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  1. I am sure it is the few loud fringe voices as per the usual arrangement.
  2. Pulling out of a loop at 900 AGL in a gigantic helicopter JFC yeah that's gonna be a no from me dawg
  3. Lolol call me a F2F nazi all you want but I don't think figuring out a ratio between two numbers should be a task beyond our student pilots. Its pretty telling that your paragraph comes off as an impossibly difficult joke now but you basically described a standard instrument check profile from 10-15 years ago
  4. There are plenty of fighter wash outs doing good work in global strike and carrying far more weapons and gas than they would have had in fighters🤫🤫. Seen dudes move on to squadron command, TPS, WIC, you name it. A solid attitude and work ethic will serve you well no matter where you end up.
  5. Countless times, all over the place, on bro level CT sorties. Never with a student or a bob. Can confirm the plane flies fine upside down and did not spontaneously explode
  6. Facts. Even more than the applicability to gps/alien doomsday scenarios, solar storms, raim issues and internal electrical malfunctions can totally hose GPS and moving maps.. I've seen the little airplane icon on the moving map glitch around or move backwards more than a few times. In those instances, control and performance instruments + a legacy navaid are basically all you've got. But even more than that I just believe if you can't figure out how an HSI works you have no business operating an aircraft. It's like learning to make your bed in boot camp. Shows you have the wherewithal and aptitude to master basic tasks before you get bigger more relevant tasks. Why should I trust you to manage an autopilot coupled approach to mins in a state of the art aircraft if you can't figure out two needles and a DME readout.
  7. We haven't had an aircraft acquisition this century that hasn't been an unmitigated disaster. Huge cuts to the F-22 production run, endless delays and capability problems with the 46, they're prematurely gutted the F-35 order and it was plagued with problems. B-21 first flight is a year late already (don't worry though we rolled it out of a hangar for 30 seconds!) We desperately need a new BVR AAM and hypersonics but the best we can do are embarrassing flight test fails with ARRW on the buffs resulting in program abandonment. And the T-7 which is supposed to be the simplest of these is somehow the biggest poop show of the lot. https://theaviationist.com/2023/05/22/what-we-know-so-far-about-the-u-s-air-forces-next-generation-air-dominance-platform/amp/ And now the Air Force is saying NGAD will start replacing raptors by the end of the decade. I couldn't write a funnier joke if I tried.
  8. 😂😂😂 such a good edit but actually.. fix to fixes, while completely outdated and illegal, are a pretty good litmus test for whether you have the aptitude to learn basic instrument flying concepts. If you can't get reasonably close on a F2F, you probably don't have a good grasp of where you are in time and space, or what the course and bearing needles are trying to tell you. We're quick to throw basics away these days because they don't directly translate to the ops world anymore, but we do new student pilots a disservice depriving them of basic aviation building blocks. The same idea as why you teach kids arithmetic by hand before using calculators.
  9. To name a few: -The relatively common occurrences of airframe mounted gearbox failure -wings de-laminating -extreme susceptibility of the engines to birdstrikes -century series fighter era TOLD on runways that are irresponsibly short -low altitude compressor stalls which PMP was supposed to fix
  10. Carry the memory Stuck and Trojan with me as well. The 38 is well past it's shelf life and I would do anything in my power to avoid flying that death trap. Up to and including answering a few choice PHAQ questions honestly for the first time ever.
  11. More and more, what decides who moves up in the AF is about who is willing to stick around, kiss the ring, put up with the abuse, and accept life/family thrash. So it's really a self-selecting pool. Majcoms that subject their people to high amounts of life thrash and abuse will naturally elevate the people willing to put up with it. And those people once in power will, in turn, inflict it on others.
  12. FAIPing, while not nearly as bad a dick punch as drones, causes very similar resentment and near-universal 10 yr ADSC punch outs. Join the AF to fly jets and see the world! Or alternatively.. Spend the first 5 years of your career flying around the flagpole in one of the 4 sh!ttiest towns in the country, probably single too! Experience the best squadron, group, and wing leaders their respective MWS communities didn't want to keep for themselves! Get strung along in a 4 year rat race with your friends who were all also better than average in UPT only to get a drop list measurably worse than average! Then finally show up to your MWS as a senior captain to get immediately relegated to queep centric jobs because your tactical knowledge/experience is far behind pipeline dudes in your age group. But one time a FAIP became a general so it's probably an honor and an amazing opportunity
  13. It's a hilarious Air Force non-solution to a problem they created.. you could just release the list and still have the Maj selects close out on the Capt SCOD date. The Capt SCOD is before the fiscal year ends so no one will have pinned on yet anyway 🤷🏻‍♂️ literally the end result is the same without keeping everyone in limbo. I don't know what I expected to happen, big AF has a knack for choosing the dumbest possible COAs
  14. Cool.. east bum-phuck Africa didn't have a vax mandate. Curious, what round of anthrax shot is your buddy on? Deployments are to other places than Africa and in my community I directly witnessed people go non deployable
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