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  1. We don’t live in Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Somalia, etc, Raise your standards.
  2. This country is over 31 thousand billions in debt. It’s not money anymore. It’s just zeros and decimal point somewhere in a number.
  3. Biden said he has done his part. He doesn’t think he deserves any blame should the US default. So there’s that.
  4. How did you know that I just lost my shit about this today????
  5. Trans men aren’t men. Trans women aren’t women. Men can’t become women. Women can’t become men. There is nothing else to say. Call me whatever you want. I don’t care. This is pure fucking madness.
  6. Been on BO.net for a long time. I got roasted here back in 2010-2011 for supporting the Defense of Marriage Act. My point was, the left was never looking to just allow gay couples who had been together forever the right to marry. They weren’t going to stop with just removing law that stated marriage was between one man and one woman. I saw this coming. Look where we are now after just a decade. You have to draw a line somewhere. One man and one woman made the most sense to me. Still does.
  7. I’ve never seen or met a Nazi in my entire life. I don’t know any blood and soil radical nationalists. If I’m around bigots, they don’t say anything out loud. I’ve also never met a white supremacist. I have known countless people who completely stood behind BLM from the very start. They gave them money and marched in the streets. I’ve known people who’ve bought into the hands up don’t shoot scam and went with the bashing of cops. I watched 6 or 7 trans kids walk the stage at my youngest daughters HS graduation. I watched the vast majority of our society fall for the Covid lockdown power grabs. It sure seems to me that the radical left is actually and tangibly destroying our society while we chase some invisible boogey man on the right… Im not talking about AOC or MTG. I’m talking about in my community.
  8. The church community gives our society a lot more than just religion. I see that in my family. My wife needed a circle of friends after our last move. She found that in our church’s small groups and their women’s group. It is where we go to spend time with people that hold our same values even if we aren’t in the same place in our religious journey. And that ties directly into the war on the nuclear family. Families used to spend time together in church. It is a place to grow together, to learn together and to work in service towards others together. Most families don’t even eat together anymore. There is absolutely no doubt that our society would be in a much better place if more people were involved in church. Not just sitting through service on Sunday but involved in church even if it’s not solely for religious reasons.
  9. @nsplayryou know I’m not comparing this to Pearl Harbor or 9/11. The media frenzy, Trump behind the mic, the trial… You know what I’m talking about.
  10. So, Trump got indicted. Get ready for the biggest shit show our country has ever seen.
  11. This thread will end up just like the Covid thread. The government lied. The truth always comes out. Unfortunately, there are too many people that jump on the ride and refuse to get off.
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