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  1. Who do I contact to have my picture removed from the internet? Asking for a friend.
  2. Ok, I'll give you a serious response. You're looking for a unicorn. Every community is going to have people that are working to excel, professionally and otherwise. Every community is going to have people just coasting to 20. If you think the C-146 mission - airland for smaller units - is cool, go do it. If you want to be a professional, good on ya. Be a professional wherever you end up, but don't pretend that AFSOC is full of high speed low drag professional snake eaters that are going to push you to be the best you can be. They still have navs, so you know that ain't the case. Just kidding, nav!
  3. Hold out for spec ops fighter pilot. It’s the best of all worlds for the best of the best of the best to live your best life.
  4. I don’t disagree. Sounds like a great gig. Delta is hiring a couple hundred a month. AZANG? Lots of dudes will have to settle for Delta instead of GS-13.
  5. I completely agree, but I don't have a good answer. Do we kick it back and demand full retro because to accept less is a dangerous precedent? Do we take the pay and "get em next time?" What will the mediator say if we kick it back? I wasn't in the room, but my 69th hand information is that she wouldn't be thrilled. Does that even matter? Do we go to self-help over retro? I believe Congressional interference in the recent railway dispute bodes poorly for what little RLA leverage we had. Like I said, I've got no answers.
  6. One of the reps wrote a newsletter angry that it's not "full retro" meaning the full raise effective and back-paid to the amendable date. A group is mad the pay rates are lower than the 2000 contract adjusted for inflation. The health insurance isn't as good as FedEx and SWA. The company 401k contribution is only 18% in a couple years and not higher. I've heard guys say they wanted up to 25%. The argument was that an old pension plan didn't require you to put money in, so they want the company to max 401ks for every pilot without pilot contributions. That's $66k for 2023, so you can easily max it out, but you have to make $367k for the company's portion to do it for you. My gut says it'll pass easily.
  7. An older group nearing retirement wants/wanted a lump sum to make up for their terminated pension because they feel like they lack time to make up the difference with the “new” 401k system.
  8. This thread is about to get worthwhile.
  9. The regionals aren’t the ones awarding you your R-ATP, the FAA is. And they explicitly say follow 61.51 rules. https://www.faa.gov/sites/faa.gov/files/pilots/training/atp/ATP_AME_Job_Aid_GA.pdf
  10. Yes, that was my point, but without the negative implication. At the low end of the industry, PIC = FAR 61.51 PIC. If you are looking at low end CFI or banner flying jobs and they ask you for your PIC, you give them the FAR 61.51 number, including sole manipulator. If you're applying at FedEx, they will specify that you only give them the I-signed-for-the-aircraft number. To your original question… You’ll probably have 300-400 hours when you finish UPT and training. Your clearest path to aviation industry profit after UPT is to whore yourself out to every TDY, deployment, and exercise you can to get 750 on the .mil dime, no matter your airframe. Once you get 750, go to a regional and the path from there is pretty well established. If you want to go a non-airline route, there are many, many paths through the woods. They're much less established and will take networking legwork, but they can certainly be more interesting than DFW-OKC.
  11. That depends on who is defining PIC and what the definition of is is.
  12. https://www.swapa.org/news/2022/two-legacies/
  13. Let's try an academic exercise, starting with defining a few terms. Differing definitions will certainly lead to differing conclusions. Dead beat dad: A dad that doesn't fight for his family, abandons them, or otherwise does not fulfill the role expected of a father. Dead beat mom: A mother that doesn't fight for her family, abandons them, or otherwise does not fulfill the role expected of a mother. Your argument is that dead beat dads are bad and should not be legally empowered to do dead beat dad things. I will ass-u-me that you also believe dead beat moms should not be legally empowered to do dead beat mom things. Is abortion a dead beat mom thing?
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