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    • Is this a rule of thumb for all applicants? What timeline would you expect for an AD applicant who is already commissioned, has a FCI, etc?
    • Totally feasible; especially for heavies. I got waivered off the street at 36 (technically 37, by the time I started UPT). It’s all in how hard you’re willing to hustle to get there, but a lot of my hustle was in getting the stuff that was needed (test scores, medical, recruiting paperwork, etc.) done before/right after getting hired.    Get your AFOQT and TBAS done (when you’re ready to test); sooner the better. If you get 80s-90s on Pilot, Nav, and PCSM, you’ll get a lot more attention from recruiters and units. You said you needed a medical waiver, which is another huge hurdle and something that might give units pause, so get rolling on going to MEPS and, if it’s possible, try to get an FC1 out of the way to ensure those med waivers don’t hold you back. You’ll have to have that before you go to a UPT board and that takes time. Get a solid packet together and get working with a recruiter if you’re looking at Reserves options. A single Reserves recruiter can handle any Reserves unit you’re interested in; Guard will have individual recruiters for each unit, which makes things tougher (but still doable; just more duplication of efforts).    It’s all based on your hustle and anything is possible until you’ve heard ”Yes” or your final “No.” Keep networking, keep digging for what you can do next to help your cause, and don’t let any “No” answers dissuade you from trying more options. Part of it all is proving how bad you want it and putting in your own legwork and being persistent will go a long way to showing you’re serious.    Good luck!
    • Get one of your two friends at the unit to call the wings training office and schedule with them directly. Its literally as easy as one call and you can go test during the next offering. Doesnt take more than 2 weeks to study for the AFOQT. Once that is done call the ROTC unit and schedule the TBAS, they will take you or at least every detachment ive known does. Shit, tell me what base and I’ll call them up and do it for you 😎
    • I was at Kadena in April of 1985 and the process was still ongoing/finishing up (investigation and whatever else the AF did with these type incidents). I was waiting for UPT to start and a family friend was in one of the F-15 squadrons so I was staying at their house on base. A big deal at the time in their world and he shared some general info (pilot in trouble, sexual impropriety, etc) but not really any of the actual details. I don't remember if the guy was still at Kadena when I was there, but it was still the big story on base. I was at Willie later that year for UPT and heard the bone smuggling part of the story.
    • It’s possible depending on where you want to go and luck/timing. I know a prior -135 guy that recently cross flowed to U-28s. 6th SOS CAA gig is a option, there are several requirements and a interview though. There are also a bunch of DV airlift gigs out there, ranging from king airs to G6s and airliners.  
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