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  1. The irony of a free press is that it is simultaneously a democracy's/republic's greatest defender and greatest threat. When the press does its watchdog role faithfully against the government irrespective of who is in power, it is vital to our system of governance. But when it decides to become merely the propaganda arm for one political party, then it is dangerous.
  2. Can't get people to give up their liberties and freedom if they feel safe....
  3. I asked a TPS grad who was a BUFF EWO about the re-engine thing a long time ago and he said the four engine thing was kinda out because there wasn't enough rudder authority to counter the asymmetric thrust from an engine-out situation, or something along those lines, IIRC. Let the smarter people chime in...
  4. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9387769/F-22-stealth-fighter-pilot-reveals-forced-Air-Force-racism.html I didn't see anything like this with the African-Americans I flew with or served with. Heck, most of them did better than I did and went to USAFWS, SAAS, AWC, and made O-6... YMMV though.
  5. Imagine you're the INDOPAC commander and the day the invasion of Taiwan starts you get a text stating all your bank accounts have been drained, your IRAs drained, etc. and if you lead the response it's all gone permanently. Sure enough, you check and all your accounts have been erased. Imagine how that would mess with your head...
  6. We will NEVER achieve MLK's dream in this country because far too many people on both sides (your Al Sharptons and David Dukes, et al) make a good living stirring up racial animus. And far too many listen to those fools.
  7. The damage "experts" like Fauci have done to the credibility of the government in general and expert opinion is vast and will be a wickedly hard problem to correct.
  8. Therein lies the problem, the vast majority of politicians advocating gun control are not operating in good faith. They are just moving the ball down the field towards their goal of eliminating the 2A.
  9. Who the hell at Walmart decided that was a good idea? I mean seriously, have they ever been to a buffet line!?! Same fools that are loading their plate one kernel of corn at a time now are gonna self-checkout in an expeditious manner? YGBSM. Now going to Walmart takes 3 times as long. <rant switch off>
  10. Well, whatever happens in the wake of the Capitol riots, you can rest assure the DC types will handle it in such a way as to create the worse possible outcome for everyone, especially the rest of the country who wasn't there taking part... They seem to excel at that.
  11. Nice strawman. But fine with me. Coast Guard is the only service that defends the homeland as it's primary mission. The rest of us are defending our freeloading "allies" and corporate access to overseas markets. See, two can do this strawman thing.
  12. The basic problem is the government has too much power and control. If we could dial it back to what it was intended to be, then it wouldn't matter who was in the White House or in Congress. With so much direct involvement in the lives of every American, the stakes are too high to let the other side (whichever side that happens to be) be in control.
  13. That's just for us retirees...
  14. The 28th BS, at least, had their patch approved by treaty with the Mohawk tribe/nation and it was updated in the late-90s IIRC. It also takes the tribe's approval to change it from what I understand.
  15. I still think we should have bought the Goodyear Inflatoplane (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Goodyear_Inflatoplane). If I had to eject over bad guy land, if someone dropped this to me, I'd take my chances with flying this out of Dodge if the HH-60s couldn't get to me.
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