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  1. I worked for the current 7th AF/CC when he was the WG/CC at Eielson. I dont remember him being prone to gross over-reactions like this. I wonder what happens to the way these guys view their people as they get higher in rank.
  2. Congrats to all those approved, still very hopeful for those who haven't heard yet. To those who are staying in, if I were a religious man id be praying for you. I start terminal on Friday (TERA) and will always appreciate the hell out of the BO community for being the best source of info through this turmoil.
  3. That must be a standard line at AAFES managment training. They said the same thing to Nav students at Randolph when they stopped carrying these super cool German made pens which were ideal for our chart construction.
  4. If those numbers are true, then every single one of them, and then a few extras posted they had the "take back" email on the AF Retirements facebook page.
  5. Are you continued or a LtCol? What it looks like is the Air Force is cleaning house on the continued Majors but haven't approved any under 19 year LtCols yet (a big yet!)
  6. H To be clear I haven't gotten the "take back" email and mypers shows me as approved. However, my retirement date is gone from my CDB and my record had gone from a code 20 (projected for retirement) to code 10 (no projected action). Almost a direct quote from TFSC was that "you are not retiring 1 August and you will probably get a mypers notification that you are disapproved" To specifically answer your question I did not have orders. Which is interesting because when I talked to FSS on Friday they said the person to cut the orders was out but they would be but as soon as they were back.
  7. Mypers still shows me as approved but my retirement date is gone from the CDB, TFSC says they have no idea what this means other than I am not retiring 1 August.
  8. Had to come into work and logged into my CDB, my retirement date is blank again. Goddamn...I don't know how I'll take this if the AF pulls the rug out from under this.
  9. Anybody have any clarification on this paragraph? Aren't VSP&TERA the only voluntary programs right now?
  10. I haven't heard it yet, but I definitely heard it during the navy yard shooting but my favorite taking head argument against guns: "These shootings are happening on military bases where almost everyone is armed! The argument that an average citizen could stop a mass shooting is ridiculous" As if we march around all day in formation with weapons at "right shoulder."
  11. CNN is saying shooter was 34 y/o E-4 and that shooting went on for 15-20 minutes in mulitiple buildings and from his car. That's a ton of time to be on the loose pulling the trigger.
  12. Thanks man, but now that it looks like I'm going to retire, I'm not going anywhere. I plan on coming thru the gate every morning at about 0715 and regaling the gate guard with long stories about my service overseas and lots and lots of questions and complaints about the pharmacy and PX.
  13. Oh my god...things appear to be happening! Same here Mountain... 12r, two adsc...15.5 mos on 31 jul Ummm party in Vegas if this really happens?
  14. Here's what you can safely assume: no one anywhere in the entire Air Force actually knows what's going on with the force managment programs.
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