s caught up with IMR and I’m green. Side effects I experienced: splitting headache and general malaise for a day. Sore arm persisted for 3 days. Other possible side effects: I never lose 5G service, women (and men) are suddenly more interested in me, and I’ve discovered hidden treasures buried deep in the ocean.
  15. The good ole days of being a UPT IP are over. AETC “is at war”. Not my quote, that’s from the senior leaders. What it translates to: expect max duty day, min crew rest, minimal CT opportunity, and local weekend flying. Sure, you PROBABLY won’t deploy and you’ll get to sleep in your own bed most nights…but the job is hardly a cake walk anymore. You’re going to trade extended TDYs for the meat grinder of pilot production. Reference the manning crisis threads for further.
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