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  1. How do you know someone's a fighter pilot? They'll tell you. 🤪
  2. I looked back in my email and couldn't find it. I think it was in a periodic summary/update from our O-6. But it's in the AWC and ACSC student handbooks, too. A lot of us got lucky and got points awarded for each class, but if you're not seeing that, the system is working per the book. Sorry I don't have a loophole for you.
  3. I remember reading a message a few months ago that they'd "fixed the glitch." Points used to show up after every class but the memo said it'll only be after course completion now.
  4. I think this is one of the most impactful variables. If wife's got her own thing going on and kids are gone or never were, it's a whole different ballgame than when your commute has cost you tball games and dance recitals. I moved to base and will stay at least as long as kids are in the house. Once they're on their own, commuting to a WB is high on the list of options.
  5. If you want to get smart on the atypical Reserve jobs, poke around the RIO sites.
  6. You have to decide for yourself when you’re ready to hang up the wings. Ask yourself on your next flights if you’d rather be somewhere else. If the answer is still “Hell no, this is the best gig ever!” then keep flying in the ARC. One of these days your answer will be “I’d really rather be watching Junior’s game or I’d rather be home with Frau.” Get an IMA job then.
  7. COVID > War with China > Russians hacking critical domestic infrastructure Sounds about right.
  8. Palace chase to the ARC now. https://www.af.mil/News/Article-Display/Article/2606672/fy21-voluntary-force-management-programs-conclude-may-27/ edit: I can't even find the matrix for the eligible AFSCs. Make them tell you no.
  9. The highest paid pilot at DAL for a few years was a narrowbody FO. That is until 2019 when they couldn't compete with the 7-figure 350 captains. Let's just say you won't miss the AF's paycheck if you land at any major airline. We might be singing a different tune during COVID 2.0, but short of that, you'll be ok on the outside.
  10. ALPA makes comparisons each time a company is in negotiations. Here's a public one: http://www3.alpa.org/portals/alpa/jetblue2/files/JetBlue Contract Comparison March 2015L - web.pdf start around slide 20. edit: To understate it, vacation doesn't work anything like active duty leave. If you don't have a trip on your schedule, you go where you want to go. Want 2 weeks in Hawaii in June? You'll only get paid for those 2 weeks if you bid and are awarded official vacation, but there are 1000 ways to get those 2 weeks free. Once you have some seniority, there's almost no reason you can't do what you want when you want. Only question is whether you're getting paid for those days off or not.
  11. I live in airline base and I'd only call one other airline guy a close friend. Everyone else is from church, kid's soccer, Scouts. Especially if you commute, you probably will have zero airline friends. I'll say it was a little lonely the first year or two after leaving the AF cocoon. Nobody I met (except one sheriff's deputy) could remotely relate to my last decade+. But, the longer I'm out, the less I can relate to my active time and the more I relate to my civilian friends. Now that I'm not dealing with deployments, PCSs, MPF, and the latest OPR drama, I relate more to my civilian friend's preteen problems, their public school gripes, their IRA strategies, and that spot in their yard where grass just will not grow. None of those things are airline-related, so they're easy to build relationships around. I assume you're a reasonably well adjusted officer. You'll do fine.
  12. Article says Land Cruiser. Not the average driver, either.
  13. So... you're saying "Toneyville" means nothing to you?
  14. The OP hasn't been here in three years!
  15. Take everyone with the right DNA from the regionals and give everyone that applies to Purdue, ERAU, NDSU, MGA, every HBCU, with the right DNA a scholarship and a CJO into your ab initio program. Pay for their 1500 hours and put them in indoc. There will be way more non-white males than females, but it won't be hard to meet that PR target.
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