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    • If you're on the schedule, you'll get seen.
    • Well, you are probably only going to get the opertunity to fly fighters once. That being said, don’t take the book for face value. As others have said, if you want to do work, AFSOC is the place to be. I know 1Lt 18x bros that have more kills in the last year than entire fighter squadrons have in the last 16. I wanted to be a fighter dude, ended up in T-1s. I wanted AFSOC, ended up in AFSOC MQ-9s. I took my lickings and moved on with smile on my face, but privately I wasn’t to happy. But I embraced it with open arms and I was, and still am absolutely amazed at what this “plane” does. Don’t let a assignment that’s at the top of your list crush ya. Embrace it. I eventually did, and it’s paid dividends for me. Assignment night is like being a spoiled 16yr old and going car shopping with your parents. You can tell them what you want, but they are paying for it so they are going to give you what they choose. You can be a spoiled brat and cry about it, or take your car and move on. Turns out my car wasn’t cool or fast, but it was roomy, had a big back seat to park with the ladies, and had a good trade in value.    Does is answer any any of your questions? Probably not, but give whatever your assignment is a chance if it’s not a pointy nose with afterburner, you might be pleasantly surprised. And drones probably aren’t a option for ya, so it could be worse. 
    • Was in exactly your shoes quite a few years ago. I was adamant that I wanted fighters and A-G was my top choice.  Mudhen top choice. Had top pick out of UPT and the deck had all of the cards to play EXCEPT for the -15E. Went Viper and loved it like a wet dream. Then TAMI rolled around- over a decade later, I'm still pulling that bitch outta my ass (no sts). I went U-28's when they were brand new. Any one of my deployments exceeded what I may have ever accomplished in my -16 career... and I did 8 of those deployments. The rotes were tough and many sorrowful memories are embedded with the war stories. War is a bitch. I did other AFSOC stuff afterward and am now enjoying my afterlife as an airline dude "living the dream." Every single airline pairing that I go on begins with "where'd you come from" followed by a short tale of how cool the Viper was to fly. After those few minutes, the next four days are spent telling stories about early life of the U-28 and those real memories that I'll share for a lifetime. I never lose my audience with those stories. The U-28 and AFSOC influenced me in ways that I never imagined, and that I fought against (being a too- cool SSFP). They opened up opportunities when I left the usaf. Looking back,  things always make more sense. At the time, I thought leaving the jet was the end of the world. Chase your dreams kid. If you want the pointy nose fighter and have the stats to make it happen, then pick the one that fits the mission you want to tell stories about from UPT ADSC expiration date through airline retirement. All of the "what's wrong with the usaf bullshit" absolutely applies to ACC in every weapon system. AFSOC a bit less but it's still there. If you want to seriously take part in helping the dipshit mohammed worshipping suicide bomber goat f&kking a$$hole meet his 69 virgins them don't hesitate to put AFSOC at the top. You will execute bad guys in that command. That's a promise.
    • What class medical exams are RPA pilots given after they are selected?
    • Didn't have a clue back then...young, dumb, and just having fun...many friends bagged one or more in Her.  Now just mentoring new owner/operators in their business jets.   And looking over an old  -1...my how things have changed.  But I still miss Her.
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