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    • RPA Pilot Work Schedule
      By Rivanthe5th · Posted
      I've done 2 different units. Each scheduled differently. One place avg was 2.5hrs in the seat, the other, I was doing 4-8 depending on the night. Great for getting hours, but gets old. IMO 3-4 hrs is a good amount of time. Enough time to get settled, be in the flow, and not get bored beyond belief. 8 hrs in the seat... Let's just say, when you get the schedule the day prior and see what you have to look forward to, there's a sinking feeling lol. But it is what you make it. I've had 8hrs fly by, and some felt like 20. As for the "week" schedule, was doing 5 on 3 off. 3 day weekends are pretty nice. Of course, everything is unit dependent. I've heard of many other scheduling outlines. And again for "bumming", all depends on the unit, and the whims of the Feds. Just figured I'd post a little update :) EDIT: regarding flight hours, are you referring to RPA hours counting for FAA hours? Hopefully they'll work something out to have some conversion. True, it's not "flying", but you're doing the same stuff. CRM, task management, managing aircraft systems, talking with ATC, dealing with WX (in a much more difficult manner), etc... I'm not gonna sit here and try to make believe that there's something magical about physically sitting in an aircraft (aside from the fact that you're flying). It is extremely relatable experience despite being on the ground.
    • Saddle up for Syria? Or Op Deny Christmas '13
      By Clark Griswold · Posted
      Yup - when oil was north of 75 a barrel Putin put money, time, effort and focus into making them far more creditable and capable a military force than we want to believe they are. Even with oil low, all those good years of high oil prices (for Putin, Iranians, et al) have let them acquire more capability than we have considered recently.  If oil stays low for say 3-5 more years they may coast down to the speed we are use to them operating at but for now they're fairly high speed, low drag...
    • Saddle up for Syria? Or Op Deny Christmas '13
      By Lawman · Posted
      Crazy stuff. The only other country (besides Us) that has done something with anywhere near this level of complication or integrated was England launching the Black Buck Vulcan raids during the Falklands campaign. That says a lot for a country a lot of people continue too try and sell as the broken confused pile of garbage it was after the wall came down.
    • Track Selects and Assignment Nights
      By PK... · Posted
      Student.  Starting this FY, the CV-22 is once again open to Rucker; however, my understanding is that it's not exclusive to helo studs (as it used to be). AFPC will still pull from the T-1 / T-38 tracks as needed.  --- PK... 
    • Lieutenant James P. Fleming: a Thanksgiving Reminder of What We’re All About
      By John Q · Posted
      On this day in 1968, two days before Thanksgiving, Lieutenant James Fleming wasn’t home with family. He wasn’t basting a turkey or planning a Black Friday shopping trip. He was deployed to Ban Me Thuot in the Republic of Vietnam, serving as a UH-1F aircraft commander assigned to the 20th Special Operations Squadron. While most of his […] The post Lieutenant James P. Fleming: a Thanksgiving Reminder of What We’re All About appeared first on John Q. Public. View the full article