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  1. BLM, teachers unions,Twitter, Facebook, ANTIFA, the media, etc...
  2. Don’t forget that the city paid the Floyd family 27 million dollars during jury selection. 2 jurors were removed at that point if I remember correctly. What I don’t understand is the racial component. All of the civil unrest is fueled by the narrative that, once again, we have a white cop killing a unarmed black man because he was black. That’s all our President and Vice President spoke of during their remarks. Most of the high profile race baiters were standing with Floyd’s family during their presser. It’s talked about so much that people don’t even question it. In reality, there
  3. https://www.rt.com/usa/521381-maxine-waters-brooklyn-center-curfew/ Maxine Waters shows up in MN encouraging people to be more confrontational. Of course the message to people can’t be to not commit aggravated robbery, not to break the terms of your release by being in possession of a weapon or to not flee while the police are lawfully arresting you. Nope. Can’t say any of that.
  4. I absolutely believe big tech/MSM/etc are doing any number of things in concert with the power players in our government to shape, swing and direct public opinion in their favored direction. Examples of this are literally everywhere. And yes, they do it for profit, ie their bottom line.
  5. And by doing so, verified the accusations you listed. It’s big tech/social media/MSM censoring the truth and opposing opinions. Doubling down is really all they can do at this point. Forceable suppression of opposition is one of the hallmarks of fascism. This is modern day fascism.
  6. Policing has been discussed in this thread before so I’ll drop this here. Sounds like the female officer involved in yesterday’s shooting of Daunte Wright thought she was firing her taser but fired her weapon instead. It is another incident involving someone with a warrant resisting arrest. But it’s still a very tragic incident for sure. This happened just a few miles from where George Floyd was killed. This couldn’t have happened in a worse place. It’s going to be an interesting night in Minnesota. It has also been interesting to hear some of the defense’s arguments in the Fl
  7. And it’s all owned by the left/dems. F’ing crazy.
  8. That’s exactly right. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are as pure as the driven snow.
  9. Thank you for being honest. #orangemanbad
  10. Here’s a good commentary on why it matters. He brings this Lil Naz X character into the discussion.
  11. I wonder if he responds to questions in high level meetings like he did at that press conference. I doubt he’s a different person in those type of environments vs a press conference. Scary scary stuff to me.
  12. Are we automatically assuming this hypothetical racist is white? When presented with the hypothetical scenario I bet the other assumption immediately made is that the racist is a male.
  13. That’s exactly the point. The Commander in Chief shouldn’t be commenting on this. Uniforms designed for a fraction of the total force shouldn’t rise to his level. I’d like to hear more about strategy, procurement, budgets, technology, manning, etc from the boss.
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