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  1. This. @congressman - this needs to be one of your last missions before your district disappears. Take the AF to the woodshed publicly and shame them. I know Schlitz is tight right now but this is another shit hole short sighted idea that needs to be quashed. Heavy / crew aviators should have a Phase 3 training program that is challenging and teaches them the all fundamentals and intangibles of being an aviator on crewed, multi engine, complex aircraft executing a range of missions. Flying heavies executing the set of Air Mobility missions is not the same as 121 or 135 flying, not saying that that flying is not challenging or requires talented trained aviators, but Air Mobility is a challenging set that requires its own special training for its new cadre. Initial ME training with a contractor, 50-75 hours in a King Air 260 or Cessna M2, then Tac Training in a backcountry STOL capable aircraft, 20ish hours. #brokenrecord I know but if the PPT rangers get this thru it will be almost unrecoverable
  2. Must have been an awesome promo party https://www.armytimes.com/news/your-army/2022/05/18/officer-motorboated-subordinate-at-promotion-ceremony-retires-after-guilty-plea/ Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. If king for a day... Outsource initial ME training, give studs about 15 - 20 hours at All ATPs or other school to get initial ME training. Next training is 50 hours in a light biz jet with type training done at Flight Safety, CAE, etc... not a type check just training and the check is passing the AF program. Last phase is in a Twin Otter or other rugged fixed gear ME type for STOL, Off Airport TO/LND, Tac Approaches, etc... figure about 20 hours. Honestly, if you wanna save money on Heavy / Crew bound studs consolidate all Phase 3 for them at one base with good WX, a few airports nearby and some ranges/terrain. SW USA somewhere Don't min run training AF for what will be almost half of your rated officer force, you will regret it in the long run.
  4. First debrief of a website and content creator deemed to be disinformation:
  5. Wells that’s just FUBAR Copy on other platforms I guess we’re just f—-ed if this is what passes for responsible government I’m not against acquiring the Wedgie if it passes a reasonably objective selection process but you can’t expect Boeing to fairly run that process Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. What other platforms are better? Nothing passive aggressive in that interrogative but from my limited knowledge the Wedgie would beat other players in power, cooling, weight and on board cranium power available to exploit the larger radar / sensors available Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Ewwww…. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Yup second bay is high on the want to have list If you’re gonna go to all the trouble and cost, it’s gotta bring something to the fight we do t have right now, a lot of internally carried munitions in a semi lo / reduced signature platform would be something https://preview.redd.it/i8fcjunuymu41.jpg?auto=webp&s=c477f22888d616c5728d04bc8878244421b5a25a High flyer capability also (patrol comfortably above 50k) with 10+ missiles would impose costs / risks on our opponents that might negate / mitigate localized superior numbers in platforms they could generate Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Shit - okay maybe not this one ;-) I thought that was the tail hook Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. What @Lawman said. I suggest the Superbug or a hypothetical Super-Duper Bug as it is in production with advanced variants with additional capes already flying, if Boeing had built and already flown a Silent Eagle that would be another viable COA but alas it has not been done so probably based on cost, risk and time I think that is out of the mix. Just as there is a value to just having X booms in the air for the air refueling mission, there is a value to X number of TAC platforms in the air. More sensors, weapons and nodes in the link just make it bigger and stronger sts Choosing to invest in a more affordable platform to get more quantity will bring quality to riff on Marshall Stalin's words The F-15EX is still a possibility for an Attack focused platform but my druthers is that it should be a 4+ gen in production today or one readily developed from an in production 4+ gen, a crewed aircraft to handle the likely growth in cognitive demands as unmanned platforms come into the fleet and we will likely want tactical management of them versus reach back link in the conventional fights and we will want magazine depth on this platform to aid the 5th gens with their limited internal stores. I guess another reason I suggest the Superbug is as it is carrier based aircraft, methinks it would be a good candidate for expeditionary ops. Considering further the dispersed ops concepts for future fights, one platform already adapted for extreme launch/recovery options might be handy. A stretched version with two bays might be better but on the wings have smaller versions of the existing lo weapons pods along with its own internal bays and some good engineering to get one or two more weapons in there.
  11. Copy words and legit point(s) but I will still advocate for replacement of Hog with Superbug. Mainly I see it as cheaper in the long run to operate, more room for improvement / focus on the Attack mission with a more modifiable design, digital system less cranky / integrated than ALIS and existing weight in carrier suitable structure that could be traded perhaps for gas, armor, redundant systems, new systems, new / less fatigued airframes and more robust logistics system for sustainment, etc…. Not saying the 35 will be a slouch as to CAS, TTPs and weapons will be delivered to maximize effectiveness of the platform in delivery of CAS and it will answer the call, I just think the an A-18 would answer it better. A hypothetical "Attack-Fighter" focusing more on Attack than AS might also answer the mail for the 4+ / 5- fighter the CSAF has called for to avoid overkill in missions where full up 5th gen is not warranted. But there is only so much appropriation to spend so there we are. Your point as to the Joint Force being accustomed / maybe complacent about AS are right, well maybe complacent is too harsh but the customers of AS maybe don't have a true understanding of the cost / preparedness it takes to have it in a timely manner due to the nature of most of our conflicts of the last 20-25 years. LFEs and simulations against capable opponents that show AS is not a given and must be won only leave so much of an impression in the mind of civilian planner when they see the dominance in the real world conflicts we have engaged in even though most of those engagements did not involve an opponent who could truly resist our Airpower. Vapor-porn just because but an approximation of what I think an A-18X could/should be: Thrust vectoring not needed IMO and a few other changed (wing folding gone, screens to hide fan blades, etc…) but a good approximation.
  12. Concur Not holding breath for the AF to deviate from its current plan which unfortunately does not include a Raven follow up One other good idea from internet left field, if these Growlers were acquired go ahead and retire the Hog and replace with Superbugs, synchronizes a section of the TAC force, replaces the venerable Hog with a modern platform that answers the deficiencies that critics have leveled against it (survivability, self-escort, etc…) and keeps a reasonable portion of said TAC force focused on the Attack mission set with high training and practice in the CAS sub-set mission Yeah, no more 30mm but something has to give, Superbugs are a realistic compromise to keep Attack squadrons alive with a better platform overall for the Joint Fight IMHO Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Grab these and regain jammers with alt role as missile truck. Could use longer legs but never look a gift horse in the mouth. https://seapowermagazine.org/navy-proposes-to-cut-five-ea-18g-growler-electronic-attack-squadrons/
  14. Concur Field Farmer Hare scene with Montgomery Clift was / is one of the best Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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