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  1. If that is true then why are vaccinated being required to mask?
  2. Looks like we’re not totally done out there.
  3. Being vaccinated is no obstacle to having and spreading COVID. All of our recent positive cases are fully vaccinated. The whole thing is a charade.
  4. Why on earth would you believe that? This far into the pandemic no amount of capitulation to public health demands has resulted in decreased demands. And since “everyone” includes immunocompromised and day old infants who can’t get the shot, your new demand is impossible.
  5. If ever there were a subject which should engender bi-partisan agreement it should be this: make China pay for unleashing this shit. Unfortunately we cannot agree on even that.
  6. For discussion purposes only: I don’t agree with that sign. As a practical matter, ask the WC-130s. As a philosophical matter: How can you know where the real edges are in combat if you never explore them in training? Lot of people out there unwilling to approach a training limit who are simultaneously certain they can react like pros if contingency circumstances required it. They’re wrong.
  7. Refresh my memory— why was Trump impeached by the house in 2019? Because I thought democrat arguments were that illegal WH influence was through implied rather than explicit statements. A fundamental problem in our country is political tribes that justify any behavior from “our” guy while condemning all behavior from “their” guy. This is why Hunter Biden isn’t in jail on felony gun charges. And why the obvious C19 lab leak was hidden, etc. The hypocrisy makes compromise impossible. Which is the goal; how do you guys think this ends?
  8. Just imagine how many books they would write if they had a damn president. And the first half of every state of the union will be about how hard BUDS was.
  9. Valid, he has nothing on the master of extemporaneous eloquence that is Joe Biden. 🙄
  10. Surprisingly hard when you’re perceived as having sold out & abandoned your allies. Not saying I disagree at all (I don’t). Just saying we’ve made that obvious COA pretty tough on ourselves by encouraging an unrealistic narrative to GIRoA.
  11. Logically I know you’re right. But emotionally, after 10 deployments there, I want to stay and smash every enemy forever. I felt similarly watching the first departure from Balad after 5 trips there. Alcohol with bros will be how many of us cope having spent years of our life doing something that sporadically felt necessary but mostly filled me with anger at endless tactical success but no victory. All while my kids grew up and I stupidly went back. In the end I chose how to spend my time and have no one to blame for my decisions but me. However I will never forgive or respect senior leaders who could not win. Why should any of us believe any of them about the “big shift” and GPC when they’ve lost this one? probably time to wear my veteran hat and move into a camper near the base pharmacy… 🥃 🇺🇸⚔️
  12. Good questions, I’ll have to chew on them. But crushing my freedom to maybe help an obese person have a slight edge isn’t moral or fair. Forcing me to comply with restrictions for the benefit of another who placed themselves at risk is antithetical to freedom and opposite my values.
  13. Are those your only two choices available for understanding Fauci? I can imagine a more nuanced gradation of possibilities; that you cannot is informative towards your understanding of differing viewpoints. The analogy of your child is merely another appeal to authority without addressing the underlying issue or question. You’re using the same trick over and over: mischaracterize the other viewpoint, then mock the mischaracterization. It plays well with folks who already agree with you; how convincing is that logic for those still deciding what to think about these events?
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