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    Pretty friction' awesome. No one wants to leave, and we have 11,000 applications on file. Is it not like that where you work?
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    Right on brother! Also, we should have airborne DCA up over every TFR in the country ready to blast NORDO Cessna 150s out of the sky the moment they cross the line. Actually on second thought, DCA with blanket clearance to Fox 3 based on predictive path of any aircraft that approach the restriction. I assume for consistency's sake when it comes to your risk aversion that you rate preflight walkaround as extreme risk on your ORM worksheet?
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    They can’t make you sign, but they certainly have signaled that they are more than willing to take advantage of those who don’t read the fine print. Many of us joined at a time when the core values could be reasonably expected to go both ways. You applied them and could expect them to be applied by the organization in return. No shit, it actually worked like that for a while. I think the post Vietnam generation of leaders truly internalized a lot of lessons from that conflict and the result benefited military members immensely for some time. Sadly, those guys are all retired now and we are left with an overwhelmingly self serving, careerist mentality. If you can operate effectively in that environment, great. For many of us, that’s not what we signed up for and it just happens to turn out that civilian hiring picked up just about the time the Air Force threw its integrity in the shitter.
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    Yes, it certainly would have. However, sitting back and stating that the situation turned out about as well it could is nothing more than Monday morning quarterbacking. We got lucky. We had a guy steal an aircraft, and fly around a major metropolitan area stating the end result would have him dead. Suicide... along with how many others? I'm not sure it gets more "mental health crazy" than that. And no one knew how this would turn out until he was a smoking hole at 2047L. Was anyone confident at 2015L that he wasn't going to bury this airliner into the city? I don't know who gives the order to shoot down, or if the ROE allows the pilots to make that call. And I'm not arguing it's a painful call to make. But have we not determined the triggers that will result in an engagement/shootdown 17 years after 9/11? Has this not been rehearsed time and time again? If this DID meet the triggers, then I'd like to know why a shootdown was not executed. And if this hijacking DIDN'T meet the criteria, then I'd like to hear that along with an explanation as to why. Instead, we seemed paralyzed by our fear of Jim Acosta and the news media asking questions post-shootdown. Had this guy ended his life by plowing into Seattle's Columbia Center with a pair armed Eagles watching with their hands tied, this would be a very different day in America. Again. One more thing to ponder: had this guy had an Arabic accent, and had he been transmitting "Allah akbar!" on the radio, would that have changed the outcome? Or would that simply bring more allegations of racial profiling in America by MSNBC? There is a lot that is going to have to be discussed and acted on within the Air Defense leadership corps and the gov't officials that make these decisions.
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    Yeah, you missed it. But it's the internet, so no worries. I'm against govt-run healthcare. One reason is because in order to have it, those choices need to be made. People who want govt healthcare never want to talk about those choices. My grandma should not be supported by the govt. They are paying to fight an unwinnable battle at the expense of other programs. If people want to spend their own money to do so, great. All for it. QOL is not QOL. If you can't see the difference between a sick child and a sick old person, I can't help you. Denying the concept of differential worth between humans is one of my least favorite aspects of the progressive movement. Promised? By who? If you promised to make it to my birthday party, but then the power went out in your part of the country for multiple days, and the only way to make it to my party was to leave your wife and child at home alone and unable to fend for themselves, would you still go? We can argue all day about what is and isn't right, and what promises the government should or should not honor. But at the end of the day my political philosophies boil down to two very simple premises. 1) We don't sacrifice our children's future for today. Taking a loan out is okay, but not when you know that you will be worse off at the end of the loan then you were at the beginning. 2) Never ignore human nature. People will always choose their family over a principal. You see this everywhere. Rich liberals who decry school choice, but send their kids to the most expensive private schools. Calls for renewable energy, from the same people who demand no wind turbines be built that obstruct the view from their porch. Old conservatives who talk about the unsustainable levels of handouts from our government, as they drive to their govt funded Medicare appointments. The ultimate goal of the progressive, socialist, liberal, whatever you want to call it, movement is the creation of a global community, and that will never, ever succeed. Even if it wasn't an impossible goal, people will always work harder for their family and their immediate community. Working harder means producing more. Producing more means more overall wealth. More overall wealth means a better world for everyone. Does it seem like a coincidence to anyone that the greatest, fastest improvements in the overall condition of humans on this planet, to include the very poorest amongst us, have occurred during the last century of unbridled capitalism in America? And the parallel socialist experiments have all, every single one, resulted in unspeakable horrors and millions of dead? Free healthcare in Britain isn't helping the starving kids in India. The incredible fruits of the profit-motive are. I'm not against universal healthcare because I don't think it's fair, or because I pity the rich doctors, or because Hillary likes it. I'm against it because a capitalist system is the best chance that my grandchildren won't know what cancer is. If I have to die at 86 instead of 92 from kidney failure to achieve that, so be it.
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    I appreciate them for what they are: clowns destroying their bodies for my entertainment. Nothing more. Don’t take your social/political/societal cues from professional gladiators nor allow their opinions the same weight as real people ....
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    Keep it up, Big Blue. The young guys are watching. Today’s lack of seriousness and honesty is tomorrow’s retention problem. And worse yet, tomorrow’s recruiting problem.
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    Story w/ example: I went through the RPA pipeline early on, like 2010, where the AFI that was dated 2009 considered it specialized flying training (or something similar, too lazy to look-up right now) and it only came with a 3-yr ADSC. My class all signs paperwork with that ADSC. Very shortly post-training, the AFI gets updated and includes URT as a separate item with a 6-yr ADSC. Creech MPF comes at us telling us we need to re-sign the paperwork because the reg changed. Half of my class called bullsh!t (older, career changers, including myself) and didn't sign anything, while the other half (all 2d Lt's) signed the paperwork. 2-3 years later, I'm perusing my personal info and notice I have a new ADSC...check with my bros who also didn't sign and they experienced the same. We all put in separate cases to the board for military corrections and they thankfully changed them all back, but only foe those of us that didn't sign anything that second time. The Lts that did got hosed. Not to beat a dead horse, but yeah...zero trust
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    (...not an attempted barrel roll....) 🙂
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    I disagree. We didn't get lucky, our process worked. We knew the situation, the Eagle pilots and ATC fed up to date information to everyone involved, and the decision was made to NOT shoot this aircraft down based on the threat it posed. Had the threat assessment changed, then the decision to shoot it down would have changed.
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    We’re still planning to sell these bastards the F-35? We should get out of Incirlik and work our damndest to get them removed from NATO. That prick leading their country is nothing but an Islamofascist. If we let them touch an F-35, they’ll have Russia and China closely examining it in short order.
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    Pipe down, Hunter Rose. You asked "why the histrionics?" And you were given an answer. Yes, in Desk Pop's case it got fixed. But it required effort on the part of those on the receiving end. Effort that creates stress on future career plans. Effort required to go to MPF, deal with MPF, and in some cases deal with AFPC. It's a pain in the ass. In the case of some people I know, they did NOT get their ADSC commitment straightened out. I also personally had to deal with this issue, though I was victorious against the Evil Empire. I've heard the excuses from AFPC and MPF when dealing with this issue in the past. Have you? If not, feel free to publish your email and phone number, and you can volunteer to un-fuck this problem for all of the BO.net people that end up in this situation. Your efforts would be appreciated.
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    We had F-15s ready to shoot it down, it wasn't required. You're upset?
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    I cannot even imagine what sort of "security protocols" are going to be discussed... and some implemented... as a result of this. Stand by for knee-jerking...
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    I don't care who's razor it is, just give it to me so I can slit my wrists and be done with this.
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    Agree completely! This should have been written more clearly and explained up-front. I have zero trust in the AF to do the right thing by their people, thus my belief that this is yet another shady tactic to screw airmen in order to prop up percentages on some bullshit slide at HQ. RUN! Fucking run!!!
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    Allow me to break it down. From the 1980s to about the mid 2000s... Army aviators wore a green flight suit. Air Force aviators wore a green flight suit. Soldiers wore the woodland camouflage BDUs. Airmen wore the woodland camouflage BDUs. ....and everything was ok. Then we went through a shit storm of uniform changes and ended up with the disasters that were the ABU, ACU and I’ll even throw the Navy blue shipwreck in for good measure. Now, starting on 1 Oct 2018 Army Aviators wear A2CUs. Air Force aviators wear either green flight suits or A2CUs. Soldiers will wear OCPs. Airmen will wear OCPs. ....and everything will be OK.
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    John Piowaty still has an epic mustache.