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  1. Big difference from even 2016 to 2022. If you can’t say “guys” when referencing a group of people, then how can you call someone an “Airman” who isn’t a man? Or who at least doesn’t “identify with being a man”?
  2. How long before they get rid of the term/rank “Airman”?
  3. He was clearly caught off guard…most of CNN’s guests are picked because they agree on the issue they’re trying to promote on the network. Little different than any of the other entertainment/news channels.
  4. “Expected Interest Rate Hike Will Add $2 Trillion to the Deficit” This is why the government shouldn’t keep on spending money it doesn’t have. If the Dems wanted to, they could have raised income tax rates without a single Republican vote, but they didn’t. https://reason.com/2022/09/20/expected-interest-rate-hike-will-add-2-trillion-to-the-deficit/
  5. Highly recommend watching the documentary (on Amazon), “Facing Nolan”. Very well done. I was a baseball fan growing up in the 80s (not so much now), and Nolan Ryan was always worth watching. He’s just a great human being, along with being one the best pitchers to ever play the game. Side note: I remember watching the game live where Ventura charged the mound and got his ass handed to him by a 40+ year old pitcher from Texas lol.
  6. When securing the border/stopping illegal immigration is considered a political “win” then that means the other side (progressives) doesn’t want it. Hence why we don’t have a secure border. But this isn’t shocking when the left calls those others (who want to secure the border/deport illegal aliens) racists, fascists, whatever-phobic…
  7. There is nothing politically to be gained by making this an issue, so nothing will be highlighted.
  8. Progressives: “You mean you don’t trust the FBI?” “Main Steele Dossier Source Was on FBI Payroll as Confidential Informant, Durham Reveals“ https://www.nationalreview.com/news/main-steele-dossier-source-was-on-fbi-payroll-as-confidential-informant-durham-says/?fbclid=IwAR02uhdc6bl6ZA3TDne7ZIe6s2URB5IvAl39yjPoebYmzYCFJoIu6AKbvsc&fs=e&s=cl
  9. I thought we were already in a recession?
  10. When Trump and his supporters say the election was stolen it’s anti-democracy, fascism, etc…but when the Dems say an election was stolen, well then that’s different. “White House Press Secretary Called Out for Saying Trump ‘Stole’ 2016 Election“ https://www.nationalreview.com/news/white-house-press-secretary-called-out-for-saying-trump-stole-2016-election/?fbclid=IwAR1DySUnay0jMN9T1CJWQMq6qMuHGUbT5tO-0qlqL-nCbuAYxGZo4RCflhU&fs=e&s=cl
  11. So the Germans no longer find nuclear power dangerous? What changed their mind so quickly? “The German government has said that it considers nuclear energy dangerous and objects to European Union proposals that would let the technology remain part of the bloc’s plans for a climate-friendly future.“ https://www.aljazeera.com/amp/news/2022/1/3/germany-calls-nuclear-power-dangerous-rejects-eu-plan
  12. Well, 83% of Americans disagree with you, but you keep thinking that lol. https://news.gallup.com/poll/398963/economic-confidence-improving-weak.aspx
  13. I don’t care about other countries, I care about our own. So if you think this economy is good/strong compared to recent previous years, then we’ll just have to disagree on that one.
  14. Just so we understand you correctly, are you making the argument that the US economy is strong/in good shape right now?
  15. There are teachers’ unions in SC.
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