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  1. The same could be said about many career fields..
  2. Why is she in MN? Shouldn’t she be addressing her failing district in LA? Oh wait, she doesn’t even live in her slum of a district.
  3. There are currently many senior leaders who do that, affirmative action at its’ finest. I would hate to be hired for a job I believe I earned due to my skin color. Kind of goes against the whole MLK vision for not seeing people based on their skin color but character, you know the rest.
  4. These “diversity chiefs” and MEO types are the worst kind of people. They are an infection to the military. I am sure the PRC has diversity chiefs in its’ higher echelons...It’s going to get worse before it ever gets better - that or we will go the way of the Romans.
  5. God wouldn’t one command be enough to lose all your hair? The Dyess situation is toxic, not to mention the IG is under the scope as well. Not surprised.
  6. $10 says iPhones will now become racist next
  7. “I hope these riots continue” Now sitting Vice President Kamala Harris.
  8. Slavery, Jim Crow, Japanese internment, losing the Vietnam war, the Iraq war...and this is what you chose as the most shameful?
  9. Probably auto deleting nonner BS emails like this.
  10. Yeah they are both wrong and constitute extremism, why is that such a difficult concept to some people?
  11. This day and age a liberal president is more likely to engage us in conflict that a conservative one. How the tables have turned.
  12. Not seeing anyone butt hurt? Just making fun of the wokeism that has plagued our academy and the military. Do we even care about winning wars anymore?
  13. What are we doing about it? So far this current administration seems to only care about inclusion, uniform changes and feelings.
  14. Much like the O community, there are a lot of dirtbags that make it to the top towards Senior and Chief (if you have ever deployed, then you know). They look good on paper because they’ve stepped over their peers who are hacking the mission. Then they become SELs who have zero credibility in whatever technical mission and compensate by going after mustaches and short lengths instead of helping run the squadron.
  15. I’ve asked various commanders I’ve worked for why we don’t strat more than 15-20% unlike the Marines that strat everyone. Most say something along the lines of “the Air Force doesn’t care about you if you’re not in the top 15-20%. It’s just another method to discretely maintain an HPO system. I wish we would strat everyone 1-n, there should be no question on where an officer stands relative to their peers. But that would eliminate the cat string that causes officers to think that they still have a chance.
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