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  1. Somewhat aviation related
  2. Good to hear from a fed Le. The Capitol Police use of force can't be too different from other feds. The Capitol Police are a bunch of fucking boobs. They have a budget bigger than the Dallas PD, but they have to protect Nancy so they need that. Oh and after 1/6 the budget was increased. I guess I should walk back my statement that she was murdered. Can anybody here say how she crossed the threshold where use of deadly force was authorized? She was playing a stupid game and deserved a stupid prize. But she didn't deserve that prize. When this first hit the news I wondered if it was an AD or ND.
  3. She was straight up murdered. The cops own statements show that.
  4. And they don't see it slapping them because they are so out of touch with reality. Maybe the pilots that caused his flight to cancel were home on maternity leave.
  5. You forgot spank the monkey. A coke and an out of date snickers bar from the vending machine was a pretty standard breakfast. Maybe coffee that could eat it's way through aluminum if you spilled it. No ambiem then.
  6. Say what you want about Viet Nam, they had the best music to fight to.
  7. arg

    Latest Movies

    Meg Ryan was the hottest chick in the orginal
  8. Listening to stuff from when I was in elementary school. Since the wife is gone I'm listening to it loud. And the monkee pox I remember dancing to Sugar Sugar with Billie Jo Gibson. She was dam hot for a 5thgrader
  9. And the democrats blaming the failure on Trump saying he made the deal and we had to stick to it. Out of all the Trump stuff Biden reversed that was the one and only thing he couldn't.
  10. Hope everyone had a safe Memorial day. I'd like to do a shot for each one that I knew, but I can't drink that much anymore. So, a toast to our brothers and sisters
  11. We replaced the sign on the door with MAC and on his shirt with 23rd AF. Was funny back then.
  12. I'm going to take a wild guess and say a lot of folks on here are too young to remember these guys.
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