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  1. Word is the NGAD is arriving the first of next year with the SR-72 forward deploying to Guam to replace 82nd RC-135s.
  2. Others that have been stuck there for the duration of covid would disagree.
  3. Russia was Ukraine’s second highest trading partner in 2019. Hopefully that’s recent enough. The enemy gets a vote. 99% of the U.S didn’t know Osama Bin Ladin was their enemy on Sept 10, 2001. As I said in a previous post and others have alluded to, China has declared the US it’s greatest adversary for the past 70 years. You may not view them that way but that’s how they view us, and they get a vote. Luckily a few ppl in the DoD/gov know this and are preparing. To your question on the president and energy/inflation, which has no bearing on this conversation, I’d say don’t put much stock in someone losing their senility. I’m sure stopping trade with a primary trading partner would create uncomfortable implications for the US. However, in the examples I listed above the mass deaths of thousands of US soldiers usually outweighed the rationing of tin and copper for common folks.
  4. In 1914 Britain and Russia we’re Germany’s largest trading partners. In the years leading up to Pearl Harbor the US was Japan’s number one trading partner. Britain was the primary trading partner to the 13 colonies. They were also the primary trading partner to the U.S. prior to the war of 1812. Ironically, a war fought over, among other things, trade. I hope you’re trolling, because I can’t imagine an officer in the AF having such a short sighted point of view. Oh wait, yes I can, they’re usually the bobs.
  5. China is our enemy because China, specifically the CCP, has decided we’re their enemy. Not that recommending someone on the internet go read a book ever actually worked, but you might take a look at The Hundred Year Marathon by Michael Pillsbury. They’ve been telling us for 70 years we’re their greatest enemy and we (the collective we), have been too busy trying to make money off them to actually listen.
  6. If I recall class sizes in T-6s increasing by about 30% didn’t help the Vance bros back then. T-38 classes increasing from the norm of 3-4 studs to 10-11 with no increase in IP manning wasn’t super helpful either.
  7. Can’t imagine the AF would make drastic manning decisions before congress decides on divesting an airframe. That doesn’t sound realistic at all..
  8. Which is crazy considering they got rid of every public trash can in the country.
  9. Feeding the troll isn’t worth the effort gents.
  10. Standing by a rebuttal from the vaccine apologists in the crowd..
  11. I can think of multiple reasons why you’d stay in schertz, and the all start with HEB.
  12. “What do you mean some people?” - those ppl, probably In all seriousness I’m actually interested to hear the response to this news from the non-conservatives on here.
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