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  1. Why worry about retention when PA can just write a chintzy article about retention and how the Total Force hopes it can preserve talent that “The nation has invested millions of dollars in training these great Americans to protect and defend our way of life." Pilots Leaving Active Duty Have Safe Landing Place in Reserve/Guard
  2. For clarity, DepSecDef Hicks’ memo stated that unvaccinated personnel “should” follow CDC guidance on masks.
  3. I’ve been fortunate enough to work with one, and having such a Chief makes all the difference in getting the unit to work as one (large mix of officers, enlisted, civilian, and contractors).
  4. Unknown about the specific ask, but they will use the card to update MyIMRS which already contains your vaccination record.
  5. They were…just high negative AoA. Apparently, they scoff at “no negative g gun jinks.”
  6. Knowingly coming to work while positive is different than not donning a mask when one has natural immunity. Folks like to assert that vaccines are a known quantity, which is true, but when they cite 94% effectiveness, they fail to understand that the effectiveness is at the population level, not individual level. Vaccine effectiveness is derived stochastically. It cannot be translated to a deterministic chance for the individual. Context matters. I agree with your readiness argument, but again, that is different than the issue over someone who recovered and does not wear a mask. At best, one can make the good order and discipline argument, as you did, and perhaps that is the only rationale needed. However, how does that line of logic square with CSAF guidance to stop doing dumb things that are inherently regulation and instruction based? Who becomes the arbiter? But to point to public health concerns for those who recovered and do not wear a mask ignores the scientific data extant.
  7. What would be your course of action for those who contracted the disease—verifiable via medical records—and deduced that natural immunity (which a significant body of science supports) is more than sufficient to prevent further spread, yet they did not wear a mask? If you punish them, are you truly “following the science” which purportedly undergirds the mask/no mask guidelines?
  8. https://www.washingtonpost.com/health/2021/04/27/cdc-guidance-masks-outdoors/?utm_campaign=wp_evening_edition&utm_medium=email&utm_source=newsletter&wpisrc=nl_evening&carta-url=https%3A%2F%2Fs2.washingtonpost.com%2Fcar-ln-tr%2F3212fb6%2F60887b6b9d2fdae3023a859f%2F60801fdc9bbc0f65272828be%2F9%2F52%2F60887b6b9d2fdae3023a859f What exactly changed here? I love how they roll this out as an incentive when it does not differ from previous CDC guidance. Moreover, they like to modify the phrase “return to normal” with “more” suggesting they may keep moving the goal posts.
  9. I'm not defending the AF, but Congress had the biggest hand to play in the bonus. After all, Congress has had its eyes on the bonus for a while, and according to some discussion with A1 folks, the AF had to fight to even keep the paltry numbers programmed this year.
  10. I know one fighter pilot who retracted their retirement paperwork last spring because of the pandemic. I do not recall what their plan was had they retired, though. However, I think you're right. The pandemic may have delayed exits ever-so-slightly but not enough to fix the problem.
  11. A friend of mine, stationed at another Global Strike base, stated his unit sent multiple people to Dyess to support the multiple maintenance-related safety investigations occurring there now. It would seem that the firing resulted from more than a single mishap.
  12. I changed my password intentionally (on the account settings page); however, every time I try to sign in with the new password, Baseops states the password is wrong. The only way to log in is to click “Forgot Password” and follow the email that is sent. It seems the site is not saving password changes properly.
  13. I think some aspect of the moronic adherence to wearing glow belts stemmed from the Army's example. As I understand it, glow belts were first a thing at the Army locations (i.e. Bagram, Kabul, etc.) and metastisized to elsewhere. That is not to excuse AF leadership for following the Army's lead, though. My assignment at an Army post and working with Army folks now convinces me that no one can perform the moronic quite like the Army.
  14. Was your PRF signed and submitted? If so, then nothing happens unless you had a reason to submit a “Stop File.”
  15. Yes, it is/was pretty remote like 14 miles, all on base at 55 mph, from the Rosamond “gate” to seeing the guard shack and other base buildings. BUT it was an awesome assignment I'll be honest, a lot of people from the DT community seem to dislike Edwards; however, having been assigned or TDY enough times to the other DT locations, Edwards ranks pretty high for me for the exact reasons Stitch and Magellan noted. One thing they did not mention is that you are about 3 hours to everything...beach, mountains, Vegas, etc. Personally, it was great being so close to the Eastern Sierra Nevadas and all of the great hiking there. The Edwards airspace is great too...not quite as good as the NTTR, but it is the only place where the highest and lowest elevations in the lower 48 exist. More importantly, make sure you know you want to tread down the DT path. Just like in picking an airframe in UPT, you should pick TPS or non-TPS based on mission not location. For most communities, once you go to TPS, you will not return to the 'regular' AF. You'll have opportunities to integrate with the operational test and even operational squadron folks from time-to-time, especially if you are a fighter or bomber guy, but it's unlikely your old community will bring you back for leadership or other opportunities. You'll still be managed by your old communities developmental team; however, for all intents and purposes, you're a persona non grata to the old community. Unfortunately, the test world has not capitalized on this gap and talent management has suffered as a consequence. Nevertheless, the DT world has improved in its efforts to be relevant for the rest of the AF by working with current warfighters, which may help soothe the sting of not being able to do the real-world mission anymore (if that is your desire).
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