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  1. Whoa, even mainstream sources (NPR) are backing away from the party line that held fast the last 2+ years. Apparently, it’s okay now to question how mortalities were counted, the riskiness of COVID, etc. 🙄 Before someone says, “But the science is different now,” I acknowledge that contextual factors have changed regarding the disease. However, non-scientific reasons are also driving the shift in attitudes, which undermines the credibility of the cult chant of “trust the science.” Scientists debate how lethal COVID is. Some say it's now less risky than flu
  2. I’m surprised the general wrote the above in today’s Air Force. After all, in the spirit of inclusion and calling everyone a warrior, is it okay to say that non-flyers will never be CSAF? I sense many shoe clerks were triggered.
  3. World War II nose art is generally forbidden because some think it objectifies others or celebrates violence. Is not the emblem below equally problematic because it reduces people to simply a set of sexual proclivities?
  4. It's notable that he doesn't list the F-15 as an aircraft flown in his biography but lists his 6-9 month stint at the RTU.
  5. The White House just announced the President's nominations for the next USSTRATCOM/CC, USAFE/CC, and AFSOC/CC. https://www.defense.gov/News/Releases/Release/Article/3056641/general-officer-announcements/
  6. We need to require rank and year-group stratifications that go #1-to-end. This way, everyone knows exactly where they stand in relation to others of the same rank and their immediate peers. The SCOD OPRs and highly constrained strats (Department of the Air Force Grade, Command Position, and Duty Position are only allowable; no more percentages) go a long way in clarifying relative performance. However, I think most raters will choose NOT to stratify someone as #6/12 Capts, for example, so that they can then use #2/20 IPs as the secondary strat—the current guidance requires a DAF Grade strat to use a Duty Position strat. My guess: raters will use the typical fluff if they cannot give a "good" strat, leaving both the member and board guessing where the person fell compared to their peers for the rating period.
  7. I found the attached on AFPC's public website as I was trying to find some info for a mentee (not related to promotion non-selection, thankfully). There are a handful of helpful inputs; however, this document contradicts itself many times and may reflect what's wrong with the Air Force. I especially take umbrage with the part mentioning that officers should advocate for themselves to receive strats, awards, or be pushed for jobs. AFPC thinks it is wrong for officers to believe the system will take care of them. In one sense, they are correct. A system cannot take of someone, but leaders can. I don't think it's too much to expect leaders to build, teach, or lead those in their charge. Take a look. I'm interested to see what others think. OfficerPromo_LLs.pdf
  8. I’ve worked Stan/Eval in DT, having seen FEFs of nearly every MDS type. Before TPS, I was a SEFE and Chief of Stan/Eval in a fighter FTU. My take: Q1 no hits is the norm in the CAF. Elsewhere, Q3’s are more common but so are EQs. I know there are phenomenal pilots in the CAF too, but just like we don’t give Q3s or Q2s for being unqualified, I think we think no one is Exceptionally Qualified.
  9. Doesn't the DD214 have all of this information?
  10. David Brooks' opinion piece in today's New York Times is worth a read. "Today, across left and right, millions of Americans see U.S. efforts abroad as little more than imperialism, “endless wars” and domination. They don’t believe in the postwar project and refuse to provide popular support for it. The real problem is in the seedbeds of democracy, the institutions that are supposed to mold a citizenry and make us qualified to practice democracy. To restore those seedbeds, we first have to relearn the wisdom of the founders: We are not as virtuous as we think we are. Americans are no better than anyone else. Democracy is not natural; it is an artificial accomplishment that takes enormous work." https://www.nytimes.com/2022/02/17/opinion/liberalism-democracy-russia-ukraine.html
  11. I think the following has been posted elsewhere on BO, but I will repost. The audio and visual are out-of-synch.
  12. Our tax dollars at work in this morass of fraud, waste, and abuse. I could have countenanced them supplying tests in early autumn, ahead of the expected winter surge (omicron variant or otherwise), but this seems like too little too late and just a blatant play to score political points.
  13. The science does not support such an assertion. Do you mean KN95 masks and face shields—after all, viral particles can enter the body through tear ducts as has been noted earlier. Also, with rampant spread in animal populations, there are now virus refugia where the virus can “hide,” mutate, and potentially re-enter the human population at some point in the future. This coronavirus, like many others that preceded it, will likely be endemic despite efforts to “control” it. COVID in deer populations Omicron may have mutated in mice
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