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  1. pbar

    Gun Talk

    Paul Harrell (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6QH13V2o68zynSa0hZy9uQ) is the most informative gun channel on Youtube IMHO, besides Forgotten Weapons.
  2. Everybody is willing to fight to the last American....
  3. Some of the folks from my CAP squadron who were on-scene said all the news articles about it were rife with errors. Not surprising given what passes for journalism these days. Anyways, condolences...
  4. Teaching AFJROTC at a high school and it's been an interesting experience. I find it odd that despite the mountains of research into the psychology of how people learn best and the professionalization of the teaching profession (at least in an academic sense), we get much worse results than before all that started. I think part of it is that our culture doesn't value education and learning as much as it should. For example, in a Korean high school (my wife is Korean and I was an exchange officer at the ROKAF ACSC), the kid in the school with the best math grades is as popular for that as the star football player is in an American high school. I see a lot of parents of my students who don't seem to give a rat's ass about how their child is doing. And other teachers are surprised when I show up to talk to them about my daughter (easy because she is at the HS where I work) and even more shocked when I take their side and get on her about her grades. On the other hand, I'm not impressed with some of the teachers I work with (and my HS is in the top 10% in the state). They seem to wrap things up in a lot of educational jargon and fluff. COVID didn't help either. The 9th graders I have act like 7th graders because they spent almost 2 years out of school and their level of attention and discipline is significantly lower than my 10th graders. I can see why the turnover is so high in the teaching profession. I definitely have days when I wonder WTF was I thinking taking this job because of the behavior of the students. And ~95% of my students took it as an elective and want to be in the class. I can't imagine teaching math or English or something. PBAR
  5. How the hell did we ever plan the Normandy invasion with slide rules, butcher block paper, and teletypes? Granted it was years in planning but still. So many books on generals/admirals but what I am really curious about is how their staffs operated. Despite all of our technology we seemed to be less competent at planning at the operational and strategic levels than we were in WW2 (with most of the officer corps being non-career types even).
  6. https://www.themerge.co/ Go there to sign up for an phenomenal weekly email newsletter covering Air Force, aviation, and military topics. I very much look forward to reading it every Sunday.
  7. Seems to me the State Department has been on its own side for the last 40+ years and generally does a miserable job advancing US interests.
  8. https://www.indianz.com/News/2015/017364.asp MGen Keltz from what I could tell was officer's officer, and he voluntarily stepped down, saying he didn't live up to his own high standards.
  9. Served with an intel officer who was the intel officer for that squadron right before they deployed. She tried to give a helo vis recce class and was told to get lost. Another intel NCO I served with was in another squadron at the same base, same time and he told me that all of the other squadron intel shops briefed Army helo ops except that light grey squadron who didn't want to hear it.
  10. Never underestimate the ignorance and short attention span of the typical voter.
  11. I'm sure glad the adults are back in charge.
  12. The same thing was said about Vietnam shortly afterwards but we didn't learn our lessons apparently. Racking my brain, I can't think of single counterinsurgency that was successful against insurgents who had a sanctuary in a neighboring country.
  13. I know one thing, if I ever hear another Army or Marine general officer saying only boots on the ground can win wars, I'm going to vomit. Airpower may not win wars by itself, but it hasn't lost any either. Only due to the heroic efforts of Army/Marine NCOs and CGOs did the fecklessness of our generals in Afghanistan not turn into a disaster 10 years sooner.
  14. Yep, only Ghenghis Khan subdued Afghanistan and he did that with mass slaughter. That isn't an option in this day and age and it would ultimately be counterproductive. Afghanistan should have just been a series of raids to get OBL and the Taliban elite, not boots on the ground.
  15. I think we can all agree the Pakistanis are a wicked lot.
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