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  1. It appears that Tulsi is just maturing and gaining wisdom as she ages. The left’s ideology is shown hollow and without foundation as you gain wisdom and experience. When you abandon any absolute truth, there is nothing left…it becomes all about feelings. I’m glad she’s continuing to grow. I like her and would guess that we’d agree on things and disagree on things, just like any two people would. I’d take her as a leader over most anybody else in current political leadership in our country.
  2. Be fair Pooter, they’re wearing strong virtue signaling armbands and even changed their logos in the team room. Strong signal sent🤨
  3. That was crazy. The called back goals must have really put Argentina off their game. I'm shocked. I'm not a fan of any SouthAmerican team since they all, along with the Spaniards and Portuguese, dive like mofos, but I'd still hate to see saudi advance.
  4. The congressman should have simply responded with the ever popular “your an idiot” reply used by all of us linguistically gifted internet warriors. What a rookie.
  5. A little mean .... but still spot on and funny.
  6. If it were only libs we’d be OK. With the numerous leftist serving and miraculously re-elected, it’s not looking good for the nation. I’m not sure we can survive intact with too many years of Build back Better
  7. Saddened we don’t hold our elected officials more accountable. We get what we deserve when we keep electing into office the same douchebags. The abusive and totalitarian handling of Covid (mandates/demands/punishments) should have elicited a strong response from all of us.
  8. https://babylonbee.com/news/after-oz-fetterman-debate-pennsylvania-votes-to-have-no-representation-in-the-senate The Bee has been on fire the past couple of weeks.
  9. https://babylonbee.com/news/democrats-worried-republicans-may-take-lead-beyond-margin-of-cheating
  10. https://www.yahoo.com/news/whoops-might-not-able-last-193501051.html "Plenty of people bought I Bonds this year, though I wrote in an earlier column this week that some savers saw incredible hurdles trying to open their accounts because they had to go through extra steps verifying their identity, steps that add several weeks to the process. More than $24 billion in I Bonds were sold via TreasuryDirect during this year through Oct. 14, according to the Treasury's data. That's up from about $5 billion in 2021. That amount is net of any returned money that is over the limit allowed for purchase in a year."
  11. Of course Biden and Obama bin Laden (the master of division) calling for unity of sorts. Pot meet kettle. Leadership on both sides realize there are tons of mentally disturbed people (homos/trans/antifa/supremacists/etc) running around without any true support system in place. It's easy to get them spun up and some of them are willing to act out inappropriately/illegally.
  12. https://babylonbee.com/news/man-pretending-to-be-woman-visits-man-pretending-to-be-president
  13. I'd argue you can tell he's a dumbass just by his decision to transition to the B-2 from the A-10. Are you kidding me, from having a blast flying low and shooting shit to flying at altitude with 30 degree bank angles.
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