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  1. I’ve seen some real dipshits work as “shirts” these days, just underneath a toxic lazy SEL. I used to respect the hell out of Command Teams SNCOs.
  2. And that’s why the Air Force is so jacked up. Thankfully BPZ is no more.
  3. Spend months planning the next “fly like a girl” public affairs stunt instead of actually contributing to the effectiveness of the unit These vignettes could go on forever; it would be funny if they weren’t so accurate and indicative of the sad state of affairs of our military.
  4. Why are they so mad? Big guy is forging paths to give massive amounts of aid to Gaza, much of which will end up in the hands of their beloved Hamas. Shouldn’t they be celebrating that?
  5. Exactly, zero sympathy, cry me a fucking river! Maybe more time doing legislative work instead of grandstanding for whatever dumb hot social media issue. Both parties are guilty. Back to the intent of the founding father’s intent - working in congress should truly be an “additional duty” and act of service along side your normal career. No more toxic career politicians like Diane Fiensteine.
  6. If he was black or female he would probably be safe. He looks too privileged to not come out of this with some scratches.
  7. Of all the women in the world, an enlisted chick is really that worth it?
  8. I’ll never for the life of me understand the intersectionality between the LGBTQ movement and radical Islam. More proof that leftists are brainwashed and incapable of critical thought.
  9. Most forces headed to eastern med are going there to support NEO. That is if DOS ever gets its heads out of their incompetent arses and enable DOD to do their job.
  10. Just make sure you have a good lawyer! Your state doesn’t believe in your inherent right to self defense. Edit: nor stand your ground laws
  11. True, but how did a dipshit like this make it this far in the Air Force? There are so many other “shinny penny” types who get away with some shady things under the surface. We really need to institute the Army’s BCAP program for AF squadron commanders.
  12. Disgusting animal. You want to know one of the reasons there are so many Trump loyalists, look right here, or in Minnesota, or in Queens, and everywhere else the “squad” members crawl out from.
  13. They even have their own org box, cute…I’ll take most useless jobs in the Air Force for $500 Alex.
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