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  1. It's not nearly as bad here. Some threads get a little echo chamber-ey but there's nothing stopping more liberal users from chiming in if they want to. And they usually do. In contrast, my comments which aren't even that conservative would be blocked for even a slight deviation from the orthodoxy. Or the grave crimes of asking a probing question or playing devils advocate. Trust me it's much better here, but that isn't to say we can't be careful and always think critically to ensure we don't go in that direction too.
  2. Got a story for you guys. This is going to be long and a little out of left field but I figure where better than to share it in this thread so I'll just go ahead. I have accidentally conducted a decade-long free speech experiment in the comment section of one of the most liberal leaning "news" sites in the world, and here are my findings. Let me explain. So there I was in college back in the 2010 timeframe and I got turned on to this fringe leftist news website called motherjones. Some of you might know it. They used to run an actual print magazine too. If you haven't heard of them
  3. The bigger problem than media bias or even outright lies is that most people don't have the self awareness to notice that they're radicalized on one side of the aisle or the other. I tend to think about one's information diet just like a food diet. You should consume a balanced variety of information just like a healthy diet has a variety of meat, veggies, carbs etc... The difference is that at least a shitty food diet will let you know it sucks because you'll get fat. A bad information diet is far more insidious because there are no objective outward signs of radicalization until it
  4. Exactly. What do you do to improve a school system that's under performing? Cut funding even more? Yeah makes perfect sense. The dumbest part is that the defund movement isn't even logically consistent with the rest of the Democrat fiscal policy stances. They'll be the first to suggest increased funding for literally anything else that they deem a problem. Climate change? Throw money at it. Racial reparations? Throw money at it. The Biden administration is literally pulling off a time heist against our future economy to the tune of several trillion dollars to "fix" all sorts of per
  5. In fairness the t-6 was developed during the steepest part of the gps learning curve (early 2000s) so it's not a huge surprise the kln900 became obsolete in a hurry. but that's no excuse for a broken acquisition system that can't figure out how to put something certified and relevant in the plane today when so many cheap great options exist. Sometimes I look down at the iPad on my leg and still think it's a miracle we actually got big AF to buy into foreflight.
  6. This has nothing to do with that SF story. We are talking about police forces writ large. And unfortunately, patrol level law enforcement on average is a low to middle income career field with relatively few entry requirements. Of course there are exceptions and there are absolute rockstars in any community. I'm sure the same holds true for police/SF. But if we're going to talk about the qualifications of the hypothetical "average cop" we have to look to measurable metrics like pay and hiring requirements. Much in the same way, you can look at the average pay and qualifi
  7. Unfortunately the common denominator here is the brutal truth that both civilian cops and SF troops average to slightly below average people with average to slightly below average training. This is not to take away from their selflessness and dedication but let's be honest here and acknowledge this isn't the cream of the crop we're dealing with. If you have the aptitude to be a surgeon or a pilot or a navy seal you probably aren't going to be a cop. These people are not smooth operators who make perfect split second decisions in times of stress. This is why you should do everything in yo
  8. Of course not, I was just curious about the woke garbage contained in the survey.
  9. Got a diversity and inclusion survey in my inbox today. Can't wait to tell the Air Force all about how difficult and unfair it is for women and minorities out there.. Oh wait, it seems I can't submit the survey because our computer networks are absolute hot garbage and it keeps crashing. #priorities
  10. Boy that escalated quickly.. So let's go a step further with that New York post laptop story. What happened when Twitter suspended the account and "erased" said story? Did the hunter Biden laptop narrative drop off the face of the earth never to be heard about again? Of course not. Every conservative pundit this side of Jupiter got a hold of it and had a giant conniption shit fit about it. If anything The NYP story probably got more visibility. In the end conservatives all still found out about it and got super mad, while Democrats all ignored it... Weird, that sounds
  11. And I bet the day after that concert you went and carjacked someone because something something loss of morals/cultural decay. alternatively.. Matt Walsh just needs something to be outraged about to get views.
  12. I'm not getting in some dumb semantic argument about what's the worst thing the US has ever done. The bottom line here is that delusional political extremists were actively encouraged by lies from the sitting president and stormed the capitol. And that is a very bad thing. I don't know where it places on the ultimate scale of national shame but it's the worst thing I've seen since I've been paying attention to politics. Almost as concerning is the sheer number of non-extremist republicans who continued on the trump bandwagon as he devolved into increasingly desperate politi
  13. In a country of 300 million people there are enough things that happen every day you can craft whatever narrative you want with selective attention. If you want to pretend white cops killing black people is a super common problem you can find examples of that. If you want to pretend teenage girl tazer carjackings are a big problem you'll find instances of that too. If you want to make the case for widespread cultural rot, I'm sure at any given moment dozens of rappers are doing ill advised publicity stunts.. including but not limited to devil shoes. The point is that none o
  14. The hilarious part is previous secaf Debbie James changed IFS to IFT because they thought women and minorities were "disproportionately" washing out... I'd love to see them go back to an IFS construct for diversity and inclusion purposes only to have it completely backfire again. But back on the selection method subject: I don't agree with the diversity push for diversity's sake but the way we generate PCSM scores right now is hugely effed up and the PPL is the biggest part of that. I get that a lot of dudes sacrificed financially to get one, and that shows solid dedication and plann
  15. Mainly the invasion of the capitol and the complete undermining of our election system. Do you need more than that? We can go chicken vs egg all day long on whether Democrats or Republicans ruined elections first, but trump certainly didn't help anything. As it became clearer and clearer he was going to lose, trump became more erratic and irresponsible. And it culminated in probably the most shameful moment for America in my lifetime.
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