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    • Get the hell out of here with your new ideas. We would rather just keep trying the ones that have failed and got us into this mess over the last 2 decades!
    • I don't disagree, but the requirement exists to do your own scan regardless of who else is out there... in addition to the times we were just flat on our own covering deliberate targets and DTs (e.g. the war against oil) away from the urban CAS stacks. If I have to do it, I want the best tools for the job. The CFACC SPINS were somewhat good about delineating what a TGP player could reasonably be expected to see or not see, and in my experience the GFC didn't really want us scanning anyway. The biggest buffoonery I saw was TET guidance that contradicted the SPINS re: scan for things we acknowledge you can't reliably PID, and oh by the way we didn't MAAP you to overlap with any players that can help out. Gee thanks.

      Big picture... Agree with extreme prejudice, it felt like Air Component leadership was handing our lunch money to Army by the fist-full... especially on counter-doctrinal, peanut-butter spread apportionment of ISR.
    • Allow me to summarize: MC-12 dudes= disenfranchised, type rated, mostly ATP holding, bitter dudes (and chicks), mostly T-38 trained, with an assignment left. More than 1,000 hours per down range, in a stack, doing stuff.  UPT Grads= lots of time left to pay it back, good at making corn, can station keep for the most part. Air Force= Short on people, experience, good deals. UPT= At max blast, still can't fix the leak. 11F= Super short on folks, but somehow still too cool for school.  OA/X= Investors? Possibly you! Take the author literally, yea that doesn't make sense. Got it, copy. Over. Fusion, synergy, sygma 6, buzzword. Mix it all up, doesn't sound too far fetched. Take your initial cadre of 11F'ers, throw in a bunch of your pissed off, MC-12'ers as the first classes (add a few UPT grads for good measure),  who are itching to get back in the game, give them a program to make their own, give them the all holy "buy in". Guess what the Air Force gets? They don't take a bunch of 11F's out of the game. They possibly retain a bunch of experience in the mcdozen dudes that are definitely gone otherwise, UPT keeps sending people to the pipelines, who loses out? The 11R pipeline? Who's overmanned? Ok. Whatever. (insert conclusion here) Also: Handle of Bulleit Bourbon or  Rye at Costco $31, 750 of Noah's Mill $44.      edit: A ton of these people are T-6 and T-38 IP/EPs time meow. It really isn't that crazy. 
    • Turns out, the plan is to make flying 'fun'? https://www.defensenews.com/news/your-air-force/2018/01/16/virtual-skies-air-force-hopes-fun-tech-transforms-pilot-learning/
    • I just need to confirm,  Robber - "It's fake." (the gun) Bad Ass - "Oh well, mines is real." Robber - "I'm shot." Bad Ass - "Oh, fuck ya." He then admonishes them not to die.   This is also my new fav video of all time.
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