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  1. Go U-2s. Gets you out of MAF, keeps you operational, and you get to fly the U-2 and the T-38.
  2. Name released https://www.foxnews.com/us/air-force-pilot-killed-in-runway-mishap-identified 🍺
  3. I know a quite a few helo types in the regionals, only a couple in the majors. The dudes in the majors now spent a good bit of time flying regionals, and one was a contract ISR bubba after helos.
  4. Using the weather example above, if a PIC says no to flying with 300 & 3/4 when the mins are 200 & 1/2, I’ll back up his decision and he doesn’t fly that day. I’d also recommend he lose his PIC designation and needs to go through requal.
  5. Hiring message out from AFPC. I hear they’re even taking old rotor trash these days!
  6. Ah, I think I see the disconnect, as I actually agree with you. I’m not saying don’t hold them accountable, if someone is a piece of shit then fire them. The way your previous post read (to me, at least) is we should fire people if they don’t exactly adhere to their bosses vision. One of the biggest failures I’ve seen (in two different branches now) is an unwillingness to tell someone they suck, and to actually document it. Instead, they write them a glowing evaluation and send them on their way.
  7. That’s a slippery slope. Fire someone beneath you for not ‘following your vision’ is, to me, the very definition of intrusive leadership. Give a vision, give an intent, and let your people loose to figure it out.
  8. Considering the cost of flying helicopters, that sounds like a good deal.
  9. I read this as ‘go learn to fly a helicopter’ Solid advice for everyone!
  10. Why not just send it back blank? They can’t force you to fill it out.
  11. That’s not how it works. The expenses reduce the taxable amount, you’re not reimbursed the expense cost outright. Without weight tickets there is no amount to be paid and then deduct expenses from. I worked admin for several years with weight and I don’t ever recall someone not having weight tickets. From what I can recall of the JTR, the only option I can think of is either reweighing everything or just deducting it from taxes.
  12. To expand on this as I can't edit my previous post. I misspoke on the HP and complex as part of the commercial. Complex is required (I believe 10 hours), but HP is not to get a commercial ticket. However, all that is required to fly an HP aircraft is the instructor endorsement. The IP literally endorses you to fly the T-6 solo prior to soloing so it meets the intent of the FARs for HP endorsement. Hence, he can log the solo time as PIC.
  13. He didn't ask how to report PIC time for the airlines, just if he can log PIC. He said he has a CPL which I assume is his commercial, so he can log PIC a multiple of ways. To reiterate, he can log PIC as the sole manipulator of the controls if he's flying while the instructor is in the aircraft, and he can also log PIC when he is soloing since he already has a ticket. And having a commercial ticket means you can log time in a high performance, complex aircraft. The only caveat would be if there is a type rating associated with the aircraft, which in the case of the T-6, doesn't exist. To echo Brabus, airlines don't dictate how PIC time is logged, the FAA does.
  14. If you hold a private or higher FAA ticket already, then you can log PIC/SIC like any other aircraft. Solo and dual received are only for student pilots.
  15. That’s the key takeaway. How much more work is it to get that extra few %? It seems like all the new UPT programs are to capture that extra bit, and is the juice worth the squeeze?
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