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  1. Just to pile on, anyone heard anymore on expanding Reserve or Guard opportunities in this AFSC?
  2. I’m pro getting the Covid vax, but I’m still not convinced these shenanigans end just because we hit the targeted vaccine milestone. LA County is the reason why I believe that. LA County has 70% of residents with at least one dose and 62% fully vaccinated, one of the highest rates in the nation. Cases have risen though in the past few weeks and the county leadership immediately shit its pants and reinstated a mask mandate for both vax’d and unvax’d, even though the overwhelming majority of cases are among the unvaccinated. Also, when asked what they would do if cases kept rising, the county responded that all options were on the table, including lockdown again. So no, I’m not convinced that hitting a vaccine milestone will cause this bullshit to stop. There is always going to be another crisis for the nanny state to step in and try and manage, and we have certainly given lots of power to the nanny state in the last year and a half. I would honestly not even be shocked if places like LA County mandate masks during flu seasons in the future.
  3. Hell of a landing. Its hard to see in that picture, but there are light poles like every 100 feet in the middle of that bridge. Banner tow is something you could not pay me enough to do though.
  4. "Facebook needs to move more quickly to remove violative posts," Psaki said. https://www.businessinsider.com/white-house-facebook-takes-too-long-when-removing-misinformation-2021-7?op=1 How much more clear could it get? The administration is literally demanding that Facebook act as their censorship arm.
  5. Ridiculous comparison. Tobacco restrictions are specifically related to advertising and advertising is regulated by the Federal Trade Commission. Companies can be held liable for knowingly selling an unsafe product. Individual speech on social media is not advertising and does not fall under any government regulatory guidelines. The government in today’s case is involving itself in policing individual speech. That is an overstep and likely violation of the 1st amendment.
  6. I haven’t defended a single Trump election fraud claim on here, but thanks for painting with your broad brush. You can keep repeating over and over that the government being involved in the censorship of speech isn’t a violation of the first amendment, it doesn’t make you correct. Not only is this a giant over reach of government power, the alignment of a corporate entity and the government, followed by that entity executing the will of the government, sure sounds a lot like Fascism.
  7. Clown post brotha. No one is fucking talking about or defending Trump’s legal team anywhere in here. The only one who brought that up is you, and I already addressed how that is in no way related to the situation at hand. And that’s rich, your irony comment. Of course the military is not a “free society”. The irony of that has existed, and jokes have been made about that, for decades now. But there is one thing that the military supports and that is the Constitution. Which apparently is something you appear to wipe your ass with, 1st amendment in particular.
  8. Dude, we are not talking about a legal case or the requirements that a law team is bound to abide by in a court of law. We are talking average and normal people posting on social media that may have the government flagging their speech as not correct. That is a problem. The fact that you don’t see that as a problem is very telling. Like I said, I don’t care if they are spewing BS about COVID, saying the earth is flat, or even hate speech. The fact is, the government has no legal right to play any part in deciding what is allowed to be said and what is not. https://www.hg.org/legal-articles/what-type-of-speech-is-not-protected-by-the-first-amendment-34258 “What Type of Speech Is Not Protected by the First Amendment?” Saying you got 5G from a Covid vax, no matter how wrong that is, is not in there.
  9. I don’t even know what to say man. Presumably you’re a US Citizen and a military officer, and you are okay with the government of this country having a role in censorship. That’s shocking. I don’t care if they are flagging the most asinine and uneducated COVID conspiracy posts ever, the government has no business deciding what can or cannot be said.
  10. Did you miss the part where the Government is working with private companies to silence voices? Or is government censorship something you’re cool with?
  11. White House admits to flagging and then working with big tech to eliminate so called “disinformation”. This should be terrifying to everyone.
  12. Don’t bring those lies in here. Hadn’t you heard? Racism is purely an American creation and it’s solely perpetuated by white people. Edit: 69th page of this thread.
  13. I agree with most of this, including the very deep rooted issues in the GOP. However, this country is in desperate need of real leadership. Trump is no leader. As you highlighted, he is a fabulous disruptor, but I don't think he is ultimately what this country needs to actually turn the ship around. There has to be a conservative voice out there that can highlight all the BS that Trump called out, but also find a way to bring the American people together (or at least most of them) and then articulate a vision and future for the country. The tweets, brash personality, etc... can be entertaining, especially the times when he was right. But in the end it is tiring, grading, and at the very least, not professional. I voted for Trump twice as well, somewhat begrudgingly the second time, although he ultimately was the best candidate that was on the ballot. But, I will be voting in a primary for the first time in my life this next cycle in order to vote against him (if he runs). His personality is not what this country needs or what will actually set this country back on the right path again. I know we can do better than that as a country, and I would hope Republicans can do better than that as a party. Maybe someone like DeSantis, Crenshaw, Noem, or Haley can be the leader this country needs; time will tell.
  14. Your elitism is palpable dude. Sorry not sorry I called a spade a spade.
  15. The entire paragraph I quoted sounds like a college sophomore talking to his friends in the dining hall that just discovered Marx’s theories on exploitation.
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