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  1. GrndPndr

    F1 Thread

    Yes, exactly... My favorite highlight was Toto losing his shit - in slo-mo. Next Saturday and Sunday will be very entertaining indeed.
  2. I'm sure it's just me, but every time I try to pronounce her first name, I get hung up (sts) on that first syllable.
  3. Presumably, they won't reposes anything there either? http://saharareporters.com/2021/11/26/china-takes-over-ugandan-airport-other-countrys-assets-over-207million-loan-deal
  4. He does seem to have that look (quite frequently).
  5. I grew up in the all white suburbs of Detroit, and I've spent the last 45+ years (my adult life) trying to remove all of the stereotypical racist thoughts instilled in me by parents, friends and others. I thought I was doing pretty well, I moved beyond looking at someone's color to judge them. I was even able to look beyond someone's culture, and not to judge them. I just wanted everyone to be able to at least have some form of civil discourse during our everyday lives. And then the summer of 2020 happened, and I learned that I am still (and always will be) a racist - and that there's nothing I can do about it. I also learned that black (and some white people) don't like me because I'm white (my perception here). So we're back to judging by skin color? So all that hard earned trust built over decades has come crashing down. How will I rebuild that trust again?
  6. "You Are Hereby Reprimanded!" I thought this was something from the trials and tribulations of our Marine O6, but it's AirForce https://www.defenseone.com/policy/2021/10/you-are-hereby-reprimanded-airman-told-begin-separation-due-vaccine-refusal/186118/
  7. You know, I've seen lots of Biden's speeches, and they're a little scary. But this, one worried me a little, as he is beginning to slur his words (instead of just misplacing them):
  8. That guy is just trying to keep the thread alive!
  9. Whatch'er seein' there - that's something called "Humility," I'm sure of it. Or, he's filling his pants (sts).
  10. I wonder if they use the same voltage as we do? https://andmagazine.com/talk/2021/10/02/bagram-lights-up-chinese-military-land-at-bagram-airbase-tonight/
  11. You may well be right. Can you imagine the logistics involved in removing all of the legal firearms in the US (Illegal firearms won't be removed)? I mean going door to door, and searching every nook and cranny in every house apartment and business in the nation - wow. I think they'll use more insidious methods to start out with, however, including bribes, extortion and the IRS. Apologies for slipping into conspiracy land for a moment, but that would be a huge effort, eh?
  12. Apologies for just throwing this up here, but it does refer to some interesting things.
  13. "And you will give up your guns!"
  14. He may have been caving to that kid up in Canada* (Trudeau), this lying foreign girl was traded for two Canadian diplomats. *Not to be confused with that "Fat kid in North Korea."
  15. Pretty much. You know when someone is pandering (like this example), they can can say just about anything to make their base feel good. And boy does it make me feel good to know we're going to be watching what goes in and what goes out! Then there's the BoJo/Biden news conference this morning. Let me paraphrase his 'interaction' with the press: "Were you guys going to ask me a question? Then get outa here."
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