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  1. Last check was $117.00, we bought groceries.
  2. My wife's Great Grandpa rode in both Oklahoma land runs, he was good on a horse, which means they never sold the mineral rights. Still get royalty checks for wells that pump natural gas. I'm wondering if those royalty checks will be going up now.
  3. The 300000 call up is actually a million who want no part of this voluntary war. How do you equip and train a million troops when the original 190000 who went into Ukraine didn't have the required logistics to fight. Will the next wave have WW1 bolt action rifles with WW2 tanks and artillery. I'm guessing it will look like the opening scene from "Enemy at the Gates" moving troops into Stalingrad. Plus with St Petersburg city council accusing Putin of treason, where he got his start in politics, is it wise to give a million men arms who hate your guts.
  4. I wonder if we still had a presence at Manas the Tajiks would be doing this, the Canadians are heavily invested in mining in Kyrgyzstan also.
  5. Hell Ron could have sent them to Vale, Aspen, or any other place where limousine liberals own ritzy properties. How about a ranch in Montana owned by a Hollywood liberal with go away signs everywhere. All these places have already chased away middle-class trade guys who make modern life possible due to exuberant rent and real estate prices.
  6. When I went to the NCOA at Lackland I just got back from Riyadh KSA, had two weeks home before I left. The first day we are in class and we introduce ourselves, chick from Randolph was pissed because she had to come across town for the academy. Majority of the class was 552 and 55 wing ops and mx guys, it got ugly but funny at the same time, what Air force are you in?
  7. Something at least stinks on the 7th floor at FBI headquarters in DC.
  8. OK which one guys you decided to take the 3 wire and not a flare a 737 breaking the back of the flt attendant in the rear jump seat. Southwest Airlines flight attendant breaks her back during hard landing in California - CBS News
  9. Wack a mole, who's next?
  10. Colin Powell said it well, If your troops stop bringing you their problems you have failed as a leader. Not surprised this happened at Tinker, story coming off the FB page is about an AWACS AMN who joined the 22 club which was known by his fellow members but not the leadership who went on a hunt looking for him when he didn't show up to work.
  11. When I was at OAMS we got tasked with helping 1st Cav move its birds back to Ft Hood, the whole op was given to C-5 FTU out of Lackland/Kelly the last hurrah of the A models. My boss was from the C-5 community, and he told me that the crews were given marching orders to not to be per diem hounds and get this job done, translation, don't break the jet at Rota. 1st Cav was already way past its rotation and the Army wanted them back in Texas. Jets did break at OAMS but the mx crews performed miracles to keep it going. We did have problems that C-5 crews didn't have up to date ramp survey info and didn't want to taxi to the same spots I had AN-124's and B-747's parked. The only time someone didn't act like a team player when a student loadmaster getting a check ride refused the very last of load of Blackhawks because a tiedown on the bird wasn't painted green. TACC called them to stay the night for them to certify the load, and they bedded down with an infantry company that just came inside the wire.
  12. When I first got qualified to taxi was in the late 80's when stationed at Andrews in the 89th, C-137's, we all had to get signed off by an IP. Due to the fact that the only high powered runup areas was on the hammer head. The old JT3D's took a lot of mx and always had writeups. Plus, it was part of our preflight checklist to taxi them to the VIP spot at the terminal. All our flight engineers were taxi qualified too, after I left in 91 Gen McPeak hated seeing enlisted taxi jets and ordered it stopped.
  13. Just curious if there was ever a prior E to be selected to the T birds or the Blue Angels.
  14. Being a A&P and taxing multiple airframes all Boeings how you can safely taxi with one guy in the cockpit, I was asking the guy next to me are we clear always. Most damage done on airliners is done at the gate or the pushback or taxi away from the terminal. It's great it gives a bunch of us mechanics a bunch of OT but it also means some guy's career just destroyed.
  15. The Stearman is cheaper to operate and maintain.
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