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  1. Was just about to post that!! 👍👍
  2. I have not heard a single Gator claim UF is "the best team in the nation." In fact, there is still a lot of skepticism for the remaining schedule. Regardless, the Vols came to the Swamp with a giant chip on their shoulder, especially Joe Milton claiming "I don't lose in Florida." Tennessee ended up showing their asses, even more so during the last minute of the gain, and now it's been over two decades since they won in Gainesville! So yeah, I considered it to be very entertaining!
  3. I disagree... As a bonus, the O's secured a playoff spot this weekend as well! Remember, this is a team with 110 losses in 2021!! 😬
  4. It'll show up on eBay by the end of the day...
  5. Got married just before going to Ramstein, and got a dog (practice kid) shortly afterward. Wouldn't change a thing if I could. As mentioned, dogs are almost universally welcomed all over Germany and we never had an issue with our Westie. In fact, he used to love meeting cows along walks between villages. As for cars, you can bring a US one over without much problem but understand Germany roads tend to be narrower than in the US (especially older ones). Not sure if I'd bring a F-350 but I've seen people do so. I bought a hoopty German-specs BMW 3-series from a Lt Col for about $1500 when I got there in 1995, I'm sure it's still easy finding a second car at a decent price. We kept USAA insurance during our time there. I hope she enjoys GK, it's in a great location if you like rural environments! The biggest issue is the limited US services provided. I believe they send everyone to Spang (a two-hour drive) or Ramstein (three hours).
  6. M2

    Gun Talk

    I am beginning to suspect the same, but the ATF claims it's held up at the FBI doing the background check. I guess having a DoD security clearance for 40+ years, and already vetted by that organization several times (I've actually visited their HQ and Quantico on official business, as well as their local field office) means nothing, unless they consider that suspicious behavior! I wonder if I can submit another one without cancelling the first? Whichever gets approved first, I'll cancel the other one!
  7. M2

    Gun Talk

    To commemorate 130 days since I submitted my eForm 1! Or 4 months, 7 days (including today)! 50 days average wait time my ass!
  8. M2

    Gun Talk

    Texians as well! 🤣🤣🤣
  9. I get that, but look at this dude (or whatever it is)! There's no way anyone--even someone without a military background--would look at him and think "sure, that jives with everything I know about people in the US military!" Even if it's just the Hollywood version, there's clearly something very "different" here...
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