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  1. I just got an AFRC email for orders to USAFE. I deleted it before reading the details, but yes, there are overseas opportunities, but they’ll probably be shorter than AD.
  2. Those obvious dangerous/combat jobs are certainly included, but there are lots that aren't so tip of the spear.
  3. You need it with you. They ask for it every CQ. Just put it in your airline "war wallet" with your passport, medical, pilot certificate, yellow fever shot, COVID shot (likely if not already for some countries), etc and forget about it until somebody asks for it.
  4. You knew when they started correlating your ID card to your purchases to your PT test that it was only a matter of time. Your next PHA is going to have a list of your groceries next to your BMI. "I'm sorry, sir. I know you have knee pain after your time as an 82nd ALO, but because you ate a box of Twinkies, your knee pain is grocery - not service - related. 0%"
  5. Hard Deck of 1000 feet to Keep My Balls Dry.
  6. We had to whisk a loadmaster out of Iraq because he left his M9 on a pallet during offload and the base cops wanted to arrest him. Just think what damage ISIS could do with an M9!
  7. 15% in category. 100% success this month, but only because I played my "once or twice a year" trump cards. I won't have those same options next month. There are some other drop strategies I'm studying for future poor-staffing months involving trading bad coverage days for worse coverage days. It's certainly not as easy as it used to be.
  8. So keep that ARC job at least through year one. Because you love serving your country and somebody has to fly that Key West det.
  9. Transition from Draco is one thing in the short term. That’s not much of a hurdle and not really what I’m talking about. You’ll have freshly winged Lts soon and the original post I replied to referenced tracks and drops.
  10. So T-1 dudes will go to the 802 because staffing, not because T-1 training is the right training for a single-pilot mission. We'd be better off leaving them in T-6s longer and giving them T-6B/C training. We could call it UPT 2.5. Oh, and not only will the AF have to compete with the airlines at the end of pilot commitments, they'll have to compete with SEAT and ag jobs. 😆 CalFire and its subs thank you for your 2000 hours in type.
  11. I don't know anything, but No.
  12. I found BQZip’s mom on a corner in the Bronx but I couldn’t zoom out far enough for a screenshot.
  13. That’s pretty close to the cumulative airline v O5 pay difference over 10-15 years. $150k in the AF, $200-250k in the airlines.
  14. The constraints were set because they used an existing framework: AFCS PAQ. You can argue they should have used a different framework or created a standalone program, but the constraints aren’t arbitrary and definitely aren’t unique to this CAIP program. https://afciviliancareers.com/recentgraduates/
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