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  1. Didn’t the Air Force just pay to have some rebuilt after all the hail damage?
  2. Well, Turkey's one’s are still available
  3. Well as an Ass Kicking Business Man He did a good job getting a Peace / Trade deal with UAE and Bahrain Now if he could get Qatar to take the last 40 prisoners at Guantanamo Then he could show a commercial with Obama saying he would close the prison on his first day in office.
  4. What gets to me is just a few years ago. All these people who now think Trump is this century’s Adolph Hitler. Couldn’t suck up to this guy any more. They all took his money, stayed at his hotels. Played golf together. Shit they all flew on Epstein’s plane And The folks at NBC loved him for his hit TV show. Joe and Mika had him on every couple of days. Basically helped get him elected. So either it’s all an act for ratings. Or these people are really demented.
  5. Texas Reloaded https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Wd6b_8OlwXU
  6. Thought this video was interesting. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Evhrk5tY-Yo&feature=youtu.be
  7. What I was told is he grabbed the one handle by mistake. Trying to pull himself forward to see the hole the pin went in to on the other side. Trying to put the seat pin back in. This was a backshop guy who didn’t work the line.
  8. Howard the first couple days of Just Cause.
  9. This picture was taken at La Aurora airport in Guatemala City. Around 87 or 88. It was a great TDY till we had an NDI E-6 eject in the chocks after an incentive flight. The canopy almost took me out as it flew off and landing off to the side. The seat went up and about 100 feet forward. Landing on top of the guy still strapped in. He didn’t make it
  10. Some interesting patches for sale. https://pizzastrike.bigcartel.com/ Especially the ANG and AFR ones.
  11. Yes I was at Howard from 84 to 90. Started out with a few O-2As and UH-1Ns. In 85 we got rid of those and got 20 OA-37Bs. After the Just Cause they gave away all of the aircraft. And closed the 24th TASS.
  12. OA-37B My favorite aircraft to work on.
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