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    • All this at least indicates that some level of leadership is convinced that there is literally no way to retain currently serving pilots. Therefore very dramatic and very immediate steps are required to replace them. They've gone from thinking there's no problem at all (under reaction) to thinking the problem is so dire it can't be undone (over reaction).

      I wonder if any of this will ever be attributed to their unwillingness to properly present the problem to Congress for so many years.
    • The alternative?  Nothing changes, commanders don’t rack and stack, and that everyone gets promoted? Serious question. I’ll tell you as a Sq/CC I spent more time taking care of people on reports than was required. But yeah there was a rack n stack and it didn’t always end up fair in my opinion. I don’t think there can be any other way as things stand. I also don’t think we do it right... but if you don’t change the way EVERYONE does it then doing it right doesn’t matter because you screw your people. (I.e. The only way the Enlisted force got away from firewall fives was to change the entire system) The above-center-below rating system will require some caveat I’d think, some that the Army and USMC have stipulated in varying degrees. First, all reports for each rank close on the same date (common reporting period) - although this will drive its own issues as there’s a huge difference between new guy captain wingman and old guy star on his wings WIC instructor pilot / mission commander. Second, that there is zero access to the individuals previous reports - what you did during the period of report is all that counts - no halo effect, “this guy was great last year” or “this guy was lousy last year” bias. (This, as has been identified, presents its own challenges and there’s questions of realistic expectations too). I’d say these changes have a lot of growing up to do before they are ready for prime time, so don’t hold your breath - my guess is two or three years before we see movement, though A1 states otherwise. As to the PRF, Id think the recognition that all the work put into those things is wasted is a good thing. I’d expect that change almost immediately. There’s a lot of unanswered questions, but less meaningless work is a good development.  Edit: one additional I need to add after looking at my notes. Allegedly, the LAF category at promotion boards is going to be split. Pilots will compete against pilots and so on... Caveat: I’d expect quotas (i.e. ceiling to number of promotions per year) to follow in trail. So aircrew got what they wanted (a good thing, I think), now we will see how long it takes for us to start bitching about it...  Chuck edited: to add the bit about promotion boards
    • And how expensive is this 5th gen helmet supposed to be? Or what weapons are they going to simulate? And what happens when the datalink does not work? 
    • A way to rapidly airlift large, unflyable aircraft already exists... 😛

    • I’ve never heard of a single employer looking at OPR’s, and when I was briefly out a few years ago, no one ever asked or even hinted at wanting to see one. They look at your resume, and maybe talk to some references. So make sure to give them ones of guys who like you!

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