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    oh good, this threads getting political too.
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    I like to post this "fact checker" whenever the real gray beards start opining about their "50% washout rates when I went through UPT in (insert timeframe here)."
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    What's the story on this dude?
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    These political types can’t help it. I only want a safe space to talk about airplanes, killing Commies for God, and bitching about how the worlds greatest pilot is wasting away on DTS and SAPR briefs. #triggered
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    Yay! Virtue signaling! I wonder if those airlines are going to be making the same changes to their relationship with the FBI and the Broward County S.D.?
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    Remember, the Air Force could make a blow job unpleasant
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    Ditto. I don't know if this generation of AF "leaders" / other public officials (very last boomers / oldest Gen X'ers) desperately trying to seem cool realizes that Millenials can smell their cheesy lame attempts at "connection" a mile away. My oldest is amongst those oh so ironic sensing cohort and I may be naive but I have her respect by not attempting to be just like them, you know young kids, but I act like an adult, reasonably mature and not ham handily trying to emulate their idioms, mannerisms, humor or fads. Unsurprisingly, I am treated well by her and her friends because more than anything people respect honesty. This goes not just for AF leadership but other public officials: people (especially young people and those serving in a defined hierarchy) want to respect the person in charge more than they want to identify with them on a personal level. You can't respect someone that is not genuine and honest, you may not like someone but if they can have your respect and loyalty if they are honest, capable and moral. Give them reasons to respect you rather than reasons to like you.
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    LOL. Don't forget, "Thank you for your service." This killed me.
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    I much preferred the days when Academy staff used macroaggressions to show cadets what worthless maggots they were enroute to earning a commission and respect.
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    Re: sensor cost... > $1million for the most capable ones that you would want. My understanding is the Scorpion's advertised fly away cost includes it's currently-integrated sensor as does the A-29 and AT-6. For comparison, the MX-15DiD that was fielded on Scorpion for LAE is vastly superior than the old-ass FLIR Brightstar equipped on the A-29, and that sets aside that the Scorpion has been tested with and could field something like the MX-20 or MTS-B that would not fit on the smaller AT-6 or A-29. BL: Scorpion has a much better sensor out of the box and gives you the option to go Gucci in the future with more $$, whereas the A-29 or AT-6 almost certainly lock you in to a 15" class sensor, and at some point you just can't squeeze out more fidelity without larger optics. Re: speed...the Scorpion is much faster in transit than the A-29 or AT-6. The sensor weight isn't super relevant in that statement because transit speeds are compared with a combat load, which includes all fuel/sensors/humans/weapons/etc. that you would want on each platform. Re: backseaters...well that's like your opinion man. AFSOC certainly isn't getting rid of CSOs, and even if you just fucking hate navs, you could fly with another pilot in the back. I mean light attack is supposed to be a component of the new ramp-up of UPT production now right? It's also a moot point because all platforms at LAE were dual-seat, so it's not a differentiator between the platforms.
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    If these guys bust daily rides/checkrides, the IPs are going to be blamed. They'll get 88/89 rides and the CC will push them through because he's going to be evaluated on his ability to max produce pilots and send them off to be someone else's problem. Being an IP for during next few years is going to be soul crushing. ALL the focus going forward will be quantity, not quality.
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    52 PCSM. Fucking great. Somebody send this shit to the HASC/SASC and let them know this is the AF’s plan because they refuse to spend a few pennies on bonuses. “We need a $69B white jet to train UPT studs with radars and datalinks. Also, the studs will be mildly retarded.”
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    That should be added below the base name on every AF base front gate!! Glad I'm not losing my mind about AROWs as well. Hope this speeds things up. Only in the AF could we spend $100 Million on a half-assed computer program to replace a clip board and photocopied form that had worked for 50 years.
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    Is "ecosystem" the new "synergy"? YGBSM USAF Problem statement as written by career execs: "The Air Force's damaged aircrew ecosystem must be healed through stable and predictable funding along with incorpartion of advanced technologies to enable long-term systemic recovery required to FLY, FIGHT & WIN!" If it were written by Pilots: "Increase our budget so we can pay our pilots more and improve technology that will make our pilots' lives easier; both initiatives will increase our combat capability".
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    Passing students who meet standards? That's horrible! Or did you mean to write something different?
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    "The Air Force takes a balanced approach to maintain core capabilities and is committed to providing the competitive military compensation necessary to recruit and retain high quality and experienced Airmen..." Is this a satire document?
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    Pretty sure I remember him self-IDing as a troll last spring sometime.
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    Strictly responding to the "microaggression" apology at the Academy. Senior military leaders do not know how to respond to social media criticism and demands. The conventional thinking is to immediately appease to the younger generation and the social media witch hunts because it will win internet points and avoid online backlash. This method is effective in temporary quelling the social media faux outrages (often not the core audience), but in the long run it erodes good standard and discipline, esprit de corps, and effective military command and control. The correct thing to do is simple, everything in the military comes back to the standards/core values. Defend the standards and the core values and you will eventually be absolved from the internet accusations (whether or not the person has the courage to do this is a different topic for discussion). Mattis is the only person I've seen unaffected by the social media and traditional media attacks. He receives generally favorable supports from military members and civilian alike, because he stick to his core values/principles, simple and truthful with his answers, and his body of work gives him credibility. When I think of the SECDEF I think of lethality, he only cares about lethality (have stated many times) and it's my job to support his priority. I cringe when I see senior managers create selfies and mannequin challenges (Debbie James) or the NSA Director wearing t-shirt and mom jeans in Vegas (Keith Alexander) in an effort to connect with the younger crowds.
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    You can be cool with abortion and gay marriage and still think that safe-spaces are retarded. Nothing inherently binds you to blindly follow a single party's doctrine.
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    I had a 55 PCSM and a 2.7 GPA when I got my slot in 2005 with ROTC. No idea how I got a pilot slot, to be quite honest. Edit: had like 12 flight hours, and took the AFOQT blindly because the cadre was like “hey you need to take this” with like a weeks heads up
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    I’d rather know BEFORE an election. Regardless of which way the report goes.
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    They are selected during their Junior year, slotting them to the next FY. And I meant I guess they were looking for a correlation.
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    I told this story 2 pages ago. Style points 4, Situational Awareness 0
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    Reminds me when Larry got fatwa'ed: NSFW
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    This is sad to read about what could be such a great job....however as I take stock of things and look back, when I was a Lt, many of the D-bag capt/maj types we all hated and hoped would never be in charge are now wearing eagles and stars. Most of the guys I looked up to for their skill, attitude and bromanship are out altogether or in the guard/reserves. Sadly, from a line flying FGO perspective 10 years later, many of the young guys being pushed and groomed for success are the ones that are simply going to carry on the current problems as they look to maintain the system that got them where they are. Of course there are exceptions on both sides but it’s a damn shame.
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    Pretty sure that's the whole point of stop loss...
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    Want to lose all credibility as a leader? Use the term “microaggresion”. #Triggered Also, STEP promote that shirt to E-9 ASAP!
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    I can already picture someone half-heartedly chanting this at a CC call
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    I think it has something to do with general work ethic. We have had the same lady work at the front of the simulator building for probably 20 years and she generally has a pretty decent read on all the students. She was talking to a few IPs and mentioned how she's noticed a significant decrease in practice time that studs are putting in when they're not hard scheduled when compared with just five and ten years ago. That being said, I do think the students have more to learn than I did only seven years ago. Most of my A/A syllabus was notch-to-defend with a brief into into drag. For PGMs I had one flight devoted to GBU-12s and 38s. They're introduced to significantly more than I was at the same point in my career.
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    Jimmy Kimmel crying does.
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    Hired at a Guard unit. Prior Guard with a different unit Interview - July 2017 Hired - July 2017 FC1/MFS - October 2017 Package sent to J1/HQ - December, 2017 Approved - January 2018 Package sent to NGB - January 2018 Approved - January 18 (same day. Within hours by what I was told) TFOT/MOTS/AMS (w.e it's called now) - April, 10, 2018 UPT - Laughlin, August, 2018 Other dates - TBD post UPT Cheers! and best of luck to everyone!
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    What difference does the cost of the sensor make if they are going to put the same sensor on the prop version? New sensors being developed are already being and tested for other platforms so that part is a wash. The difference is Scorpion can carry MORE...perhaps three with the option federating one or two back to the JOC. You are a bit off on the A-10 speed comparison, T/W is comparable but the Scorpion is slick as shit. The sensors can be retracted and when they are it can be difficult to slow down. The other piece is the design of the wing which is 40 years more advanced than the A-10 and the product of millions of hours of highly efficient biz jet flying. IMHO USAF totally missed the boat on what the speed and altitude capes do to the employment construct. Having an aircraft that can take off and climb to the high 30's, cruise at 400+ knots to the AO, then drop down with 4-5 hours on station (perhaps more depending on how you load fuel), is a game changer in reach and changes the lily pad construct. You can have the exact same (or less) response time from bases further away and have just as much if not more play time. I encourage folks to think differently about the pit on these aircraft. The original construct was to fly host nation folks so they could be trained to provide for their own defense. If employed in a USAF only construct, there is huge benefit to having another brain stem to run the extra one or two sensors...doesn't hurt from a seasoning perspective for multiple pilots. Bottomline, Lite Attack was meant to supplement not replace the A-10 and by all measures except landing in the dirt (when was the last time we did that in combat? What about security logistics etc... If you have a jet that has the range and refueling capability you don't need to land in the dirt), Scorpion is a revolution beyond AT-6C and the A-29. Unfortunately the requirement was written by A-29 guys and evaluated by A-29 guys.
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    Shocked she was back in a flight suit. Ask the Thunder Chickens about the time she puked all over their family model.
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    My guess is they already know what they are going to pick, but are making it appear as a competition.
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    That’s a good point. If you set the bar low enough...
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    guys lets be honest does anyone washout of UPT? i think the washout rate has been extremely low for a long time now. lets not act like it was UPT BUDS when we all went thru "back in the day"
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    He's a SSgt who appears to be giving instruction to the selfie queen...
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    This made my day. So true. Big Blue is so fucked and 99% of the O-6s and above don't give even the slightest shit. Run fellas. Fucking run!
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    You can't have one without the other--progressives own the overly done PC/microaggression bullshit. You don't have to like it, but don't be so naive about it.
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    Curb your ISIS enthusiasm. Why did I laugh so hard at this?
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    Is it considered a micro aggression or a macro aggression if I tell someone to grow a pair of goddamn balls. Probably highly offends the gender neutral sensibility as well. I vote Democrat lately and consider myself somewhat left of center. This is the kind of thing that gives liberals such a bad name amongst conservatives. These people need to understand how to be progressive without being such pussies about it.
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    wasn't keflavik the base in red storm rising that got hit by the long range russian bombers? what a great book. rip tom clancy
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    Anybody know if Stop Loss trumps an approved Separation Date?
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    false. the air force has been very successfully producing pilots...for a long time. production is not a "significant part of the problem". that type of thinking IS the problem. if a water pipe in my house breaks i don't call the water company and tell them they need to pump more water to my house. "you're not producing enough water!" it's ridiculous when you think of it that way. someone needs to stand up with some cojones and say "no we cannot fix this with production. production is not the problem. and we will make unintended problems trying to increase production on 50 year old aircraft or cutting syllabus sorties." but that's not built into how we think in the military. every problem is "solvable".