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  1. https://www.washingtonpost.com/health/2021/04/27/cdc-guidance-masks-outdoors/?utm_campaign=wp_evening_edition&utm_medium=email&utm_source=newsletter&wpisrc=nl_evening&carta-url=https%3A%2F%2Fs2.washingtonpost.com%2Fcar-ln-tr%2F3212fb6%2F60887b6b9d2fdae3023a859f%2F60801fdc9bbc0f65272828be%2F9%2F52%2F60887b6b9d2fdae3023a859f What exactly changed here? I love how they roll this out as an incentive when it does not differ from previous CDC guidance. Moreover, they like to modify the phrase “return to normal” with “more” suggesting they may keep moving the goal posts.
  2. I'm not defending the AF, but Congress had the biggest hand to play in the bonus. After all, Congress has had its eyes on the bonus for a while, and according to some discussion with A1 folks, the AF had to fight to even keep the paltry numbers programmed this year.
  3. I know one fighter pilot who retracted their retirement paperwork last spring because of the pandemic. I do not recall what their plan was had they retired, though. However, I think you're right. The pandemic may have delayed exits ever-so-slightly but not enough to fix the problem.
  4. A friend of mine, stationed at another Global Strike base, stated his unit sent multiple people to Dyess to support the multiple maintenance-related safety investigations occurring there now. It would seem that the firing resulted from more than a single mishap.
  5. I changed my password intentionally (on the account settings page); however, every time I try to sign in with the new password, Baseops states the password is wrong. The only way to log in is to click “Forgot Password” and follow the email that is sent. It seems the site is not saving password changes properly.
  6. I think some aspect of the moronic adherence to wearing glow belts stemmed from the Army's example. As I understand it, glow belts were first a thing at the Army locations (i.e. Bagram, Kabul, etc.) and metastisized to elsewhere. That is not to excuse AF leadership for following the Army's lead, though. My assignment at an Army post and working with Army folks now convinces me that no one can perform the moronic quite like the Army.
  7. Was your PRF signed and submitted? If so, then nothing happens unless you had a reason to submit a “Stop File.”
  8. Yes, it is/was pretty remote like 14 miles, all on base at 55 mph, from the Rosamond “gate” to seeing the guard shack and other base buildings. BUT it was an awesome assignment I'll be honest, a lot of people from the DT community seem to dislike Edwards; however, having been assigned or TDY enough times to the other DT locations, Edwards ranks pretty high for me for the exact reasons Stitch and Magellan noted. One thing they did not mention is that you are about 3 hours to everything...beach, mountains, Vegas, etc. Personally, it was great being so close to the Eastern Sierra Nevad
  9. Yes, a technical MS is an unstated (compared to FTE) desire for the test pilot track. However, ERAU’s programs generally do not meet that bill. Nevertheless, one of the pilots in my class had a masters from ERAU and did well. For pilots, the community is looking for a great pilot with operational experience and the ability to think like an engineer--in the air and on the ground. Adaptability and a disciplined approach to exploring the unknown are also highly sought and trained to at the school.
  10. The following comes from the current application announcement: "An Air Reserve Component (ARC) candidate may be selected each year for TPS attendance based on AFTC and ARC requirements and candidate competiveness. An ARC TPS graduate will provide a minimum of 3 years of direct support to an active duty developmental test squadron upon graduation from TPS. An ARC candidate will contact AFMC/A3F and their respective advisor office to AFMC/CC if selected for TPS to determine the attendance funding and follow-on strategy. If a funding and follow-on solution are not achieved the ARC slot wil
  11. Behnken’s an FTE, not a test pilot.
  12. My guess is that the AF will not retain as many as it hopes it will as a result of this pandemic. While job prospects may be thinner right now, for those on the fence, they need to ask if they are willing to take on another four years (school for a year plus ADSC) to go to school.
  13. Just a few years ago, there was only one release of the school info, usually in late November/early December, and no option to decline without prejudice or having to separate/retire via 7-day option. So while the process is imperfect, it has improved considerably to enable exactly what you mentioned, to make decisions. That's not to dismiss your comment but to put things in perspective as the ongoing uncertainty created by the current pandemic have, at times, caused me to miss the forest for the trees.
  14. I thought spelling JOINT, A-R-M-Y was just hype until I spent the last year in school with them.
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