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  1. ~14 point spread makes it an interesting bet. https://www.vegasinsider.com/college-football/odds/las-vegas/
  2. If it's the same online thing as a decade ago, definitely get some coaching like BFM said before taking the assessment. I took it with my "A code" PIC mentality and in hindsight got about everything wrong. (i.e. You generally don't divert for a medical unless the doctor on the ground, maybe sitting in South Africa, says you divert.)
  3. nunya

    Gun Talk

    To be clear, you'd be buying a pistol. A rifle cannot be made into a pistol. A pistol can be made into a rifle.
  4. After you've done real work for them. Deployments, trips, exercises, alerts, whatever they do. Do that well and then you can consider other options.
  5. You'll close more doors than you'll open by going AD initially. AD will almost certainly be an option in the future if it's necessary to reach your goal.
  6. https://www.linkedin.com/in/frederick-d-moorefield-jr-3b311612a/ "Deputy Chief Information Officer for C3 at DoD" ETA: You'd think a CIO would know better than to leave an incriminating electronic paper trail leading directly to a guilty verdict.
  7. Probably shouldn't use a word historically associated with the demeaning of homosexual males in your fight for DEI.
  8. FAR 61.195.k. It has to be a majority fling wing thing, but there's probably a fixed wing operator somewhere outside of the contractors doing NVG ops.
  9. Because FSDO competence varies wildly. An ex-Army FSDO inspector didn't want to give me the CFII because my Form 8 didn't specify "Instrument Instructor." Had to convince him that our Qual Form 8 included instruments.
  10. That dude better be careful diming out his group. With friends like that, snitches get stitches.
  11. I'll take a WAG and say that ain't it.
  12. You’ll what? Make us want to retire? Palace Chase? Just plain separate? Good deal.
  13. So a maximum of $329K. Seems like a small group (i.e. retiring anyway in the next 6-9 months) that would jump on that over other "options" for your career twilight.
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