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      New features / developments of the forums and Baseops.Net website will be posted here. Please post any problems you have, glitches, etc. Please click on HELP (upper right) for more info... Please do not PM your trouble calls.

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      Users post articles related to: Aviation Industry, DoD, National Security to foster serious discussion. Value-added posts ONLY, others will be deleted.

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      This forum is designed for the purchase and sale of items for and by MILITARY members.

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      This is a sub-forum where you can post product/service reviews. Please do your best to add any military specific information. For instance, if I'm reviewing Disney World, I might post a link to the Shades of Green website.

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      Off-topic discussion. Keep it civil, don't abuse this forum.

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      Discuss general topics in the Military and Aviation. Please post pilot-selection & "how do I get a pilot slot" questions in their appropriate forums.

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      Aviation Medicine discussion forum. Ask the Flight Doc your questions: waivers, flight physicals, qualifications, regulations.

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      ANG & AFRES discussion area. Bums can search for flying opportunities with other units.

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      This forum is dedicated to help all military spouses. Post any questions, ideas, concerns here.

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    1. What Are My Chances?

      Looking for a pilot slot? Post your "what are my chances?" questions here: AFOQT, BAT, PCSM, ANG and AFRES Slots, *waivers* + more - please include your test scores, GPA, etc...

    2. Pilot Selection Process

      Questions about Pilot selection? Undergraduate Pilot Training - How to prepare, how to get a pilot slot. Please post your questions about your specific scores in the "what are my chances" forum.

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      ROTC & OTS discussion area. Post topics about ROTC/OTS classes, field training, detachments, etc.

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      A new forum designed for all of your questions! Have a stupid question? Get answers here. Also, NO PENALTY for asking something that's been asked in other threads. If you're a grey-beard, please try to help out by posting a synopsis version of the answer and a link to the thread you remember from 7 years ago.

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    1. Air Liaison Officer (ALO)

      ALO career field information. Post information, questions, gouge; value-added posts ONLY, others will be deleted.

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      CSO career field information. Post information, questions, gouge; value-added posts ONLY, others will be deleted.

    3. Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA/RPV/UAS/UAV)

      RPA career field information (also known as Remotely Piloted Vehicle, Unmanned Aerial System, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle). Post information, questions, gouge; value-added posts ONLY, others will be deleted.

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    • Did I I just see a cop shoot at people standing on their porch? Tell me there’s more to this I’m not seeing...
    • It mainly stems from the older management types that had been out of the military for quite a while, who still think the ANG/AFRES are flying clubs.  One of them didn't believe me when I told him how many times I've deployed as a Guardsman.  Hell, we still occasionally deal with this type of shit from AD folks, when we're deployed.      In all fairness, the only reason I knew about the ANG was because I asked my high school guidance counselor what paid the best for college.  He handed me a ANG pamphlet and said there is a Fighter Wing 1.5 hours north and they paid 100% tuition.  Best thing that ever happened to me.    
    • I’m just waiting for general Chang to jump in. I miss his quips and trolling.
    • Well said! Go crush it. I will read those articles. Thanks all for the discourse.
    • I didn’t call anyone liberal. Just the ideaology that “it’s not my fault for my actions, it’s others faults and society and anyone but me” a liberal ideology. So Im glad you addressed it. But you failed to realize you took the leap of assumptions instead of reading and questioning if in doubt. High moral ground when I make statements like what? Not sure I followed your post on that. Ok. I get what you are saying that you think I am claiming superiority in my quick retorts. They are intended to show how the statement they follow doesn’t make sense in logical processes. They are meant as a challenge for you to explain and build because the reader and logic does not follow. I have a hard time following the argument based of FLEA’s premise because I don’t agree with it. Could you base your argument elsewhere? I agree with the point if you haven’t walked a mile in someone’s shoes that you could be and likely are ignorant. Ignorant not being a bad word but a description of a state of mind and possible realization when lacking something in a shared experience. And I don’t agree that certain people in certain life situations have it more difficult or easier for that matter. That doesn’t excuse crime. And there are variations in the legal system for willing crime and unwilling or lesser extent than active participant crime. No one is ignoring anything. But your broad brush statement of it is more difficult for people of color just isn’t a uniform statement and can’t be applied uniformly across color. I’m glad that you are willing to stay away from personal attacks and discuss. Might I suggest that high moral ground and assumptions of name calling or politicking fall under that. I agree with your final point. Education and discourse keep the mind sharp and moving forward. That’s how we get past this stuff together. Founding fathers largely didn’t agree but they crafted a country unlike any other in existence. We live in the best country known to man ever.
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