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  1. It's complicated... The 23rd was at Pope from 1 June 1992 – 30 July 2007. Per Wikipedia (always an easy source)... "On 1 October 2006, the 347th Rescue Wing at Moody redesignated as the 347th Rescue Group, while the 23rd Fighter Group was expanded and redesignated the 23rd Wing. Along with the 347th Rescue Group, the original 23rd Fighter Group was reactivated, this time at Moody Air Force Base, for only the second time in over fifty years. The 23rd Fighter Group was then assigned as one of the 23rd Wing's operations groups, although retaining the designation of "Fighter Group. Both the 23rd Wing and 23rd Fighter Group are charged with carrying on the historic Flying Tiger's heritage."
  2. For one...how about this Tweet from Biden before he became President. If no vaccines were available, how did you get one?!?
  3. I know the first place the new Ministry of Truth needs to look!
  4. And is this guy for real?!? 🤣🤣🤣
  5. I don't know who is more annoying between him and Jim Adler...
  6. M2

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    Yeah, this is my face watching her "act" during that scene!
  7. M2

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    Most amazingly, she didn't even actually get a real boob job! 😲😲😲
  8. M2

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    So, was the wrap placement accidental or intentional?!? My money is on the latter... 😲😲😲
  9. Ironic, CH starts a thread about disinformation, and suddenly we have two new members arguing he's wrong about it...
  10. M2

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    Hence the "versus." There is no shortage of bad modern era USAF movies, with or without USAF support...
  11. M2

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    Versus Iron Eagle 1-4? 🤣🤣🤣
  12. Not really WTF? (yet, in some ways, it really is!), but couldn't figure where else to put this...
  13. M2

    F1 Thread

    If I was to go to the COTA, it would be for the MotoGP; but I'm not sure if it's worth the time/money/time spent standing in the Texas heat when I can sit at home and watch the race, drink my own beer, and enjoy the air conditioning! 😁
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