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  1. The science does not support such an assertion. Do you mean KN95 masks and face shields—after all, viral particles can enter the body through tear ducts as has been noted earlier. Also, with rampant spread in animal populations, there are now virus refugia where the virus can “hide,” mutate, and potentially re-enter the human population at some point in the future. This coronavirus, like many others that preceded it, will likely be endemic despite efforts to “control” it. COVID in deer populations Omicron may have mutated in mice
  2. We have a similar setup on the JS. It's decent for staying aware of events via email while teleworking but otherwise terrible for doing any real work. We cannot even access our remote drives or desktops.
  3. Two same. I felt worse from the JJ vaccine (worst chills and shaking I have experienced with any illness) than from having COVID a few months before. Hard pass on booster.
  4. Your last two sentences capture the issue at heart I think. Leaders should not equate a lack of desire to command with something less than selfless service. After all, as you note, there are plenty of non-command jobs to fill. Some of these jobs demand a significant amount of sacrifice and are just as thankless as command (see ClearedHot's description of Pentagon assignments). It's not an easy problem of trying to balance AF needs with individual desires, but inconsistent messaging does not help solve it.
  5. It is interesting that you mention the difficulty some senior leaders have in understanding a desire to serve but not command. How many times have you heard senior leaders tell a group or an individual that one's service can be meaningful absent command and that not everyone will command even though there are more highly qualified people than there are positions? In effect, the message they convey is that to not command is acceptable, so long as the system makes the choice. Turn the tables, and it is anathema to suggest that someone can serve faithfully while turning down command. In short, I have sensed from some leaders a willingness to use "service before self" as a cudgel to bludgeon people whose desire to serve somehow does not comport with the other's ideal. Certainly, we need people who are willing to bear the burden of command, but I do not think forcing someone who does not want to is good for the service, the person, or the people being led.
  6. The above is not exactly tinfoil hat material. One well respected political scientist wrote about this idea. Francis Fukuyama on identity politics .
  7. MCO mentioned towards the end of the linked post a desire to steer conservations back toward AF-type stuff. As such, and on the topic of command, last year's O6 command board had ~40% of eligibles opt out from competing for command. Rumor is that the policy of "all in" will return. So for the crowd, which is worse for the AF: Selecting your group/wing commanders from a much smaller pool (nearly half as small) that results from letting people opt out from competing Or, forcing Colonels to compete and, if selected, take command unless they retire under the policy of "all in"? I think there can be a middle ground. If I were CSAF, I would want as big a pool of candidates as possible, but knowing that there is an O6 shortage, especially among rated officers, I would institute a policy to allow commander-selects to decline as long as there was a mutually beneficial assignment besides command to keep from bleeding talent. Thoughts?
  8. I agree with your sentiment, but we must acknowledge that making changes for the greater good works both ways. I loathe the idea of legislating health, but many of those espousing taking one for the team will not concede the point that personal choices to be unhealthy have already hurt our society far more than COVID has. Perchance we should create exercise and eating vegetable mandates. Admittedly, the libertarian in me (sts) likes the Ron Swanson approach. Ron Swanson on freedom to eat what you want
  9. Don’t get me wrong. I do not approve of how the system has basically removed any reason or logic in order to display fealty to the current agenda. Just sharing an article indicating where things stood.
  10. You raise a good point. It seems that "tradition" and status quo preclude making allowances if the reason for deviating is based solely on personal preference. Perhaps the only accommodations should be for valid medical reasons.
  11. In some ways, it seems the AF pulled a sleight-of-hand by pulling BPZ while stating they were moving to a five-year window. In effect, you now have one look much like the other services, notwithstanding the single digit odds APZ.
  12. I flew the A-10 as a TPS student and employed the gun and dropped BDUs (I know, cool story, right?). Am I not supposed to say I flew it? Or in another instance, I flew just 10 hours in a prototype but never had a Form 8. Does that count?
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