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  1. Obviously false. Just because we experienced the industrial revolution doesn’t mean they must progress sequentially through our same phases of development. I went through college with a dude who developed telecommunications for Mongolia. He skipped landlines and went straight to cell; he got the whole country connected and never phased through our stages. Because technology. They skipped steam engines too. They also don’t need radial prop motors, turns out jet engines work fine. Illogical. If EVs and solar and wind are ready for prime time here in the US where our electrical needs are massive, then they should easily cover the far smaller electrical needs of Lagos or Gao. In fact it would be easier to incorporate green technology into a location lacking pre-existing wiring and with lower energy needs compared to Texas. You provided the standard environmentalist talking point but it doesn’t withstand common sense.
  2. You’re right, and don’t forget India and all of Africa. I find climate change activists disingenuous not just for their personal hypocrisy (which is substantial) but also their laser focus on policies which impact the US middle class while leaving international mega-polluters unscathed.
  3. Because they are on the tail end of the policy whip…. And have no brains themselves. Do you think those people became wing commanders by a proven track record of bold leadership? Or by dogmatic compliance? I expect many of those policies to quietly change, but some will remain. People are not rational beings, pride will factor into this. And then one day a new wing commander will be asked publicly why he still requires masking and he will reply “that’s not my policy” and, just like blues Monday, we will slowly stop doing something everybody hates that has no benefit.
  4. Agreed, this is stunning. I’m curious how it will manifest in infants who received the shots. Too big to wrap our minds around at the moment, but I support any journalist who continues to follow this story through the years to come.
  5. COVID is over given the new CDC guidance. Symptoms or no symptoms, vaccinated or unvaccinated, no need to wear masks or quarantine, just reflect on personal choices (as it’s always been). This is as close as we will ever get to an official announcement: “go back to normal, it’s over.” By implication, this new CDC stance is tacit acknowledgement that the vaccines and boosters are worthless.
  6. I think you missed the point of my post. Your above statement indicates outrage about something that has not been proven, only alleged anonymously. We’ve seen that one before. my post was specific to the manner in which this raid was carried out.
  7. what is happening to former President Trump is an obscenely inappropriate. The FBI & DOJ have lost credibility. Thus far these investigations have amounted to hoax after hoax after hoax followed by blowing out of proportion small procedural issues. Maybe this one has real meat (doubtful), maybe not, but at this juncture that aspect is irrelevant. None of us on this forum knows what was in those boxes or what storage agreements had been negotiated, but we do know there was a legal mechanism to address grievances before executing a high profile armed raid as performed. That operation was 100% designed to intimidate and humiliate a political opponent, and that is clear as day. Indefensible.
  8. Could your every post on this bro level chat board withstand the same level of scrutiny you’re applying to others? It is the hypocrisy thread after all… ETA: in addition to an obvious science denier and associate of Corn Pop (bad dude), I’ve heard Bashi is cranky if not allowed to fly
  9. Not possible for energy/oil/gas on the volume required to sustain their population. But if we break a blockade with Airlift, I assume we could break it with naval power. certainly an interesting tactical issue.
  10. https://andmagazine.substack.com/p/the-chinese-blockade-of-taiwan-may?s=r&utm_campaign=post&utm_medium=web TLDR: author postulates current Chinese military maneuvers represent the start of a blockade (I don’t agree, just posting for discussion). Interesting tactic, would force US to appear the aggressor or let Taiwan starve. I don’t think we would do a damn thing.
  11. AO is a U28 replacement, not gunships. No plan for gunship crews to cross train. Why do you think that?
  12. Valid, and my reply wasn’t exactly to you. Imperfect communication on a message board, the struggle is real! I’m personably less concerned about the transition to single pilot ops (although it will require training) than using a TW. It’s not rocket science, but it’s counterintuitive juxtaposed against T6 training, incurring risk to force. A surmountable challenge, but one requiring deliberate effort.
  13. Absolutely no one cares if pilots are T1 vs T38 trained regarding AO transition. It’s interesting to me this would even be asked, but I’m old. I recall being young and UPT was all consuming. Here’s my advice: if you find yourself in a community like SOF which takes from multiple tracks, the moment you arrive nobody will ever care again where you came from. All opportunities are equally available and 100% depend on how you perform starting now. It’s beautiful, embrace it. There will be additional training required to convert pilots into a single seat mentality, but this is a surmountable challenge. CSO ratio question is a nascent problem I expect to grow.
  14. I didn’t want to answer you until it was officially released, which it looks like you found. AFSOC was surprisingly tightlipped so well done to them, but things do leak from other places.
  15. Sounds like U-28 replacement will be the AT-802. Great choice!
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