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  1. Unless you have a bunch of them in the air at once, you’ll run into a problem with the intercept timeline. An AT-6 can’t go from one side of the TFR to the other fast enough. If you expand the TFR to give more time, you just make the problem worse. I suppose you could have 4 in the CAP at once all 90 out from each other, but now you’re somewhat defeating the purpose of cost benefits depending on what the replacement cost is.
  2. Don’t know the validity, but when I’ve asked tanker squadrons to do this, they’ve said they can’t file for a random specifically, but if we meet them in the MOA they would be happy to drag us as far as they could. Never had a center deny it once we were airborne.
  3. ADOS is/used to be used for part time dudes (or technicians) looking to go sit ACA in a title 32 status. ANG AvB (Aviation Bonus) started a new tier last year that allowed DSGs who were on continuous 1-year sets of orders in support of ACA get a 15k bonus. You’re still technically a DSG (not an AGR, not a tech, but on 365 days of orders). The DSG bonus is for no-joke part time officers (though you can be on continuous orders for it as well). Only some AFSCs can get it (11*) can. It’s for four-years of being a DSG, 20k up front. I tried to max perform and sign the 1-year DSG AvB and the DSG bonus at/around the same time. Was denied (“no stairway?”) when Change 2 of the DSG bonus said AvB guys were ineligible. cant tell you which one is better for you. You might be able to get both if you work it differently. DSG bonus has a TIS limitation where as to get the DSG AvB you just have to be done with your initial UPT commitment.
  4. Also: if you take 1+year of ADOS orders (still a DSG) and sign the 1-year AvB, you are unable to sign the 4-year DSG bonus (as of Change 2). Dumb.
  5. Stalling still has nothing to do with AOB or airspeed right? I went to public school.
  6. I center the bug then throw it off a few degrees just to make the captain squirm
  7. Pile on to Smokin; Only let Tower, Departure/Arrival, Link-16, my brother's kids, etc talk in the debrief if there is something to actually talk about. If >80% success rate for your AOR just go find the flight(s) that were the problem and debrief them individually. Ive been in RF debriefs where I've had to leave for crew rest not even knowing if we "won" or not, let alone some form of a tactical lesson learned or how we'll win next time. But I knew that we nailed our taxi time and that we had 96.69% of players on the net. If Red has physical access to my MPC printer(s) then debrief SF and the contract security at RF-N building, not the MSN/CC in the mass debrief. Integration of the "fake-Flag" and the real Flag can't carry over. If I knew we had 69 TLAMs and CALCMs then I wouldn't rage into satan's asshole alone and unafraid so don't bitch when I don't ALR-abort and 4th-gen dies whole-sale. White force needs more authority/willingness to stop the paintrain of a barely-out-of-4FLUG MPC if it's going completely off track when an A1C doesn't pass a paragraph-long "note" regarding an Intel piece that changes the cluster-F'd vul of putting C-130s, B-52s, and other non-raptor formations well within MRIR of every SAM on the planet. Having the "academic situation" before the execution and debrief to save the entire vul from a complete waste of time to something we can learn from brings it out of Fraud Waste and Abuse land. Less players is great. Ability to threat react would be awesome Im 4th gen. I would learn a lot more from just watching the MPC, execution, and debrief than needlessly shoving every MDS the Air Force and our partners have to offer in the NTTR in a 1.5hr range time and losing whole-sale just because somebody thought we absolutely had to have a C-130 air drop on Stonewall at vul start with every 4.5Gen threat and medium range advance SAM on range awake. Dumb. And stop sending units to the Palace Station. Nobody likes that place.
  8. Whenever - generally 9-10 is good so you can get in on a lunch push and stay for a few hours after. Generally the bar will be a good place to meet folks after drill ends.
  9. You get paid for your technician weekly hours and holidays as you would normally - whatever your normal work schedule is. You're title 10 for points only, no pay during the week. Then, on holidays and weekends you get paid normal military and orders. So, if your tech normal week is 4x10s, you get that civilian pay plus 3 days of military pay. You also get TriCare the whole time. You can only do that for 44-days in a CY, but that's at the rate of 8-hour work days so you have to "prorate" for 4x10s. It it can be a good deal if you work it right. You can still double dip like normal too. Its a paperwork nightmare as your coming on and off (pay and non pay orders) a lot.
  10. You absolutely can double dip with alert tours, or any other military orders for that matter. You must be in some sort of a civilian leave status, however, to get paid for both civilian and a full day of military orders. Same with inactive military training period if it encompasses part of your civilian normally scheduled duty hours What you can't do any more is the famous "three for ones."
  11. If the AD is so interested in taking fighters from the Guard why did they just recently give them Block 50s and 40s? They could have just kept those jets.
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