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  1. California doing California things. I feel sorry for everyone that lives East of I-5.
  2. Every POTUS and their administration shares the blame in our failed Afghanistan strategy. The NEO, and leaving Americans and Allies behind, happened under the current administration.
  3. I would love them to first and foremost investigate our abject failure that was the withdrawal from Afghanistan.
  4. Man this is going to make Biden’s proposed 37 Billion Dollar aid package to Ukraine all the more interesting.
  5. Sounds like a great opportunity for Ron DeSantis. There was a Red Wave…in Florida. Now granted the population is probably swayed by the retirees but a ton of young Latinos voted conservative as well.
  6. “Hey White Boy, you’re in the wrong neighborhood”…thanks for pointing out the hypocrisy. But it doesn’t matter, this woke conversation only goes one way, we all know that. Which is fine, didn’t give a shit till it started to infect the military.
  7. Dude it’s 2022, everything is Racist. Highways, elections, SATs, pilot training.…you’re even a racist just for posting this!
  8. You’ve clearly forgotten being hassled by Qatari Immigrant Agents at the Died 😉 But seriously all valid points. I never understood why we cow towed to the Saudis besides oil, and let their spoiled shitty pilot students waste our IPs time in UPT. My only other remaining theory is that we would need them (access, basing, overflight) if things ever kicked off with Iran?
  9. If I were them I’d chose now, in 2 years we might have a CINC that can string a sentence together. Disclaimer: To be clear I hope to god we never have to be in a position to confront China in a conflict.
  10. Many of the people I know in these states were quite happy with the draconian measures. Let’s not forget a good chunk of the country is very content with and needs the security blanket provided by the big government, in more ways than one. These are the Karen’s that will scream at your child if their mask falls off their nose. These states get what they deserve - one of the reasons Florida has become so red is that New York ran most of the conservatives out of the state.
  11. I stand corrected in my absolute, however Ohio and Florida, states that used to be purple are solidly red. The Dems have spent millions trying to “flip Texas blue,” and haven’t come close. That’s not great news for them.
  12. Wouldn’t say disappointing but not a red wave like many were predicting. Republicans will take the house, new Speaker will be a Republican. Senate stays split. Furthermore, Florida, Ohio and Texas remain solidly red, three states Democrats have targeted for years. No one is winning the presidency without one of those states. Also, Beto and Stacey lose again! Now here’s to hoping Trump doesn’t come in with a wrecking ball and split the Republican Party which would surely cede the presidency to the left.
  13. There are absolutely crazies in the R side and many of them are also screwing the American people. However, the fringe elements of the R side are not mainstream, their actions aren’t covered up by the mainstream media, and they constitute a minority of the party. On the D side, we are seeing the fringe philosophy become more mainstream and the media will blatantly hide it. You know I would love to see more Rs try to work with the dems and meet common ground. However, that’s hard to do when you have someone like our sitting VPOTUS threatening to “go after” Trump supporters after the 2020 election, or Maxine Watters telling her supporters to find Trump supporters in restaurants and other public places and scream them out. While similar rhetoric exists on the other side, it’s not nearly as large in scope nor as threatening.
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