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    Is this something to be angry about? It was already a 90% promote rate, and if you are looking to get a strat you aren't concerned about pinning on, but rather getting a school slot. This doesn't change that. Higher promotion rates are better for everyone. It gives people more flexibility in their careers without getting completely hosed because they didn't follow the expected career path. Sure old crusties get their panties in a wad because "major used to mean something"...but the more off-ramps the USAF removes on the highway to LtCol the more likely the "flying-only" career path is for guys who just want to fly. The checking of boxes for career progression (SOS, Masters, Flt/CC, ADO) is the epitome of kabuki theater, and the easier they make it to get promoted the less box-checking we have to deal with. I for one welcome more FGOs into the court martial duty pool.
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    In 2013 I had to have a PRF for Captain that was never used, now in 2017 I had to get a PRF for Major together...that won't be used.
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    Yes! How many man hours do we waste taking a line flying IP and making him do exec work, all because he "needs it for major/ school select?" How many man hours does he then waste editing OPRs and PRFs for 0-4? I may be optimistic, but hopefully this news coupled with eliminating school selects means we at least delay the fray of queen that a mid level captain faces allowing them to focus on the mission/ their primary job.
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    Terrific nickel-on-the-grass and piano burn for Doc last night at the Nellis Club, fitting for a man like Doc. As said, if you want to help, go hit that youcaring link to help out Julie and the family.
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    Glad to see MOB's jet get the Syrian flag on it. I figured someone with rank my find it "offensive", and stop that from happening.
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    So at what point prior to the next board is the AF going to provide CC's the spine to truly mentor and state an individuals worth in the squadron to their face? This is a novel concept by the Secretary, but I posit that it will not happen in the next 4 years. CC's typically let someone else do their dirty work or have become all too accustomed to utilizing PRF subtleties to eliminate an individual.
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    "positive rate" "nice" "how's the wife?" 45 mins later - oh shit, gear up
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    That SrA is just trying to do his/her job...blame the leadership who won't/can't streamline this process. This should be as simple as scanning orders and your ID card when you show up on-base. Any further details can be provided by your unit during their daily personnel report. Your orders have enough info that they can determine your gaining unit, your accountability/vRED info. It's a travesty, and I bet some of those young Airmen would love to figure out how to improve the system (maybe I'm optimistic). However, the SNCOs/officers who came of age in the MPF/Finance dumpster fires are so entrenched in the system that they quash any innovation.
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    Where Are the Heroes
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    I wonder if their office symbol is AFPC/COWDFTAFTMIC
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    Nothing here or elsewhere on the internet will be more than wild speculation; recommend leave it to those other guys and not here. Let's focus on the man and the family he left behind. Nickel on the grass for Doc. If you desire to help, check out the you caring link at the top in HU&W's post.
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    I interviewed both of the widows of the two pilots killed in the Constant Peg programme. Their stories are heart wrenching and their emotions were raw even after the passage of so many years. It took 30 years for one of them to find out how, where and what her husband was doing when he died. The other had a pretty good idea what her husband was doing, as I suspect the Schultz family does, but that's not the same as knowing for sure, and it's not the same as getting real answers. "Doc" Schultz may have made the ultimate sacrifice, and I doff my hat to him, but his wife and five children are the ones who must live with the consequences. In my mind, they are the real heroes. My thoughts go out to them.
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    No. But you'll need to get the investigation done at some point as TS will likely come up at some point in the near term once you are at your ops squadron...depending on aircraft/mission of course.
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    I'm amazed every time at how incompetent most support agencies are.
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    I think the JQP article was trying to make a very nuanced point that is over-simplified by saying that he is against this decision. As brick said above, this decision results in the same number of people promoting, not more, but in a smaller pool the percentage must be higher. The USAF needs that number of people to fill jobs that many people think don't need to be filled. Instead of promoting a higher percentage IOT achieve the same numbers to fill useless staff billets, why not promote less (or the same historical %) and cut the dumb jobs? That was the point JQP was trying to make, but you're right that it's been drowned out by drama queens who are salty that making O-4 will no longer require whatever knob gobbling they did to make it.
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    At least your golden retriever can be trained...
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    No. Depending on the community and RA involved, maybe. At a staff gig, going for cross country jaunt, my RA looked at me like broccoli just sprouted out of my forehead when I'd clicked that block. "Well don't you have a flight plan? Don't you know where you're going?" I gave it the ole college try to explain the concept of field hours, limited wx capability in a jet that has a number on the tail somewhere in the 60s, etc. The look I got back was what I'd expect if I asked my golden retriever to get me a 10mm socket. ...so, I just built the executed itinerary for "approval" once I got back.
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    For those who don't get to see the VTRS: https://livestream.com/wab/tailhook2017/videos/162478715
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    Just a bit angry because of the people I know that were affected by the 2014 force shaping fiasco. Good dudes getting passed over, RIFed, told to volunteer outside of duty hours in order to be on the RIF protected list. It all could have been avoided. Debbie James came from SAIC and was known as a downsizing specialist, so to prove her worth she decided to make the cut in one year, instead of doing it incrementally, because what worked in the private sector must work for the government right? Sure there are political pressures from the top to make the downsizing happen, but she could have stalled or at least make an appearance of trying to fend off the wolves. She was more than happy to "swing the axe" (borrowing Gen Goldfein's term). I say fire the people involved with the the downsizing because they didn't talk sense into the SECAF and they did a horrible job of planning and executing the downsizing. On a related note, I understand many flyers on here just want to fly and not do staff time because it's a shitty job. However, the "Staff" can use more the "Been There Done That" flyers to lead or guide the planning and execution of plans and strategies. You don't want to only push HPOs or unqualified folks into certain critical staff jobs for a year and move on. We would have no credibility in the Joint world and it would be detrimental to the fighting force.
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    I like this change. I've asked for crew rest waivers and been denied. If the SQ/CC and AC want it and judge the mission benefit worth the risk, it's dumb that someone disconnected from the mission can deny it. I guess every corner of the AF is different but our waiver authority is MAJCOM A3 who is not tracking daily missions and will always say no, even for TIC support. So to me, this is a good change because it removes obstacles to the mission. If you're worried your leadership will now bully you into accepting missions you aren't safe to execute, well that sucks. Say no, that's always your right.
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    That's great advice, I couldn't agree more. I should have mentioned in my original post that I visited the squadron twice at their two most recent drills. They're an awesome group of guys and I'm really hoping I'm invited back for an interview next month.
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    It seems to me that there is a problem with the understanding the definition of the terms here. To get a clearance, you first have to have a completed security investigation. Certain types of investigations are necessary for different levels of clearances, and the type of investigation is determined by the anticipated clearance level of the projected duty . For instance a NACLE will allow up to Secret, while an SSBI will allow up to TS and above (i.e. SCI accesses). The investigation type is determined by the sponsor depending on level needed for your anticipated future job. A completed investigation does not give you a clearance, only the eligibility (assuming adjudication is favorable) After the investigation, the report is sent to an adjudication authority, who evaluates the report and decides if the results warrant giving you a clearance (i.e., decides whether or not you are a security risk or not). If the adjudication is positive, you become eligible for a clearance. Eligible doesn't mean you have a clearance, only that you are allowed to get one if needed. For rated officer entry selects, an SSBI investigation is normally done, although in today's backlogged system, for OTS people it is sometimes not completed prior to graduating. For ROTC it depends on timing but the investigation should be complete by graduation and commissioning. But, you still don't have a clearance, only the eligibility for one. Somewhere down the road you arrive at your first duty station. There, you will be placed in a specific position on the unit's manning document, and each position has a clearance level associated with it. For a UPT student, the positions are coded for a Secret clearance (or used to be) so upon arrival you will be given a Secret clearance. The fact that your SSBI investigation makes you eligible for TS does not matter if the manpower position only requires a Secret clearance. By the way, an IP coming in from another unit where he/she held a TS, will be downgraded to a Secret in most cases because an IP has no need for TS clearance in an IP slot (unless he/she will also be doing some addition duty for the Wing that has a higher clearance requirement, which is probably fairly uncommon). That may be different for CSO or ABM training if their syllabus works with more classified content. For the rest of your career, your clearance may go back and forth as you move from job to job, even within the same unit on occasion.. As for the "inactive" comment, if you move to a job where no clearance is needed (get out of the service, for instance, or leave ROTC (commission, but do not go directly onto active duty) your clearance would be suspended (inactive), but can be regained quickly when you return to active duty as long as you are within the period of your investigation's validity (i.e., if the SSBI requires a re-investigation every five years, and you've been off active duty/ROTC training status for only a year, the original SSBI would still be valid and allow for your unit to re-establish a clearance when you process in...no additional investigation required.
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    Based on what you said, I wouldn't sweat it.
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    When you don't have your PPL, units may be looking at your 101-200 or 200+ hour PCSM score as their guideline. I was going heavies but every unit seemed to use that as a baseline while I was building time. By the time you're being pushed to the NGB or AFRC it will be your actual PCSM that matters, but you have lots of time before then to just get into the high 80s to low 90s if possible to solidify your chances of being picked up at the highest level. Especially if you're getting flight instruction that time will come while you finish up your PPL and fly a bit after. For getting in the door and being hired at the unit level I think that a 92 AFOQT pilot and a 3.75 GPA with some solid LORs makes you very competitive if your 200+ PCSM looks good too. I think it depends on the unit and who else is applying but you'd be up there I'm sure. I first started visiting the units down the highway my junior year of college with a 73 PCSM and like 28 hours as well, and by the time interviews came around my senior year, I had a 90 PCSM with 77 hrs after retaking the TBAS, and now a 96 PCSM with 102 hrs. And those hours I just built by flying a few times a month and dabbling in IFR instruction during the time between junior year and now. With your scores now and still some time presumably before interviewing, I think you'll be in really good shape because getting your PPL will be a big help and will add hours to raise your score. Good luck! edit: looked at my previous apps and updated my earlier scores
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    If you were originally going to be passed over to O-4 your chances of making O-5 is pretty close to zero. I would also like to add that only insecure people are against a higher promotion rate to Major.
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    BL: if you hear a rumor that bombers are going to start dropping to Tones, believe it when you see it. If you hear a rumor that RPAs are going to start dropping again. Be afraid. Be very afraid.
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    Sorry, wasn't trying to insinuate that it should be a no-brainer to retake it, nor that it's a decision to be taken lightly, or seriously. I suppose trying to uncover the model behind the scoring with some scores would be insightful for those trying to weigh a decision on retaking the test. That was impulsive and I apologize. Congrats! You've gotta be pleased with that.
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    So they are about to make a bunch of O-4 Warrant officers, isn't this what many wished?
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    Dude, we found out where to cut the staffs!!
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    I'm thinking this is a way to keep pilots from requesting to be passed over. That's what my Commander thinks. Too many people wrote letters.
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    bro I get it trust me. but good lord every post is doom and gloom. enjoy life a little baaaaBEEEEEEEEE! its fine to be cynical, but when every post is dripping w/ negativity ... anyways see you in the airlines. ps the AF will never live up to their end of the bargin. #ProTip
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    Somebody is going to sneak one by the goalie and make O-4 when nobody saw it coming. It should be entertaining.
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    My guess is that they promote every single APZ and continued Captain that doesn't have derogatory information. Just as valid.
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    How many man hours do we waste on that one non-value added requirement: no white space. It's easily 95% of the effort that goes into those things. Plain English; articulate in two to three complete English sentences, why we should promote this officer. Done. Still room in the block? Yes; did you complete the thought and make the case? Then fuck it: done. I just saved the USAF 100,000 officer man-hours in the next year. Airmen's time. Oh, wait, we talk about Airmen's time, but it's calculated as valueless, so never mind.
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    "smartly reducing administrative burdens on squadron commanders." Maybe for next year. PRFs were due to the group weeks ago in my corner of the AF....countless Sq man-hours already wasted. I'm sure most Sq's have started...maybe this was announced just in time for some? Hope it sticks around! PRFs are a waste of time.
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    For sure-fire success, make sure it's in your orders/authorization that way, vice adjusting your per diem locations on your voucher.
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    Make Ontario a TDY location in DTS. Example: Home Base = Depart 13 sep TDY Location 1 = Edwards (assuming you fly into Ontario, but go to Edwards that day), arrive 13 sep, depart 19 sep TDY Location 2 = Ontario, arrive 19 Sep, depart 20 Sep (early flight out the 20th). Home Base = Arrive 20 Sep Problem solved since per diem is tied to TDY location. Never had a problem once using this method.
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    I have no reference but every time I go TDY from home station the closest airport is a 90 minute drive, if it's a early flight we stay overnight by the airport the night before. I get reimbursed every time no questions, and yes, we get the rate for the airport location for that night. Probably not the book answer you wanted, but hey, gotta take what you can get. That is also my philosophy on beer and women............
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    Robbie Risner was a badass...Cock 1! Imagine today flying a P-38, F-51, F-86, F-100, F-105 in three different wars? Not to mention leading airmen in Hanoi and returning. In August 1964 General Risner was assigned as commander of the 67th Tactical Fighter Squadron, Kadena Air Base, Okinawa, where he flew the F-105 Thunderchief. While on temporary duty with the 67th Tactical Fighter Squadron at Korat Royal Thai Air Force Base, Thailand, he was shot down over North Vietnam in April 1965 and was rescued. General Risner was returned to duty and in September 1965 was shot down again over North Vietnam and captured. His advice to the men he commanded combined the heroic and the practical. “Resist until you are tortured,” he said, “but do not take torture to the point where you lose the permanent use of your limbs.” In later years, General Risner participated in reunions of airmen. At a gathering in the 1990s, he met a Russian MIG-15 ace who had been in Korea at the same time. The other pilot wondered if they had ever faced each other in combat. “No way,” General Risner replied. “You wouldn’t be here.” Kadena rocks! http://www.nytimes.com/2013/10/28/us/robinson-risner-ace-fighter-pilot-dies-at-88.html?mcubz=3
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    I recommend contacting the units (start at their Recruiting office first) you would like to join and finding out if they have an upcoming board. They are likely unaware of this program so you'll have to explain it. They also may be only be considering candidates with their degrees in hand. But, you may be able to convince them to take a look at you and this program with the right attitude and credentials. The pilots in the unit might not care but the recruiting office should be happy as it will save the unit an OTS slot. If one (or ten) unit(s) says no, don't let it stop you. Many future Guard and Reserve Pilots interview at many units before finding the right fit.
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    Harder than someone flying the line at a major, but some of that is self-imposed. I've never been afraid of hard work and my days in the WIC probably ruined me for life... I am in the middle of a surge period, some of it is seasonal and they rest is being driven by tremendous growth of my company. I have a three day weekend every other week but the last two months have been a LOT of travel. I can see the slowdown on the horizon and we shut down for a week at Christmas, plus I have still have almost a month of vacation to use. Working harder in the short-term was factored in to my calculus, work a bit harder for 3-5 years then be done, every person is different but I've seen to many people work until they are 65 and be physically unable to enjoy the fruits of their life-long labor.
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    And here I thought polytheism only applied to hearts/minds, not kidneys... I assume you're talking about Polycystic Kidney Disease. If so, you need to focus on being healthy. It will help your chances years from now when you start planning for a career as a fighter pilot. Until then, read anything and everything that interests you. You have to be smart to become a fighter pilot, and books make you smarter. Never give up hope, and ALWAYS ask the prettiest girl to dance.
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    Well said Mr. Brown. “I’m going to give you the real deal: I’m an American,” Brown said. “I don’t desecrate my flag and my national anthem. I’m not gonna do anything against the flag and national anthem. I’m going to work within those situations. But this is my country, and I’ll work out the problems, but I’ll do it in an intelligent manner.” http://www.foxnews.com/us/2017/08/25/jim-brown-criticizes-kaepernick-style-protests-dont-desecrate-my-flag.html
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    Good luck using the Intelink search function. Completely useless, unless you're looking for an unrelated 2009 PowerPoint file that requires registration to view.
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    I accidentally took a SIPR computer to Starbucks and surfed Russian porn sites. Later that night, while I was at the pub, someone broke into my car and stole it. Should I worry?