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  1. Of course the Clinton's do Humanitarian Aid. Who do you think was hired to take care of Prigozhin?
  2. I love how none of them can stay in character after that. Comedy Gold.
  3. Off altitude and off TOT? That checks. Standby for the HHQ directed FEBs
  4. 100% of the say. Unfortunately 'the people' largely can't or won't effectively communicate their opinion to Congress. We are a republic 'by the people, for the people' where 'the people' have had physical barriers placed between them and the governing body (note the new security fence around The Hill). Decisions about this conflict are being made behind closed door by people who are not responsible for those decisions. Anyone who thinks that the Joe is setting the policy for our engagement there (which he's not responsible for), or that the Congress is actively involved in determining the direction of our grand strategy, is simply ignorant. Want proof? Try having a coherent and factual conversation about the Ukraine war with anyone over the age of 65. There are some bright and sage exceptions, but the majority of those conversations will rapidly devolve into inaccurate assumptions and unfounded preconceived notions. That demographic is largely who are supposed to be responsible for setting policy in this conflict, because that's the demographic nominally in charge of our government right now. To be blunt, they clearly aren't the ones setting policy for that conflict. THAT should concern everyone.
  5. DIA not wanting to disclose sources and methods regarding information gathered (likely digital or human) in the only other country on the planet that poses a military and economic threat to the US security. Not shocking. Having seen how the sausage is made, I can attest that we overclassify the ever-living crap out of everything. Given very active Chinese efforts to infiltrate every aspect of our society, politics, and military, that's also not surprising. Frustrating as all hell, but not at all unexpected. I have no doubt that espionage effort is definitely a two way street. What is sincerely concerning is the fact that our current leadership is not simply doing nothing at all to bring China to account for creating or at least not containing COVID, but that individuals in the administration are actively engaged in personal gain from Chinese influence, and have been for decades.
  6. You guys smell that? Smells like documents burning...
  7. One eyed pilot safely lands hate box glider in the mud I can only guess that @HuggyU2 was the right seat IP on this one. …meanwhile, all the c-130 guys respond: ‘ok, he did it with one eye…so call it a Q1 with 2 downgrades: t-storm avoidance and centerline control’
  8. Please tell me this is you Chang...yeah, the guy who said stop hiring white men because you all think alike.
  9. Apparently we learned nothing in the past 3 years. Fun fact refreshers: - According to Johns Hopkins It takes 5-10 years to completely develop and study a vaccine. History tells us it take longer then that. Logic says it takes 20 years to do a 20 year study on the 20 year impact of a vaccine....weird. It's been 3 since this show all started. - Modern news agencies exist to do one thing: Make Money...which they do by getting us to click...which they do by posting scary stories. - Politicians want a crisis during an election. This should shock no one. Stop feeding into the real enemy's game (politicians trying to polarize their bases). They don't care about you, they just want to retain or gain power. Everyone chill out. Frankly, I think @Biff_T has the right line here. Can we somehow link the word replacement game with a drinking game?
  10. I've spent time in Germany. It's true.
  11. Hey @Prozac, you're a brown dude, right? You've been here a while, what are your thoughts?
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