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  1. https://www.af.mil/News/Article-Display/Article/3609640/afsoc-commander-directs-cv-22-operational-standdown/
  2. Disingenuous? This argument would stand a much better chance of being solved if the pro-abortion side was honest about their intent. The truth is, people who are pro-abortion are scared of ruining their careers, commitment, finances and scared of the changes to their body should they have a child. Can’t have stretch marks in this social media crazed day and age. Instead we get to argue over some arbitrary number of weeks. It’s all the same in the end, you’re ending your own child’s life. Or, we get to talk about things that are statistically irrelevant like rape and incest. Or, we get to talk about the life of the mother which is getting harder and harder to argue with the advances in medicine. The left will never agree to something firm in this argument. As stated by many above, it’s a political football that consistently produces winners and losers. It’s too valuable of a political commodity to put to bed. Meanwhile, millions of children are being murdered in the name of politics, selfishness and irresponsibility. It’s all disgusting.
  3. Russia invades Ukraine. We send over 100 billion, who knows how much ammo/weapons and deplete our oil reserves. Iran waits for this to happen. They then use their proxy militaries and attack Israel. We send more money and ammo/weapons. Two carrier strike groups, fighter squadrons and a marine amphibious unit are now tied up. China makes a run at Taiwan next? Terrorist cells go live in the US via the open border? All without a functioning congress, a president in bad health who is probably compromised with a son facing felony charges and a ex president in court. All while we fight over identity politics. Nothing to see here.
  4. I call bullshit on that email. I seriously doubt it is authentic.
  5. This is actually pretty scary rhetoric and an evil way of thinking. She’s talking about forcing people to change their views and opinions.
  6. It is comical watching the left have to navigate the minefield they’ve created through virtue signaling.
  7. Sanctuary cities? Yeah, not so much anymore. Turns out virtue signaling has consequences. It’s funny listening to Mayor Adams blame Texas. I think Texas has bussed 13k illegals to NYC. Apparently, there are over 100k illegals in NYC at this point. It’s your dem policies not Texas that has you jammed up Mayor…. It’s also funny how the federal government was and probably is still flying illegals around the country but Governors bussing them is the problem. As for NM, I always get a kick out of the “blame the gun crowd”. It’s the most ignorant, weak and chicken shit argument anyone can make. It’s patently absurd to think crime will slow down because you ask people to put their guns away. I’m not an expert in how the DAs in NM treat crime but I’m guessing they are pretty soft on criminals.
  8. Please reread my post if you’re referencing me.
  9. A large part of me wants Trump to win just to beat the damn system. He is an ass. That is for sure. But, he’s been attacked at every turn for years, often with fabricated stories and complete falsehoods. I’d love to see him continue to take on everything that I see that is wrong with our government and media. I despise the elites and their double standards in this country to my core. He’s the only one I see who is fully in the ring with them. I would like to see him win. And I would like to see things change. And then what if he wins? We get an even bigger ass with a bigger, louder chip on his shoulder. We get the other side who will become even more unhinged and desperate to ruin anything and everything he does. Not seeing any of that outweighs my desire to see him win the next election. At this point, I want to see him beat the system in court. Not in politics. I like Ramaswamy. I’ve been listening to a lot of what he has to say. He’s certainly refreshing and isn’t part of the system.
  10. So, who got to Hunter when all this first started? It’s pretty obvious that some bad actor on the word stage caught wind of the “US Vice President’s drug addict son”. Hunter quickly became the easy target for the bad guys to exploit and Hunter quickly sold out. Joe wasn’t initially involved but got roped in. And then things got out of control.
  11. https://babylonbee.com/news/transgender-womens-soccer-player-outed-on-free-kick
  12. Major Tyler Clark was selected to fly the number 3 jet in 2024-2025. He’s a F-15C guy in the Oregon ANG at Kingsley Field. Found that on their FB page.
  13. All while impeaching and charging President Trump with little to no evidence, total hypocrisy or based on complete fabrications. The truth will come out just like it did on the Russia hoax, the laptop, the covid shenanigans, the teachers unions, the BLM movement, various police shootings, etc. And when it does, the loudest defenders of the Bidens on this forum will go completely silent just like they have every other time.
  14. This shit really pisses me off. It’s called service and it’s called sacrifice. It’s what the rest of us have dealt with and managed for years and years. I can’t count the holidays, birthdays, anniversaries and everything else I’ve missed in my 21 years. Your kids will take 20 years to “grow up”. Find a way to stay in AETC and get out. The rest of us will continue to handle the tough part.
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