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    • C-130 down in Afghanistan
      By WABoom · Posted
      It's the right call and I'm sure Azimuth was ok with it. I've taken down posts when someone asked me to and there was a good reason to do so. I think this falls into that category.
    • Latest Movies
      By REEL BRIEF · Posted
      Movie Reviewer. 
    • AFRC/ANG Retirement Questions
      By CopyShot · Posted
      I'm probably slower than the average bear here, but just wanted to confirm my understanding of this.  Under the current rule set, is there ANY way to reduce retirement pay age other than age 60 minus Reserve/Guard drill days?  The next likely opportunity I'd have to consider making the jump from AD is around the 16 year point.  So for example, if I were to leave AD and join a reserve component and get on EAD orders for at least four years after that point, does that get me to an AD retirement, or is that still 60 minus reserve time (56 in this case)?  Thanks.
    • Allergies/Allergy info
      By Learjetter · Posted
      Im deathly allergic to pennicillin and/or sulfa...served 24 yrs with no issues, no waivers, no problems. Recommend checking "deaddebate's" sign block, read all you can in waiver guides and afi48-123 re: your specific issue. Then re-attack.
    • VA Loans
      By pbar · Posted
      Like many here, we had a great experience getting a mortgage with NBOKC.  However, if you have to deal with them for a property loss, beware.  We had a kitchen fire and our insurer, USAA, cut a check to the lienholder, i.e. NBOKC, so we could pay for the repairs.  Dealing with their Loss Draft dept. has been a nightmare.  Numerous times we thought we were done with a step, having submitted all of the paperwork only to find out there was more paperwork they didn't tell us.  And so it's been two months since the repairs we complete and we still haven't been able to pay our contractor.  Talking with a supervisor there hasn't sped up the process after their mistakes either.  For my next mortgage I'm not going with NBOKC.  To be fair, I think their Loss Draft dept. might be subcontracted but I'm not sure.  If they would have given us all the paperwork up front, it should have taken two weeks, not two months.  YMMV.  On the insurance side, while USAA is more expensive for homeowners' insurance, they were a dream to work with on this.