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  1. STOVL systems have way too many moving parts, just like helicopters, if one part fails the damn thing crashes.
  2. Seems like a big waste of time to have a bunch of flag officers tied up in a trial for another flag officer who couldn't keep his pecker in his pants. But on the other hand, I hope IF he is found guilty, they stick his head on traitor's gate or Leavenworth as stern warning to other Generals that they are not omnipotent. Plus, Mother USAF could do some soul searching to find out why these guys keep reaching these positions. But I would not be surprised if the jury circles the wagons to protect one of their own with an acquittal and retirement in grade.
  3. Shouldn't the AFOSI be in charge of this investigation since the SRA was govt property to include autopsy? If the Deputy is found to be guilty of murder wouldn't he be handed over to the FBI/ US Marshalls, then a federal jail and charges. Or was NCIS Special Agent Leroy Gibbs lying to me?
  4. I retired in 03 with 20%, more or less the VA telling me to go away. Then I retired to a rural county in Colorado and discovered an VSO whose goal was to get every Vet in the county a disabled vet license plate and concurrent pay. I'm up to 50% with back pay. Too bad I didn't find a guy like this in Oklahoma.
  5. Wish I had the opportunity to do this when I was on AD instead of being told by an E-8 all you do is deploy and do your job. Surprised not to see degree requirements in this. Has big blue finally seen the light, that Senior NCO's have become mostly a class of perfumed princes. It will be a great opportunity for SSgts and TSgts who will never make MSgt due to circumstances that they will never have a good enough board score.
  6. I remember getting orders to deploy instead just of a normal TDY orders of just getting on the jet and go. You had to go different base agencies for two days to get signatures on a deployment checklist. Half the time the owners of these signatures were on leave, lunch , appointment etc. Some agencies were appointment only and the earliest was when your already in the AOR for a week. We got around it by signing the checklist ourselves one guy signing off finance, med, etc . We were a tenant unit so we had to deal with a home base AFMC that did not have war fighting posture so zero urgency to get anything done. We went through the deployment line just before we got on a MD-11 to somewhere and the AFMC troops had no idea the checklists were pencil whipped.
  7. Today watching Tim Pool he informed his audience that You Tube has deleted some of his shows for violating You Tube rules. Who owns You Tube , Google does, what are the two biggest share holders of Google, Vanguard and Blackrock. In fact look at every major media corporation who are the two largest shareholders, the same. They almost have controlling interest in every Fortune 500 corporation. It will be just like 2016 again with alternate media types getting deplatformed for fact checking the mainstream media. Don't even get me started on the on the military industrial complex and who has majority interest.
  8. He is there because WEF, Blackrock and Vanguard want him in that chair.
  9. Was passing through Kandahar 2012 timeframe and saw NASA WB-57s there. Could only guess what they were doing.
  10. How about the idiots who vote for the idiots that run Denver. It's getting to the point that the Peterson SFB commissary is the most north I want to go in Colorado. Have to go to Boulder for a forest fire fighter class soon, looking forward to all the rainbow hair color spectrum LBGTQ I'll be seeing.
  11. Tanker friend of mine said those are the doors that are supposed to open during an ammo cook off, its out of action but repairable and the crew should have survived. There is a US Abrams video during the Thunder run through Baghdad that got hit and we saw the crew jumping out of it, some of them on fire dousing themselves with bottled water.
  12. That would be great if all these guys who think of shooting up a school just yell free Palestine and douse themselves in 110LL, at least some part of the population would love them.
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