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  1. It looks like this owner deleted the minigun option in favor of the out and back to Navy Brunswick lobster cubicle. Many a tweet trip from Plattsburgh and Loring to Brunswick was made in the 1980s and early 90s. Every time I made that run out of the 'burgh, there was another tweet there picking up lobster...I mean practicing PAR approaches.
  2. Given the choice of saving innocent human life vs losing elections, I'll stand for life every single day. Without life nothing else matters (no rights to protect). I understand losing elections means the democrats get to decide who they allow to be killed, but the principle remains. We just need to do a better job of framing the question/topic and recognize that not every jurisdiction is happy with the exact same restraints (sadly even on the killing of babies). The 2nd amendment in our republic is/was/always has been law, abortion was a made up right to kill innocents. They are not even in the same ballpark. Comparing those two is like comparing the right to own material possessions with the right to kill someone you don't like.
  3. I've seen a few versions of this one. Pretty funny in any format.
  4. Do any of the jets in service still have the aft stairs a la the 727? Ole Joe might have taken a stroll out the back door.
  5. In order to be consistent you’d need to eliminate voting by people on any welfare/gov assistance programs as well.
  6. Apparently he can. It's like shotgun, the first one wins.
  7. I’m shocked they would try something so underhanded.
  8. not even close to either ... just amazed that this dude got away with this swindle.
  9. Crap, maybe I should remove the line in my resume about winning the Mackay trophy and my DFC medal from my ribbon rack display.
  10. When you have to stoop to Russian bot or propaganda accusations to “beat” a questioners post, you might be a zealot. I hope I’m wrong and the country with 36mil remaining citizens (~6 mil refugees) can beat the country with 143 million citizens. I simply wondered aloud if we’re pursuing the best strategic policy, and you guys have assured me we are. I’ll quit watching world news and stick to CNN and Fox.
  11. Some of you def seem pretty obsessed with going to war with Russia. Every single questioning post on the wisdom of our current, obviously less than optimal, strategy and people claim someone’s a Putin stooge or Russian bot. I don’t see any benefit of continuing the current strategy. We’re destabilizing current alliances, risking an escalated war, fostering the complete destruction of a sovereign nation, exacerbating our own financial crisis, and strengthening the alliance between our worlds current primary threat and Russia. Maybe the world new sources are all bought and paid for and Russia really is about to collapse. I’d love to see our strategy actually work for our benefit, but the most obvious endgame doesn’t appear to benefit anyone. I hope they (all the news outside of the US) are wrong and Ukraine wins.
  12. thanks for adding to the dumbassery.
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