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  1. Wokeism is very much a thing. I’ve had strat pushes and quarterly awards kicked back to me because “not enough women / too many white men.” Many anecdotal examples of this. Heck just read Lt Col Lohmeier’s book.
  2. How this dipshit still has a job and hasn’t been dragged in front of congress for his epic failure in Afghanistan is beyond me. Talking to a lot of my grunt buddies…one of the least respected “members” of the SOF community.
  3. No, too dry and desert like, need a good tropical location. Let’s do Venezuela and set up Died 2.0 but scattered across St. Croix and surrounding islands.
  4. I’ll never forget this hag at LRS at Yokota who was explaining that the C-130s were on the ramp to bring the postal mail. She was a tech..
  5. I read it as fixed in their “new” gender, or stable in their original gender…at least that’s how it was applied during the Trump Era rule.
  6. Gotta give E-8s and E-9s something new to study up on to go out and chief people with!
  7. From the bill itself: “(A) Individuals may serve in the Armed Forces if they have been stable for 36 consecutive months in their biological sex prior to accession.” Just like Trump’s EO, the bill does not ban transgenders from serving in the military. It prohibits “transitioning” individuals from serving if they are undergoing medical treatment as part of the process. Pretty reasonable law considering that part of being in the military is being medically ready to deploy. But as usual the critics misconstrue facts in order to incite fear and dissension. But hey our service chiefs say nothing to worry about regarding work policies!! All is good.
  8. “Non criminal in nature” according to Okinawa Stars and Stripes…must have been shacking up with someone, or must’ve tweeted something anti-woke that they dug up. Either way, everyone I know that’s served with him has had good things to say..
  9. Yet they have such a loyal base that will vote for them no matter what. God help you if you try to shift that narrative. This perpetual cycle and the backlash that comes with calling it out scares me more than some idiot with a Viking Hat or a dude in Proud Boys
  10. They suck too. But as I’ve mentioned before (in this thread or one of the others), the extreme groups on the right get plenty of media coverage and often times are blown well out of proportion in terms of their scope and power; whereas the extreme groups on the left get a free pass in the mainstream press. How many businesses and lives are lost because of Qanon or Proud Boys compared to BLM Summer 2020? There is no comparison.
  11. Clearly you’ve never met anyone from Antifa or Black Lives Matter
  12. So what if it is skewed? As long as the most qualified are being hired and everyone has an opportunity to tryout, then who cares what people look like? If a group of people I’m working with are all disabled transgender black females, but the most qualified… then great! If that same group were all white men…then who cares? The dudes on this group are talking about it because “those left of you” have made institutionalized racism a comeback in places like the airlines and military. Also what problem is DEI trying to solve? Are we losing wars because there aren’t enough minority female generals? Are aircraft incidents on the rise because of old white males? Or is it about feelings and perception…quality and competence be damned? Because that is an unacceptable experiment in fields where quality and competence impacts lives. Finally, what rights do white males have in terms of getting a pilots license that minorities and females do not? Are women not allowed to pursue aviation, nor minorities? There is no law in place that prevents anyone from pursuing a pilot career. Now, if you want to make the financial barrier argument, for example, African Americans, I’ll buy that and to that point have no issue with flight schools doing outreach, mentorship and offering scholarships. Those should be offered to underprivileged without thought of race/gender but that’s just my opinion. However, having a mandatory quota based on race (United, and let’s be honest many programs in our military) is racist and dangerous.
  13. Not sure if any of you have had the “pleasure” of working with or interacting with any of these DEI / EO types but they make MPF and finance look like mission hacking warriors. God help you if you are a white male in today’s military (I’m not).
  14. I think narrative only and static close out dates are good changes. Narrative only will cut down in the amount of work perfecting that bullet that no one will read. Static close outs, at least you can plan your workload surges. It should also reduce the amount of strat gamesmanship as well. MyEval 0-2.0? Complete cluster fuck.
  15. We send foreign aid to Belarus so why not?
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