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  1. Fair enough—so why hasn’t AOC and Ilhan Omar been banned as well?
  2. But our elections…totally secure, just like our border.
  3. When you design/build lethal tools that are used by white people to kill non-white people…but you’re still trying to show that you care. Or something… https://www.dailywire.com/news/report-lockheed-martin-forced-thousands-of-employees-to-undergo-white-male-re-education-training
  4. I just saw “News of the World”—I like westerns and Tom Hanks is still a pretty good actor. It was a bit slow, but neat how they discuss various areas of Texas (if you’re familiar with the state). I give it average to slightly above average.
  5. Is Fauci going to take the fall or is something else brewing? https://www.msn.com/en-us/health/medical/dr-fauci-keeps-changing-his-wuhan-lab-funding-story-jay-battacharya-tells-laura-ingraham/ar-AAKokMK
  6. My quick bar napkin math tells me that it’s nearly impossible to be a ‘graduated’ sq cc and then have your first look. Even if you’re early to command, I’m pretty sure your first look would still be while being a sitting commander. I had a recent Sq commander who was not a BTZ O-5, but was a school select on his O-5 board, who then was picked up his first look while being a commander. Interestingly enough he turned it down.
  7. HeloDude

    Gun Talk

    Looks like Texas Constitutional Carry might actually happen… https://www.texastribune.org/2021/05/20/texas-constitutional-carry/
  8. You didn’t answer my question from yesterday…
  9. Would you have also given someone an Article 15 if that person 2 weeks ago was in the squadron and not wearing a mask? (not in a room by themselves, closed door, blah blah blah).
  10. Can’t disagree there…but the memo even states that leadership shouldn’t ask people if they’ve had the shot or not. Though I am interested in seeing if commanders attempt to take admin/disciplinary action against those who haven’t had the shot and stop wearing masks…it will open up an even bigger can of worms.
  11. So it looks like no more masks… https://www.stripes.com/news/us/masks-no-longer-required-for-fully-vaccinated-personnel-at-defense-department-facilities-1.673425
  12. HeloDude

    Gun Talk

    Still has to go through their reconciliation process since they’re different bills. Unfortunately I wouldn’t be surprised if it didn’t happen before the session ends...hope I’m wrong.
  13. Not to get on an abortion debate, but do you think women who get an abortion should be charged with murder?
  14. You can’t reason with the far left (and right)—they’re the same people who think that it’s racist to require an ID to vote and it’s like Jim Crow, but yet requiring that same ID to purchase a gun is just “common sense”. We even have people on this site who support such nonsense. The difference I see is that for the most part it’s the left that has gotten far more extreme with their views in the last 10+ years. Remember when the left was against illegal immigration, and now if you even say the words the left will call you a racist? Just one of many examples. And sure there are examples
  15. Doesn’t sound like you and others have been in agreement with much of what’s been posted over the last several years (and vice versa)...so no, not like bops.net.
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