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  1. religion has jumped the shark...the sooner we stop glorifying it, the better.
  2. copy, thanks...I'll give it a shot
  3. no ad blocker...any recommendations?
  4. I'm getting this annoying ad window at the bottom too on desktop...
  5. when Cheerios were new people didn't trust them, but the govt is in big cereal's pocket and added grain to the food pyramid (which used to be a pie but was changed for obvious reasons)
  6. be careful bro...Cheerios have Tripotassium phosphate; thousands of people have died like 70 years after eating them
  7. CN for those of us who don't want to listen to 3 hours of assumed BS from a spy-fiction author?
  8. justifying positions based on cherry-picked religious positions...this is my surprised face.
  9. bro, that's the million dollar question for everyone (no pun intended)...real estate is in a bubble, stocks are inflated, crypto is super volatile, savings can't keep up with inflation. if you figure it out, let us know. 🍻
  10. where did you learn the "ellipses > proper sentence structure" system?
  11. are we really arguing whether ethnic/racial slurs are ok? WTF is going on
  12. sorry...i thought the quotes (much like the martian uses around vaccine) would convey my sarcasm 🍻
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