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    Burying the airplanes for survival is an extensive part of the base defense plan.
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    Some good changes coming wrt PRFs and OPRs outta Corona.... the table was slapped, but the timeline wasn't determined, so hold on to your butts. 1. Two line PRFs. It was determined through survey that the majority of board and MLR members use the top and bottom lines to make their determination.... So they're moving on that - two lines is all you get. If you've seen the form for command consideration, it's similar. Line 1: this dude is great because reasons. Line 2: #x of XX, absolutely promote etc. 2. Strats on OPRs are going away (like EPRs) - instead they are replaced with a by-commander recorded top-middle-bottom designation (or like the army, above, in, below center of mass), with a redesign of the form. Commanders ratings of their people will be tracked, so they only get X amount of each rating and if commanders are grading heavier or too light that will be recorded and reported at THEIR next promotion board... Undetermined: timeline for implementation, mainly because this style of rating is going to drive toward rating all of each rank at the same time, which is going to cause thrash as it did on the E side. Chuck
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    As an Air Force aviator, I enjoy the heritage of my service and that includes being a bag wearer. Thanks for your input; and have fun shitting in the woods in your OCP’s
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    Why the fuck should I get additional time for going to white jets? I’ve lived up to my decade post UPT commitment. AFPC fighting me for 6 more months post commitment tells me all I need to know. Get fucked.
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    There are obviously going to be unflyable jets at any location. I believe it is unreasonable to expect that a Wing can Hurrivac 100% of their jets.
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    Thank god for ejection seats.
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    The same reason I sometimes park my car in flood zones and chase hail storms. Daddy needs a new whip.
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    I thought First Man was good. I'd warn that if you're expecting a movie like others you've seen on the space program, e.g. a docudrama like Apollo 13, The Right Stuff, etc. it's not quite that genre--it's a biopic. That is, it's not as much about the moon landing, the space program or the cold war--it's about the life of Neil Armstrong. I'd say it did that very well and it's clear they made an effort to keep it historically accurate (some creative licence here and there but I don't think any more than Apollo 13 had). The camera work hits and misses. The X-15, Gemini and lunar scenes were excellent (saw it in a dfx theater with really good sound--recommend). For the dialogue scenes though, they overdid the grainy "home movie" style with too many shaky, blurry, zoom-in closeups, really distracts and gets annoying. They shot most of it on film to give it that grainy look, but then switch to IMAX for the lunar scenes--a good call. What I'd heard about the flag controversy was that some pundit didn't like that they weren't wearing the flag on their uniforms....when a simple google search reveals that the original Gemini uniforms had no flag. Manufactured outrage.
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    “Higher quality” LMAO “bud”
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    You’re right, it does matter and absolutely needs to be corrected. But it should’ve been corrected months ago with a swift “No!” From CSAF. Again, I’m not affected by this policy SNAFU, but it seems like dumb ass policies without oversight is situation normal. It probably has been since the 40s.. just seems more magnified now.
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    48 hours after the base is leveled and you “want some butts” huh? Wait...F22s need to be treated like national security assets? Why didn’t you call the wing commander to let him know? You sound Iike you have terrific MAF senior leadership potential. You got any other great words of wisdom?
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    Was there last month on an overnight. Old pile of rocks on some premium downtown real estate. A forgettable experience. 1 star.
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    Glue... Marines eat Crayons. We ate glue. And we don’t have any trouble telling who “the air force guys” are. Cmon guys it’s not like we can’t all pick each other out in a group with at least 3/5 accuracy. Hell I can about figure it out just by what watch when everybody is just wearing different colors of the same slack/polo combo. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    You realize having worn both uniforms and realizing the only people who we are “looking cool for” are each other and 14 year olds I don’t want nor need the bag to somehow validate myself in life right? Again, the only people in the Army who want or actively cry about people wanting to go back to a 1 piece simply don’t know how good they have it right now with a 2. The people in the Air Force that are going to this uniform kicking and screaming “oh god we look like the Army now” might want to look at pictures pre digital camo stupid.... when we all looked “like the Army” in utilities except for the Marines who rolled their sleeves wrong and wore their little pointy hat. 2 piece is better. It’s just as fire proof, it’s way easier to take a top off in the heat than roll sleeves or god forbid wear them wrapped at the waist, and it works with gear far more comfortable than what we wear/wore with leg straps (can’t speak to G suits and don’t care as a helicopter guy). And I’d pay real money to get the DCU patterns cut back with the current camo OCP. Fix that and it’s perfect, especially when worn with the combat shirt. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Completely inaccurate article. We signed this contract 3 years ago in fall of 2015. These were basic provisions in that contract and have nothing to do with the holiday season or any other industry dynamics. There are two "bonus" payments that really have nothing to do with "keeping pilots from retiring". One is the $40K if a pilot gives 1 year advance notice of his retirement. If he has 23 years of service or more, it doesn't matter if he goes this year, next year or anytime after that - same $40K. As long as he gives 12 months notice. So, not much going on there to "keep pilots from retiring". The other ($110,000 bonus) was a genius move by the company. Again, nothing to do with keeping pilots around longer. It was all about incentivizing maximum work and min sick leave usage over the last 2 years a pilot works here. Prior to this contract, pilot approaching retirement would make judicious use of their sick leave over the last couple of years which typically involved draining their maxed out sink leave bank (about 9-10 months worth of pay). With 6 weeks of vacation on top of that, they could usually take 6-7 months off each year with full pay during their last two years. Of course, they can still do this. But, they do so knowing they are turning their nose up at what could amount to another $110K on top of the rest of their pay. Not everyone values their time off that much. However, there are some strings attached - if they want the full $110K bonus, they need to work a full schedule for their last 48 months (i.e. earn at least $740,000 over that same 48 month period - which is pretty busy). None of that income can be from sick leave and their sick bank must essentially be full when they retire. If either of those two criteria are not met, the bonus is reduced accordingly. Again - both of these bonuses really have nothing to do with keeping pilots from retiring. Most guys are staying until the bitter end now anyway. But, if a guy has been here 25 years, he can get both of these bonuses in their entirety if he chooses to retire at age 60. Or, he can stick around another year or two, three, four or five. No change to the bonus - no real incentive to stay longer other than the pay he will receive for working those extra years. Just another poorly researched and written article.
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    Once I found out that it’s never the first or last circle I got much better at that test.
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    Well thank you for your service soldier
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    Looking cool >>>> comfort Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    If we are going for efficiency, there might be some ideas in what you are sarcastically saying. I think the USAF spends a ton of time and money doing things the way it was done 40 years ago because we fear change. I know this happens in UPT because I was a student when the first T-6’s came on line. “Can you believe we are training in single engine props!” Said the old T-37 mafia. “There are gonna be pilots who never fly a jet in their career!” I was one of the last IFF classes to drop bombs off the AT-38. “Can you believe these new students won’t crank mils manually and have a HUD in the T-38C doing all the work...what a bunch of SNAPs.” At FTU we were all going to get lost and be lazy because we had EGI instead of a drifting INS and nobody knew how to do a delta update and our standby reticle bombing was horrible. One step away from communism. In my ops squadron wingman were going to kill themselves if we let them use their targeting pod the same time as FL. I was a T-38 IP when the magical fix to fix went away....all the students were going to wash out of follow-on courses because of that one. Back to the CAF....gotta print out maps like we did 20 yrs ago, can’t trust those new avionics with satellite imagery built in. HMCS and datalink was making us all soft. If we had unlimited resources, teach SFO’s to your hearts content. We don’t so we have to prioritize. You can’t cut it all because we need talent discriminators but once a kid tracks...well a heavy pilot probably doesn’t need a acro and a fighter guy doesn’t need as much crew communication work. Sent from my iPhone using Baseops Network mobile app