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    That statement tells me everything I need to know. What a piece of shit.
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    Eliminating the bonus completely would actually be pretty smart. Since they’re unwilling to raise it to a level at which it would actually change someone’s mind from leaving to staying on a large scale, might as well get rid of it completely. The only people (for the most part) who take it were going to stay anyway... free money for them. Might as well waste that money on other Defense Industrial Complex garbage.
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    The 121st FS, DC ANG, flying F-16s out of Andrews AFB is having a UPT Board in May 2020 timeframe. Application submission has opened on our wing website with a deadline of 31 March. See link below. If you have any questions, PM me and I will get back to you as soon as I can. Best of luck to all! Guardian Pride! - Holster https://www.113wg.ang.af.mil/Portals/12/121FS%202019%20UPT%20Guide-%20%201%20Dec%202019.pdf
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    Someone please remind me why the fuck we continue to spend billions of dollars and send thousands of troops to defend their catbox shithole of a country?
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    Dude, don’t give that guy’s opinion an ounce of credibility.
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    BS. I have zero fucks to give for active duty asshattery, but plenty for the mission. Choke yourself about this positive narrative BS; the world isn’t all roses.
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    I’ve been reading through a draft in order to provide comments to be sent up the chain, and I find myself scratching my head a lot. I don’t want to disparage the people who worked very hard on it, because I have good friends at the other bases. The effort was well intentioned, but syllabus 2.5 seems overly optimistic and grasping for anything and everything “innovative.” The new syllabus concepts also seems to have been tested in a vacuum, primarily because the class that provided the lessons learned for it was part of a separate innovation flight apart from the rest of the flying squadrons. No washbacks or forwards, no inbound baby class pressuring the timeline, no brand new FAIP development to worry about, etc. I question it’s ability to succeed in the real world. My big problem with what we have been doing in UPT isn’t that 19AF wants to innovate, it’s how we do it. We changed every variable a year ago with the new syllabus starting with 19-20, and we changed the way we rate what is successful and what is not. That’s not an experiment. That’s desperate thrashing. How do I know what new concept works and what doesn’t if everything changed at the same time and if I don’t have a control to compare it against? We’re also doing the equivalent of jerking ourselves off here in 19AF because we define our own success. As far as I know there isn’t an official channel to interface with follow on training, and there isn’t an official forum for them to define what they want from a UPT graduate. What stood out to me is that syllabus 2.5 increases the flying time slightly over the current “new” syllabus. That’s awesome! But...if we are nearing the same amount of hours as the proven legacy syllabus, this entire last year and a half was a waste. We should have used something like PTN to vette isolated, innovative ideas to be rolled into the syllabus in an incremental and controlled manner. Instead we have an entire generation of pilots who were screwed by AETC, received worse training, and are less qualified graduates. I’ll look every one of them in the eye and tell that to their faces when I go back to my MWS because they deserve to know it and also because I’ll be stuck with the results when I’m on a crew with them. *rant over*
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    This is getting confusing... Sent from my iPhone using Baseops Network mobile app
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    My favorite quote of all time now is Nick Sabin saying “it wasn’t fair” Sent from my iPhone using Baseops Network mobile app
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    Did you miss the Alabama vs. Auburn game?!? 😎😎😎
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    Agree with all of the above, minus the advice to not buy it when you're an LT. Make stupid choices and have fun while you're young, you'll have plenty of time to recover from it and there are not many times in your life where you have that much money and no responsibility. Or you could play by the rules, follow the book to the T and always make the smart, yet boring as fuck, decision... Bottom line - go buy a sports car if that's what you're into. Why dont we have a car thread, btw?
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    OPR: Brig Gen Goodwin https://gazette.com/military/air-force-academy-removes-commandant-of-cadets-amid-investigation/article_7d20dc86-6aae-11e9-83cc-2b0168fe8995.html Too soon?
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    Bringing it back to our circle....can confirm BPZ is going away. The upcoming March O-5 board will remain with traditional 2BPZ, 1BPZ, IPZ, APZ but expect guidance from HAF/A1 shortly thereafter if not sooner.
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    Well, if the fucking Aussies didn't do this to their F-111s, I might be more sympathetic!
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    Well you missed a good one on Thanksgiving Night! Ole Miss at Mississippi State, people are calling it “The Piss and the Miss” down here. OM Receiver catches what should be a game tying TD pending the extra point with 4 seconds left in the game and decides to mimic DK Metcalf two years ago, gets on all fours and acts like he’s taking a piss like a dog on the Mississippi State end zone. Gets flagged for 15 yards unsportsmanlike penalty which backs the try up 15 yards. Kicker then pushes it right and State goes on to win by 1 point. Never seen karma kick a team in the nuts so badly. Sent from my iPhone using Baseops Network mobile app
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    I'm surprised this has taken this long for this to happen. When I went to nav school at Pensacola in the 97-98 time frame seemed like half of the Saudis were like, "This is great. Allah can't see me here so I can drink, eat pork, party, etc." But the other half, you could tell, were like, "Ima give all my pay check to Osama Bin Laden."
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    So to quote the venerable Lloyd Christmas, ‘so you’re saying there’s a chance’.
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    Another thing we've found is that, on the additional AFTPs, we're all being taxed between 38% and 49%. You can't make this shit up. I'm expecting their response to be "you'll just get it back with your taxes..."
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    At least, since UPT 2.5 coincides with the halving of FTU training, while the ops squadrons bleed instructors...
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    Dang — they’re actioning this quickly! I’m IPZ 2020....don’t know if/how it affects the promotion rates. Haven’t thought that far ahead but overall, I feel it’s a good move for the Air Force and will get more aviators promoted.
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    Just saw that this board was being pushed to May in order to get rid of BPZ/APZ
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    People in AMC training (at the MAJCOM level) are of the opinion that the product coming out of UPT is not quality for MAF operations. It probably doesn’t help that 19 AF is of the opinion that UPT Phase III can be taught in much larger more expensive airframes. Sent from my iPhone using Baseops Network mobile app
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    Nobody should have zero s to give. If that's the case you need to exit service. Let's end this narrative. I get your point, and I hear this around the sq's, but as a community let's describe it in a more accurate manner, which fortunately is also more positive. It will set the example to the younger guys in a more positive and accurate way.
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    I hear some new AF research project told them that there wasn’t a significant difference in take rates from $20K to $35K... their conclusion is that ->the bonus amount has no effect on take rate<- 😂 We never leveled off. They’re looking at the wrong indicators. We just steadied our decent. They should continue to lower the nose with QOL/QOS initiatives, BUT realize they’re in the region of reverse command. Add more power. I bet you $70K would move the needle, but don’t expect to see any bonus increases. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a decrease after that turd of a third grade report.
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    I couldn't even follow the train of thought. He basically said it wasn't fair because they didn't give him time to make a second round of substitutions... Haha whatever, War Damn Eagle! Sent from my SM-N975U using Baseops Network mobile app
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    Special Ops Fighter Pilots probably.
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    Yeah totally wasn’t her. It was the fault of those worthless people she was tasked to lead. Has she played the lesbian card yet? Probably could get more traction there. Sent from my iPhone using Baseops Network mobile app
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    I'm going through this process now in the Reserves. While a unit will hire you, you won't be on their UMD or administratively controlled by them until you get your Wings. The 340th (JBSA) administratively owns all UPT/UCT students until they've completed UPT/UCT. Once you head off to your FTU, you'll be gained by your home unit you were hired into. Once the 340th gains you, it doesn't take that long to get dates (2 days for me) … the weight was getting gained to the 340th.
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    Another great Thanksgiving last week: not a single person asked for the TV to be put on to watch football. Good riddance to the NFL, at least in my tiny abode.
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    Im sure there have been exceptions in the past; from what I understand, a unit must gain you first. Once your in the books, a school request is submitted to higher. submittal request goes to A3 at NGB. Not sure how it works for reserves. If your just wanting on dates you must be in the queue somewhere. Unit priority, short falls, and 19 AF availability could be the hold up. I know it sucks not having dates... but relax, enjoy your time now because once you begin, it will be fire hose type learning equating to a very long year. Cheers Sent from my iPhone using Baseops Network mobile app
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    So can you share the syllabus draft or details with us? A synopsis at least? ~Bendy
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    Would have been cool Medium range, LO or Reduced Signature bomber/arsenal platform. Could have also served as the basis for an LO tanker capability. On the idea of a medium weight bomber/strike capability (LO or not) - for the forum, is it an overall more effective way of servicing an X number of required DMPIs on Night 1 till Air Superiority/Permissive Air Environment achievement than with a larger tactical attack/fighter fleet? Larger platforms likely would not require the AR resources that smaller platforms probably would require but fewer platforms could reduce the numbers of targets that could be struck simultaneously/in quick succession if a large AOR was being contested... IDK, I see advantages but tradeoffs also. Thoughs?
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    A great video from 1981... Ejection Decision -- A Second Too Late
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    Does anyone know if Vermont or Massachusetts are having hiring boards this year? I believe they both did last year, but I was curious if either were going to be back to back?
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    That convening authority should've been fired for that.
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    So I’ll be the asshole. I know plenty of dead guys who are dead because they played by the rules. They didn’t pose with bodies, or kill prisoners, or fire where the risk of harm to civilians existed (or in the case of the Army Lieutenant, specifically target then). And their honor on the battlefield under the established rules of “civilized” warfare is why some of them aren’t with us anymore. They don’t get a pardon. They’ll pay their sentence for eternity for playing by the rules. Seems like an injustice to pardon those who went out of their way to break the rules which played a part in the deaths of great men. RANT - OFF (P)
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    Off the street hire at a Guard Tanker Unit. AFOQT/TBAS: July 2016 Board: November 2019 Hired: November 2019 FC1: ??? OTS: ??? UPT: ??? FTU: ??? Feels good to finally start this timeline.
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    Positive one shared on reddit. Boston controller helping out a min fuel Viper. 2:23:00 if the link bugs out.
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    Just want to say no one deserves that and I am terribly sorry for that situation. You will be in my thoughts and prayers.
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    I'm confused. Are they the 1% or are they lowly minimum wage servants? I think you've completely forget that athletes have always been outspoken and played major roles in conversation about racial discrimination in our society. Jackie Robinson said he wouldn't sing the anthem or salute the flag because of the racism he faced in society. Jessie Owens wasn't outspoken publicly but he certainly contributed to the debate. Tommie Smith and the other black sprinter made the black power fist on the olympics to raise awareness about oppression. Mohammed Ali wouldn't go fight for America because a Vietnamese soldier never called him the n word. Pay attention, this has happened for decades. I bet you would love for them to shut up, but probably like to hear Ted Nugent's latest opinions on foreign policy on fox news each week, because he's more qualified than a Stanford educated athlete. Just say you don't agree with their views instead of taking the cowardly way out and refusing to even discuss the problem at it's merits. Athletes are raising awareness that unarmed black citizens, who are legally presumed innocent, are executed by police at a rate 2.5 times more frequently than white men. Why are you so scared to discuss that issue? Why are you saying that kneeling is more disrespectful than some guy who wants to use that precious symbol to decorate his sleeveless tap out shirt?
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    "Clowns destroying their bodies"? I don't follow. They make millions using practice and deliberate thought of action, just like most pilots on here. They have chosen to use the NFL stage to raise awareness. How is this any different than pink breast cancer awareness month where every person has a sock, or the flags are pink instead of yellow? I am sure the millionaire clowns are very disappointed you don't approve of their free speech or their right to protest. I will give their opinions the same weight as "real people", but I guess I do consider them "real people" and you consider them something else. Feel free to PM me and we can figure out what you meant to say.
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    If you want to assert a cause-effect relationship you're going to have to explain why the marked decline in NFL viewership began in 2015, before any of this nonsense, and why there was no statistically significant change to the rate of decline surrounding the referenced anthem displays. Clairvoyant fans who saw it coming 2 years ahead of time? I started to turn this into a 2-page response with charts and numbers and shit, but it's just not worth my time. When you can show a meaningful relationship between the two with p-values and confidence intervals, let me know. Until then I'm going to draw obvious conclusions from actual data as opposed to an ardent campaign on the part of Fox News to spark outrage, thus driving their ratings and ad revenue up, by shoehorning a tired narrative onto a target of opportunity under the guise of "news".
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    I just want to know if the dudes that dropped the MOAB from the MC-130 were T-1 or T-38 grads.
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    Never seen a second of broadcast of the channel in my entire life (excluding clips shown on other networks). That's not hyperbole. Not one second. I assume you must have some familiarity with the network in order to make your statement, so I'd say that relative to me, you might as well be Rachel Maddow herself. Your assumption about my political positions based on my statement couldn't be more off the mark. It's born out of past personal involvement in law enforcement and my sentiment has been shared in depth in other threads (you were commenting in a few of them as well, although it was a long time ago and I wouldn't expect you to remember). It is not a fundamentally anti-police position. It's a pro-Constitutional rights position. Unfortunately the police are, by orders of magnitude, the largest violators of Constitutional rights in this country. It's ingrained in what they do on a daily basis. They're trained to do it from day 1 of the Academy. Given this board is full of military members, my opinion should be the prevailing opinion within the community. Instead, most here would rather just flash their CAC to the DHS agent at the illegal inland "border" checkpoint in order to get hurried along. Not even willing to slightly inconvenience themselves to avoid trampling all over the document they purportedly volunteered to give their life for. Sorry, but with respect to this issue, relative to me, you're the left-wing communist.
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    As ROTC instructor from 2016-2019 (Sept), I can confirm. Of our 40 or so cadets we'd have each year, about 10-15% would go rated, and of that, about half wanted RPAs.
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    Out of 3 the det/cc's and 6 OFCs/RFCs I was around for only one was a rated guy. Our closest base was also a nonflying base so our career days usually had only one rated guy and 15 nonrated. The best part was doing det trips to actual flying bases and seeing how uninterested 75% of the other cadets were in the flying side, hell most of them actually got bored watching Strikes, Vipers, and Fat Amys beat up the pattern... sad

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