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  1. Should motivate the driver Sent from my iPhone using Baseops Network mobile app
  2. Legos I wouldn't mind finding on the bedroom floor
  3. Another one. Can you skin a buck, or run a trot line?
  4. Quote from an EWO, early 90s "Can I dance with your date? Mine has a dick"
  5. arg

    Gun Talk

    If I can tell a shooting story. Guys from the base want to come out and shoot on my place, sure come on out. They show up and ask if I want to shoot. Okay, I grab my Winchester 30-30 off the wall and put some bullets in my pocket, ready to go. These guys have several cases of guns, ammo, perch, filled up the back of my Kubota S&S. I'm like jeeze. Not bragging but(maybe a little bit) I usually out shot them. They were amazed that with a forty year old gun and iron sights I could nail the target. Wish I still had that gun that's in some river somewhere.
  6. I was surprised that as an E7 with five kids(extended family, two were mine)that I qualified for WIC/.gov help, this was in FL. I took advantage of it. I was also surprised that my tax refund was more than I paid in. Didn't think that was possible. This was '96.
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