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  1. Ridiculous, no one would ever let goats roam around a helo in flight. except the Afghan Air Force…. But they promised me it was just the once.
  2. Possibly the best exchange on BO ever! OP, medicine is a noble calling and I salute you for pursuing it. However, the first time you kill someone who deserves it (while flying) you’ll realize the deep truth in Danger’s post. My advice: fly. If you have the itch you’ll forever regret not scratching it. 7000 hours mil flying & 2000 civ flying; I'm not bored at all!
  3. The memes generated from this UA jumpseater are on point.
  4. FSU didn't fuck around either, I love living in the free state of Florida!
  5. Except those aren't the choices. The old guys I fly with are clearly very experienced and have a wealth of knowledge. But most don't recognize how unsafe they can be, and arrogance is a hazard they are blind to. I'll take the young CA who taxis slow and asks for input over the 65 YO who has done this so many times he doesn't need to double check that last radio call.
  6. It's definitely a real phenomenon. All I can think is that being constantly angry and offended eventually manifests itself physically.
  7. Good reply, thank you for writing it out. I'll reply in kind when able if you're still interested, but it won't be for a bit. More than once here I've gotten a thoughtful reply, but lamentably have been too busy to respond in a worthy fashion. 🥃
  8. You think a Russian invasion of NATO is so likely that you’re willing to start war preemptively? What evidence do you have that: 1. Russia would invade a NATO ally 2. US people support preemptive war, including a possible nuclear exchange, because of something that might happen 3. We could win Asserting the uncertain as inevitable is the logical fallacy which led us into Iraq circa 2003. In that case, our grasp of the facts and read on Saddam himself was completely wrong; it turned out we were fed BS by liars with an agenda (Curveball among others). If we could do that over again knowing what we now know, none of us would choose to have invaded Iraq. You’re smart, you see where I’m going with the comparison. And the potential for a nuclear exchange should absolutely change the calculus, holy shit we’re talking about the possibility our cities get incinerated! We need convincing answers to my 3 questions above or it would be wildly irresponsible to escalate preemptively.
  9. I’ll answer: We let it fall. We have no treaty obligations, and although I’m opposed to Russian aggression I do not believe WW3 is the best option for our interests. If they start some shit with a NATO ally then fights on.
  10. I don’t know if your comment was aimed at me but I think whoever shot down 70+ enemy attack drones within a massive swarm of TBMs and cruise missiles did an amazing job under extremely trying circumstances and definitely earned the title of ace. Apologies if my post was unclear, I was more exploring what the official definition was versus colloquial use of the term. I hope they do a detailed hot wash of all lessons learned (especially C2 and ROE where I I imagine there’s room for improvement) and make the info accessible to others who need it. I’m guessing there will be more of this in the future. Bravo to the team.
  11. It’s actually a great question I’ve never considered: is there an official definition of a fighter ace? I found this one from the American Fighter Aces Association (Link): “An American Fighter Ace is a U.S. citizen who has served honorably as a fighter pilot in a U.S. military service or the service of a nation not at war with the United States (or others who flew as a member of a U.S. military service) who has destroyed five or more enemy aircraft in aerial combat.” As a non fighter dude, 15Es shooting down enemy attack drones in combat meets the defined criteria, and the organization linked above looks legit. edited to add: WRT your comment, you know alot of guys who have destroyed 5+ enemy aircraft in aerial combat?? The roster has no additions since 1972.
  12. Honestly it was a ballsy move by Iran, if they had killed any US with the TBM strikes on IZ I think things would look different right now. The mood was lethal. When we had zero casualties (granted many folks had TBI) the decision was made to stand down. It could have easily gone the other way. Fun side note: since they destroyed our hangar with TBMs I used the event to clean up 5 years of property book shenanigans. Seriously, it was very beneficial. For anyone reading this: if your stuff ever gets destroyed by the enemy, seize the opportunity to do your unit a solid.
  13. You’re probably right in that context, and I think they’re already making efforts towards assisting the refugee camps (despite knowing Hamas will be advantaged by such a move): https://www.longwarjournal.org/archives/2024/04/idfs-new-phase-of-operations-in-gaza-to-include-pinpoint-raids-increased-aid.php That said, I’m not sure Israel can disarm the existing narrative; the Palestinians have an incredible international propaganda machine hence all the “genocide” claims by students protesting in the US. I agree with you they should make an effort, but the truth is many people will criticize them no matter what.
  14. Disagree, I think Israel is doing good WRT CDE considering they actually need to win. They haven't leveled Gaza which is exactly what we did in Kobani. what precisely should they do differently? "Do better" is feedback I've received alot in life and I must say, it's unhelpful. Again, can you give an example of a war won while respecting/protecting civilians against an enemy who does neither? And given our own track record, are we really in position to be giving advice of how to win?
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