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  1. Inflation is up. Gas availability is down.
  2. The sun shines, the tweets are positive, and the press must now clear quoting Biden Administration officials before actually quoting them. And they seem to be ok with that. Further, there are no more "kids in cages." Instead, this band of professionals have brought us "free range kids" who are found randomly scattered on arid border lands.
  3. Max, buddy, can we talk for a minute? Listen, man, that was a good race. Merc's strategy just was better, but you did a really good job and are still up there in the points race as well. No, really the reason I wanted to talk was... Man, don't know how to bring this up but... Dude, it's the 'stache. It's gotta go or at least go full 70's porn star with it. This thin manicured line makes you look like a knock-off Inspector Clouseau or Hercules Poirot. Either way, it's just not a good look for you. Only saying this to help...
  4. Why lie? Along the lines of Hillary's (btw, she was never president, so I got that going for me...) landing under fire BS story, our duly elected (say, why is DOJ, et al, fighting so hard to interfere/slow roll the Maricopa County election audit?) President had to tell a lie about Amtrak, his mother, a conductor... https://nypost.com/2021/05/06/amtrak-joe-bidens-story-about-conductor-being-question/ TLDR version: Biden, promoting Amtrak, recounts how as VP, he'd take Amtrak to see his ailing mother and a long-time conductor would pinch his cheek, and say, "Joey, baby!" to con
  5. One of the Chuavin jurors looks like he lied to the judge about his knowledge of and bias towards the trial. On the record and under oath that "he only had a vague knowledge of the case." (paraphrased) Photos/social media of him a few months BEFORE being selected showing him wearing a "Get off our necks" shirt and his comments on a local radio show this week where he says "We need to take action by being part of the system." Just can't help bragging on taking down the "man," even if that bragging adds bigly to an appeal's overturning of the some or all of the charges.
  6. Meh race today. Hamilton is just a much better driver than Bottas. No more excuses to be given.
  7. Concur. However, given that the Democrats will redraw the districts and his is nearly 50-50 split, I see them trying to contain the Republicans to those southern areas of the state and will carve his up among the existing Democrat districts in ensure a lock. I don't believe he could win in one of those redder districts as he's voted for numerous gun-control measures, wants to stay in Afghanistan, and voted for Trump Impeachment II, etc. But no local knowledge so could be entirely off-base. I do know, however, that Kinzinger was one of the Republicans given the Steele Dossier back
  8. It would be nice if this could be true, but Leviathan/Deep State/entrenched bureaucracy/good taxpayer-funded deals demonstrated pretty vividly from 2017-2021 that this isn't the case. The IRS, among others, used its power to punish wrong-thinking Americans who held contrarian political views. They hid/destroyed evidence, lied under oath about it. Not one person was punished, charged, or lost a sweet government pension. The FBI and at least parts of the Intelligence Community intentionally spied on a presidential candidate, a President, and willfully lied about it multiple ti
  9. Is spilling classified information to Iran still a federal crime? Asking for another friend of this friend... Is falsely attesting to drug use and flavor of military discharge on a Form 4473 when buying a gun still a felony? Asking for the son of that first friend... Is being orange now a felony?
  10. Indeed. In the short term, it MIGHT pay off for the GOP, but in the long term, just as California turned uber-liberal over a series of years/migration from liberal places, so too shall the few remaining bastions of largely self-governance shift as the tide turns because of refugees fouling up their new nests. Perhaps, unlikely, but perhaps, while the current Red states are shifting, the blue ones will start to shift back after peak "Escape from New York." But my point for pointing out that Illinois lost a congressional seat is that, likely, the congressman of this thread
  11. Illinois to lose a congressional seat due to census results. I do wonder how far in advance certain trends or results can be gleaned.
  12. A few random and/or cool things happened this week that I couldn't find where to post appropriately, so my intent on this thread is for those items that aren't "WTF," as that, to me, has a negative to shocking connotation and the items here are not that. It would be great if they were all uplifting, but one of mine is not going to be, unfortunately. Mods, apologies if these have places to be sorted and I missed it. 1. NASA flew a freakin' helicopter on Mars twice over the last week. 2. NASA via SpaceX flew a previously-owned rocket and ship to the ISS taking a four-man
  13. Congrats to Verstappen; a boring drive caused by a really good performance. Well done to Hamilton with the comeback. Russell is lucky he didn't get his ass handed to him literally. I'm betting he did figuratively by Mercedes and Wolf for his unprofessionalism. As evidenced by his public and full apology to Bottas. Don't bite the hand that's probably going to feed you, kid... The more I watch Riccardo, the less impressed I am by him. He's running out of teams to try and not be under pressure by his teammate. Overall, pretty interesting race. I enjoy the uncer
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