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  1. Leadership is a strong word these days..
  2. He was a former b-course IP and a good dude. Several of us shared a beer or two with him only a few weeks ago on TDY. Here’s to Taz 🍺
  3. Agreed with everything Tank said. Now for the part the Bobs in your sq won’t tell you. FAIPs are a dime a dozen these days (especially at DLF). When the rack and stack comes and the T-6 Bobs are arguing with the T-38 Bobs about who gets *insert your #1 airframe here* you need to be someone that the T-6 Bobs know and like/respect. That way when your sq/cc says, “IOperate020 deserves X airframe because: *reasons*,” the other sq/cc’s will say, “oh yeah he does great work, we’ll just have to give our T-6 guy his 2nd choice,” instead of them saying, “who the f*ck is IOperate020?!?” How do
  4. I’m guessing the two F-15C guys were guard?
  5. Can you expand on this? Are you taking about the “must be an AC with x number of hours” rule required for crew aircraft pilots to qualify for PIT, or something else w.r.t AC waivers?
  6. USAF bros doing an exchange tour with the navy do not get carrier qual’d, whether they’re taking a job at the RAG or Whidbey. I’ve asked that question in regards to an exchange tour and been given the same answer multiple times.
  7. I’m curious if he got canned because he followed the AF party line of “max respect and inclusion” or if it was the rumored IG investigation that was going on prior to all of this coming to light.
  8. It’s hard for anyone that doesn’t know the two of you to just make a blanket statement as to what you should do, so I’ll give you the two most common situations I’ve seen and you can think about where you might fall on that spectrum. Significant other is extremely supportive and looks for ways to make stud’s life easier (isn’t jealous they’re spending a huge amount of time at work/studying, takes care of meals, etc). Usually, this results in studs doing well or better than they would have otherwise because they’re able to focus their time/energy when they need to. I’ve seen people in
  9. Who isn’t holding them accountable, their fellow police officers or the jury that acquitted them? Or are you implying the jury is made up of only cops? Or is there a conspiracy between the cops and the judge?
  10. For those of you that have taken the vaccine already, are you having to sign a consent form saying you’re volunteering to receive the vaccine?
  11. Relevant to the current discussion: Sleepwalking Into Risk: Learning from the U.S. Navy Surface Fleet
  12. Australia is a continent. That’s slightly larger than an island..
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