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  1. https://www.defenseone.com/threats/2023/02/f-22-shoots-down-chinese-balloon-coast-south-carolina/382598/
  2. Unconfirmed claim it's been shot down. https://twitter.com/MMtTreasures/status/1621661908205195265
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    If it ain't got Glenn Plake in it, I'm not watching it!
  4. The majority of Army airborne bubbas I know have spinal cords shaped like question marks and about 10-30% disability ratings if they're lucky, but a retired USNR CDR I also know has 100% disability due to a hysterectomy and sleep apnea!
  5. M2

    Gun Talk

    The panic (substantiated or not) is whether the Fed will use the registry to confiscate AR pistols which they now consider "illegal" SBRs. I honestly doubt that will be the case, but this entire ordeal has been such a clusterfuck it also wouldn't surprise me. I suspect the intent is to "grandfather" AR pistols, but what is an owner suppose to do in the interim? Do the math. During 2022, the ATF processed around 50,000 Form 1s. The ATF itself estimates three to seven million braces exist Others estimate put that number to be between 10-40 million! If only 1 million pistol owners submit a Form 1 to register their braced pistol as an SBR, it would take the ATF ten years to process those applications alone. Also, "any weapons with “stabilizing braces” or similar attachments that constitute "rifles" under the NFA must be registered no later than 120 days after date of publication in the Federal Register" (which hasn't happened, yet). Ten years (a very conservative estimate) worth of Form 1s in 120 days?!? As I said, it's a clusterfuck.
  6. The Navy trying to keep up as usual... https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/2-navy-commanders-fired-in-one-day/ar-AA16x4YR
  7. M2

    Gun Talk

    First and foremost, concerning the number of guns I allegedly may or may not have.... Secondly, for those of us who live in free states, there are numerous ways to legally obtain firearms without any record. The ATF is only notified if a FFL is involved. Despite the best attempts of the Federal government, there is no documentation needed during private sale between law-abiding citizens in places which respect the Constitution. Given that fact, despite having a 4473, the ATF has no means by which they can claim a person still possesses a particular firearm. As mentioned, it could now be owned by another individual thru a private sale (no bill of sale or 4473 required). It could also have been lost through the aforementioned nautical mishap. Many free states do not even require an individual to report the loss or theft of a firearm. All those facts are what drive liberals and the Feds crazy, and false claims these weapons are driving up crime rates are the basis for the hype they are using to convince the uninitiated such measures as registering shoulder stocks are the solution. We all know there is no connection between such weapons and crime, and the GCA, FOPA (so conveniently named!) and others are a joke. Hard evidence proves it, but let's not distract ourselves or anyone else with the facts! And, of course, it's all misdirected. Research has proven time and time again such measures do absolutely nothing to reduce crime rates. Per RAND, the 1994–2004 AWB (another conveniently-named law) there was "inconclusive evidence" for any effect of assault weapon and high-capacity magazine bans on mass shootings and violent crime. A 2017 review also found there was no evidence that the Federal Assault Weapons Ban had a significant effect on firearm homicides. A research report commissioned by the National Institute of Justice found if the ban was renewed, the effects on gun violence would likely be small and perhaps too small for reliable measurement, because rifles in general, including rifles referred to as "assault rifles" or "assault weapons," are rarely used in gun crimes. The Columbine High School massacre, in which two shooters murdered 13 people, occurred while the ban was in place. I'll support such gun laws when they target the appropriate people, criminals; not ones that make criminals out of law-abiding citizens!
  8. M2

    Gun Talk

    The fee isn't "waived," it's a "forbearance" meaning the ATF isn't collecting it. Technically, it's still owed. The firearm also can't be put into a trust unless that amount is paid. Not sure about if a stock can be later added once it's registered as a SBR. Technically, it could be; but I suspect the ATF will then want their $200 for the pleasure. Essentially, if a firearm has the surface area to be fired from the shoulder, such as a firearm equipped with a nonadjustable buffer tube, then that will be considered an SBR, basically making every AR-15 pistol an SBR. Recommend reading the following... https://www.ammoland.com/2023/01/atf-unveils-pistol-brace-rule-everything-is-an-sbr
  9. Kate revs my engine like no other!
  10. M2

    Gun Talk

    Well...shit. https://www.reuters.com/world/us/new-rule-pistol-attachments-boost-gun-safety-us-justice-department-says-2023-01-13/
  11. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/eyewitnesses-record-unknown-object-flying-across-the-sky-in-san-antonio-and-hondo/ar-AA165BD1
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