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  1. It'd be nice if they could simply say, "Hey if you received a live virus vaccine don't donate because you could give someone COVID." If that's not the reason then they should state what the reason is.
  2. Oh no, CBS gave Hamas a platform. Now all the Israelis are going to see them as a legitimate government to an oppressed people. There will probably be a coup to depose Netanyahu tomorrow...
  3. I’ve never understood the argument about giving a country legitimacy by conducting an interview, or how providing a “platform” provides them a better opportunity to…what…convince Americans they’re good? If Oprah interviews a murderer/rapist etc. are large percentages of her viewers like, “damn if Oprah interviewed him he must be a great guy and also innocent”? Was the FBI on alert when Barbara Walters interviewed someone in prison in case people from the local town showed up with pitch forks and demanded that individual be set free? Is the whole of Russia now going to respond with “AHH MOTHERLAND!!!” and join the red army because some reporter from America interviewed their president? Not chucking spears. I just have truly never known any ppl that think like the examples above, and I’ve lived in a lot of places with large populations of idiots.
  4. The latter for dudes fresh out of UPT.
  5. I’ve seen zaps, shirts, etc. at multiple squadrons with #RHFP on them. I’m thinking uhhello is right and the wives club took a group photo and someone made a joke with the caption.
  6. Turns out if you teach all the youngins’ that white ppl are racist and evil they’ll support a group of brown/non-white ppl simply because of the color of their skin, regardless of any atrocities committed. Of course all Jews are white so they’re obviously at fault here.
  7. The hits just keep on coming for FSU. Seminole Nation hasn’t been screwed this bad since the Trail of Tears.
  8. Bet it was an interesting first brief for some of the sim IPs that flew in ‘Nam..👀
  9. Idk if it’s funnier if he was named CAT-5 before or after he knocked down all of those trees 🤔
  10. Nomination for quote of the year, and it’s only January 1st.
  11. Miami never fails as a solid bet in bowl games. Top tier clock management.
  12. You’ve gotta keep scrolling to find the article. https://www.cnn.com/2023/12/16/politics/senate-aide-sex-tape-hearing-room/index.html
  13. Miami fans talking shit on Florida is like the kid with cerebral palsy making fun of the kid with downs.
  14. I think bashi is, and has been, trolling so much in this thread that he possibly thinks he’s still logged in as chang. It’s either that or he’s having an existential crisis..
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