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  1. They used to have a B-52D on static display, reserve CLSS squadrons used to do their 2-week summer vacation just to keep it up. Those Squadrons were deactivated, and it corroded to crap and became a hazard, and was scrapped. All the aircraft like E-3's, KC-135's and F-15's that PACAF had possession of had major corrosion issues and stayed PDM longer.
  2. NM governor, another rich white liberal woman listening to the good idea fairy. Then the View a program of rich liberal women complaining about the influx of illegals in NYC then proclaiming how proud that NYC is a sanctuary city. Were doomed.
  3. He would just go back to his seat on the Board of Raytheon after he steers a bunch of contracts their way. The next administration will just pick someone who has deep ties to the military industrial complex
  4. A HR guy once told me, if modern companies had no women in their ranks the HR dept they would not have a job. Seeing that new college graduates who put their preferred pronoun on their resumes are going straight into the G file.
  5. A company in Florida is bringing back the PBY and going to do what Basler in Oshkosh did to the C-47. This company wants to ressurect the PBY 'Catalina' seaplane (interestingengineering.com)
  6. Today's problem is that the pedo's see how the gays have been accepted into polite society. They use this as their foot in the door by saying we don't have a choice of our own sexual preference just like the gay community. They are trying to normalize that being sexually attracted to a small child is OK. Especially in Texas where pedos are murdered by parents whose children were destroyed by them unless it's in Travis County. Jury nullification everywhere else especially if all 12 jurors are parents. It doesn't matter if a DA is full on Soros funded lawyer, if children are hurt by these monsters the families will take justice into their own hands because the courts will fail in legality plus crowd funding will pay for the parents legal fees.
  7. The problem is not an incomplete launch pad, the problem is down the line when one these Starships refuel on the moon and relaunch itself home or onto Mars. If it does this every time, landing it on the Mars will make a permanent fixture on the planet. Elon might have to build a ship like the Apollo Lunar landers carried by Starship. Each question answered brings ten more questions or problems that need to solve. Apollo was a tinker toy compared to this. Glad it's in the private sector, can't imagine a bunch GS 15's stabbing each other in the back and taking years to make simple changes.
  8. Back in the day on Sept 30th I remember doing the ProSuper thing with my supply and RA guys taking the budget down to zero, I was looking at the all the 781K write ups and ordering parts for what we had in supply to clear them. Ordering stuff like gortex jackets, boots , Leatherman,. Nobody to this day could explain to me why we couldn't carry it over to the next years budget.
  9. Back in the 80's and early 90's many Crew Chiefs had additional duty as Flight Mechanics and were awarded enlisted aircrew wings. Some units sent them to survival and SERE trng and after 2 years of active flying they became permanent. Also, SAC awarded Master Crew Chief or Technician badges which were not easy to get rewarded. But if you left those units to a TAC later ACC unit Chiefs wasted no time by telling Crew Chiefs to rip them off, plus if you wanted to see some little bitch's wear an issued leather flight jacket for the once-a-year blues inspection or a PME class with wings above your ribbon rack.
  10. Looks like an invite list to a cocktail party to a swanky restaurant in Georgetown.
  11. Never been on a failure but seeing Mx and Ops kick ass only to see supporting groups screw the pooch, didn't seem hard to pass, in SAC you followed the checklist to the letter and monkey got a banana. I guess away from the flight line mission focus is wanting followed by closing offices for functions or training.
  12. When I came in the early 80's we had guys sporting little Hitler moosestaches , looked like hell, went TDY to Baggotville CFB and saw the USAF attachment all sporting beards due to the harsh conditions there in the winter. Have a reservist MSgt who works with me who got a Nordic waiver, I told him he should have a name tape in Nordic Rune's to answer any questions. I'm all for it, since we recognize all other interest groups with accommodations why not the Vikings.
  13. Bit of useless trivia, the door gunner was originally casted as the drill Sgt , but the Gunny became a legend for his performance.
  14. Don't you find this is not funny anymore since this first time in NORADs history that they have shot something down.
  15. Why is it that every movie or show you watch about the CIA there are always agents, directors or political heads are always dirty except for Tom Clancy fiction. Guess the Hollywood writers just have to read the papers.
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