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  1. How we let administration after administration get after these same mistakes is beyond me. I would really like to see a Tulsi/Crenshaw or Vice versa ticket or similar individuals who aren’t slave to the establishment come out on top in 2024 and put an end to this madness. I don’t agree with a lot of Tulsi’s policies but at least she isn’t whipped by the establishment. For the record, the withdrawal started with Trump and it was 100% time. Can’t say whether it would’ve gone better or worse under a Trump administration as speculating is purely here say. We can confidently say it couldn’t have gone much worse during the Biden / Austin / Miley oversight of the final stages of the withdrawal.
  2. A 3rd grader could see he isn’t running the country, someone else is. I don’t think it’s Kamala either which is even scarier. When he “resigns”, and he will sooner than most expect, she won’t either. That’s why they hated Trump, no one could control him. That’s what this country needs to not be on a warpath towards speaking Mandarin, maybe someone a little classier, eloquent and unifying. Biden doesn’t believe half this crap, he’s just doing what he’s told by his handlers.
  3. I have zero issues with private companies requiring the vaccine or mandating or forgoing* drug testing. I have every issue with government overreach and mandates.
  4. Before it was mandatory? Numerous second hand accounts of being bullied by supervisors/commanders if not shamed.
  5. Not corrupt enough to run, at least I don’t think he is.
  6. Covid hysteria is a useful tool for big government democrats (and republicans). It got Trump out of office, it increased dependency on government programs (why work when your Covid check is > your paycheck?), it continues to serve as a distraction from the mass importation of future voters from the Southern Border and mask the negligence behind the Afg pullout. If you were a big government corrupt politician I would never want the Covid hysteria to end!
  7. Is your “friend” a former C-17 pilot by any chance? Yeah I have sitting Squadron Commanders, weapons officers and otherwise successful military officers that genuinely believe Biden and Kamala are doing an excellent job. That’s what scares and concerns me.
  8. Wouldnt go that route…other than honorable discharge guaranteed thanks to our current Administration.
  9. Or people are just tired of being jerked around by the government and clowns such as Faucci! “Trust the experts you anti vaccer extremists!!” What happens when “the experts” get lobbied heavily by the known corrupt pharmaceutical industry. Maybe if the average citizen trusted this inept government more we would have more cohesion with regards to Covid. I am fully vaccinated and wear a mask when I’m told but I’m getting tired of this BS overreach like most Americans.
  10. Let’s not pretend that that’s not a desired end state for many powerful democrats sitting in congress right now. Marxism 101, take the guns first. Will it happen? No, thankfully thanks to checks and balances but it’s very concerning when you look at the strategy of some of these folks and the line between that and historical Marxism is very blurred.
  11. For the average supporter? Probably never, those pulling the strings will never allow it (it’s why inner cities never vote red despite the fact that lunatics like Maxine Waters has run Los Angeles into the ground). For the leadership? They know it’s a ploy, it was never about Black Lives, it was always a vehicle for Marxism.
  12. Having the “first African American SECDEF” resign is not good optics for the democrats and woke crowd, so it will not happen. That alone is everything wrong with the left today and a contributing factor to why we are in this mess. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. I agree with you to a degree, Trump was absolutely correct to get us out…the incompetence that plagues the DOD sat on their arses and never discussed a NEO strategy until it was too late. Biden is too decrepit to understand nuances but the CJCS and the DOD should’ve seen this coming and had a branch plan ready to execute. While Afghanistan was always doomed to be a disaster, we didn’t have to leave thousands of Americans behind with no exit plan.
  14. This is getting ridiculous, if you’re going to mandate the vaccine then lead by example. Time to drain the swamp, oh wait…that triggered the establishment and their useful idiots. My comment applies to both sides of the aisle.
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