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  1. I’m pretty sure some libs think semi-automatic equals belt fed machine gun. They should see my uncle operate his bolt action scout rifle. Who needs semi-auto?
  2. Well played today. Could’ve/should’ve had the win. Have to beat Iran; Iran gets through with a tie or win. That will make the game tough. Feels a lot like the 2010 World Cup where the US had to beat Algeria to advance. Hopefully we don’t wait until stoppage time to make it happen like the US did back then. Still haven’t lost to England in a WC. Truly fantastic and their fans booing the team at the end was fabulous. Btw, thread title is dumb and should be changed. 🤷🏼‍♂️
  3. Here’s the video, ignore the screen shot of the airliner. Really tough to watch.
  4. So is this pass thing the precursor to a booster requirement?
  5. Fuck this administration. The dude’s pride and joy company has been launching NRO satellites for years and now that he’s taken over Twitter and doesn’t like Biden an investigation is “standard procedure”. You mean you couldn’t figure out if he was a national security risk before he signed a contract to launch classified satellites? The hilarious thing is Musk isn’t even really a right leaning guy. Not all that long ago the left was drooling over him because he created the most successful electric car company and his personal views align with a lot of their stated climate goals. But now that he’s differed from the party line somewhere else, he’s public enemy number one. So much for the “Unity” message, but we’ve known that’s trash for awhile, and if you don’t toe the line to this administration, you are clearly an extremist.
  6. Who knew inflation was caused by the war in Iraq?
  7. One thing I don’t think a lot of people realize about your Berkeley type nut jobs is that many of them would be pretty similar to this dude if you started asking them what they believe. Yeah this wacko sprinkled in some extra right wing type garbage, but a lot of these crazies have no love for any people in our government. Nothing short of a totalitarian state that only caters to their narrow world view is acceptable to them, and people like Nancy Pelosi aren’t viewed as on their side either. In fact, the Pelosi house has been targeted several times since 2020 with some pretty nasty stuff, this one of course taking the cake. The real thing that people should be looking at here is that the political system in a place like Berkeley, CA let’s losers like this proliferate. Mental illness is not only ignored, it’s often celebrated; and drug use is essentially decriminalized, further fueling the mental death spiral of people like this to the point they feel like acting out on their deranged conspiracy fantasies.
  8. Uncle Joe thinks we have 54 states now. Must be counting his state of dementia in there as well.
  9. Well it’s California, so if they follow their standard he should be back on the street tomorrow.
  10. I have just under 500 hours in one as an instructor. Really fun airplane; super nimble on the controls, but will bounce around a lot in turbulence. Tough for new pilots to get a hang of, but it will make you better at stick and rudder. Glass cockpit with Dynon is pretty nice if you get a new one. The old ones the Dynon stuff is pretty meh. Ours had a chute, which is a nice safety feature in my opinion. A lot of old timers will tell you Rotax is a joke, but I honestly think it’s a great engine. Super fuel efficient and ours was very reliable. Keep it away from avgas and run the appropriate mogas and it will be much happier. Avgas with the lead fouls them up and you have to change the oil a lot more often. Reduction gearbox is also nifty since the engine turns at a much higher rpm than the prop. Our gearbox was reliable but it does need a little extra maintenance attention. Single power lever with rotax is great as well. If you got some experienced guys they’ll just need to adjust to it being an LSA and how light it is, but it’s a good airplane and you’d have a lot of fun with it.
  11. https://abc7.com/mexico-us-border-migration-immigration-crossings-migrants-surge/12365060/ Highest number of illegal border crossings of any fiscal year ever. We’re still pretending this isn’t on purpose?
  12. The iconic image of the Biden presidency.
  13. My god dude, you’re missing the forest for the trees here. The hypocrisy isn’t about shipping these people to Chicago vs Vail. The hypocrisy is you drew a moral line in the sand that shipping migrants to Vail Colorado is inhumane. If you feel that’s inhumane, then you need to be outside the White House protesting every single day about the utterly deplorable conditions these people are facing everywhere else on their journey. But you aren’t, and no on the left is, and that’s my entire point! That the left doesn’t actually GAF about these people. No one was “spurred to action” about any single thing involving immigration or migrants until they started showing up or threatened to be delivered to their little enclaves.
  14. This is a good point. How many migrants got shipped to Martha’s Vineyard, 50? How many tens of thousands have likely passed through the border towns?
  15. Copy, so you only care about these people after they're in the country and likely never leaving (and maybe someday voting). Otherwise, as they're dying in the desert or getting abused by human traffickers, "Meh, they did that on their own accord." You're proving my point that the left is full of crap on this issue. You can't cry foul about that being inhumane and then be silent on the freaking open invitation from the current admin to come flooding across the border, and all the inhumanity that entails. The left puts up signs in their yard about how "no human is illegal", cry "inhumane" as these people get shipped to their liberal havens around the country, but the human misery trail to the southern border, nah, we aren't going to say or even do anything about that. I appreciate you want more border security (and I agree with your thoughts there), but saying going to Vail, CO is inhumane but turning around and claiming these migrants did this to themselves under the bridge in Del Rio is frankly textbook hypocrisy. Ultimately the leftist politicians are showing their true colors producing gem after gem that the border problem and the migrants associated with it is supposed to be something that happens somewhere else, and it sure as hell isn't going to taint their little enclaves of "paradise".
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