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  1. I hear this counter argument quite a bit, it’s not an apples to apples comparison. There’s a reason why the FAA changed the minimum hours needs for the ATP, and why a restricted ATP exists. Inexperienced guys were bending metal and killing people and it made the FAA realize that 250 hour first officers was dangerous. Airlines don’t teach guys with ~200 hours, they teach guys with minimum of 750 hours for prior military, or 1,000-1,500 hours for civilians, depending on how they got those hours. That’s potentially ~550-1250 hours more than a dude right out of flight school. That extra flight time makes a huge difference. The airlines sim is more of a top off for an already experienced pilot instead of teaching a brand new pilot how to fly the plane in actual airspace while refining their airmanship.
  2. Been flying for 20 years and one thing I’ve learned is there’s no substitute for actual stick time in the plane. That becomes even more apparent when someone leaves the cockpit and then comes back, dudes with more time pick it back up faster. Sims help but they aren’t a replacement.
  3. Happening in other communities too. USAFE is in full swing with implementation.
  4. I gotta ask, if you are being separated due to being bipolar, what is the likelihood that you’ll be cleared for continual TS/SCI access?
  5. The 35k cap is written into law, it was passed as part of title 37 section 334. As to why the AF doesn’t have a program out yet, who knows. A quick Google shows that the Marines already have a program out and the Navy’s is about to be released.
  6. Some film from my last squadron in the Navy. Made is as a sort of ‘cruise video’ and memento to almost a decade in the same squadron.
  7. Good point and I guess it’s not surprising when I think about it. If any foreign forces are gonna fight in Ukraine those are probably the best ones to do it.
  8. Reports of former US SOF on the ground in the Ukraine. No way of verifying if true but the pictures I saw, they ‘looked’ the part in terms of gear and weaponry and are reported to have inflicted serious damage to Russian formations. Of course, it could be the Ukrainians that were trained/equipped by US SOF. It does beg the question, what happens if a US dude gets rolled up by the Russians?
  9. I’ve got a pretty good grasp of ground combat (not nearly as good as Lawman). This isn’t tank on tank warfare so what has really surprised me are the videos of zero infantry support for the armor. Combined arms utilization during movement through and via a somewhat limited selection of LOCs is what would get the tanks to the front line. The Ukrainians are having a field day picking off the heavy equipment.
  10. Yes, the tankers are quite busy.
  11. The Russians didn’t modernize their logistics train in the past 20 years. C4I, combat systems, etc, sure, but they are using old trucks and old equipment to move said combat systems. It’s a recipe for disaster. Logistics is what makes war. Without it, the Russians have hamstrung themselves. In my layman’s view, they only have enough beans and bullets for a few weeks. If the numbers coming out from the Ukrainian side are accurate, the Russians may be in for a helluva lot more of a fight, and sustaining said fight, than they may have bargained for.
  12. KA-50 or 52. Only production helos with an ejection seat. I always wondered how it'd work in real life, and the idea of flying around with explosive bolts attached to the rotor head is wild.
  13. Why are Vipers considered bottom tier selection?
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