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  1. Too young to have 1st Amendment rights, but old enough to tell school officials that she’s the opposite gender.
  2. I see comments on social media where the left is saying essentially that it’s no big deal and that Trump’s wounds aren’t worse than a kid getting hurt on the playground and needing stitches…this from the same people who said a few years ago that if you didn’t wear a mask that you were going to kill people.
  3. Well, when you literally call the guy Hitler, don’t be surprised when someone tried to take him out.
  4. HeloDude

    Gun Talk

    In Idaho of all places.
  5. And yet, this was from Putin himself: Putin says Biden is better for Russia than a Trump presidency And my apologies if I’m little more than skeptical when it comes to believing US intelligence officials after what they’ve done to Trump over the years… https://www.nbcnews.com/news/world/putin-says-biden-better-russia-trump-presidency-rcna138942
  6. It somewhat appears that the left is staying with Biden?…unless they’re just waiting for the proper time for him to exit the race? If so, I imagine they’ll want to do it sooner vs later for state ballot reasons as well as to have all this figured out before their convention in August. The most interesting piece of this entire debacle is that maybe Trump seems to have learned an important lesson—keep your mouth somewhat shut and don’t interfere when your opponents are destroying themselves. I know this isn’t in Trump’s nature so it will be interesting to see how long he can keep it going.
  7. Didn’t Nsplayr talk about how much he thought Biden was doing an awesome job?
  8. Sounds like a good reason (they would believe?) to invade Taiwan…? Maybe? I think given Biden’s recent debate performance the CCP would be more likely now vs prior to last month.
  9. So it seems that many on the left (House minority leader, etc) today are saying support Biden being the nominee? I’m guessing they have to say this up until the exact point that Biden says he’s no longer running?
  10. If this means I’m supposed to believe that every verdict for a defendant has been good and correct, that every court ruling on whether or not a law is Constitutional has also always been good and correct, and lastly that every potential person that committed an alleged crime wasn’t let off the hook/not prosecuted (cough cough Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton), then I guess you and I have very different opinions of our justice system. Or you can just laugh now that Trump was convicted, but then you’ll also probably cry when he is elected President. His reelection is far from certain (I still wouldn’t be surprised if he lost given that the Dems do some weird and shady stuff when it comes to elections), but I think the odds are definitely favoring Trump than Biden—we shall see…if even Biden is still the nominee past August.
  11. Yeah, because the NY case against Trump wasn’t BS…
  12. Yeah, but you would think holding people to the same standard, I don’t know, meant that we were “uniform” or something. Oh well—I’m the old guy who is retired now.
  13. I’m old enough to remember when the standard was a “standard”.
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