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      New features / developments of the forums and Baseops.Net website will be posted here. Please post any problems you have, glitches, etc. Please click on HELP (upper right) for more info... Please do not PM your trouble calls.

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      Users post articles related to: Aviation Industry, DoD, National Security to foster serious discussion. Value-added posts ONLY, others will be deleted.

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      This forum is designed for the purchase and sale of items for and by MILITARY members.

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      This is a sub-forum where you can post product/service reviews. Please do your best to add any military specific information. For instance, if I'm reviewing Disney World, I might post a link to the Shades of Green website.

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      Off-topic discussion. Keep it civil, don't abuse this forum.

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      Discuss general topics in the Military and Aviation. Please post pilot-selection & "how do I get a pilot slot" questions in their appropriate forums.

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      Aviation Medicine discussion forum. Ask the Flight Doc your questions: waivers, flight physicals, qualifications, regulations.

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      ANG & AFRES discussion area. Bums can search for flying opportunities with other units.

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      This forum is dedicated to help all military spouses. Post any questions, ideas, concerns here.

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    1. What Are My Chances?

      Looking for a pilot slot? Post your "what are my chances?" questions here: AFOQT, BAT, PCSM, ANG and AFRES Slots, *waivers* + more - please include your test scores, GPA, etc...

    2. Pilot Selection Process

      Questions about Pilot selection? Undergraduate Pilot Training - How to prepare, how to get a pilot slot. Please post your questions about your specific scores in the "what are my chances" forum.

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      ROTC & OTS discussion area. Post topics about ROTC/OTS classes, field training, detachments, etc.

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      A new forum designed for all of your questions! Have a stupid question? Get answers here. Also, NO PENALTY for asking something that's been asked in other threads. If you're a grey-beard, please try to help out by posting a synopsis version of the answer and a link to the thread you remember from 7 years ago.

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    1. Air Liaison Officer (ALO)

      ALO career field information. Post information, questions, gouge; value-added posts ONLY, others will be deleted.

    2. Combat Systems Officer (CSO)

      CSO career field information. Post information, questions, gouge; value-added posts ONLY, others will be deleted.

    3. Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA/RPV/UAS/UAV)

      RPA career field information (also known as Remotely Piloted Vehicle, Unmanned Aerial System, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle). Post information, questions, gouge; value-added posts ONLY, others will be deleted.


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    • So so sooooo true.

      Stay away from anything European.
    • Chinese copilot's are allowed to touch more than just the gear? Where do I sign up? A Pilot Was Too Busy Vaping in the Cockpit to Actually Fly the Damn Plane https://www.vice.com/en_us/article/qvm8a5/pilot-vaping-air-china-plane-drops-20000-feet-vgtrn
    • The U.K.-headquartered firm will lead “Team Tempest,” which also includes engine-maker Rolls-Royce, Italian defense contractor Leonardo, and the European missile consortium MBDA.....

      Because we learned F@ck-all from Tornado, Typhoon, Eurocopter Tiger....

      Jesus guys. You were the only country with a legitimate chance at getting Raptor and that got jacked up for Typhoon... now they want to repeat history when we will sell literally anybody not Russia/China F-35s to get the per unit cost down and even let them build their own.
    • Thank you Sir! Elena is truly amazing and she is one of my 3 processors dedicated to the baseops team that I setup and that Jon is leading. We want each of you to get the best service/rates possible because that’s what we’d want for our families and you guys deserve nothing less.

      Vets/pilots taking care of fellow vets/pilots...you guys are the best clients we get!

    • I just wanted to pass along my positive experience dealing with Trident. Marty and Elena did a fantastic job setting up our mortgage and taking care of us during the purchase of our Alexandria, VA home.    Even though Elena had to deal with an unprofessional seller’s agent she handled him like a pro. never releasing details that could have affected our negotiating stance. Trident was truly part of the team and in our case crucial to making our home purchase happen.     The best part of working with Trident was that it felt like they were only working on my loan, they were just on it.   Thanks
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