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  1. Seems to me the State Department has been on its own side for the last 40+ years and generally does a miserable job advancing US interests.
  2. https://www.indianz.com/News/2015/017364.asp MGen Keltz from what I could tell was officer's officer, and he voluntarily stepped down, saying he didn't live up to his own high standards.
  3. Served with an intel officer who was the intel officer for that squadron right before they deployed. She tried to give a helo vis recce class and was told to get lost. Another intel NCO I served with was in another squadron at the same base, same time and he told me that all of the other squadron intel shops briefed Army helo ops except that light grey squadron who didn't want to hear it.
  4. Never underestimate the ignorance and short attention span of the typical voter.
  5. I'm sure glad the adults are back in charge.
  6. The same thing was said about Vietnam shortly afterwards but we didn't learn our lessons apparently. Racking my brain, I can't think of single counterinsurgency that was successful against insurgents who had a sanctuary in a neighboring country.
  7. I know one thing, if I ever hear another Army or Marine general officer saying only boots on the ground can win wars, I'm going to vomit. Airpower may not win wars by itself, but it hasn't lost any either. Only due to the heroic efforts of Army/Marine NCOs and CGOs did the fecklessness of our generals in Afghanistan not turn into a disaster 10 years sooner.
  8. Yep, only Ghenghis Khan subdued Afghanistan and he did that with mass slaughter. That isn't an option in this day and age and it would ultimately be counterproductive. Afghanistan should have just been a series of raids to get OBL and the Taliban elite, not boots on the ground.
  9. I think we can all agree the Pakistanis are a wicked lot.
  10. I have serious doubts as to the Taiwanese will to fight. Their attitude seems to be that the Americans will ride to the rescue and do all of the heavy lifting. For example, only buying enough air-to-air missiles for their fighters to fly 1-2 sorties but they are out doesn't smack of preparedness to me. Also, I went to the ROKAF Staff College with a Taiwanese F-16 pilot and I was concerned about some of the statements he made. Sample of one but if he represents the mainstream thinking, their heart really isn't in it/in a lot of denial about the threat. A Taiwanese-American retired USAF officer friend of mine who has gone to Taiwan numerous times for FMS and security cooperation visits with their top brass has doubts too. A massive TBM barrage along with a blockade might be enough to force the Taiwanese to capitulate. I hope I am dead wrong. Anyone fly with their guys in F-16 FTU or UPT and have a different experience? And there isn't a lot of will in this country to fight and die on their behalf either.
  11. We can't solve the gang violence problem in any major U.S. city, but sure, let's go try to remake Afghanistan into a functioning country though we don't understand the language, culture, history, who is who, the centuries old feuds, etc. with a population who have an average IQ of 85 and most of whom probably have PTSD from the decades of war, UXOs, child rape, complete lack of safety culture, banditry, etc. FFS.
  12. And ten years later, what the article said has finally dawned on the "elites". FFS.
  13. The irony of a free press is that it is simultaneously a democracy's/republic's greatest defender and greatest threat. When the press does its watchdog role faithfully against the government irrespective of who is in power, it is vital to our system of governance. But when it decides to become merely the propaganda arm for one political party, then it is dangerous.
  14. Can't get people to give up their liberties and freedom if they feel safe....
  15. I asked a TPS grad who was a BUFF EWO about the re-engine thing a long time ago and he said the four engine thing was kinda out because there wasn't enough rudder authority to counter the asymmetric thrust from an engine-out situation, or something along those lines, IIRC. Let the smarter people chime in...
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