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  1. Once in a lifetime leader - should’ve been the next CSAF The one individual who may have revectored AMC from a bunch of careerist bus drivers to a command focused on war fighting.
  2. I’ve always wondered this - what happens when a MAJCOM/component commander has multiple bosses (service chief, CCDR), basically most MAJCOMs..and one of their bosses want to fire them. Who wins? What happens in this instance if say the CSAF tells SOCOM to pound sand and doesn’t want his AFSOC/CC fired?
  3. Sadly that’s everyone outside of the Newark / Edison / Philly metro - guess who has higher numbers. Same with upstate Ny - outside major metros it’s about as red as you can get, but the city outvotes everyone.
  4. Flying is the only “job” I had that never felt like a job. It never got old. I’ve never met a pilot in the military that regretted becoming a pilot.
  5. Which major university isn’t? I bet half of these protestor aren’t even students there.
  6. Single track worked for years, created many of the old heads on this forum now - no need to fix what isn’t broken. Current AETC commander is phenomenal and unlike many of his predecessors doesn’t have his head up his ass.
  7. I’ve noticed this as well, many moderately political hot women I knew got much uglier the more outspokenly liberal and progressive they get. Weird.
  8. We have a named operation obligating us to provide Missile Defense for Israel; there is no such legal obligation for Ukraine.
  9. Spoiler alert - Biden: “It’s Trump’s fault”
  10. Was discussing this topic with a coworker; flabbergasted that Biden is still a viable contender for reelection following this once in a century type of failure/embarrassment. He keenly pointed out that most Americans do not give a shit about what happened in Afghanistan one way or another; much like they couldn’t care less about what happens in Ukraine. We obviously care about it on this board but we are not a representation of the general populace. The election will come down to the economy, border, and social issues.
  11. First time browsing that cesspool of nonner dipshits? Every time I view that page I’m not surprised the Air Force is in the state it is in.
  12. Gaslighting seems to be a winning tactic
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