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  1. Hows that possible? Bid reserve but senior enough to get called last?
  2. Anyone have experience changing/adjusting their retirement date? Wondering how much advance notice or leeway they give you if you request to change it. Thanks ahead of time.
  3. Well there was also the 2 other relationships dating back to 2008(?) that increased his punishment...
  4. So many of those individuals are people who have never gone remote. 02 year group o5s would have pinned on last year or so.
  5. And please upload the briefed capes to the interwebz.
  6. Dont forget to be current on green dot, human trafficking and on your pt test! But seriously congrats!
  7. Had he simply rotated early, took an extra hop to get airborne, and then raised the gear up while in a safe climb we wouldn't have this thread. The early vs late rotation is a red herring.
  8. No they oversped their gear because they lost track of airspeed. Talking f16 since i dont know the gear limits to the f22 RC for a gear overspeed was not the late rotation.
  9. Nobody has oversped the gear because they rotated late...
  10. And typically adressed on TR-1...
  11. Where are the Os? Have they gone to the FTU yet?
  12. How did the Os do and where are they now? Or you meant nobody at all made it thru?
  13. Ive heard the rumors. Yet to see it. Its gonna cost 5-10x per flying hour of a TX to operate. Doubt an old apg 66 and beat up rwr on a A model viper is gonna provide any better threat replication for 5th training.
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