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  1. Two months might be a record. It’s normally tough to go from rock star to “loss of confidence” that fast. So what’s the word on the street?
  2. Conspiracy theories all fail when you realize that POTUS couldn’t keep secret the fact that he had an intern blow him under the desk. Two people knew that, pre-social media and it became public knowledge in under 2 years. There is no way we are getting frequent visits from extraterrestrials and keeping it quiet.
  3. The part that bothers me most about this incident is that it was Microsoft that screwed up and left this information exposed. The AF transitioned to Office365/CHES at considerable cost because it was going to put "the experts" in charge of the system. Now we've centralized all our eggs into one cloud-hosted basket rather than spread out across the DoD network. Although it is way more expensive, at least it is still grossly insecure. 🤡
  4. Clearly an amateur. Everyone knows you shoot your watch.
  5. National Enquirer - “ F-22 Pilot with two kills seen purchasing 150 Mylar balloons at Party City”
  6. Seems like we just discovered balloons are “always in the notch”. Now that NORAD is turning off the filters, I think there are going to be a lot more scrambles to check out radar anomalies.
  7. Filthy, I believe you’re having a hard day, and I don’t know why, but if you need help, ask.
  8. I came here looking for USAF commentary, and I’m disappointed. 1. No Frank Luke references. 2. No one said 4 more and our intrepid balloon buster is an ace. 3 Finally, Dos Gringos told us years ago, that when targeting Chinese, “On Tuesdays it was heaters only, Wednesday BFM.”
  9. Seriously? I don’t see them landing troops, but lobbing SRBMs at military facilities? That will be night 1 of China-Taiwan. China is going to try and lay waste to any fixed US military facilities in that region. Chinas demographic decline and the relative unreadiness of US forces will be seen as a closing window of opportunity. The only question is if Russias experience in Ukraine gives them any pause.
  10. In reference to side looking radar, the B-1 has the ability to turn the radar antenna 55 degrees left or right. With the ILST upgrade, we could track up to 120 degrees off the nose. The B-1 isn’t the platform you want for this application, but the ability to get off boresight radar tracks in a fast moving platform is not a new capability.
  11. Hey, practice makes perfect, or so I've been told.
  12. The bar in Cyber isn’t that high. I’ve seen multiple 24-25 year old Airmen with Air Force training and a small amount of OJT step into 6 figure contract jobs. Guys with real talent can command airline level pay. The need across industries for IT Security exceeds the supply by a wide margin.
  13. Glad to hear all is well on the outside. The AF is finally deciding they can’t outsource all their IT and just do Cyber Ops. Also figured out MDTs were too expensive to have at every base. Bottom line is they still don’t know where we are going, but no one likes where we are right now. https://www.afimsc.af.mil/News/Video/videoid/838126/ That video gives me hope that AF leadership has identified some of the problems. Now it’s just a matter of prioritizing the solutions.
  14. Bad news Flea. I’m in the Air Force Cyber community. They are struggling to retain good people because… 1. They think they can outsource most IT work. 2. They aren’t identifying and retaining talent 3. Private industry has a shortage of skilled Cyber dudes/dudettes and is willing to pay big bucks. sound familiar?
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