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  1. There are all kinds of idiots who claim to believe in macroevolution despite no scientific evidence to support that "theory". So I agree Prozac, just because someone has an MD or PhD label behind their name doesn't mean they critically think.
  2. This thread makes me think of this, or like Lord Ratner wrote above ... the same meme with "compliance".
  3. The western world has gone full retard. I didn't see this posted and sorry if it's a repost. Australia emulating the CCP.
  4. Probably not for when drunk, but this dude's voice has always impressed me. His speaking voice is just as commanding.
  5. 5th commander in 2.5 years. That is some serious turnover. https://www.airforcetimes.com/news/your-air-force/2021/12/09/two-leaders-fired-from-dyess-aircraft-maintenance-squadron-amid-investigation/?utm_campaign=Socialflow+AIR&utm_source=facebook.com&utm_medium=social&fbclid=IwAR33FID_EP8dfgOKljhOikLWqORtzZddhWHlboVwYhcXaGFZ4hciRx25oqU
  6. PhDs take at least 4 years counting coursework and dissertation writing time at reputable schools. Typically the first two years are coursework (subject area as well as research methods, statistics, data analysis, etc.) and of course teaching a class or two for the department/school. The last two years are teaching classes in your subject area/department while also researching and writing your dissertation. So any advice we could offer would be dependent upon your spouse's goals, subject area, and geographic location. Are they going to relocate to do this? Are they going to try a distanced based program? The 4 year commitment helps the school gain some value from you for paying a stipend for the degree earned. When I was at Pitt, the PhD stipend was about $18,000 a year and tuition was waived for all classes (I'd hope the stipend has gone up since I was there). I got a notice last month that Carnegie Mellon's Business Technology (BIT) PhD program is offering about $32,000 a year stipend for new students. If your spouse chooses a distance based program, make sure it is accredited and realize in academia there is a stigma to view distance based PhDs as second tier even from decent schools. At my University, in the College of Business, we don't hire tenure track faculty who don't have their PhD from an accredited in-residence university. We hire adjunct and short time faculty lecturers from other programs, but not tenure track faculty. I'm not sure about the humanities and other disciplines as far as hiring decisions, but have your spouse do some research before they spend money and time on a degree that might not pay for itself. If you want to earn a decent wage as a faculty, get a degree in business, engineering, or computer science. The other disciplines (English, Art, History, Science, etc) pay far less. And in the business school, accounting and finance generally pay the most followed by Computer Tech/Management Info Systems.
  7. I think Joe and Kamaltoe called him a "white supremacist" as well. I'd sue them too.
  8. anything other than complete dismissal is a travesty of justice. This was a sham from the get go. I'd give him an award and a "thanks from a grateful nation" certificate for killing the pedophile, and send him home.
  9. So now we're mad that senior leaders went through a process to determine cause or not? I'm happy to hear that it sounds like he got a fair hearing/process. Yeah I know he appeared to blame crews for inappropriate scheduling, but I'd rather see a slight delay than a knee jerk immediate firing without seeing the whole picture. And before anyone gives me grief, know that usually a quick no-thought reaction produces the best long term results.đź’©
  10. https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=429493285222493 Prosecutors. "We didn't ask you to change your statement did we? Witness: "yes, you did ask me to change it" I'm not even sure how it got to trial (I wonder if the grand jury was lied to).
  11. "...professional men and women argue that the vaccines cause AIDS, that they contain alien DNA, that Pfizer is not actually approved, that the vaccines have directly caused tens of millions of deaths, that the “mainstream” media along with every world government have conspired in some sort of massive coverup, that there are thousands of tiny microchips in each vaccine dose, that it will magnetize you….." You threw in some crazy shite with a couple of reasonable thoughts/issues (1. pfizer vaccine not FDA approved - and - 2. conspiring to coverup all of the shenanigans surrounding covid root cause and the vaccines). pfizer's COMIRNATY,is now approved (as of Aug 21, 2021) but it wasn't official until recently. The lack of trust issue is valid and isn't a conspiracy issue at all. Who knows how deep and how widespread the lies spread. I don't believe such a wide spread conspiracy would work for long, but no doubt lots of people were covering their respective asses as well as lying to financially benefit themselves through all of this (and still are). My comment was about the actual crazy stuff ... causes aids, extra terrestrial dna, 10's of millions of deaths, etc. I haven't seen or heard anyone make those claims, here or elsewhere. FDA approval letter for marketing and selling Comirnaty in the US https://www.fda.gov/media/151710/download
  12. This was the only book thread I could find. It isn't military, but is a best book award winner. Classic satire that rings entirely too true right now (in and out of the military).
  13. Holy crap you must interact with some seriously unique people. I've never even heard or imagined the stuff you say you've heard people actually say. What part of the world/country do you live in?
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