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  1. This song is played in a lot of Viet Nam war vids. Don't think most folks realize how anti-war this song is. CCR was a big anti-war group. I remember listening to it when it first hit the radio, I was in 6th grade. My dad had just returned from a year at Da Nang, the first of his three trips there.
  2. The answer would be follow the money. How many times have you had the flu while getting the shot every year? I'll bet you a beer that if the flu shot went away it wouldn't change the amount of people that got sick. My experience has been getting the flu about twice a year. Once because of the shot and once in the off season, for about 23 years. I've been retired 21 years, no flu shot since. Been sick with what may have been the flu twice. My experience, YMMV.
  3. Just one example. This happens all over the country.
  4. CNN is reporting that Trump and Epstein were good buddies.
  5. A few sources reporting but I picked this one because it has a picture that perfectly defines the Brandon admin. https://pjmedia.com/vodkapundit/2021/11/29/mandate-cave-biden-to-suspend-vaccine-mandate-for-fed-employees-n1537372?fbclid=IwAR3Ie4FpeM6XMPSBoFl9eOZDzSPPkRH5lNr5rFhoaLi4hW1svK7aTDzIQYo
  6. My sarcasm detector just went off scale high. Sent from my iPhone using Baseops Network mobile app
  7. I ain’t skeered. Brandon said he has a plaaan….. Sent from my iPhone using Baseops Network mobile app
  8. "AFSOC has ruined Air Force special operations"
  9. Great, new variant hitting the streets. Multiple news sources reporting.
  10. With an old, white, dazed and confused male at the top.
  11. I tried to resist posting while drinking but was unable. To be severe clear most of the retired O6s I've worked with are awesome dudes, same with retired SNCOs. Didn't mean that most retired O6s were douches just most douches I've had to work with were. YMMV. Going back to the LM days the best site manager we ever had at Hurbie was a retired O6 Talon driver. The best at CVS was a retired E7 FE.
  12. You are correct, I focused on 06s because that's what the discussion was about. I did mention some of them are good dudes. Same with retired E8/9s, some continue to think their clothes should be ironed for them. Some, like Rich, contribute to the mission. I've drank many beers with Rich, many war stories were shared and a good time was had. Wait until you meet Rich's replacement, E9 all the way. See above. I think I've mentioned this before but back in the day you could call an E9 Sergeant. We would call a Chief that deserved it a Chief but call an E9 Sergeant, some knew why. One retired E9 shoe clerk was belittling aircrew instructors and was promptly reminded who the "rock stars" were. A retired O6 site manager did that. I got to admit I felt kind of proud about that.
  13. This talk about about O6s made me think of this. I've been a .gov contractor for 21 years. The biggest douchebags I've ever had to work with by far were retired O6s. Not saying all of them were because there were some good dudes, some of them I flew with. The douches thought they should get some recognition because of their retired rank, nope, not from me and most others felt the same. You earn respect now. Working shoulder to shoulder with one particular guy that thought he was in charge, nope, let him know real quick. Where does this expectation come from? The best leaders/managers in my years of experience have been retired SNCOs
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