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      Users post articles related to: Aviation Industry, DoD, National Security to foster serious discussion. Value-added posts ONLY, others will be deleted.

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      This forum is designed for the purchase and sale of items for and by MILITARY members.

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      This is a sub-forum where you can post product/service reviews. Please do your best to add any military specific information. For instance, if I'm reviewing Disney World, I might post a link to the Shades of Green website.

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      Off-topic discussion. Keep it civil, don't abuse this forum.

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      ANG & AFRES discussion area. Bums can search for flying opportunities with other units.

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      This forum is dedicated to help all military spouses. Post any questions, ideas, concerns here.

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      Looking for a pilot slot? Post your "what are my chances?" questions here: AFOQT, BAT, PCSM, ANG and AFRES Slots, *waivers* + more - please include your test scores, GPA, etc...

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      Questions about Pilot selection? Undergraduate Pilot Training - How to prepare, how to get a pilot slot. Please post your questions about your specific scores in the "what are my chances" forum.

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      ROTC & OTS discussion area. Post topics about ROTC/OTS classes, field training, detachments, etc.

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      A new forum designed for all of your questions! Have a stupid question? Get answers here. Also, NO PENALTY for asking something that's been asked in other threads. If you're a grey-beard, please try to help out by posting a synopsis version of the answer and a link to the thread you remember from 7 years ago.

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      ALO career field information. Post information, questions, gouge; value-added posts ONLY, others will be deleted.

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      CSO career field information. Post information, questions, gouge; value-added posts ONLY, others will be deleted.

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      RPA career field information (also known as Remotely Piloted Vehicle, Unmanned Aerial System, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle). Post information, questions, gouge; value-added posts ONLY, others will be deleted.


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    • I understand the feeling but it's time to take a break, not a permanent cessation, just a pause.  We did so after the large infuxes of the late 19th and early 20th centuries to give time for assimilation and stabilization, it's time for that pause again. Money doesn't fix everything but it fixes a lot, the labor classes in this country during the first three years of Trump's administration averaged year over year gains of about 4% in income, enough to grow their wages above the inflation rate and caused a slight but perceptible trend in decreasing the anti-social ills plaguing their communities, we need to keep that up.   A tight labor market encourages labor participation, encourages technical innovation as labor is expensive and lessens the need for an intrusive and ineffective centralized welfare system.  It also provides a dignified and important place for the least among us, the dignity of work and the need for purpose can not be understated in creating and maintaining a healthy society.  
    • Dick pics are always a bad idea: https://www.theblaze.com/news/ny-legislator-reportedly-texts-19-year-old-a-graphic-photo-of-his-genitals-he-says-he-thought-he-was-texting-his-wife
    • Copy all and forewarning taken on la voz de Yglesias  I think we used to be WAY WAY WAY better at integration of immigrants when we a different country, I'll just say it before rich privileged white people began to hate their culture, ancestors and heritage then lashed out, blame, mock, ridicule and undercut much less rich and not privileged white people.  We did not constantly churn over our differences and flagellate ourselves or certain groups of our country for historical wrongs committed by people who looked like them.  The Melting Pot was better than the Salad Bowl approach to a multi racial country, just my two cents. As to my view on technology, I would counter that it's not Ludditism but realism about is about to happen.  It's not just manual or unskilled labor; skilled labor, knowledge workers and content creators are also about to get a visit from the AI Bobs, case in point this AI generated article example: https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2020/sep/08/robot-wrote-this-article-gpt-3 There may or may not be places for us in the future, we'll see.  I just dread this future meeting with my AI boss
    • 7 years in AMC and never had leave cancelled.  The key is ducking out 2 days early so they can't ask you to come in.
    • I, for one, welcome our new robot overlords!
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