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  1. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/doj-prosecuting-pot-using-gun-owners-despite-state-legalization/ar-AA1cdb2O?cvid=c14fc05cedda45b8b26765bad115db36&ocid=winp2fptaskbarhover&ei=11 i like you bro, and I think we actually agree on a lot. You’re just gullible. Harris imprisoned so many people for weed. Biden DOJ now prosecuting people who buy firearms and smoke weed in states where pot is legal. You’ve been duped into voting for a senile totalitarian in sheep’s clothing. FWIW, I’d vote for RFK just to see him destroy big Pharma. But your DNC won’t even allow debates. Because you guys value democracy so much, lol. You’ve been had dude, you just haven’t figured it out,
  2. For me, the job AD offered was much better. When it stopped being fun, I left. But AGR never appealed to me because I couldn't achieve the same professional goals.
  3. Lol, when the next 19 year old guardsmen who is somehow read into alien chem-trail SAP leaks to his Chinese Minecraft league we'll all have a better of who "akshuslly" blew the pipeline! my theory is the whales have been trying to warn us but Greta keeps killing them with offshore wind farms.
  4. Media never has the full picture, as you and I both know quite well, but the general outline from open source angles paints a picture where the US likely helped with logistics & intel while the Ukrainians actually did it. And I get it; if I were a Ukrainian I’d be doing everything possible to hurt Russia inside and outside my country, and I’d attempt to drag another larger power into the mix to create dilemmas for my adversary. But I must be wrong, Ukrainians are too pure for such tactics. It was definitely the Russians who blew up their pipeline… and the damn as well. I do find it incongruent to support this massive act of environmental terrorism concurrent with domestic efforts to ban gas stoves. But in the world of doublethink, there are no ironies.
  5. https://www.washingtonpost.com/national-security/2023/06/06/nord-stream-pipeline-explosion-ukraine-russia/ looks like the Ukrainians did it, and the US government knew this whole time.
  6. No surprise that we disagree, standard. I still like you though! For clarity, the idea of citizenship for service is highly inclusive to the 2 examples you listed above, and I’d guess preferable to those individuals since Bulgaria and Colombia both have tons of hard working folks interested in US citizenship yet intimidated navigating the Byzantine bureaucracy of current US immigration law. And I don't think my kids should be entitled to citizenship based on what I’ve done. I believe in radical fairness, not free handouts. It’s noteworthy that your two examples are foreign immigrants, whereas my three examples never mentioned immigration or race, it was about who gives back to the community. It’s an example of how the left and right talk past each other on these discussions: I view race and ethnicity as irrelevant to discussions on citizenship, and you’re chomping at the bit to insert race into the discussion with a tongue in cheek implication I view bi-racial citizens as not fully American. I am interested in more citizens who are hard-working and add value to the country; I do not think those unwilling to put skin in the game should have equal say creating new laws (and I don’t care what color their skin is). Said another way, people unwilling/unable to send their kids to war & pay taxes should not be allowed to force mine to go or increase my taxes. But that’s the system we currently have that you believe is a strength. I’m sure you’ve opened your home to all the illegals and don’t mind having your kids wait for health care so crackheads can go first…. This is all just talk though, our system is not changing.
  7. Citizenship for service. Absolutely great fucking idea. The USA is founded on the best ideas and socio-political philosophies humans produced, but the crippling flaw is free citizenship. A selfish spoiled trust fund baby, a criminal on welfare, and a wounded vet who works full time all have equal voice in selecting future leaders & laws of our land. Not optimal. you sound like a white supremacist transphobe. Take 4 COVID shots and one online queer-theory class before signing up for monthly BLM donations to absolve yourself of sin.
  8. My opinion only— AFSOC has an unusual internal power dynamic due to unique COMREL creating distinct officer cultures with different career incentives. AFSOC has two masters: Big Blue and SOCOM. The more senior you get, the more difficult to serve both and you eventually pick your tribe. SOCOM is harder to compete for senior leadership and requires combat credibility in an officers pedigree. Big AF is easier and doesn’t require multiple forward tours. Currently the Big AF inclined officers are leading AFSOC & the current MAJCOM/CC has to overcompensate for his lack of combat credibility; thus he finds Big-AF type endeavors to champion and shuns anything (and anyone) who is of the warrior tribe within AFSOC.
  9. I agree man, he is questioning actual scientists who have been purely altruistic & transparent the last few years. Can you believe RFK opposed mask mandates? It’s proven they SAVED LIVES! There’s no need to debate or think about any of it, we did what we felt was right and that’s all that matters in the end.
  10. Strange though, that seems like something to fire a SQ/CC & DO about unless it was sanctioned by the SOG.
  11. I think Cat 5 has been eagerly hoping someone would provide a slight justification so he could fire them and prove what a non-nonsense tough guy he is. It should have been a WG/CC, but that wouldn’t be the clean kill he was looking for. No one will give 2 shits about this one on a personal level (he wasn’t an easy man to work for), so objective achieved without any blowback or future complications. Machiavellian move. Current & prospective O6s in the command should take heed.
  12. Yes I read what he wrote. Are you familiar with the implications of this story? FBI actions are not analogous to failing a UEI, nor is their senior leadership a mere temporary infection in an otherwise healthy patient. If Global Strike Command deliberately manipulated their position of trust to neuter a sitting President, Commanders would be fired, the institution disbanded, and responsibilities given to others. Here they’re just saying “sorry!” GMAFB. He’s right the cancer needs to be excised. But I think he’s wrong that the FBI or DOJ is capable of such precision. You’ll know I’m right when no one is held accountable, like always. My opinion is that dismantling the institution, although blunt, is necessary. Without drastic action our most powerful internal institution will never recover legitimacy. And I’m completely fed up with the “rank and file agents are great guys” narrative.
  13. Tell your friends they work for a corrupt garbage organization. Since the FBI is incapable of holding responsible those despicable agents who used their position of great public trust to manipulate an election, the entire thing should be burned down. We would rebuild something eventually, because we need federal LEO. But the FBI is beyond reform, time to elect someone who will defund & disband it.
  14. The Covid zealots are trying to pretend they weren’t total fucking psycho’s forcing harmful poison on us all. Revisionist history will not work.
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