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  1. built for speed or comfort?
  2. that's great, but in the same way you probably don't base your life on lord of the rings books, a good amount of us consider the bible/any religious text to be complete fiction. ๐Ÿป if you want to life your life based on those principles, have at it.
  3. cool. again, please provide a (valid) reference.
  4. we're discussing whether it's considered 'living'...your viewpoint isn't as universally accepted despite how much you want it to be.
  5. not gonna bother...a survey is fallible. is NASA's stance not valid enough for a counterpoint?
  6. the author of that opinion article couldn't be biased... sorry, a collection of random quotes doesn't mean shit just because it has 'princeton.edu' in the URL
  7. can you please provide a reference for this?
  8. you should let the folks at NASA know you figured it out! https://exoplanets.nasa.gov/search-for-life/can-we-find-life/
  9. Rog...they say they found life/evidence of life. What's your point?
  10. thread to stop the creep from the presidential thread.
  11. I'm inferring (again) you posit this regarding 'life' on another planet equating a fertilized egg as being alive? is that correct? edit: this is a huge derailment from the current thread...this probably needs its own (never-ending) thread to continue ๐Ÿป
  12. can you clarify what you mean here?
  13. i was trying to say these things without writing a book...thanks.
  14. Sure. Abortion is an individual decision. @bfargin quoted the constitution and bolded 'life' implying it referred to abortion. I highlighted "nor shall any state" because it doesn't apply to an individuals actions, only the state. ๐Ÿคจ Science and logic usually don't agree with religion on anything. Let me know if I incorrectly inferred what you were saying (that the constitution, science, logic, and reason are all against abortion).
  15. This has nothing to do with individual choices. Also, your religious beliefs are irrelevant.
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