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  1. Well this seems to meet the definition of irony. Will the President be weighing in on how this makes Jim Crow look like Jim Eagle?
  2. I think the stat was that transplants vote more red than people born in Texas. But the people born in Texas also includes the young people that were kids of those transplants. And those people are voting heavy blue.
  3. So is the plan to just pretend the southern border doesn’t exist for the next 4 years? Because it seems like that is the plan.
  4. So politicians and celebrities can give money to bail out rioters, but a cop can’t donate to someone’s legal defense. America, 2021. That being said, he should have used his brain a little more and not used a work related email.
  5. I find it shocking and frankly downright scary, the amount of people in this country, including people in positions of power, that believe the burden of proving your innocence should fall on the defendant.
  6. You would think it would make sense that contributions could be made to the same account. But it’s also a govt run entity we’re talking about here.
  7. Does anyone know how TSP works when you transition to the Reserves? I was under the impression I would still be able to contribute to the account that was created when I joined active duty. I’m transitioning to an IMA gig and already separated from AD, but the reserve Det I’m supposed to in-process into is dragging its feet on getting me gained into the unit (already learning the true meaning of IMA; I am alone). Since I’ve just been sitting in the IRR in the meantime, the TSP thinks I have separated from federal service and sent me a little packet saying so. My question is
  8. We are starting to live in scary times. What is one supposed to do when the line between a private enterprise and government entity can no longer be discerned? Big tech has become so powerful and so intertwined with the Democrat party that they are essentially a defacto arm of the party/government. The left of course loves this because they can censor, delete, or promote any speech they wish and then hide behind the guise of “It’s a private business, they can set their own terms of service”.
  9. Having had first hand experience in acquisitions, our process is truly a joke. The hilarious thing is that a commercial off the shelf upgrade to something like a Garmin GPS 175 (not to mention an even more featured GTN 650) would be super inexpensive in relative terms, and in the T-6 specifically, you could place it in the same space the old GPS sat and it would probably even be plug and play with the already existing avionics. And even if not, you could replace the ADI and HSI with a dual Garmin G5 set up and be done with it. But bring that solution forward in our acquisit
  10. Hydrogen fuel cell is the only way that “clean” burning vehicles will replicate the flexibility and convenience of an internal combustion engine vehicle. Similar fuel up time and similar range. That being said, it is decently more expensive per gallon than gasoline, and likely always will be due to a more complicated production and distribution process. However if you ramped up the economy of scale a bit, prices would certainly come down from where they are now. The only reason electric has made such early gains is because it’s been easy to pass the infrastructure off to the cons
  11. Got the J&J shot yesterday. Nothing crazy happened. Arm feels the same as getting a flu shot and no other response other than maybe a little extra tired last night.
  12. Biden/Harris is one of the worst, if not the worst, presidential pairings we’ve had in a long time. And it has nothing to do with politics but the fact that it’s frankly a weak pairing of two incompetent people. Biden, a man losing his mental faculties (this is honestly sad for me to watch from a human perspective) who was also a mediocre senator that accomplished nearly nothing of note in his 50 years of service. Harris is actually even worse. She was not even remotely competitive in the Democrat primaries because she was such a terrible candidate; she couldn’t even pr
  13. You basically have to stick to niche sports now to avoid getting hit over the head with political messaging. My regular sports viewing is basically down to auto racing (Indycar, sports cars, sometimes F1) and golf.
  14. To get a little bit back on track here, I finally decided to read the Georgia voter law from the actual government of Georgia website. Holy smokes the media, politicians, and even our sitting President have completely fabricated the outrage over this law. It’s frankly unbelievable the lies they’ve been able to spread on it. About the only thing I wasn’t a fan of was the increased powers of the state over what are usually county run election procedures. But beyond that, every single measure in there is perfectly reasonable to helping ensure legal voters are able to vote.
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