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  1. Had to double check this wasn't Chang.🙂 Unnecessarily burdensome? No. Unnecessary useless bullshit? Yes. This was done at Hurbie, 2008ish?, to stop DUIs, lasted a short few months. How about this idea. Reverse the hours and stop selling during the day because it promotes day drinking. Same logic eh. Planning is cool but you do get a bit of the stink eye walking out of the express at 0630 with a 30 rack of natties on your way to crew brief. That being said I lived in Santa Rosa county for many years with alcohol sales restrictions. You learned to plan around those. Got to the Navarre Winn Dixie one night after a flight at 1155 got to the checkout at 1159, just made it. Not saying you agree with the restrictions
  2. arg

    Gun Talk

  3. Cool, sounds like what I was talking about. Hopefully there was a witness that can tell all of his buddies what happened.
  4. I get the send a message thing but I would like it to be more of a surprise. Like, they don't know where it's coming from. They just know if they do something they will get the rain(cheesy movie). Wonder what weapon they used in this attack. I remember back in the day(even before CHs time) when nobody outside of the small community knew what a gunship was.
  5. In the Navy I guess it's Seamen Yummy britches
  6. The list of them could be its own thread.
  7. CH may get a little wet watching this. I know I did.
  8. Back in the news https://www.cnn.com/2023/11/10/us/martha-mcsally-assault-suspect-arrested/index.html
  9. pumping a lot of exhaust into the tunnels would be effective
  10. I don't know what that zipper is made out of but if they built airplanes out of that same materiel they would be indestructible
  11. Shrooms! https://www.kgw.com/amp/article/news/local/alaska-airlines-pilot-arrest-joseph-emerson-psychedelic-mushrooms/283-5d9c6df6-09c1-4f99-899b-825c3d072312
  12. I think Ayn Rand may have said it
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