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  1. I’m sure the average tax payer couldn’t care less. We as a nation stopped caring about fiscal responsibility a long time ago. Watches are a drop in the bucket compared to the other crap the DOD wastes money on. Think we are ever getting those HIMARS launchers back from UKR?
  2. And their voters turn a blind eye to it, either delusional or severe cognitive dissonance. They are conditioned…they buy their electric cars and do “whatever is good for the environment” at whatever cost to the economy and parrot whatever talking points the corporate jet politicians spout out. It’s worse in Central Europe. Some old hag started screaming at me for god forbid sitting in my car with the engine running for a few mins waiting for someone.
  3. Speaking of the burn pit bill hold up, is there more to the story? I find it hard to believe that a handful of Republicans would blatantly hold up a non partisan bill helping veterans unless there was some typical pork barreling / diversion going on.
  4. 2nd lowest ASVAB scores (I think Life Support, sorry “AFE” have the lowest but I may be mistaken).
  5. It’s one of the things I miss about Tokyo. You’ll not see a single homeless person, let alone feces, anywhere in the streets. It’s considered culturally shameful. The result is one of the cleanest and kept cities on the planet. Meanwhile in America, homelessness and laziness is not only actively encouraged by a certain sect of our elected officials, it is embraced and enabled.
  6. I couldn’t care less what Queens does within their bubble, but as Pooter pointed out, these ideas are becoming more mainstream and pervasive across the nation. That’s the real problem… it’s important for those who reside in between the extremes of this country to call this BS out and eliminate it from any adult conversation on policy.
  7. They don’t affect me personally, but I love this country, its foundations and the constitution - and I don’t want the dumpster fire that is her district to become mainstream American.
  8. With regards to AOC, anything that comes out of her pipe hole? But if you want specifics: -Green New Deal, running Amazon out of NYC costing her constituents 25k jobs, comparing combating climate change to fighting the nazis, not understanding how unemployment works (thinking unemployment is so low due to people working two jobs), accusing Ted Cruz of trying to murder her for the Jan 6 spectacle which didn’t even occur in her building, claiming Billionaires shouldn’t exist/her radical tax ideology, comparing southern border detention centers to nazi concentration camps (those “cages” still exist but Democrats are in power now so, nothing to see here), wants to eliminate Border Patrol, supports open borders, supports defunding the police, anti second amendment, claims it is okay to spread misinformation as long as she is “morally right”. Want us to go on? The fact she got re-elected (over a Jamaican Republican businesswoman as her republican contender) tells me everything I need to know about the people in Queens and why it’s the armpit of America. She sucks, and so does the rest of the “squad”. Zero sympathy for her.
  9. The C-130J has a 1980s com/nav suite, datalink (Block 6) that’s utter thrash and TOLD that’s not even accurate…but sure let’s jump straight to single pilot operations. Me thinks the speed of staff / acquisitions makes this a long ways off regardless of whether or not the technology is there. The C-130 doesn’t just fly straight and level at FL390, low levels, formation, assault, NVG ops, a lot going on to simply automate.
  10. C-130J: “Deployments” are 6 months on 18 months off…with opportunities to switch out at the 3 month point. Quotations as CENTCOM deployments are significantly more chill with the drawdown. Only stateside units deploy, expect a 3-4 day TDY per month besides that. Not bad at all. Overseas units don’t deploy but are TDY much more often. PM me with questions.
  11. Learning about the racism part rather quickly in Germany. I also find it funny that they have stricter abortion laws across Europe than most places in America (Texas, Alabama). Good lord, anti American hippies can be so damn ignorant.
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