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  1. Kudos again to Jon and Trident Just finished my 3d refi in as many years; worked my rate down to 2.25 and it cost me 30 minutes of paperwork and zero dollars. About 3 weeks from starting the process with Jon to closing with the notary at my house. Call them before rates go back to the old days! Thanks again Jon
  2. Adding further kudos here for Trident - VA loan in Mar 2018 - Refi Apr 2019 - Refi Jan 2020 I get multiple IRRRL offers in the mail every week, and once the numbers started getting stupidly low, I called Jon and he locked me in that day. Closed the same month and it was about 10 minutes of effort on my part. Any low rate you see, give them a shot at it, a no brainer. Thank you again to Jon, Marty and the whole team!
  3. https://thehill.com/homenews/house/466192-kinzinger-challenges-trumps-defense-chief-on-syria-in-closed-door-meeting Sent from my iPhone using Baseops Network mobile app
  4. Howdy Baseops LONG time lurker (see username); I don’t usually post, but I appreciate all the insights on good and bad this community has provided about my Air Force--thanks Posting here in praise of Trident Home Loans. Retired last year and bought my forever home in Texas with a VA loan through Trident; called Marty from word of mouth here and his folks made it happen. Had a good rate, but after seeing here that they were dropping further, I called Jon about doing a low cost refi. (If you have a VA loan, you’ll get daily mail from companies looking to help you with this process—IRRRL; probably got over 100 in the mail in the past year) Jon locked me in on a rate that beat all offers and minimized out-of-pocket cost for me at closing. Paperwork was handled by Elena; she was friendly, responsive, and professional and got the closing done in less than a month from when I called (could have been quicker, but I chose towards the end of April for cost reasons.) Jon works hard and appeared to drop everything to help me, answering emails late at night and early morning to get it done. He’s the man and you can’t go wrong with this company; thanks again!. Fly safe!
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