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  1. Simple answer: humans time traveling from the future.
  2. Do you think metropolitan areas as a whole across the U.S. are safer than they were say 5-10 years ago, the same as they were, or less safe? Same question but instead of safe insert “cleaner”? Are there more homeless, the same amount of homeless, or less homeless? Genuine questions, and I understand you haven’t been to all U.S. metropolitan areas, but what is your impression?
  3. I think you’d find a large percentage of conservative minded ppl that would vehemently disagree which side the larger cacophony is originating from. Copy, they’d believe that because they’re biased too. However, the amount of silencing of conservative viewpoints via social media platforms, news media, and print journalism is a very polarizing issue. Political pundits and journalists labeling anyone non-progressive as a bigot seems to usually be exclaimed quite loudly. Do you think this viewpoint from the right has any basis in fact? Are conservatives over-exaggerating what they feel as a concerted effort by progressives to demonize them, or are they just trying to rile up their base?
  4. What about ppl that de-transition? Were they confused, unbalanced, or what?
  5. 100% agree. At UPT/FTU students should definitely be pushed, instead of the current trend of pushing training along to the CAF to speed up UPT/FTU throughout. When it comes to PIT UIPs flying at RND though, sometimes I wonder if it’s not better to take a minimal loss in training by flying a little higher to avoid the pterodactyls.
  6. Oh they’re well aware, and they’re either working for Boeing by now or have a gig lined up to “consult” for them.
  7. I’ve read some of the reports and talked to a few of the pilots involved in them. Not sure what you’re getting at in relation to those occurrences and the T-38 being unforgiving in similar flight regimes. From what I could see AETC didn’t really start to care what the CAF said until there was both a mass exodus of 11Fs and they started re-writing the entire UPT syllabus. Once the ACTF was created and they opened the FB page, large numbers of IPs started chucking spears at AETC. The bobs, not liking getting called out in public, decided to at least make a show of getting buy in from the CAF by requesting inputs on the syllabus. That timeline just happened to be coincident with losing the guys at Vance. That’s at least what I could gather from the cheap seats. Agreed other bases shouldn’t be prohibited from practicing form LDGs just because ACC/AETC decided not to do them anymore.
  8. I don’t consider wings not consistently falling off as the delineation between a good training platform and a deficient one. The jet finding new ways to break, to include wing tips falling off, is a key attribute of the T-38 being “long in the tooth.” When I say the jet is constantly trying to kill you I’m referencing the age of the airframe, it’s thrust deficiency during critical phases of flight, the engines that still continue to compressor stall low altitude, and the unforgiving nature during T/O and LDG. No problem if we disagree here. Do we need trends of fatalities before we as a flying community stop doing things that increase risk with no positive increase in capability? I’m not risk averse in the slightest, but the juice needs to be worth the squeeze. If you think the cost in time and energy to teach/learn form LDGs during UPT improves the product delivered to the CAF and is worth the risk, then I and the rest of the CAF B-course IPs I’ve discussed this with disagree. I’d rather have a kid that doesn’t need to be taught how to fly tactical. Since you mention it yeah, I think we waste an inordinate amount of time teaching kids how to fly 90deg wing work. I’d rather we spent time introducing spatial-D scenarios in formation and teaching them how to fight through it.
  9. If your goal is to teach SPs the skills they need to fly a modern fighter then the T-38 isn’t it, and hasn’t been for 40+ years. When we were flying super sabres and Thuds it was great. When you waste a third of your phase 3 teaching an SP how to land you’re wasting everyone’s time/money/brain bytes. How long did it take you to learn to land effectively in B course? 2-3 rides (assuming 11F). Define structure issues being “remedied.”Without getting into CUI think about the areas you needed to inspect on the jet specifically for structural integrity issues. Or how about the go cart wheels/brakes/the new brakes.. Pilot error is easy for an AIB to attribute when you’re flying a thrust deficient A/C that’s within an RCH of the backside of the power curve in every critical phase of flight. When not only the SP but the jet is constantly trying to kill you, the learning suffers.
  10. Copy Boeing (all aero companies) sucks, but they have blood on their hands? There’s hyperbole and then there’s that statement. If you want to blame someone then blame the bureaucracy of DoD procurement, incompetent contracting/staff officers, or how about AETC in general. We’ve been doing formation Appr/LDGs in the T-38 (one of the most dangerous jets to land in the inventory) for many years past it being a requirement in CAF B-courses. Once we lost two guys it finally got taken out of the syllabus. Where were senior IPs in AETC with CAF experience saying we shouldn’t be doing this. Where were B course CC’s saying we don’t need the kids to know that because we don’t maintain it as a currency? It’s kind of like flying a LL out of RND. How many times do we need to take a bird in one of the worst Turkey Vulture areas in the US at 500 ft and 400 KCAS before we decide the LL can be effectively taught at 1000 AGL. Or how long will RND continue to call Birds low when every other USAF base in the world would be calling birds MOD if not bird Severe. The AF does a lot of stupid shit, especially in AETC. I don’t see anyone campaigning at 19th AF to make meaningful changes. Checks in the mail on DET 24…
  11. Copy you read what he wrote. Are you deliberately disregarding the part where the DC FBI contains those responsible and that the DC FBI is in fact not the entire FBI? I’m all for cleaning house, but tearing down an organization because the leaders were playing politics doesn’t make sense (and yes I understand the implication of the report). Should we have abolished the executive branch or the constitution because Nixon was involved in Watergate? Whether the DOJ or the FBI can clean house, or someone outside these agencies with the authority to do so, is not what I’m arguing. There are thousands of ppl who work for the FBI, and though it can’t be proven or disproven via an internet forum, I don’t believe any significant percentage of them are partisan hacks out to give our country to the libs. They do an immense amount of valuable work and we can’t just say, “You’re fired” without extreme repercussions.
  12. Did you read what he wrote? I despise this level of corruption just as much as the next dude, but let’s not immolate the patient due to an infection. If global strike command porks away some nuke handling procedures do you recommend the entire AF gets burned to the ground? If LRS fails the upcoming UEI for the 3rd time do we burn the entire base to the ground? Someone posts a factual account of how something like this happens (giving Stretch the benefit of of the doubt here) and your first thought is to go General Jack D. Ripper?
  13. I’d consider buying season tickets to see a trans Lebron (pick your NBA player) compete in the WNBA. Every home game would be a combo of the circus and the Harlem globetrotters.
  14. Being homeless in ANC has always baffled me. I guess hitchhiking through Canada might be difficult, but is it harder than living on the streets during an Alaskan winter?
  15. The three standard lies: “checks in the mail”, “I love you”, and “no, I won’t c** in your mouth.”
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