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  1. If we can send CAF dudes to AIS for two weeks of academics on RNP stuff their jets can't even fly, no one should bat an eye over a 3 day course on useful foreflight features. The Air Force as a whole criminally under-utilizes foreflight. Send it.
  2. FWIW the interview was weak shit. Exactly the kind of thing Russian state media would sign on to. 95% of it was Putin giving his version of approximately the last 1,000 years of human history interspersed with tucker's strange faces and poor attempts at indoor voice volume control. 4% was talking about the jailed reporter, which essentially boiled down to: Putin "well we think he was a spy, so we'll let the appropriate agencies handle it" and 1% was the only actual good question of the night from Tucker: "how do you plan to "de-nazify" a country if you can't even take it over?" credit where credit is due for a decent burn on that one. My biggest takeaway from the interview was that Putin tells an extremely dishonest yet convincing version of history that I'm not surprised most Russian buy into. He's an extremely shrewd politician who only divulges exactly what he intends to and talked circles around tucker all night. He's a bad actor.. but not a madman, and I sure wish we had someone as competent as him working for our side.
  3. @Smokin I'm curious how you can make these value judgements without having seen it. I'm also curious how giving Putin an interview is "platforming" him in any appreciable way when he's already the leader of the 3rd most powerful country on earth.
  4. Pooter


    Another minor thing, but it annoys the absolute fuck out of me - my USAA cards lock whenever I travel and try to use them. You'd think a company literally made for people who travel a lot for work wouldn't shit the bed every time. Not being able to get cash because my debit card locked has been a genuine liability more than once. Especially at red flag..
  5. I'm a visual learner so I would draw the entire airspace and then I would draw my sortie profile with radio calls, frequency changes, climbs, descents, pitch and power settings all on the map exactly where I needed to make them. This was my version of chair-flying. Example attached. After you debrief, draw a better more detailed picture for next time. Repeat.
  6. Downvote all you want. The timing stinks to high heaven of political opportunism. If this dude cared so much about abortion policy he'd resign over it, he 100% knew about the policy when it was enacted. Assumes command anyway, only to resign months later, waiting just long enough for the election year to roll around, with the governors PR team in tow.
  7. Good riddance. If you're going to make your airmens' travel for abortion/reproductive medical care the hill you die on, your priorities are clearly f-ed up. There is a time and place for the abortion debate and it is not denying your airmen the care they are entitled to by federal policy. The dude assumes command in June 2023.. 4 months AFTER the policy was already in effect.. then resigns over that same policy 6 months later. I'd bet my house this is a political move to gain local/state recognition as the guy who fought the libs. Hell, he's already got huckabee-sanders out there grandstanding for him. O-6 wing kings in the guard don't have much road left ahead of them, so a career pivot to politics makes perfect sense.
  8. In an alternate reality, republicans could do the smart thing here and let the leftist state dominoes fall one by one rendering a trump candidacy meaningless because he's not on the ballot in half the country. Then, insert milquetoast right candidate, beat biden handily and be done with the trump disease forever. But they'll never do that. They'll fight it in the courts, drag trump back into the limelight, and his polling will take a nose dive as 51% of the country re-realizes how much of an insufferable tool he is.
  9. The idea that you can objectively rank the quality of teams into a definitive top 25 list is the fatal conceit of college football and as long as it exists these arguments will continue. When it was a 2 team final people argued over who's ranked #2 vs #3. With the playoff we argue over whos #4 vs #5. With a 12 team super duper bracket we'll argue over who's #12 vs #13. The flaw in all of this is that teams fluctuate week to week wildly in quality of play. Alabama last week, top 4 team. Alabama the week they played auburn, not even in the top 25. Georgia absolutely dumpersting ole miss, best team in the country. Same Georgia barely pulls it out weeks later against GA tech. So I find all this talk about being able to definitively pick the best 4 teams to be quite silly. The only objective measure is your record, with strength of schedule and style points being used only in fringe cases or as a tie break. Honestly Georgia had a more dominant season than Alabama did up until the SEC championship. Now they're both one loss teams, with Alabama having a worse loss and worse season overall. But I don't see anyone advocating we throw out the bama Georgia game result in favor of a more wholistic view. So clearly the games do matter, just when it's convenient.
  10. Love all the secrecy about the design of the B-21s ass end.. only to have it photographed in hi-def from all aspects in broad daylight the second it makes its first flight. Oh and surprise, it looks exactly like everyone thought it would. Makes the unveiling where they wheeled it 10 feet out of a hangar at dusk to transformers music seem especially stupid now.
  11. I take all of this with a massive grain of salt. First of all, hypersonic capable missiles and aircraft have been around since the beginning of the space race, so we should clarify terms. Maneuvering hypersonic weapons that don't follow a ballistic trajectory is what we're really talking about. And even those aren't turning out to be the silver bullet everyone thought they were. Russias claimed "hypersonics" are basically just air launched ballistic missiles that are easy to, and have been intercepted. China's hypersonics, while a more compelling design, are very shiny but entirely unproven. Like most of the rest of their military. How many foxbat-esque supposed world beating weapon systems have to be exposed as dogshit before we start to understand that corrupt communist dictatorships massively inflate their military capes? Im not saying we should discount these threats, but perhaps the reason we're "behind" on paper is because we're trying to build something that's actually effective rather than a PR stunt.
  12. Very confused AD crewdog here.. regardless of what union I eventually join, will I still get paid more and not have to write OPRs?
  13. @Lord Ratner The moral high ground dissolves pretty quickly when you realize Netanyahu intentionally propped up Hamas across 4 administrations for the better part of 20 years, specifically to hinder Palestinian statehood & legitimacy. It's literally the same as when left denounces trump and his maga acolytes while secretly backing them in state and local elections to destabilize the Republican Party at large. Either they're an existential threat or they aren't. You don't get to call them an existential threat, secretly support them, and then get mad when it blows up in your face. None of this is to justify Hamas atrocities, or to deny that the Middle East is full of fundamentalist anti semite shitbags. But there's no doubt Israel played a part in bringing this to a boiling point.
  14. Name a good 19AF commander in The last 10 years. I'll wait. If they aren't fucking people they shouldn't, they're busy ruining UPT, hunting down meme page admins, or witch hunting at the squadron level. Something's in the water down there at Randolph. Or maybe it's just the collective dumping ground for the community rejects from the rest of the Air Force.
  15. Good luck with that. What you call breaking the system looks a lot like self sabotage and letting the left run away with the game. But to each their own. Can't wait for trump and the maga coalition, (who blew the budget out so badly only Biden is worse) to finally reign in our spending /s 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️
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