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    • Vision waiver info
      By Hopefulflyer389 · Posted
      Jumping in on the vision waiver band wagon here, my recent vision exam showed -2.75 in my left eye and -1.50 for my right, but my vision is correctable to 20/20. Should there be any concerns for not getting a waiver to fly fighters? I found the following "Vision & Refractive Error Standards" in AFI48-123, but it's dated 19 July 2012 and I can't seem to find and updated version. Also, I keep finding varies answers to this with people that have similar vision.Thank you. 
    • What does a new reservist do between different phases of training?
      By willis · Posted
      In a perfect world that'll happen. Not necessarily the case anymore.  I don't know about AFRC, but in the guard nothing is for sure until it has already happened. 
    • Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) Certificate
      By HercDude · Posted
      I'd say this is probably indicative of the quality of instruction this outfit is willing to give you.   It's your ticket - do what seems most appropriate.
    • Lodging / PCS / TDY / Per Diem / Billeting / Travel Questions
      By brabus · Posted
      You have to be somewhere official, otherwise you'll be on leave.  You have a couple options: 1. Change your PCS date from the UPT base and shitcan the whole TDY-enroute, just do a normal TDY from UPT base to Randolph, come back after the course and hang out doing casual work until you PCS directly to Holloman. This would probably be easiest on your family because they can avoid the interim Randolph stop.  TMO will pack up your stuff on a normal timeline and move it directly to Holloman. 2. PCS to the TDY enroute as fragged, BUT change your RNLTD to allow immediate checkin at Holloman following the normal travel day allotment between Randolph and Holloman.  Again, maybe you just do LPA bitchwork until starting RTU.   Your stuff will go into temp storage, which you'll then have to get out of temp once at Holloman - this could take a week or 1.69 months, who knows.  Option 2 is worse than 1 for this reason and your family having to make an interim stop at Randolph.  By the way, if you take option 2, you will only be given transitory BAH, which is flat rate and may or may not cover your rent at the UPT base if you decide to keep your wife there even after the PCS/during the TDY-enroute portion. Bottom line - MPF/TMO are about the dumbest bunch of people on every base in the Air Force (right above Cops, so they got that going for them) - do not let them talk you into anything other than the two options above or else you'll find yourself slapped with 6 weeks of leave and there will be nothing you can do about it. Send ahead to Ops assignment: No.  You could on your own dime move her ahead, but you won't get 2xBAHs.  I believe you can get BAH for whichever location you want, but it won't be enough to cover 2xrents.  That's up to you decide if it's really worth it.  
    • CMSAF Shows He Can Get Results When It Matters Most (To Him)
      By Prosuper · Posted
      I was wondering what that was and what brought it about. Back in the day we had a little light blue book called AFR 30-1 Air Force Standards.