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  1. Funny you should say that.... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Christine_Fox
  2. There's nothing better than watching an O-6 stand in front of a room of graduated TOPGUN crew and explain to them that they have to fly low on the ingress to stay below the radar of the SAMs, and that their Super Bugs are "no match" for the 5th Gen threat. On the other hand, Jennifer Connelly is a massive MILF.
  3. News flash: that's the case for the majority of the background/experience check items that they're asking for you to report on your application. It is an integrity check (just to see if you'll self-report) just as much as it is a survey of your background. Almost everyone flying at the airlines has a black mark on their record of some sort, but we in the flying business don't generally share the skeletons in our closet with even our friends, so we tend to have a distorted view of who exactly our peers are. Plenty of high-performing pilots and officers have made mistakes that left a mark on their otherwise-excellent careers. A lot of guys have busted checkrides, but that also goes for even more significant issues like administrative punishments, Art 15s or LORs, and -gasp- even FEBs -- a lot of things that we consider the kiss of death inside the USAF fishbowl but don't carry the same perceptual value in the civilian flying world. Some of the black marks would make your eyes pop out: DUIs, crashed airplanes in which the cause was pilot error, even criminal records. Hell, at FedEx there was a dude who had been arrested and charged with murdering his wife. Just remember they're looking at the totality of your professional experience, and they don't expect that everyone walking through the door is going to have a perfectly clean history.
  4. Hacker

    RIP Doc

    Yes the Bill of Rights is a limitation on US Governmental powers.
  5. Hacker

    RIP Doc

    I mean, except for that Steve is British, living in the UK, and doing his research and producing that content while physically residing in the UK.
  6. Most importantly, it doesn't leave a visible mark on someone's FEF/record.
  7. BTW, for anyone concerned about the longer-term flying career implications of downgrades on USAF checkrides.... ...nobody cares at the airlines. They won't know, and won't ask. Even Q-2s and Q-3s are not a big deal, so long as they are not trend items or repeat performances.
  8. Admittedly, my data is now going on 10 years old, but... Q-3s and Q-2s are unusual unless the examiner's hands are tied. Q-1s are the standard. Single item downgrades are not unheard of on Q-1s, but not the standard by a longshot.
  9. Grinder, BTW, is a good shit and tremendous fighter pilot. She would throat punch you and stomp on your dick for adding her photo to this joke.
  10. Well, I was saying "hello" to a bro and trying not to let the folks back on the crowdline see me do it. Still can't act a fool and make the organization look bad.
  11. No Vaccine comments on this PLAT vid. https://streamable.com/5w5tz0
  12. 'Merica. I like flying someone else's airplane with someone else paying for gas.
  13. This was the core reason I stayed in to 20. Plus, the ability to put my special needs kid in line for a portion of my pension through SBP.
  14. The other way to look at it is that it is the best part of the job. I'm happy with it being completely devoid of anything approaching excitement. Another way to put that is "safe". I go look elsewhere outside of work to scratch the "fun flying" itch, and I can control the frequency and intensity of that exposure to risk.
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