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  1. Not to derail this thread further, but the current proposal to have the IRS track all inflow and outflow of every American’s bank account is a perfect example of this. Every person in this country, Democrat/Republican/Independent, rich/poor, etc… should be wildly upset at this giant overreach of government power and violation of the 4th Amendment. Particularly because it’s impact will be mostly felt by poor to middle class Americans that do not have the financial resources to track and record every single expenditure they make, both business and personal. Yet not a peep from the left becuase it’s from “their team”. Note: Yes, there are also examples of overt tribalism from the right too, but this is an example happening right this very second. It would be a perfect issue to unify people over against absolutely asinine government policy, but instead it will become another us vs them.
  2. Afghanistan, border disaster, inflation, massive supply chain issues, gas and oil at their highest in many years, IRS planning to spy on every American's bank account, underwhelming job numbers, and a new Presidential tradition of turning your back and walking away in silence every single time you speak.
  3. Oh wow, yeah didn’t catch your post. This has to be a violation of the 4th Amendment, yeah?
  4. Speaking of government involvement, anyone else see the proposal hidden in the Build Back Better bill that mandates banks provide the total inflow and outflow data of all accounts with over $600 in transactions? That’s probably one of the most blatant invasions of financial privacy the government has ever attempted. Even the awful “Patriot Act” caps mandated reporting at $5,000 for suspicious transactions. Nearly every American would be subject to this, yet the administration will still tell you with a straight face that it’s to catch rich people who are cheating on their taxes… As an example, I could potentially draw the attention of the IRS simply because my fiancé and I do not have joint accounts, so she pays her portion of rent to me and then I pay the full amount to the landlord. As such, my bank account would show $18,000 in cash inflow that is not reflected on any W2. As far as I can tell under this proposed new system, that could get me noticed by the IRS even though I have done nothing wrong. Pretty sure that meets the definition of 1984 style Big Brother. Edit: Perhaps a better example is selling a car. I sell my several year old used car as a private party to another private individual for $17,500 that is wired to my account. I am under no obligation to pay tax on this money. However, IRS AI algorithm flags me because my tax filing claims I made $100k in taxable income, yet my checking account shows $117,500 went into my account in one year. Mr IRS then wants me to prove I actually don’t owe taxes on that money. Provable? Yes, but it’s basically akin to “show me your papers”. Here is an article discussing it, however plenty of others out there as well. https://fee.org/articles/treasury-department-seeks-to-track-financial-transactions-of-personal-bank-accounts-over-600/
  5. Hell no. It’s a ways off, but if Trump is the nominee in 2024 I may go 3rd party. Not super excited about that possibility, but that’s why I plan to vote in the primary next time and have some say on that aspect of the process. Trump is no leader and his narcissistic personality is not going to reunite the country or set us back on the right path. He’s right on much of what he says and the policies he tried to implement, but it’s not always about just having the right ideas. You have to sell those ideas beyond just your base, and I think Trump struggled at that. Maybe I’m crazy, but I still believe there is someone out there in this country that can stand up to far leftist bullshit, be professional, and have the best interests of all Americans in mind, and still not bring the baggage that Donald Trump does. My best guess though, I don’t think Trump will run next cycle. Anyway, back to Biden saying gibberish from his White House set across the street from the actual White House.
  6. The iconic image of this Presidency it seems.
  7. Agreed. I will be voting in a primary for the first time in my life if Trump runs again in order to try and do whatever I can to prevent it. And like you, I voted for him twice (and don’t regret it). But yes, the future of this country is not Trumpism.
  8. “He was allowed recreational time for a minimum of two hours a day and could regularly converse with other prisoners and staff, albeit socially distanced and masked when in the company of others in accordance with COVID-19 protocols. As a policy, the brig does not put its prisoners in solitary confinement,” he added. Was that really fucking relevant or necessary to point out in this situation? 🤦🏼‍♂️
  9. I think you’ll be waiting awhile for an answer to this.
  10. “The whipping” Incredible to me that a flat out fabrication like “the border patrol is whipping black people” can actually spread as accepted fact among mainstream outlets (@arg, not saying you’re that person). Also, maybe I’ve just been working in the wrong places, but if I was as bad at handling a project I was given as Harris has been at handling the border, I would have been fired and fired real good. Must be nice to have that kind of privilege. Finally, and I know I posted about it already but I’ll mention it again; if you haven’t seen the video of Biden handlers kicking the press out in the middle of Boris Johnson answering a question, you really should (link below). There is some weird and scary shit happening in our country right now.
  11. https://news.yahoo.com/biden-ignore-us-reporters-amid-222227885.html Boris Johnson starts answering questions from the press. Team Biden then removes all press from the room. The clown show continues in the White House. But hey, at least the VP has the border under control. Oh wait…
  12. Well, you can count at least two YES votes for recall from our household. Fiancé voted by mail and I went in person. I don’t have any real hope that Newsom will get recalled however. At the very least, the recall has kept his power in check for the past 6-9 months. I’m kind of afraid what might happen if/when he survives; I would imagine some heavy COVID mandates could be on the way again. I also think the state legislature may move to change the recall rules, which would be a real tragedy as it’s basically the last remaining check on power in what has otherwise become a single party rule state. Despite the fact that this state has provided me some fantastic opportunities both on and off active duty, I absolutely cannot wait to leave and we will be taking the first legit opportunity that comes along.
  13. What a shame 13 dead Americans cut into the President’s busy day….
  14. A defining photo of this administration. And they haven’t even been in power a year.
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