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  1. If you have the time, go to a vault and read the 3-1.ADUSCAN to understand the issues encountered with running intercepts to slow movers, especially ones located in POTUS TFRs. If you’ve done this mission before, then you understand. If not, there are a shit ton of things going on that make it very easy to mess up the intercept or piss off ATC. I don’t know the dude or the situation he was in, but I can tell you that flying a slow VID intercept in a heavily trafficked area (I.e. New York) is task saturating, especially single seat. You have one controlling agency telling you where to go, then you have to coordinate with another controlling agency to ask permission to go, all the while trying to find said violator, often times with an altitude or heading restriction. Fast planes don’t like going slow. When you slow to the speeds needed for these intercepts you are literally hanging on the fan blades. Just when you think you’ve got it figured out, you are still blitzing past the contact, so you turn to keep sight, lose lift, and start sinking out of your altitude block. Then you have bitching Betty telling you “warning, warning, airspeed.” Plus neither of the controlling agencies are leaving you alone, and you desperately don’t want to lose visual with the dude but most likely will or have a very hard time reacquiring said visual. Not to say it is t doable, but it is very task saturating, especially if you aren’t proficient at it. Just like any skill, you have to practice it to get really good at it. No shit, I felt I had more SA and less distractions killing bad Steve’s in the ‘Stan than I ever did running an intercept on a TFR violator over congested airspace.
  2. https://dfw.cbslocal.com/2021/09/19/military-plane-crash-lake-worth-texas/ Reports are that one of the dudes was engulfed in flames before he got caught up in the power lines. Pic seems to back up some sort of fire incident. Prayers he pulls through alright.
  3. Already much better.
  4. Yes. It is almost soul crushing compared to 2-3 days ago.
  5. Ahh, but there in lies the problem. You are assuming that maintenance is producing enough jets for us to get into the cockpit on a weekly basis. 😆
  6. It seems they have copied some of the OCA and DCA FLUG briefs I’ve seen. The no-plan gameplan. Always works out real well <sarcasm>.
  7. It’s in Tucson, and is called AATC.
  8. One of my bros posted this on our group chat. Sorry if it has been posted already, but an interesting take on what is happening, written from the perspective of the Taliban. https://www.oafnation.com/hitter-feed/writtenintaliban?fbclid=IwAR1GWVf_HbEpXt7SfttzlpY4JlkLVGjrmrrZCfFGR-pCmtBEHWUMoUwRUNQ
  9. Looks like “mainstream” got ahold of the story: https://www.military.com/daily-news/2021/07/23/scrubbed-awacs-flights-lead-toxic-leadership-allegations-tinker-air-force-base.html
  10. mp5g

    F1 Thread

    I’m hoping to. I’m holding out that they end up cancelling one of the other races and holding two events at COTA as I may have a conflict during race weekend as it currently stands. But we all know that hope is not a tactic.
  11. “I'm just an old worn-out Major I can't count the places I've been And I can still tell a good story But the truth is somehow wearing thin And this drink in my hand, it is fadin' And there is no chance I can stay So I'll bid you adieu And wish I was you Back in the LPA” Oh those were the days 😂
  12. These kids today. Some of our recent returning punks were given 1000 days of seasoning orders. Can you believe that shit? Not sure when that little change occurred but in my day, we were lucky to have just about a year of seasoning orders.
  13. mp5g

    Latest Movies

    Breach on Amazon prime was Well below extremely below average. Best analogy would be the Dave Chappelle skit as Rick James (I wish I had more hands, so I could give the movie 4 thumbs down). I thought Bruce Willis could save the sci-fi space movie, but he became a joke about halfway through it.
  14. I did. Hired about 2 years before being picked up for a pilot. Once I left for OTS and UPT, started drawing diff. pay which was based off of my base pay, not the additional allowances, so...I basically made one full time paycheck through the military and a 90% paycheck through Raytheon for about 2 years until I promoted. Still received diff. pay for the next two years but at a reduced rate due to the promotion pay increase. Once I got back to my squadron, was offered a full-time position so I took it and quit Raytheon. Nothing but positive vibes from them and very grateful of the diff. pay benefit. Solid company all around, at least in my experience.
  15. I haven’t read any of the articles yet about the FB and news site link posting yet, but are they completely removing the hyperlinked site from their pages, or could you post the main body of the link but delete off the “http://“ at the front of the link? The hyperlink obviously wouldn’t work but that’s an easy cut and paste into a search engine and then just add in the prefix (if you will), and voila. Discussion and debate is back. http://www.washingtonpost.com/yada_yada_yada becomes www.washingtonpost.com/yada_yada_yada edit: spelling
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