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  1. If you don’t think there are bad things happening at higher levels of the DoD then we’ll just have to agree to disagree.
  2. Wait, what? I thought being an officer was about “supporting and defending the Constitution”? Now I’m hearing that it’s about money and power? What ever happened to “core values” and the other services’ commitments to integrity?
  3. Did Truman not commit “mass murder”? I remember the left saying Bush was committing mass murder as well…without reasonable cause.
  4. And yet Milley is saying we have to get rid of the “extremism” in the military…when (if this is true) he’s by far the worst extremist we have if he’s not willing to follow orders from POTUS for political reasons.
  5. One of the worst/deadliest wars in human history started because of a person with a handgun. And more people died in one night of fire bombing Tokyo than died from the dropping of two nuclear bombs. Either our President has the legal ultimate authority to nuke whoever he wants and at his will or he doesn’t.
  6. Presidents allow for (and order) the bombing of random people all through history…civilians as well. Other than the number of people dying, what’s the difference? Is there a number of people dying where it changes from a lawful order to war crime? Have any of the bombings done by the US in our history been a war crime? Why even have nukes if using them would be a war crime?
  7. Here’s a quick point worth asking/mentioning: Hypothetically, if Trump had directed ICBMs to be launched at X (name your country) on 19 Jan 21, would he have been wrong (in terms of not have the power/ability) to do so as the Commander in Chief? If Milley had discussions with other military officers to ensure this would not have been able to happen without his awareness and/or concurrence then would that not be considered insubordination and worthy of some form of action against him? Also what if Milley would have attempted to stop Trump’s order?
  8. Well more people in the country today seem to care about football than what happened in Afghanistan…
  9. If you want to fly U-2s, go be a T-6 IP. I know a couple 11Rs who got accepted to the U-2 after a T-6.
  10. If you’re all about going to McGuire for family reasons then I wouldn’t be mentioning the U-2 at Beale. Stick with what you really want (especially for family reasons?), and then if that doesn’t work out then apply for Beale. Or just apply for the U-2 as soon as you can and if it doesn’t work then ask for McGuire. But wanting both tells me that the family desire isn’t really a top priority.
  11. I’m still waiting for motorcycles to be banned…you know, for public safety.
  12. Combat Rescue Helicopter…because only using the word “Rescue” would be a disservice.
  13. Dude, the government literally has said that Pfizer offers more protection than JJ. So no, it’s not “the same”. Once again, you’re struggling with your counter arguments.
  14. I’m literally asking this simple question that you still haven’t answered: If Pfizer is the only one that is currently FDA approved and is the most effective, then why now allow people to still choose? Why not just say anyone who hasn’t had the shot must get Pfizer, since it’s fully approved and offers the best protection?
  15. IMO the state department in recent (ie last 20-30) years has always seemed to be more the progressive side of our international arm, whereas the military was more the conservative side. Now that the military is going more towards the progressive side as well, I imagine we’ll see more failures wrt our international interests.
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